April 15, 2008

Happy April 15th Tax Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, ya gotta love April 15th. The day all Americans can celebrate the brilliant and ethical use of their tax dollars:

* An unending, unnecessary, trillion $ and unbelievably stupid war in Iraq

* The biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world - known as "social security" in America

* $400 billion plus a year just to pay interest

* Incentives to farmers to grow food for fuel

* An out of control military industrial complex stationed in 144 countries around the world

* And above all, the upcoming massive bailout of housing gamblers and failed banks

So happy April 15th everyone!

And yes, today is the real April Fool's Day.


Russ DoGG said...

there's a similar GWB pic made up of A$$holes. You should try to find that one.

Anonymous said...

They should have a box that you check if you don't want your taxes going to the Iraq war like they do for the election fund

Ed said...

Just wait til next year when the MESSIAH OBAMA doubles your taxes. Oh but I hear we're all getting "FREE" govt run health care, so it will all be worth it.

Bush = WORST EVER said...

check box for"

Impeach Bush & Cheney immediately.

Arrest, jail, trial, convict and sentence.

Seize all assets.


bubbleglum said...

Didn't this site ridicule a realtor a few weeks ago for not paying his taxes?

Anonymous said...

They should have a box that you check if you want to impeach Bush, Cheney and other congress SS members.

thomas jefferson said...

Ain't gonna pay no taxes, ain't gonna pay no taxes, ain't gonna pay no taxes, TO-DAY! Haven't paid any since 2004, either. Not gonna support this clusterfrack, even if it means going broke for a few years. 42 percent to the military? Sounds like Rome to me...

The Anti-Realturd said...

I think out of all the items listed the one that pisses me off the most is the housing gambler bailout...
Why do you ask?
Simple...Because I screwed myself on that one. If I would have had the balls to over extended my loan to a $500K McMansion , get a few months behind on the payments and generally acted like a irresponsible slug ... I could have been right there in the handout line being rewarded for poor choices.

So close ....and yet so far away

Beware said...

My 'friends' threw rocks and snickered at me and probably called me a loser behind-my-back for taking a planned year-plus
long 'sabbattical'/withdrawl from financial serfdom madness at mid-life (50). Nice guy. Honest, concerned about people.

No More. After a year travelling and observing my fellow Americans:

Well, boys and girls, do I miss the cash and perks, YES. Do I miss the traffic and babysitting so-called adults? NO. Do I miss sending someone I loathe (Bush/Cheney) my tax money so they can go play war and fund Halliburton? No.

Are my personal batteries charged for the 'second half'? YES/ Will I engage again soon? YES.

What have I learned in a year?

America is Dead.
The government is totally and completely corruupt and dishonest.
You DO NOT have to follow the rules.
You DO NOT have to play 'fair'.
Straight answers and Truth telling is OPTIONAl (ask Petraeus/BeTRayUS).
America is not a nation ruled by
If the people are THAT stupid, you might as well rip them off for all you can.

Recharged and invigorated I go forth to be as ruthless and dishonest in my quest to retire early. Beware and do your due dillegence because I am coming for your savings....

I approve this message, Hillary.

Anonymous said...


Please just STFU, log off right now, and gaze lovingly at that framed poster of McCain hanging on the wall of your living room.

Anonymous said...

Hey American taxpayer suckers, here's what you get today in return for your taxes and for working your a$$ off everyday:

1. Foreclosures jump 57% in March
2. Wholesale prices soar in March
3. Oil Sets New High Above $113 a Barrel
4. U.S. corporate bankruptcies are accelerating as the economic slowdown compounds the end of easy credit.
5. Retailing Chains Caught in a Wave of Bankruptcies

But the crooks on Wall Street and their little bearded bitch at the Fed will fake a market rally today. Everything is tip-top, sheeple, keep on spinning that hamster wheel to pay lots of taxes. Don't forget that the Messiah Obama and his pal Rev Wright want a piece of those taxes to support the breeders in Africa and in the Caribbean. Just STFU and keep working, hamster.

Agent 99 said...

I've gone to the Post Office 3 times...twice yesterday and once today (to pick up the gold coins I ordered). The line is at least 20 people deep. People are trying to mail their taxes! There's only one postal employee behind the counter! I can't wait for Hillary to get the government to run health care. DMV and Post Office quality emergency rooms for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The emperor has no cloths on.Been that way since Nam.He needs the taxes,so don't let him have any.Nothing will change till the emperor feels the pain.The best thief always has on the nice suit.

These clowns today think they wear silk,but the naked,fat, white pigs are getting VERY ugly.

Payment is coming due,time for chops and bacon.

Anonymous said...

You forgot a couple:

6. Skyrocketing food prices.
7. Minimal pay increases.

Anonymous said...

To the retards who wrote the tax code:
Why is interest taxed as ordinary income, when dividend are not?
What kind of encouragement to save for a rainy day is that?

Voodoo Bushonomics said...

BushCo's 'strategy' from day one has been to create economic chaos while its crony corporate pirates rape and pillage without restraint.

A gigantic war-fueled, cheap credit, non-regulated, budget-busting, pump & dump scheme.

Got Windfall Profits?

Impeach the bastards!

Anonymous said...

"The biggest Ponzi Scheme in the history of the world - known as "social security" in America"

I had a good laugh.

PaulNation said...

Just wait til next year when the MESSIAH OBAMA doubles your taxes. Oh but I hear we're all getting "FREE" govt run health care, so it will all be worth it.

Bush increased the deficit which is a tax increase on future Americans.

Keyser Soze said...

Just saw the near-genius GOP stalwart J.D. Hayworth flogging some scam on a 2 A.M. infomercial. That's entertainment!

SeattleMoose said...

The end is here...it is happening all around us....every day it gets worse.

Anonymous said...

CRAP - I have to PAY 7K this year - Accountant just left after telling me the bad news- (sold last year so lost the Mortgage deduction :(


I rent & save a TON each Month, plus I'm not paying for a depriciating asset each Month.

Ed said...

Anonypussy #1 fan of mine:

Did you have your Omabagasm yet today? Did it feel good?

It is idiot partisans like you who have fucked this country up. You support a democrats no matter what. Dem good, Rep bad. Never mind that Obama wants to spend trillions on worthless shit. Never mind that Democrats are leading the way for a trillion dollar bailout of housing. Nah, that is irrelevant to the likes of you. Just keep voting for Dems because your DailyKook masters tell you.

And if you took a second from your fawning over Obama and read anything I have written you'd know I detest McCain about as much as Obama.

You may now return to your DailyKook marching orders.

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

"And if you took a second from your fawning over Obama and read anything I have written you'd know I detest McCain about as much as Obama."

Same here, I detest McCain but it's either him, a liberal Republican, or a textbook Marxist. I'll take the former.

Anonymous said...

While I don't have any problem with a strong military, I really can't argue with too much of what you said and won't even try. Too much is painfully true....

clueless said...

where does the interest we pay on national debt go?

Amtex said...

Did a Republican actually just chastise a Democrat for blindly following the party line...."Dem good, Rep bad"??

That is beyond funny. The Republicans hold the patent on blindly following the party line. The voting record of Congressional Republicans from 2000-2004 goes along with the script of the Limbaugh show in lock step.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Bush's tax cuts expire, morons. Not that I like W, but at least he got this right, as for everything else, sigh...

Anonymous said...

As much as I despise Social Security, the biggest ponzi scheme ever award goes to the USD. Followed by the Euro, the Yen, and all the other paper money.

As long as you can keep people believing that paper has value (by persuasion, fraud, or force), the great banker ponzi scheme will continue.