April 14, 2008

Barack Obama finally throws Hillary Clinton under the bus. Runs her over a couple of times. And looks like he enjoyed it.


Afterthought said...

Obama needs to figure it out on the economy; he's getting close, but he still isn't there.

People with good jobs don't need bailouts, they are the ones who do the bailouts.

Still the lesser of three evils.

a.creampuff said...

At the end, he mentions that his campaign did not take PAC money. He's raised the bulk of it via individual contributions, so he is not beholden to lobbyists.

keith said...

Yes, for the record, for the tenth time, I'm against Obama's housing gambler bailout plan

I'm also against Hillary's and I'm also against McCain's.

When looking at Obama vs. McCain, I chose Obama, for many reasons. Not even close.

But what sucks is that we only get two choices. Coke or Pepsi, and that's it.

Given those two choices, and knowing that will not change for 2008, I choose Obama. With reservations, but McCain is an unacceptable candidate in my book, one which would make for a terrible president.

I'm looking forward to Obama's presidency, knowing I'm gonna have to loudly protest some of his plans.

Anonymous said...

obama is wiping the floor with that old witch.

Anonymous said...

That was fun he should do it more

Anjon said...

It's about time he responded to this! I think he did enjoy finally firing back at Hillary - he's been holding back too long, biting his tongue, while taking the hits

Ding Dong the Wicked Witch is DEAD! said...

Hillary IS DONE!

The wicked witch is dead.

WC Fields and the Wicked Witch will be going home to a swamp in Arkansas soon.

They can both fly home on her broom.

Let them both rot in hell for their collective crimes and lies.

Now, its time to politically bury Grandpa Munster in the General Election. McCain, what a creep.

Anonymous said...

I like it when they treat us like we are smart adults. Obama is right the people are bitter. I sure as hell am bitter and I have a lot of guns. He actually helped me more than any therapist has. He said it is ok and there is a good reason to be bitter; they have been lying to your face. I would like to see Ron Paul be Obama's VP.

Burn Baby Burn

Anonymous said...

Why are you supporting this empty suit?

As for not taking money from PACs, Obama has raised more money from PACs in his last three races than any other candidate in the race (including Clinton).

Anonymous said...

Haha a poll today showed him down 20 points sense he made those comments in pennsylvania.

zapparulez said...

Obama can go to hell. I'll keep my religion(1st amendment RIGHT) and mu guns(snd amendement RIGHT). I will not do the unthinkable and vote for McInsane to keep this leftist communist out of office. SCREW YOU OSAMABAMA

censored said...

Keith, you really need to publish this post already. I know you jumped on the BO bandwagon. That is fine. But deep down the truth needs to get out. And the truth is that he is no better than any of the others. He's better at prepared speaches, but that is it. By not publishing this post you help "Them" win. The Them I am referring to is all the Big Bus you rail against every day here with the war and the bail out. I'm sorry BO is not the guy you thought he was, but you and everyone else is better of knowing this. Whether or not you wan to read this, hear this, or publish this, it is true. No amount of denying it can change that BO is just another pol. Sorry.

Keith look who Michelle O's CFR team mates are.
Dr. Moskow is a senior fellow for the global economy at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Previously, he was president and chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

Philip M. Condit
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Boeing Company [Boeing makes planes, bombs, and helichopters for our war machine. They LOVE the Iraq war, bec is has made them millions!]

William M. Daley
Chairman of the Midwest Region, JPMorgan Chase & Company [Chicago City Mayor's brother/ Al Gore's 2000 Camp Mngr]

Douglas A. Doetsch
Partner, Mayer Brown, LLP [M, B is Chicago's larget lawfirm, they defend Blue Chip Corporations]

Michael M. Froy
Partner, Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal, LLP [more hired guns for mega corps...]

Blair Hull
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Matlock Capital [millionaire that ran against BO for US Sen]

Verne G. Istock
Retired Chairman, Bank One Corporation [one of the main problems with the Housing Bubble]

David W. Johnson
Managing Director, Citigroup Global Markets Inc. [future bail out recipiant]

Wayne L. Moore
Managing Director, Goldman, Sachs & Co. [MORE bail outs]

Richard D. Stephens
Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Administration, The Boeing Company [Keith, here is your military industial complex rep. NO WAY is BO taking him out!]

here is the capper:
Michelle Obama
Vice President for Community and External Affairs, The University of Chicago Medical Center

Still think he will bring Hope to Change?

Keyser Soze said...

I got a laugh out of the tape of Obama dismissing the 'bitter' folks for embracing religion and owning guns. I can see the Marin County princesses nodding their heads with smug approval while the pandering Obama disses us flyover white trash peeps.
You can't make this stuff up!

pwnd said...


Love Obama and he does inspire me - I want to believe in the USA again. But, why do we insist our presidents believe in the christian god???

In his 2nd book he comes off secular. He writes about all religions being equal. What I took from it was that religion has value, but it's a fairy tale.

mairca izda debol said...

Next he will throw the responsible Americans under the bus with his massive bailout plan for every FB, flipper and banker that caused this problem.

mairca izda debol said...

I would like to see Ron Paul be Obama's VP.

A socialist and libertarian on the same ticket. Good one.

Anonymous said...

Hey morons, this leftist will take everything you saved up by renting to bail out the FB's. Lesser of three evils, right?

BubbleGirl said...

Oh snap!!! That's the kind of president I want. Hillary just got bitch slapped. She is pathetic.

I love Obama!!!!

Anonymous said...

Empty suit bullsh!tter who can only convince MTV-Pot Smoker-College idiots, illiterate ghetto, rappers, whining Gen Y, and the $10k handbag celebs who don't even know the price of a gallon of milk or gas. Plus the Rezko's puppet gets the sympathy from the irrational Clinton Haterz who should seek therapy from a professional.

Let's see who will win. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Keith, you really need to publish this post already. I know you jumped on the BO bandwagon.

Don't bother. Keith is an irrational Clinton Hater who rather vote for the most liberal person in the Senate.

Keith will help to turn this country into a welfare heaven, in which all the hard working Americans will be working their a$$es off to subsidize Africa and American ghettos, while those welfare parasites breed like flies.

Don't forget, it's on the 10 points of Rev Wright & Obama's church. So Obama will follow it by the book, as he already did by introducing his only bill in the Senate (after all these years) to send $1 trillion of taxpayer money to blacks in Africa and in the Caribbean. Does anybody doubt that most of that money will never reach the intended parties, instead being intercepted by crooks?

So keep working hard or losing your jobs, while new taxes to subsidize lost causes are going to make you homeless during retirement. Drink the Obama Kool-Aid and be poor for life.

President Hillary Clinton said...

America Loves Hillary.

t'was a tuff fight for her, but she will be the next president

Anonymous said...

First thing that Obama will do is confiscating your guns away, so when time comes Blackwater or robbers from the ghetto (Obama's base) can treat you + family like their bitches. Obama's already criticizing guns and favoring illegal immigrants on his bitter speeches. Have you checked the growth rate of Latin gangs lately? Go to the DOJ's site and see for yourself.

With all these gov cuts and increased violence, don't expect that cops will be at your door quickly once you hear that window breaking in the middle of night. Good luck with those conmen inside your house who will be having a hot date with your daughters and wife while his partner in crime cleans your pad or bitch slap you with a Magnum. Don't come crying on the news later because I'll bitch slap you myself.

ProblemWithCaring said...

You "anons" are all right, I suppose. I read bubble blogs all the time and no one is bitter. No one is at all perturbed about the life America is now asking the middle class to lead. And what a life it is!

Pay no attention to the man in hat asking for more work hours with less and less benefits...pay no attention that regardless of WHO YOU ARE, NO ONE's job in this country is safe form being downsized, outsourced, phased out, or "reorganized". Ignore the fact that it takes longer and longer to find good work at good pay, no matter your education. Don't ponder how you can't afford housing, once you find it. Pay even LESS ATTENTION to the fact that the only good schools - the only safe schools - in this country, YOU can't afford.

America is NOT at any sort of historical crossroads. There is no need for urgency. Forget all about the problems - and take your time, doing it!

Focus instead on the new guy - the empty suit, the question mark. John McCain doesn't have a suit - he has a uniform. The Clintons are a distraction but it depends on what you mean by distratcion. Distraction in a good way. USS Cole happened and its didn't seem to be a problem! Well, that's the benefit of terrorist attacking whilst the Prez is busy with Pardon Lawyers. The Clintons and McCain - they all plan to save your little box; in fact, to chain you to it. When the man in the hat starts asking for more and more and more of the "JOBS YOU WONT DO," to feed the beast, the American middle class will be so busy non-bitterly repaying these many different bailouts to even notice...

Save yourseld from The Empty Suit, that's all that matters. Pay no attention to man in the hat.

chris g said...

I got news for all you Hillary lovers. Hillary owes so many people so many favors if she gets elected....it's just not funny.

I work on K Street in DC (just a gov't agency and not one of the lobbyist firms), and my wife works for NASA in one of the DC suburbs. We have acquaintances who are politically connected, and we are hearing time and time again that Hillary owes everyone a favor.

So, if Hillary needs to scratch everyone's backs, how is that going to change anything? Let's face it...she can't wait to get back in the White House 'cause she's so damn power hungry.

GoodByeTexasCowboy said...

>I'm looking forward to Obama's presidency, knowing I'm gonna have to loudly protest some of his plans.

The best part is, you won't be beat with a stick, pepper sprayed, and arrested for doing it.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

McCain had to try 3 times before he could get housing/finance wrong, but Obama got it wrong on his very first try!

Freeze said...

She will be back. He forgot the garlic and the stake in the heart.

Freeze said...

I think the bail out is just a gimmick, Jeremy Wright actually said: "God dam America, is broke!" You see sound bites are the problem. The truth of the matter if we don't decrease spending or increase taxes then we will continue to do the dumb ass George Bush Republican way of resolving problems--- borrow and spend. Reagan did it, Bush 1 did it, Clinton did less of it and the Idiot in Chief choked on pretzels while doing it.

Anonymous said...

Defeat Osama, Obama & Chelsea's Mama.

Veronica Lodge said...

Obama likened Hillary Clinton to that famous pistol packin' mama, Annie Oakley.

Calamity Jane would be more like it.

The thought of Hillary Clinton with a gun is enough to give me nightmares.


Anonymous said...

Wow, more food for the fascist trolls. Why keep feeding them?

Anonymous said...

God bless you Mr. Obama.

Anonymous said...

I got news for all you Hillary lovers. Hillary owes so many people so many favors if she gets elected....it's just not funny.

Do you really think that Obama doesn't owe any favors? Pleazzz. Oh, and your sources are very reliable: "I heard from the housekeeper of my former boss' aunt who heard from her niece..."

Nice try, troll.