March 22, 2008

That's it. Enough is enough. It's time to call for a boycott of communist China's propaganda Olympics, and a worldwide boycott of Chinese goods

Any advertiser who associates their brand with the Chinese Olympics should be boycotted.

Any US politician who goes to the Olympics should be voted out of office.

Any country or athlete who participates without protest is complicit.

Any anytime you buy a Chinese product, you endorse China's murderous leadership, you endorse house-to-house searches for protesters, you endorse fear and intimidation and murder, and you endorse evil.

The people of the world can rise up together, and end this brutality in Tibet and within China. The leaders of the world can thumb their noses at the evil cabal in Beijing and embarrass and shame them on the world stage for all to see. And the people of China can rise up, overthrow their corrupt leaders, put them in jail or string them up, and become the free and powerful capitalist democracy that they're destined to be.

Play a role HP'ers. Question your previous thinking and behavior. Do the right thing.

BEIJING - The flagship newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party called Saturday for efforts to "resolutely crush" anti-government demonstrations by Tibetans, while Beijing urged people to turn in those on a "Most Wanted" list of 21 protesters.

"We must see through the secessionist forces' evil intentions, uphold the banner of maintaining social stability ... and resolutely crush the 'Tibet independence' forces' conspiracy," the People's Daily said in an editorial.


Anonymous said...

Any anytime you buy a Chinese product, you endorse China's murderous leadership, you endorse house-to-house searches for protesters, you endorse fear and intimidation and murder, and you endorse evil.


Sounds like another country I know (hint: USA)

Anonymous said...

I think more than a few athletes will boycott. I know I wouldn't want to run a marathon in that hell hole. I wouldn't trust the water either. Tibet is a good excuse to say: "No thanks, I'll pass"

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Iraq. Boycott US.

Anonymous said...

Olympics Sponsors Scrutinized After Crackdown in China

Chinese officials' harsh response to protests in Tibet has brought a fresh wave of accusations that corporate sponsors of the Beijing Olympics are partners with a government that ignores basic human rights.

Ed said...

Funny how the far-left like Keith who now wants to boycott China has no issues with Cuba or N. Korea. Why is that?

I'll tell you why. China is kicking ass economically. And the reason it is doing so is it tossed away the communist bullshit and brought in unfettered capitalism. The far-left can't stand to see that happen so it whines and cries like little babies. Wahhh Wahhh Wahh, boycott China because it is kicking our asses. Wahhh Wahhh Wahhh boycott Walmart because it is making profits.

No you're right. Let's all shop at mom and pop stores and buy American made goods. Instead of paying $5 for an item, we'llpay $28 for the same item. And we'll all be so much better off. Great idea.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, Keith...if we couldn't collectively get our asses in gear to boycott Chinese products when it came out about the unacceptable levels of lead in paint used on children's toys, or the contaminated food products they were exporting to the rest of the world....what the hell makes you think that the planet is gonna do anything about Tibet?

That's if you can even find out news about Tibet. Seriously.....been to any major newspaper websites lately? Bupkis.

And sorry, buzz saw, but there won't be any athletes boycotting the games. Their future marketing efforts depend on them racking up medals. (Ok, maybe someone in a sport that doesn't get much love commercially, like archery, might sit this one out. But for the big ticket ones? Oh, hell to the no!)

blogger said...

Tibet isn't all over the news in the US?

Why, is a blonde girl missing? Is Britney in trouble?

Seriously, unless something changes, Americans, because of the failing of their media, will become the most culturally unaware population in the civilized world

Anonymous said...

Relax Keith, Tibet is on the news here. All over CNN, Fox, and the rest of the alphabet networks. On it's the 3rd story on the main page. #1 is flooding in Missouri, #2 is Tawian elections. Nary a word about blonde girls missing. And gee looky here, on bbc's website it'salso the #2 story, after Taiwan. So relax dude.

It's just that nobody cares. I don't care, I also didn't care about Britney. Tibet has no effect on my life. And it has no effect on yours either. You know it. I admit and go on about my life. You for some reason get all up in arms about it. It's the new cause for those that need causes. The new cool thing to be upset about for those who need to be upset about something. Last year it was Darfur, this year it's Tibet. Next year it'll be some other country nobody has ever heard of but will be the most pressing issue of the day.

Anonymous said...

Good try...."W" as already stated he's going to the Olympic boondoggle without apologies. It's his right ya know.

Anonymous said...

Can’t we resolve this with dialogue, hypocritical Eurowhimp?

Don’t you be coming to Americans and ask for any kind of ‘world policing’

When Europe has stabbed us in the back in every good thing we have attempted, from protecting them and ourselves from Islamo fascism, North Korea, to Darfur etc.

Europeans are rotten to the core and evil to the bone.

Why don’t you and your corrupted UN get started, then we may follow by your example.

I recommend an ALL OUT Boycott on everything European first; this will remove the leverage most dictators currently enjoy.

I know HPers look beyond the MSM, lets start here.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Don't forget Iraq. Boycott US.

Anonymous said...

Happy Snapper,
I have not bought any French wines for several years now, and have been expanding to other products as well.
I agree; if I see something that clearly says made in Europe I will avoid buying it.

I have also stopped buying European cars, mostly cause of quality issues, you all may have noticed that since the creation of the EU, European made cars have consistently deteriorated in Quality.

Anonymous said...

LOL, yes the EU, supposedly 450 million enlightened, progressive individuals, a burgeoning economic giant, beacon of secular liberty, sits with its hands folded and Keith demands that citizens in the faltering, God-fearing U.S. "do something".


Ed said...

Hey let's send troops over to help out Tibet. Oh wait if we do that than we are imperialists hell bent on world domination. OK let's do nothing. Oh wait if we do that than we are immoral and are letting innocent people die.

US is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't in the eyes of the anti-American left and Euros. Although I suspect had the exact same course of events happened with Bill-a-bama were in power Keith and Co., along with the BBC, would be praising the fantastic leadership exhibited by the know it all Democrat.

Just you wait and see. The day Bill-a-bama takes over, world hunger will be gone from the news. As will any mention the 'health insurance crisis', or any of the other dozen or so crises that we are told about on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure cancer will be a thing of the past as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
‘Don't forget Iraq. Boycott US.’

But but but, yesterday you said we are a nation of consumers and we don’t produce anything anymore, what is there to boycott?

Are you bi-polar?

edd browne said...

You can separate the people
from the Government;
'89 Beijing showed us that.

But in a tyranny, lines blur.
Kids in NK really believe that
Kim had supernatural powers.
Combine lifelong brainwashing
with harsh realities, and people
can do terrible things.

China tested a W3 mini-mirv
warhead, and has our missile
guidance technology; what else ?

And who knows how much anthrax,
smallpox, and plutonium waste
is ready for delivery.

Will we see a 9-10-11 ?

…… also ……………
I can't endorse HappySnapper post,
but France did yank out the plug
on diplomacy in 2002-2003.
Now blood is again on their hands.
I hate France for this, and
other reasons.

Anonymous said...

I urge all active terrorists with something tp prove to carefully consider China for a vacation soon.

All actions will be televised worldwide instantly. Lax security. Lots of people in a confined areas.

Make you think, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why. China is kicking ass economically. And the reason it is doing so is it tossed away the communist bullshit and brought in unfettered capitalism.

No, it is because they are cheating. They should let their currency float. They think they can control their economy but it will whiplash and burn them in the end.

Emigré said...

The US Capitalism will soon be slave of eastern money contributions...

I really think it is the moment to boycott China government... This cold-war situation is no more acceptable to me!

Support Amnesty actions!


Anonymous said...

Like most Americans I care mostly for myself and my family. I don't want the government taking my money and giving it to poor people or anyone else they decide deserves my hard earned money more than I do. I happen to be doing fine, I work hard and deserve what I have. If someone needs help let them go to their church or some private charity that WANTS to help them. I LIKE cheap stuff from overseas. If those people want to make more money let them work hard, get some education, learn new skills then sell their capabilities to an employer who wants to pay them more. How their government treats them isn't my problem. Sam Walton got rich giving Americans what they want. Cheap stuff. Competition is what it's all about. If you don't like what's going on in China start your own KeithMart and sell high priced stuff made in "fair trade" countries and "made in America" and watch all the people flock through your doors to pay more. I don't think I'll buy stock in your company. It's human nature to look out for number one and not some anonamous little yellow person on the other side of the globe. Vote with YOUR dollars, not mine.

edd browne said...

Joe Average let this "slip":

"... How their government treats
them isn't my problem. …
anonamous little yellow person …"

No comment really needed.
Thanks for your wisdom, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Who instigated this riot ? Who are the current perpetrators of violence? The Han Chinese ?
Let the US and the rest of Europe boycott the Olympics. Lets get this damn event over and done with. If not, many more lives will be lost on both sides trying to achieve the impossible.
China believes and rightly so that Tibet is part of China and has been part of China for more than three hundred years. Even Dalai Lama said that Tibet is part of China. The real truth is that US and Europe are Sinophobic and are always trying to find faults with China.

nanman said...

I did see demonestrators by large numbers outside China. I have not yet seen demonstrators inside China. I did see a small group of Tibetan monks with knives and mobs did a lot of damages and killing, burning and looting.

I can support the free Tibet movement. But I could not support
the killing. Are Chinese life worth something?

Once there is evidence that Chinese police brutally treat deomenstrators, we definitely should condemn them.

But for now, let us condemn those monks and mobs who did the killing.

The question is do you believe in human rights? Or perhaps, Hui Chinese and Han Chinese shopers should not be regarded as human?

edd browne said...

I keep reading that Dalai Lama
says Tibet is part of China.

Actually he abandoned his push
for independence as unattainable,
and settled for autonomy.

But autonomy has not been
really achieved, and that is
the main issue in the streets.

Anonymous said...

Ed said "US is damned if it does, damned if it doesn't in the eyes of the anti-American left and Euros. Although I suspect had the exact same course of events happened with Bill-a-bama were in power Keith and Co., along with the BBC, would be praising the fantastic leadership exhibited by the know it all Democrat. "

That's a misconception. That's propoganda from our U.S. government. Other people don't want us to intefere in their affairs. Sure, when one side of a civil war is getting their butt kicked, they'll try to use that reasoning, but guess what? There's the other side that doesn't want us there. Why pick sides? Let them settle their own crap. Let's see some of our picks: dictator Musharaff in Pakistan, Saddam in 80s, radical Islamics to fight the Soviets. It never was about democracy. Democracy is just an excuse.

Anonymous said...

Is it OK to buy from Walmart if it says "Made in Viet Nam"?

Anonymous said...

The world has more than just the Tibetan issues, and China has a veto power in the United Nation. Time to have a reality check. Anyone thinks China will give up Tibet for the Olympics is an idiot. It’s like giving up your kids so you can throw a party. It’s not going to happen. If the world does boycott China in the Olympics, you can expect no cooperation from China on the North Korean issue, no cooperation from China on the Iranian issue, and no cooperation from China, period.

So, how much do you love Tibet? Do you love it enough to send 10% of your income from now on? Not bloody likely.

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing that blacks don't do anything for asians but as I see it they don't do anything what so ever so blacks. So why should I care what happens to them. See how it works, you say you don't like black people very openly too and then want black people to support you when you want help. (think OJ SIMPSON)Oh I get it you only want support from White America. Why do you keep saying we should feel sorry for these people. I don't ever see you putting anything on your web site about what happened in Rwanda (and Bill Clinton doing nothing)and what is happening in Darfur (Bush doing nothing, no dog in the fight, and the dog in the fight is all the money China loans to the USA) so why should we be all sad and upset about what is going on in Tibet or China for that matter. They have always been that way will stay that way and I bet you all the Chinese complaining over here would never be allowed to do it over there. I will continue to buy cheap Chinese products because Bill Clinton made China the most favored nation which means we make nothing here in America anymore and I need what I buy. I will still have no respect for Chinese because they want people to support them yet they don't support anyone else and are incredibly racist and bigots. Think wayfan. So if it is okay for them no one should say I am racist because it can not go one way. The people knew what would happen if they protested their right to be more democratic. The government in China has never made it a secret the fact they don't like it and won't tolerate it so with that in mind I will buy the Clinton endorsed goods of a most favored nation, hell he didn't care how they treat people so if he didn't why should I. PS if Obama endorses Bill Richardson as a Vice President should he win the nomination I will not vote period. As many Mexican's coming on FOX news saying they will never vote for a Black man means I will never vote for a Mexican. See how it works, you think, say out loud, he's black I won't vote for him. I say he's mexican, I can't stand mexicans, so I won't vote for Obama if it means a vote for Richardson. And all this because everyone keeps saying they hate black people. Hense no support from me for Tibet.

Anonymous said...

Great shit Keith,

We'll back you up. Little by little we'll get there.


Anonymous said...

I urge all active terrorists with something tp prove to carefully consider China for a vacation soon.

All actions will be televised worldwide instantly. Lax security. Lots of people in a confined areas.

Make you think, doesn't it?


it would be a tempting target but the terrorists are a bunch of p*sses. they know the chinese would make gitmo seem like a high end resort and the chinese media won't take their claims of mistreatment as gospel and keep reprinting the same claims over and over and over.

Russ DoGG said...

Why doesn't anyone in Politics advocate new tariffs on Chinese goods and a revocation of MFN (Trade status) over this ? Consumer boycots won't work becasue of the reasons listed. Govt action through tariffs will push production to the next low cost country, which is actually OK IMO.

Also I keep hearing about the Chinese getting really fed up with the Communist government. Not from the demonstrations but the abuse they take when not demonstrating. It ranges from toxic environment to corruption to labor slavery to cheating on their paychecks to eminent domaqin abuses and on...

Anonymous said...

Boycott the Olympics.

Throw their dimplomats' asses out of the country.

Stop letting in their toxic sh-t.

And let's have a Cold War part II.

I'm sick of these totalitarian commie scum

F-ck these commie assh-les.

I'm sick of this sh-t.


Anonymous said...

How anybody can stand that crummy junk produced from China is beyond

I remember a time when the American Government would just not deal with governments that were considered communist .Now the China people produce so much of our wares that
we don't produce anymore .

I don't want to have anything to do with China and I have never wanted to have anything to do with China . Americans really think they can change another Country or another culture or government?

At best, different Nations can trade goods between each other ,and that is about it . If another Country wants to adapt to American values , they will on their own .

Anonymous said...

Clean up the mess in your U. S. of A first. Your McMansion is on fire and you are standing in the yard, pointing your finger across the town, accusing the poor dude who didn't really take good care of the lawn on his modest property.

Anonymous said...

And what about people who buy American products? They (we) endorse illegal wiretapping, torture, raping and pillaging of the planet, etc., etc. Any comments for them (us)?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who studied the history of that region will realize the Tibetans are much better since the communist took over in 1950. Tibet had an religious aristocracy that ruled the population through the priests (monks) and a feudal system that the lower class were practically slaves. Gruelsome tortures such as removal of the eyes were common practice.

The communist got rid of the ruling class and established roads, schools, hospitals, etc. At least today's Tibetans are literate and bi-ligual (Chinese and Tibetan).

Of course the communist government committed its share of atrocities, however, overall Tibet is much better developed today than if it were on its own. This is a view that is shared by many western historians.

Personally, I say if Tibetans want to go back to the pre-1950 feudal system with slaves, they are free to do so. I believe it is their right to choose. However, I doubt the majority of the Tibetans are willing to make that choice for true independence. If you don't believe it, go to Tibet and talk to some common people.

Tibet, like Xing Jiang, are both autonomous regions already. It's easy for arm chair warriors to criticize China, but if you or I to become the primier of China tomorrow, neither of us could really govern well a country of that size and population.

In another perspective, states like Texas, which was originally part of Mexico, is conquered by the US. What if people in Texas decided to uprise against the federal government to claim independence? Do you honestly think the government is not going to send national guards?

Though, I don't think it is right for any government to kill its citizens for political reasons. It could have been better treated.