March 26, 2008

So we all know by now that Phoenix Arizona is one of the worst real estate markets in the world. Right? So let's see what the realtors have to say

I love taking a random run around realtytimes. You can really get a sense of the kind of person who ends up selling used houses there. Not a lot of intellectual firepower to be found among the six-percenters..

So here's what the ramen eaters have to say about housing-crash-central Phoenix today:

Exhibit A: The city of Phoenix has had one of Arizona's highest real estate appreciation rates for the last 5-6 years. This area is still experiencing a good market.

Exhibit B: One of the most sought after cities in the nation; Phoenix is beautiful, diverse & affordable! Even with the turn of the market, Phoenix invites hundreds of people that move here daily! With some homes under $100,000!!! the average new home price (2007-2008) in Phoenix is $330,000! There are many affluent areas in Phoenix where homes are well over $1Million!

Exhibit C: We will be offering several Limo Foreclosure Tours, open to 16 buyers and/or investors; not currently working with a Realtor, interested in viewing between 20 - 30 homes that are bank/lender owned foreclosures in the comfort of a Limousine.

Exhibit D: It's a good time to buy a home in Chandler Arizona. Home prices in the city have stabilized after 2 years of tremendous appreciation (50%-60%.).

Exhibit E: The Real Estate Market is showing signs of life again!

Exhibit F (just for Frank): While other parts of the valley seem to be seeing the reduction of prices. Scottsdale properties are holding their value. If looking for a property that fits the lifestyle and at the same time in a location that holds it's value Scottsdale is the place to be


Anonymous said...


year round golf!


happy homeowner in the stix said...

I don't even wanna think about what kind of neighborhood would have homes worth 100k. They have to be the kind of places I wouldn't go into without a police the daytime....

Anonymous said...

Google 'phoenix flippers in trouble'

Imprison Bush-Cheney said...

The entire state should be fenced off and given to the messycans.

A glowing example of progress under Grandpa Munster McCain...

Anonymous said...

Yea, there are homes for under $100,000 in Phoenix. If you buy one you better like living in it a lot because after sunset you don't dare venture out again until sunrise. Oh, if you do buy one set aside a few extra dollars to have bars installed on the windows along with a steel security door.