March 05, 2008

Now that you see that crime pays and America is no longer a nation of laws, are you thinking of robbing banks, committing fraud and shoplifting too?

Screw it HP'ers, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Stop what you're doing right now and get out there and start your own personal crime wave!

Lie on credit and mortgage applications, buy and borrow as much as you can, convert it into cash, transfer it to unmarked Swiss bank accounts, and enjoy the spoils of your crime for years to come!

Run over to Wal-Mart and steal anything and everything you can! New iPods, some food, and maybe the latest Britney CD. It's all yours! And you don't have to pay for it anymore!

And then for kicks do some insider trading, go rob an old lady, do some telemarketing fraud, some identity theft, and maybe even start your own personal Ponzi Scheme!

And don't forget, you'll want to relocate to a town where you can network with other conmen and thieves - like Vegas, Miami, Scottsdale or San Diego. You'll learn the best lessons from appraisers and mortgage brokers.

Crime looks FUN! Beats working for a living! Party on!

The United States as you knew it is now dead. Crimes are no longer prosecuted. The criminals run the jail. And it's every man for himself.

God help us all.


Anonymous said...

true that

Anonymous said...

You better get your guns ready. Once they finish stealing from the banks and stores, they will come after you and your family. This breakdown of law and order in America began 50 years ago and hopefully this is the peak. We need to bring back street justice since the government isn't doing anything.

redondo_beach_dude said...

Not a good idea, bad karma, what goes around comes around, etc., etc., etc., yadayadayada.........

David said...

I'm gonna throw a puppy off a cliff!

Buzz Saw said...

I curse myself daily for not doing the mortgage fraud / straw buyer thing. I also should have started a dot-bomb and sold it before everyone found out it was worthless. My bad.

spamalittle said...

Keith, get a grip. You're overplaying your hand just a bit here. There's plenty to complain about without wild hyperbole.

Artur from Chicago said...

It'be funny if your Blog got shut down due to "inviting" people to commit a crime.

Anonymous said...

Why do that?

All you have to do is get a bunch of pre-1982 pennies, melt them down and sell the copper for a cool 250% profit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think Ben is right HOWEVER I think there should be some OFFSETS/RECOUPMENT actions taken that permit the banks to get the Yield-Spread-Premiums back from the corrupt mortgage brokers, the fees mortgage brokers then additionally charged buyers should be returned to pay down principal along with realtwhores' 6%, the appraiser's fees and everyone else who colluded to artifically inflate the price of the asset to get the loan. The banks should take a hit on the remainder and all speculators and fraudsters should not get on thin dime in relief!!!

Ola Nordmann said...

We are society Keith.

Though laws and enforcement matter, the thing that keep things working is the decency of ordinary people.

Anonymous said...

"It' be funny if your Blog got shut down due to "inviting" people to commit a crime."

Well isn't that what Helicopter Ben just did by asking banks to reduce the loan balances?

Anonymous said...

anon @ 11:06,

because the energy required to melt them is, free right? Oil's like $7 a barrel or something, right?

Anonymous said...

Crime is rampant and out of control in America. If the police would just do their jobs...

Just watch that stupid show "COPS." They're always pulling over skinny white Women in cars. Why dont they do their friggin job and go after gang members! I'm not saying all of them aren't doing their jobs, but MOST Of them just dont give a rats unless its one of their own that gets shot. Then, its a full fledged armada and look out if you're the criminal who's done bad to law enforcement.

If police would just take their job seriously instead of just working to get a paycheck or filing false workman's comp claims, crime would drastically be reduced in this country.

Anonymous said...

The United States has become a game. It is no longer a country. said...

On this nation of laws thing:

Now that the cat really came out of the bag this week that global warming is a hoax, The Weather Channel is now suing Al Gore for the fact that they've disseminated lies and misinformation all thanks to Mr. Gore.

I predict that the discovery phase of the lawsuit will reveal that Mr. Gore has made tens of millions on books, DVDs, and speaking fees all thanks to lying to the American public about "global warming."

I expect Mr. Gore to be arrested, frog-marched, and jailed with the likes of Enron and WorldCom for his deliberate fraud on tens of millions of people.

PS - as for the cat coming out of the bag, this week 100 scientists convened in NYC to announce that the world has been *cooling* since 1998, the Antarctic ice layer is thickening, NOT melting, and the whole thing was a money-making hoax. This was all verified by REAL research scientists, not Hollywood actors, Al Gore, Michael Moore, and similar hucksters.

Anonymous said...

Developers team up for One Scottsdale plans
Peter Corbett
The Arizona Republic
Mar. 5, 2008 06:08 AM

Rival developers who were slugging it out to land luxury retailers have joined together to build One Scottsdale, northeast of Loop 101 and Scottsdale Road.

Scottsdale-based DMB Associates Inc. and Westcor announced Wednesday that Westcor will develop, lease and operate 500,000 square feet of retail within DMB's One Scottsdale community, which will include office, residential and hotel components on 120 acres.

who is going to buy all this dumb sh;t??

Anonymous said...

OMG Noooooooooooooooooooooo. Think of the children!

Anonymous said...

You will be rewarded in another life.

Anonymous said...

I'm committing several crimes right now....Feels good..Real good.

Anonymous said...

I've gotten a better idea, just become a Homeland Security agent:

Crimes by Homeland Security agents stir alert

Arrests of Homeland Security agents on bribery and drug charges have a top executive of the agency worried.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is supposed to stop these types of crimes. Instead, so many of its officers have been charged with committing those crimes themselves that their boss in Washington recently issued an alert about the ''disturbing events'' and the ``increase in the number of employee arrests.''

Thomas S. Winkowski, assistant commissioner of field operations, wrote a memo to more than 20,000 officers nationwide noting that employees must behave professionally at all times -- even when not on the job.

''It is our responsibility to uphold the laws, not break the law,'' Winkowski wrote in the Nov. 16 memo.

Winkowski's memo cites employee arrests involving domestic violence, DUI and drug possession. But court records show Customs officers and other Department of Homeland Security employees from South Florida to the Mexican border states have been charged with dozens of far more serious offenses.

Among them: A Customs and Border Protection officer at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport was charged in February with conspiring to assist a New York drug ring under investigation by tapping into sensitive federal databases.

Other recent South Florida cases -- mirroring a pattern along border states -- have involved officers and agents accepting payoffs for migrant smuggling, drug trafficking, witness tampering, embezzlement and rape.

Agency managers say these cases reflect individual criminal behavior, not the culture of the agencies.

But some longtime employees said administrative incidents, like hostile confrontations or heavy drinking, may reflect the low morale and intense rivalries following the merger of federal agencies under Homeland Security.

Hey geniuses, you voted for Bush/Cheney TWICE and for this fake "War on Terror" BS, created only to transfer taxpayer money to Republican and secret society cronies, like Obama's economic adviser Skull & Bones Goolsbee. How's that $104 / barrel oil price going for you, btw? Enjoy.

satan said...

You mean we should behave like CEOs, lawyers, doctors and politicians. Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

Keith, get a grip. You're overplaying your hand just a bit here. There's plenty to complain about without wild hyperbole.

Really? Read my posting about Homeland Security agents going wild, check our deficit, check the $3 trillion Iraq war bill, check how many millions are now living below poverty line in the US since Bush became president, etc, etc.

You've been listening too many of Obama's speeches: "The sky will open, angels will come down to make everything swell...I have a dream!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith, now do you understand why the rest of the world doesn't like Americans? You just described your typical American in detail. And they all wanted to have a beer with Bush, remember? It takes one to know one.

Anonymous said...

I told you the US is a Third World Country marketed as a Superpower to fool the sheep. Let me remind you that the owner of this clinic is a hardcore Republican extremely close to Republican Governor Jim Gibbons. Welcome to Republican Idiocracy:

AP -- Vegas clinic may have sickened thousands

Nearly 40,000 people learned this week that a trip to the doctor may have made them sick. In a type of scandal more often associated with Third World countries, a Las Vegas clinic was found to be reusing syringes and vials of medication for nearly four years. The shoddy practices may have led to an outbreak of the potentially fatal hepatitis C virus and exposed patients to HIV, too.

The discovery led to the biggest public health notification operation in U.S. history, brought demands for investigations and caused scores of lawyers to seek out patients at risk for infections.

Thousands of patients are being urged to be tested for the viruses. Six acute cases of hepatitis C have been confirmed. The surgical center and five affiliated clinics have been closed.

"I find it baffling, frankly, that in this day and age anyone would think it was safe to reuse a syringe," said Michael Bell, associate director for infection control at the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

One of the infected patients is retired airplane mechanic Michael Washington, 67, who was the first to report his infection. On the advice of his doctor, he received a routine colon exam in July at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada.

In September, he started to get sick. He was losing weight fast. His urine turned dark. His stomach hurt. By January, it was clear what had happened.

Washington describes his virus as a "creeping death sentence" and worries that others will hear his story and think twice before getting preventive care they need.

In letters that began arriving this week, patients who received injected anesthesia at the endoscopy center from March 2004 to mid-January were urged to get tested for hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

Investigators were told the practice was an attempt to cut costs, according to a letter of complaint from the city, which revoked the facility's business license Friday. Five other facilities affiliated with the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada also had their licenses revoked.

The clinic's majority owner, Dipak Desai, a political contributor and member of the governor's commission on health care, has refused to comment on the allegations.

Anonymous said...

Go shoot some fraudsters if you must, but please, PLEASE do not throw a puppy off a cliff!!!

I was heartbroken by the fact that a Marine really did this recently...Sick Mutha Fuc@%$er--Hope he ROTS!!

Anonymous said...


Russ DoGG said...

"Mortgage servicers "should have a clear basis for concluding" that borrowers were unable to make their payments, "rather than simply being unwilling to do so", before reducing loan principal, the American Securitisation Forum said."

Hahahahaha This is really funny. This is where people start getting phony doctor's notes, fake W-2's, the dog ate my house payment stories, and other tricks to try and look like they are now poor and need a reduction of the principal balance of their loans.

The new scam is to try and play poor so they can get free loan principal reduction from the bank. This is too funny. Used to be you wanted to look successful at the bank- now there could be big payouts for looking poor (in person or at least on paper).

If the banks don't think they really can't affprd the payments? well they can just threaten to walk away from the house to "negotiate" a better loan forgiveness.

This could be the next bubble- in poor people's clothes and run-down cars used to secure a bank principal forgiveness payoff. And can you imagine a new line of consultants- to show you how to look act and dress poor so you can score a big loan! Like the used car lots charging premium prices for really unpopular cars, reasoning that they'd be worth more to someone who wanted to look poor. And Goodwill / Salvation Army could suddenly find upperclass clientele.....

Too hilarious to imagine.

Anonymous said...

1) There's an old, old saying that's a gem and that I think very much applies to the present housing bubble burst and the aftermath: You can't cheat an honest man. So, for the same reason I don't have much sympathy for people who, in fact, lied on their liar loans, I don't have any sympathy for lenders who made them, realtors who helped promote them, assessors who made it all possible, etc. etc.

Even if every single borrower were absolutely blameless (and many are not), I guarantee you that the lenders and banks would be singing exactly the same song as you about Congressional action being the end of the world as we know it, the end of all that is good and true, blah blah blah. Frankly, I could care less. The lenders who maintained their standards and didn't make liar loans don't have a lot of underwater buyers and aren't suffering from liars defaults.

2) Shoplifting photo: I'd hit it.

Anonymous said...


DO NOT STEAL the government doesn't like the competition!


Anonymous said...

A unknown author once wrote that "a society that does not render reward and punishment in a just manner is doomed to fail ."

Humans are just behavior animals and they respond to reward or punishment for good or bad behavior . This is the very reason why a society has to have a system of law and order with reward and punishment .It won't take long for a society to break down if the crooks and swine are rewarded for bad behavior ,rather than the opposite .

If the Fed Chairman and the other powers proceed with this sneaky attempt to simply save the banks and Wall Streets balance sheets by rewarding gamblers ,crooks ,and liar borrowers ,it will be the beginning of the demise of the United States as we know it .

People will see that good behavior doesn't get you anywhere and they will resort to bad behavior and feel they will be bailed out in the final analysis .

Just as a mommy and daddy can raise a kid wrong ,wrong Leadership without proper Justice will produce a Nation of citizens that will become easy money crooks that will just cry and get rewarded for their bad deeds .

For instances ,the welfare system started rewarding women for having babies ,so they had more babies .

As long as the media and the people in political positions are painting the borrowers as poor victims ,so they can bail out the evil stupid banks and investment firms and their liar loan borrowers ,we are doomed .The real estate prices were fake and they have to fall . This means massive losses for the lenders and investors and homeowners . Don't complicate a bad situation by trying to lie about market prices that were false and based on a crime wave of speculation and faulty lending . How long are we going to allow the powers to contort this economy in favor of saving loans that can't be saved . Let the punishment begin .

Anonymous said...

You need a new poll on the Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008 being pushed in the Senate by Chris Dodd and the HOR bill being pushed by Barney Frank that would have the FHA buy up the toxic debt from the banks and hedge funds with taxpayer money. They seemed to have alot of support from the dailykooks that dominate your blog

thesojourner said...

The wheels of biblical prophecy are revolving faster by the day. All the things mentioned are going to come into fruition and then some. Be prepared to protect your families the best you can. For the naysayers, when you lose your job, and yes you will soon lose your job, your mouths will be shut when you have to send your female family members out on the block turning tricks just for daily bread. When you have to resort to selling drugs to pay rent, you will know. Absolute social anarchy is upon us and there is no turning back now. This is where greed and corruption has brought us. This is where breaking the law of God has brought us. said...

"who is going to buy all this dumb sh;t??"

Nobody ... the Scottsdale One project will never come to be ... no way will they get financing for it. At least not enough to actually complete it.

Any idiot can drive around Scottsdale and see the shopping centers gradually turning into ghost towns as stores and restaurants close one right after another. The local fake economy was REIC-based and with no more easy credit there's no way another upscale shopping center could survive.

Andrew Hac said...

This Americano nation and its citizens, occupants, dwellers are low, pitiful, pathetic and all at once despicable !!!

How can you call yourself the greatest nation on Earth when dishonor, divorce, immorality, greed, cheat is every day's code of conduct, the way to conduct business in the land of the Snapper Turtle ???

Look around you: What do you see ? Fat-ass Americano male and female driving that chicken-coop, pig-raising SUV or F350, for what I may ask ? So you can feel big and powerful. Here is a suggestion if you want to feel almighty, big, and powerful: Go and invade Red China, right now, at this minute, and see what the result may turn out to be.

As I have stated over and over again: This land of the Fat-Ass Americano Homosexual Erectus is a sewage now. And the Americano is being slowly roasted nicely over a bed of white hot charcoal, skewered from mouth to ass like a Snapper Turtle, juice dripping down, fat oozing, sputtering, succulent flesh aromatically wafting hungryly in the air.

Americano Homosexual Erectus == Roasted Snapper Turtle !!!

Go Hick, Hillbilly and Cracker Nuthead. Party all you can. Drink that Cold Mountain rotgut moonshine until you puke your snapper turtle gut out. The doomday is coming and it will judge you and your heathen crowd harshly.

Anonymous said...

I've been stealing panties at the Laundromat for years.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Russ DoGG said...

"Mortgage servicers "should have a clear basis for concluding" that borrowers were unable to make their payments, "rather than simply being unwilling to do so", before reducing loan principal, the American Securitisation Forum said."

So everything old is new again?
The Beverly Hillbillies have a new gig....consultants!

borkafatty said...

I am with you Buzz....and Artur form Chicago...STFU!

Anonymous said...

"because the energy required to melt them is, free right? Oil's like $7 a barrel or something, right?"

Hey dipshit, why do you think that the government recently issued public notices reminding people that it is against the law? I'll give you a hint, it's not because it's a losing proposition.

the_truth_hurts said...

I hate cops.


Because I should. Like most HPers, I failed to inherit the politically correct gene, the sheeple gene, or the dumb ass gene.

Cops (outside of some bad areas in major metros) exist to hassle, obstruct, and penalize (further tax) hard working tax paying Americans.

This is the easiest and most profitable thing to do. Our jails only train future criminals and encourage rape/sodomy.

If they REALLY wanted to make the streets safe for instance, you would get some pretty little undercover officer and let her walk the streets of bad neighborhoods at night. She would be trailed by an unmarked squad van and/or packing heat.

Within 20 minutes, they would have an attempted rape suspect. Better yet, they could just kill the bastard in the act and save the courts/jails/tax-payers some money.

The same could be done with many, many crimes. Criminals would soon be scared to perpetrate crimes.

If you respect cops, you encourage evil. Learn something from that holy bible of yours, it was the government that killed Christ while the people stood like sheeple. Do the right thing, the hard thing, and don't repect the despicable.

Denverguy said...

Wow Andrew you seem more then a little bitter. I always enjoy when people of faith forget the words of the Lord and spew hate. Do you really think the Lord will look upon these words and judge you well?

However you are right on several points of us playing as a super power but as long as we the miltary might to do so I dont forsee us falling anytime soon. Worst case is we are forced to write off all of our debt much as Russia did and telling the world too bad. We then would be forced to cut back and to cat our forign aid. Would it be hard to do? Of course but we will surive.

Anonymous said...

Stop your crying. Just because you didn't "get yours". I flipped 3 houses during the bubble, pocketed $190k and traded up to a bigger and better house. NOT A RENTER!!

The Government is doig everything they can to keep me in MY awesome house. Sure I'm outta work because no more flipping, but that actually is a good thing because having no income qualifies me for all sorts of help with my mortgage. I'll wait for full bailout and then go back to work.

Now Ben's gonna reduce MY mortgage for me on my bitchin home and I win again! You lose!


Anonymous said...

All you have to do is get a bunch of pre-1982 pennies, melt them down and sell the copper for a cool 250% profit.

Actually, they also re-enacted an old law which says that you can't take more than $10 worth of change out of the country... the metal is too valuable compared to the US dollar.

The biggest proble we have around here is that the big aluminum lights are being cut down, stolen and sold for scrap.

I'm expecting the same to happen to alot of the copper in the plumbing and wiring of all those abandoned McMansions (TM).
So for everyone in a panic - don't worry, the thieves won't be invading your homes yet - they have two years of inventory to work on.

Absolute social anarchy is upon us and there is no turning back now. This is where greed and corruption has brought us. This is where breaking the law of God has brought us.

Anarchy is the natural form of government when the system becomes corrupt. It's also a good protection mechanism and provides the basis to start rebuilding society according to more "just" standards.

Ohio Loan Officer said...

"Actually, I think Ben is right HOWEVER I think there should be some OFFSETS/RECOUPMENT actions taken that permit the banks to get the Yield-Spread-Premiums back from the corrupt mortgage brokers,"

You don't understand, the BANKS wanted Mortgage Brokers to sell the toxic loans. That's why they paid the Mortgage Brokers WAY more to sell those products to the public. Now the banks are acting like the victims. Like they got duped by Mortgage Brokers into doing bad loans.
The banks made money hand-over-fist on those products until now.

Anonymous said...

nice rack

Anonymous said...

PS - as for the cat coming out of the bag, this week 100 scientists convened in NYC to announce that the world has been *cooling* since 1998, the Antarctic ice layer is thickening, NOT melting, and the whole thing was a money-making hoax. This was all verified by REAL research scientists, not Hollywood actors, Al Gore, Michael Moore, and similar hucksters.


Let's remember that many of the REAL research scientists are on the payrolls of Exxon, Shell, and BP.

Anonymous said...

Extreme winter conditions in both hemispheres over the past year — including snow in Baghdad and returning sea ice in the Arctic — have prompted a predictable “told-you-so” response from climate skeptics: “See? The Earth is actually cooling.”

Not so fast, say many scientists. Climate isn’t short-term weather — it’s the long view. “The current downturn is not very unusual,” said Carl Mears, a climate scientist who tracks satellite temperature data. He points out that, despite similar cold spots in 1988, 1991-92 and 1998, the long-term trend continued to be higher global temperatures.

“Climate skeptics typically take a few small pieces of the puzzle to debunk global warming, and ignore the whole picture that the larger science community sees by looking at all the pieces,” said another climate scientist, Ignatius G. Rigor of the University of Washington.

In short, don’t be misled by the global-cooling hype.

Small Hat said...

Yeah, ever since the PTO treasure in Scottsdale got away with stealing $200,000 and they decided not to prosecute her, it is a free for all. Bad behavior, poor problem. No reason not to, the government will either look the other way or bail you out!

What have we come to?

Small Hat

Anonymous said...

You guys are still missing a major piece of this housing crash epidemic: Yes the borrowers lied to get those toxic loans that the filthy headed fraudsters were pushing, but now its time for the SERVICERS to get their piece of Americano ass. It is their BUSINESS MODEL for co's like Litton Loan servicers to push people into default. Just google Litton Loan Servicing if you don't believe me and read all the complaints. I for one had experience with Litton, both personal and professional, and I can tell you, they are real scum...

Shoplifters of the World Unite said...

I have thought about shoplifting. Since America is all about what one can get away with, why not? Companies rip people off every day with shitty drugs they know will kill you, flaming dog doo sold as AAA investment products, and goobermint sponsorship to boot. We all deal with it...let it go. So why not rip them off too? Why not get ours if we can get away with it?

Oh...because ethical people "play by the rules"...rules that were drawn up by the very people breaking them. Moral people don't cheat, steal, or lie because... well they can feel better about themselves even while playing the role of sucker.

Whoever said cheaters never win was a propagandist.

Rules are for suckers. And I aint suckin no more.