March 15, 2008

Just watch


Anonymous said...

I have a fantasy of Naomi spanking my bare butt while calling me a "very bad patriot" in that sultry voice while wearing black lingerie. Does this make me baaaaad?

Anonymous said...

clifs notes version...

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

2. Create a gulag

3. Develop a thug caste

4. Set up an internal surveillance system

5. Harass citizens' groups

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

7. Target key individuals

8. Control the press

9. Dissent equals treason

10. Suspend the rule of law

Budvar said...

11. Collapse the currency and all the rest just falls into place.

Batman said...

You're going to get a lot of ultra-right wingnut posts for citing her.

Thanks though. Watched the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I dont know. I agree with the basic arguement but I dont see a dictatorship and suppresion of freedoms happening here. the mans out of office in a few much damage can he do???????

Not a fan of Bush Jr. but I dont see the 4th Reich on the horizon....just alot of political jargon.

waitin' and watchin' not real sure whats next........

Tanker said...

This chick is hilarious! Talk about a conspiracy theorist. She seems to think that Bush is laying the grounwork to become a dictator. She neglects to mention that he leaves office in January. Or does she think he'll refuse to leave? Anyone who thinks Bush isn't out of the White House next January let me know. I'll take those bets with both hands.

She also seems to think that the National Guard should not be able to be federalized. As a former National Guard soldier, I seem to remember taking an oath to BOTH the federal and state government. She would know that if she ever served. Of course that would be beneath the princess and some other poor schmuck's duty.

She also forgot to mention that every would-be dictator disarms the people first. Since GW is pro-gun, he can't possibly have designs on a dictatorship. So then it must be Hillary or Obama! They are both anti-gun. They must be stopped!

I do agree with her on one point, though. Federal troops and the National Guard should not have been sent to New Orleans. The people who ignored the warnings to leave should have been left to fend for themselves without putting additional lives in danger.

This blog is really deteriorating. It used to be based on facts to alert people to problems we have. It now seems to focus on "Creating interior and exterior threats" to scare it's readers.

Natural Eyebrows said...

Great post, Keith. Maybe your best ever. I'm not voting for McCain, but you know one reason the fascist right can't stand him is that he opposes the use of torture.

Try to find a video of Joe Wilson talking about what happened to him and his wife after he exposed Bush and Cheney to be doing exactly what Naomi talks about.

Lady Di said...

Love her.

Great book. Recommended reading for all.

She is very inspiring to me.

Anonymous said...

Whatever!!! Tanker- you hit it on the nail-head.

Batman said...

nat eyebrows: agreed. McInsane at least knows what it's like to be tortured. It sucks.

Actually, in hindsight, Bush 41 wasn't as bad as 43 for the very reason that he'd fought and knew what war really meant. Notice in the first part of the Iraq war, Bush the elder was slightly more prudent and maintained a real coalition. Then during the Clinton part of the bombing of Iraq they did the Clinton thing and denied the war was still on. Finally with the third phase ground assault we have chickenhawks sending troops in to unfriendly territory, making US soldiers look bad, and finally, using mercenaries. What's next? We promote Blackwater to Elite status and political officers into the reg forces?

Blundering Banana Republic Batman!

Anonymous said...

Wow, pretty compelling (albeit a little exaggerated). Thanks again for opening my eyes.

Keith, I'm quickly becoming your biggest fan. I might even take your recommendation and vote for Obama.

Chris in LA

Anonymous said...

Short jewish woman telling us about democracy.

Short jewish men controlling our money and economics.

I think I'm beginning to see another conspiracy.

mrtwosome said...

"I have a fantasy of Naomi spanking my bare butt while calling me a "very bad patriot" in that sultry voice while wearing black lingerie. Does this make me baaaaad?"

sounds a lot like what I fantasized! but suzzane was there too.

Anonymous said...

To the early posters, this is probably not about Bush or his remaining term, presidents come and go, but the power base probably remains constant.

What this is probably preparing for is the great social unrest that I fear may be comig that will make the 60's look like a walk in the park - heck that was only about civil rights not a hugh decrease in the standard of living that is coming

I saw that Jimmy Cain of BS saw his personal wealth drop from $1 Billion to about $200m, but I'm sure that the ends are still meeting at his house. The homeowner that took saw his house drop from $600k to $400k I'm not so sure, and you might as well forget about subprimers or what ever you like to call them

I saw this article on minyanville.
The paper it came from rewrote the article to tone it down, but the original quote from the paper was
"Shayla Williams, 22, of West Palm Beach, was angered by the police tactics. "This place is going to get shot up later," she yelled to officers. "They can't treat us like this."

Anonymous said...

4th quarter of this year Martial Law will be declared, opposers will be sent to Bush's back yard in Texas, Iran will be invaded, the Amero will be introduced and you all will learn to love the Mexicans, telling your new Canadian friends how hard they work.

...Did I forget to mention that Bush and Chenney will continue their reign?


Anonymous said...

this is partisan hackery. she started out ok and completely derails by the end "Intelligence agents are in the audience tonight!!" if you like this read liberal fascism which details how the roots of the liberals is in the progressive movement and both current liberalism and Nazism grew out of the same ideology. the other side of the argument. then you can develop YOUR OWN OPINION instead of having it spoonfed to you. maybe you'll realize both liberals and onservatives are terrible.

Anonymous said...

what a crack pot.

Anonymous said...

clifs notes version...

1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy

and this in new how? We have been doing this for over a century.

2. Create a gulag

we used to have these (poor farms) but don't now

3. Develop a thug caste

this is a new development in the last 8 years? once again, been around for 100+ years and will always be around.

4. Set up an internal surveillance system
hmmm, always have had this.

5. Harass citizens' groups

pretty broad claim there. AAA getting harassed? boy scouts (except by the liberal left?)

6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release

Man, this has been going for a long time.

7. Target key individuals

What key individuals have been targeted? ELF members?

8. Control the press

they don't need to, the press controls itself due to being a slave to advertising.

9. Dissent equals treason
When was the last treason trial based upon someone dissenting? someone claiming you are commiting treason because of dissenting does not make it so.

10. Suspend the rule of law

Like it or not the ability to suspend law is written into our laws because there are envisionable circumstances where it might be desirable to do so. This is why we have the 3 branches that hopefully will never join together to do bad.

you wingnuts crack me up.

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah.. Typical tinfoil liberal college bull$hitt. She is so smart. Wow.

I am so impressed.

It's the man. The dictator dude.. have another hit. So college. People please grow up.

readmeinkampf said...

I'd suggest that everyone read Meinkampf instead. The chapter on propaganda is a hoot and had this to say:

As soon as our own propaganda admits so much as a glimmer of right on the other side, the foundation for doubt in our own right has been laid. The masses are then in no position to distinguish where foreign injustice ends and our own begins.

In such a case they become uncertain and suspicious, especially if the enemy refrains from going in for the same nonsense, but unloads every bit of blame on his adversary.

Isn't it perfectly understandable that the whole country ends up by lending more credence to enemy propaganda, which is more unified and coherent, than to its own?

And particularly a people that suffers from the mania of objectivity as much as the Germans.

For, after all this, everyone will take the greatest pains to avoid doing the enemy any injustice, even at the peril of seriously besmirching and even destroying his own people and country.

And, Hitler wrote this about the US and England:

For instance, it was absolutely wrong to make the enemy ridiculous, as the Austrian and German comic papers did. It was absolutely wrong because actual contact with an enemy soldier was bound to arouse an entirely different conviction, and the results were devastating; for now the German soldier, under the direct impression of the enemy's resistance, felt himself swindled by his propaganda service. His desire to fight, or even to stand film, was not strengthened, but the opposite occurred. His courage flagged.

By contrast, the war propaganda of the English and Americans was psychologically sound. By representing the Germans to their own people as barbarians and Huns, they prepared the individual soldier for the terrors of war, and thus helped to preserve him from disappointments. After this, the most terrible weapon that was used against him seemed only to confirm what his propagandists had told him; it likewise reinforced his faith in the truth of his government's assertions, while on the other hand it increased his rage and hatred against the vile enemy For the cruel effects of the weapon, whose use by the enemy he now came to know, gradually came to confirm for him the 'Hunnish' brutality of the barbarous enemy, which he had heard all about; and it never dawned on him for a moment that his own weapons possibly, if not probably, might be even more terrible in their effects.

And so the English soldier could never feel that he had been misinformed by his own countrymen, as unhappily was so much the case with the German soldier that in the end he rejected everything coming from this source as 'swindles' and 'bunk.'

That's why, in general, I found Obama's recent disavowal of his pastor to be disingenuous since his pastor, I believe, was right about many things but, of course, even here-- in minneapolis, the catholic church has been quick to push out the priests who decided to spread doubt about bush's propaganda.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree. This is interesting but I'm not convinced. There have always been secret government organizations, surveillance, and witch hunts. Remember McCarthyism? Government pushes for power and the people push back. Government power may be increasing right now, but like the housing bubble that's going to reverse.

someone said...

very interesting and very true. Thanks for the great post.

Paul E. Math said...

Your classic know-nothing know-it-all.

Like a 1st year med student who thinks she's coming down with every new affliction she learns, this woman spent so much time studying the bogeyman that now she sees the bogeyman behind every corner.

Such superior, paternalistic, pseudo-intellectual crap.

Anonymous said...

Women will return to domestic life after this collapse. The weak men who can not build, hunt, or defend themselves will just die. There will be no money to be made by giving talks like her speech.

Her argument completely ignores the fact that India and China will be at war with the US for natural resources. Exporting the energy intensive American lifestyle to them has caused this problem.

kangtong said...

"This blog is really deteriorating. It used to be based on facts to alert people to problems we have. It now seems to focus on "Creating interior and exterior threats" to scare it's readers."

Bravo tanker!

I only read this crap now to see how far from reality we are sinking.

No more news at this site.

Anonymous said...

She fails to mention the bankers who install these fascist kooks. Felix Rohatyn and George Schultz brought in the Pinochet regime, for instance.

George Schultz is the godfather behind the "Guvernator" of California.

edd said...

This talk fails to account for
realities of easy mega-lethality.
I should not dispute what she says,
though is seems obvious & overdone,
but I fault her for what she omits.
Bushies are dangerous toads, but
the threat equation changes much.

Now well-funded, educated, worldwide cadres of theo-psychotics
hope for the eternal rewards of
death through mass murder.

A single zealot can kill a million
with a pack of special smallpox,
or destroy a million with a bomb
on a motorbike, or make a city
uninhabitable for a century by
bursting a pack of common isotope.

All the rights talk is fine, but were we doing fine in August 2001 ?

Anonymous said...

Superficial history and questionable analysis by a quasi-intellectual who keeps joking about America's next top model . . . not impressed.

Anonymous said...


You just scared the crap out of me.

It looks like were headed and we're close. The only thing left is a market crash.

Anonymous said...


Do you think this is something perhaps larger than just the US?


Anonymous said...

I think she is right, except for the fact that we still have time to return America back to its roots of checks and balances. It's way to late. Nobody can stop Bush's train wreck of shock and awe now. Nobody. Not even our elected officials. Just live it up my friends. The end is near critical mass now. Many truth web sites are being shut down on the web. I;, thinking HP may be next someday. Bad times indeed. Thanks for the inspiration Keith.

Anonymous said...

9/11 was quite possibly an inside job. Read up on Operation Northwoods if you think the whole idea of "inside job" is ridiculous:

If not an "inside" job quite possibly a Mossad/CIA co-production. The strategy of tension (AKA false flag terrorism) is the CIA's forte:

Anonymous said...

The chick is hot! Am I going to read her book? - Why should I waste my time?

Anonymous said...

Very lefty.
Fails to mention NFA '34, GCA '68 and the BATF.
FDR taking control of gold.
No mention of Waco,TX
FinCEN (money tracing)
The militarization of police forces.

Claire Wolf is much better.
Or even Albert Jay Nock: Our Enemy The Sate.

This was going on long before GWB, just one in a list of many.

Stop thinking left or right!
It does NOT matter which side, both sides are AGAINST you!

Anonymous said...

I think I will start to worry if
we go to War with Iran and Bush calls off the November Elections citing National Security is at stake because of the War. Or if there is a terrorist attack and he calls off the Elections.

If this happens, then yes we should be really worry, if not then were fine.

I think she is a bit extreme, but she has some good points.

Anonymous said...

Careful, now. Claiming that Bush can declare that republican soccer mom "Anne" is an enemy combatant is an outright lie. Republican soccer mom Anne is a US citizen and is entitled to protections under the Bill of Rights - even if she was caught holding a rocket launcher aimed at US troops in Afghanistan! Now, if Anne were a British citizen and is declared an enemy combatant, then she has a point. But every country has been guilty of that in time of War - not just totalitarian ones. The problem here is two-fold. The first problem is that our Senators and congressman are gutless and have stopped short of actually "declaring war" as the Constitution required after 911 and we attacked the Taliban. If they did not declare war, then (IM0) there ARE NO enemy combatants - because we have not defined "the enemy". Secondly, torture should be illegal - including waterboarding, sleep deprivation and pharmaceutical abuse.