March 25, 2008

John McCain fumbling around feebly on the economy & housing crash, pretending he cares, pretending he knows what's going on

No way this angry and ignorant old man is gonna be president.

Too bad the GOP didn't nominate a viable candidate. Still not too late.


Anonymous said...

wow he DOES look a bit pathetic -and I am quite conservative/libertarian myself.

Looks like he is reciding from a script -a script written by his puppet masters -a script he himself isn't confident in.

Such a leader


blogger said...

Say what you will about their policies, when it comes to talking to the American people, McCain speaks random talking points memorized from his handlers, while Obama speaks in sentences and paragraphs from his heart

I almost feel sorry for McCain.

Oh, I loved the line that people need mortgages then can afford to pay



Anonymous said...

"People Are Hurting?"
Of course, and it's going to get alot worse.

In the meantime, we'll keep pumping trillions into the war, while the US economy takes a 90deg. nose-dive into the gutter.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, Americans are stupid. Bush winning a second term is proof. That means McCain does indeed have a chance. The average American will also find Obama guilty by association with his pastor... because Americans are stupid, ya know. I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's campaign falls apart eventually.

Anonymous said...

Not only is he a dangerous ignoramus on the economy but he's also a dangerous ignoramus on his entire raison d'etre : the military and foreign policy.

An analysis of John McCain

McCain's forgetful mind

John McCain - the Proud Liberal

This guy is not sane or intelligent enough to run a convenience store and yet there are many Americans that will vote for him because he is a self-proclaimed war hero.

"Songbird" McCain

Frank R said...

It boggles my mind that we have 300 million people in this country and so many brilliant geniuses and we have 3 totally ignorant phony dolts to choose from for President. Let's see...

- The megalomaniacal former first lady whose only reason for running is a return to White House luxury

- The marxist who accidentally revealed this week that he's racist and hates white people

- The wifebeating angry old man trying to avenge his bruised ego from his 2000 loss


Anonymous said...

Romney, you fucked up son!

Anonymous said...

still time for Ron Paul? :)

even Romney would have at least been easy on the eyes and ears.

Anonymous said...

He's just a walking bumper sticker for the conservatives right now. I agree with the earlier posts....he's lost his straight talk.

Anonymous said...

The worst part was when he proposed nuclear energy as a solution to oil dependency.

Nuclear is used for the generation of heat and electricity, oil is primarily used for transportation and in the petrochemical industry. You simply cannot just substitute one for the other.

Anonymous said...

He's a robot

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on!
Bank scandal President (Keating 5),
For a bank scandal era.

He can't be stopped.

Wall St. is your master now,
welcome to the darkside!

BTW: even Ben the goofy fed is
losing money on HIS house too!



Anonymous said...

"The worst part was when he proposed nuclear energy as a solution to oil dependency.

Nuclear is used for the generation of heat and electricity, oil is primarily used for transportation and in the petrochemical industry. You simply cannot just substitute one for the other."

Even if nuclear energy is only used for electric power, it cuts our dependency on oil by about 40%

And the electricity generated can then be used to get the hydrogen out of water through electrolysis. Right now, given that most electricity is produced from Coal, natural gas, and oil, it costs more to perform electrolysis than the benefit that is gained. Once Hydrogen can be cheaply produced, engines that run on H2 can then be made to be used in transportation.

Ed said...

You're right Keith.

We need the MESSIAH OBAMA elected. After curing AIDS and cancer, he will wave his magic wand and solve the housing crash. How will he do that you ask? By doubling my taxes to save the poor victim FBs from losing their homes.

And maybe his VP Hillary could come up with some more brilliant solutions like getting Greenspan involved.

But why let all that get in the way of a HOPE AND CHANGE feeling?

McCain is a tool and I will never forgive him for amnesty. But between him and the GOD DAMN AMERICA MESSIAH OBAMA, I'll take the senile old man any day.

Anonymous said...

So he says "we are the greatest exporter"... what extactly of?

Anonymous said...

That's quite a speech. It's a diverse assortment of platitudes.

Anonymous said...

He is just BAT SH*T CRAZY! Just like W!

Anonymous said...

He's just another Faux News neocon who will be lauded for his support of israel.

I'm not going to throw my vote away on him or Obama or Hillary for ethical reasons. I'm still voting for Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

>> The megalomaniacal former first lady whose only reason for running is a return to White House luxury.

Perhaps due to guilt, she wants to return all the stuff she stole when her and her douchebag husband left?

Anonymous said...


"The greatest exporter and the greatest importer"

It's the latter, not the former.

Anonymous said...

" You simply cannot just substitute one for the other.

Well no, but I heard the treehuggers are working on this "electric car" thing, whatever that means. As long as gunracks are still a option....

Anonymous said...

John McShitstain = Grandpa Muster.

Another doomed, digraceful American

oops, I mean "Hero"

McCain, 4 more years of Bushco.


Anonymous said...

Never say never, Keith. You realize you're jinxing us big time.

Anonymous said...

Nuclear is used for the generation of heat and electricity, oil is primarily used for transportation and in the petrochemical industry. You simply cannot just substitute one for the other.

Given enough energy, you could pull carbon dioxide out of the air and make any hydrocarbon molecule you like. It's an incredibly STUPID waste of energy (probably using the equivalent of 50-100 barrels of oil energy to make one physical barrel of oil) but it 'can' be done if you are desperate for oil.

A second alternative would be to use steam created by nuclear power plants to extract shale oil in North/South Dakota. In this case, you would be using up to 10 barrels of oil energy (created by the nuclear power plant which heats the water to steam) to extract one physical barrel of oil out of the ground.

Even so, of the 200-300 Billion barrels of oil estimated in the Dakotas, only about 10-15% (ie 20-45 billion barrels) could be extracted using steam. Anything else would require even more energy.

So... the fact is that if the US elected a semi-intelligent leader, you could still get out of this mess as you transition from an oil based economy to an alternative energy based. And you could probably do it with alot less pain than the Great Depression.

By using nuclear plants to create steam in order to pump oil, you could still supply crucial industries, fertilizer plants, and the military with the fuel they need to keep the country secure and running.

However... what are the chances that you'll elect a semi-intelligent leader given the choice between a Democratic or Republican candidate?

Ah well... it's been nice to know ya. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Anonymous said...

If I hear this senile warmonger Keating-Five saying "my friends" one more time, I'm gonna puke.

reverse said...

THIS is why Insane McCain has a chance.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if he's angry Keith. He does come across as extremely insincere though.


Anonymous said...

Don't bet for a second that Mr McSame doesn't stand a chance. You're talking about the American voters who've proved time and time again that they'll happily eat shit if someone sprinkles a little sugar on top. Against a woman and a black, neither of whom will rant and rave about the evil of gay rights or a woman's right to control her own body, McSame does indeed stand a good chance. Never forget that this is a country where the majority of voters hate anybody who acts like he values giving any issue some real thought and weighing the merits of the conflicting alternatives. Most voters hate an "intellectual" more than they hate anything else. The angry ranting of Coulter and Limbaugh hold more sway with them than some carefully thought-out hour-long speech that dares to discuss real issue complexity. We may not be doomed but any thoughtful contender is at great risk of trying to do intellectual battle with an unarmed populace.

Anonymous said...

"I personally believe such as"

Anonymous said...

actually you can use nuclear energy for transportation. You can run trains and buses on electricity.

Anonymous said...

Did he say "we need people who can afford their mortgagaes to be able to afford them?"

Anonymous said...

Yep. Let's be sure to run this guy down. He's clearly Bush III and will probably want Rummy in his cabinet.

I sure hope he isn't elected so we can have a full government (tax payer) bailout of this bubble. I know that if was from Iowa, I would gladly want my money going to bail out some idiot in a "NINJA" loan living in one of those "little boxes" in Agrestic.

In all seriousness, he's not the best candidate, but the lesser of the three evils. He's not a neo-con; he's too friggin old. He's the most independent of those left. It's really hard for me to see how this mess will correct itself with Hillary or Obama at the helm. It's even harder for me to see how those who are tuned in to these bubbles could support either of them.

Anonymous said...

@John McCain:

I'm not "YOUR FRIEND", so stop calling me that.


Just because someone thinks McCain is a dope doesn't automatically mean they like Obama or Hillary.

Anonymous said...

As bad as McCain is, the democrats seem determined to nominate the only person in the world (for the third election in a row) who might lose; Hillary.

In 2000, Al Gore was the only person in the democratic party who couldn't ask Bush how it was possible that he, the son of a vice president, was able to buy 10% of a professional baseball team for $650K because Gore's father (a former senator), 10 years into alzheimer's disease, was still getting $300K a year as "consulting fees" from Occidental Petroleum. They're all totally fucking corrupt!

In 2004, Kerry also had that problem, having married a woman 10 years his senior who happened to be worth $600MM who, without a doubt, bought off all the small time democratic machinery in all those early primary states (how it's even possible that we don't have those records is incredible).

In 2008, literally any democrat would be a shoe in with the lone exception of that mean spirited, corrupt lesbian. Congrats to the dems!

Frank R said...

"We need the MESSIAH OBAMA elected. After curing AIDS and cancer, he will wave his magic wand and solve the housing crash. How will he do that you ask? By doubling my taxes to save the poor victim FBs from losing their homes."

LOL ... so true ... this is what the sheeple seem to want and believe.

In any case, McCain is way up in all the polls now that Osamabama has been exposed as a Whitey-hating racist who has issues with "typical white people." He's finished.

No, I don't like McCain, but he's a far less dangerous choice then Messiah Osamabama.

Anonymous said...

Watching the Dems beat up each other is like watching a slow-motion train wreck.
You wish it would stop, but it won't.

Anonymous said...



And all you whiner-Rue-Paul-loving idiots.....check this out and vote for the war hero, mad-man with a mission,
President John McCain....

“‘I have always been committed to the principle that it is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers,’ he said.”

“In our effort to help deserving homeowners, no assistance should be given to speculators,’ McCain continued. ‘Any assistance for borrowers should be focused solely on homeowners, not people who bought houses for speculative purposes, to rent or as second homes. Any assistance must be temporary and must not reward people who were irresponsible at the expense of those who weren’t.’”

“He then called for homeowners to be required to put down payments on homes, for lenders to raise standards, and for all those involved to move to more transparency.”


Anonymous said...

My favorite line: "We are the greatest importer" ... of toxic Chinese crap that we "buy" with worthless I.O.U.'s.

Since when was being the "greatest importer" something to be proud of? It helped put us in the complete enonomic mess that we are in today.

McCain is a disaster.

GT said...

a dem needs to be put in office in 09, if only to get the repubs back to conservative roots

unless mccain has a WOW vp

Anonymous said...

where I work and live there are many Viet Nam vets. I always thought they were (are) a little crazy. As in psychologically damaged. Those small in stature Viet Namese were some mean little suckers. I think Mr. McCain has some of the same afflictions as homeless vets who have flash backs and constantly keep bringing up the war. It has been 30 years. 40 year olds don't remember that war except what they are told. Any younger than that he is just an old geezer trying to get into office based on some war. Like men who got into office because they were in WW2. I think VietNam vets are crazy (not their fault trust me) and I think McCain is too. Should he run the country hey Bush didn't serve in the war and I think he is crazy I didn't vote for him but a hell of alot of people did. Maybe people relate better with crazy people, so he may win. LOL Everyone keeps saying Barack Obama has no experience but JOHN MCCAIN said he doesn't know anything about the economy (at least he didn't lie like Hillary would) and the people think he is a better candidate. What kind of experience does he have to straighten this mess out after he told everybody he didn't understand this economy stuff. Knowing how to be a prisoner of war and help your friends cause the savings and loan explosion does not make an expert on anything. But you all vote for him and I say you have no one but yourselves to blame.