March 31, 2008

John McCain draws a crystal clear line in the sand - NO GOVERNMENT BAILOUTS FOR FAILED BANKS & MORTGAGE GAMBLERS. Well, maybe not that clear of a line

"It is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers"

- John McCain, before he eventually modifies his position after seeing the media coverage, polling data and drop in contributions, and after he already said bailing out Bear Stearns with $29 billion in government money and selling it to one of his top contributors was not a bailout, March 2008

Top Contributors

1 Blank Rome LLP

2 Merrill Lynch

3 Citigroup Inc

4 Greenberg Traurig LLP

5 Goldman Sachs

6 IDT Corp

7 Credit Suisse Group

8 JPMorgan Chase & Co

9 Bank of New York Mellon

10 Pinnacle West Capital

11 Lehman Brothers


Anonymous said...

Wall Street banks own all of our politicians

Anonymous said...

no government bailout!

another republican promise you can "bank" on.

Anonymous said...

He can say that because by the time he gets sworn in they will either already be bailed out or else he will conveniently change his tune.

Anonymous said...

Wall Street Banks own America, all 350 million of us. The path to freedom is to let them fail, every single one of them.

Walk away from the debt and they will crumble, and we will have to learn to fend for ourselves for a while. This problem was created because we elected thieves to govern us. The only way to rid ourselves of these leeches is to make sure that these rats go down with the ship, and then build a new ship that is rat free (and then fumigate regularly)

This is going to happen anyway over the next several years, it will just be slower and the rats will escape and we will be forced to hunt them down.

Oh my what to do, what to do. Take the hit now, grit the teeth and take our medicine, or sink ever so slowly with the rats?

Personally, I think we should pour gas and set fire to the whole stinking garbage barge, and then we need to be on the beach with shovels as they try to crawl out of the water and smack the little banker rats on their evil widdle heads.

Afterthought said...

McCain is an authoritarian wanna-be aristocrat.

What he says may change, but his psychology never will.

Anonymous said...

And what the other's are singing "give it away, give it away now". What lousy choices we have.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone think McCain was serious when he talked tough about the housing meltdown, or more to the point, that he was speaking about something he understood? He has no economic wisdom whatsoever.

k.w. - southern ca. said...

One thing is for sure ... more and more people can now *clearly* see the tie between our politicians and their banker pimps.

Anonymous said...


Only Amnesty... Sorry, I mean Bananas for all illegals!Dont forget who this man is! Co-conspirator with Ted K!!!!

F this man who is a big fat liar!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for listing the banks bribe money right under the statements made by McCain.

That information can help the voters determine any candidates actual loyalties much sooner.

Anonymous said...

The great big bailout of FB'ers is coming. I just love it that most of you HP'ers did the right thing, you saved, worked hard, were frugal and made sound life decisions. But in the end those that were the exact opposite of you will get rewarded while you get to pay for it! LOL, LOL, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kieth stop the propaganda shows the following

Top Contributors

Goldman Sachs $522,228
UBS AG $327,302
JPMorgan Chase & Co $316,892
Lehman Brothers $302,697
National Amusements Inc $293,022
Citigroup Inc $290,146
University of California $275,046
Sidley Austin LLP $271,857
Harvard University $264,941
Google Inc $259,010
Skadden, Arps et al $248,743
Exelon Corp $227,661
Morgan Stanley $225,976
Time Warner $221,878
Jones Day $212,525
Latham & Watkins $187,208
Kirkland & Ellis $181,976
University of Chicago $179,147
Citadel Investment Group $175,900
Microsoft Corp $167,990

Hillary Clinton

DLA Piper $495,550
Goldman Sachs $440,300
Morgan Stanley $385,420
Citigroup Inc $383,852
EMILY's List $323,242
Lehman Brothers $264,610
JPMorgan Chase & Co $258,120
National Amusements Inc $227,800
Skadden, Arps et al $218,485
Greenberg Traurig LLP $191,100
Kirkland & Ellis $186,551
PricewaterhouseCoopers $185,000
University of California $184,617
Time Warner $182,150
Microsoft Corp $175,419
Merrill Lynch $172,900
Ernst & Young $157,575
Latham & Watkins $155,088
Bear Stearns $152,090
Cablevision Systems $148,263

Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the Wall St. contributions to Obama and Clinton - far greater than McCain. Hello, wake up!

Grandpa Munster McCain said...

John McCain = Grandpa Munster.

Loser, Coward & Fraud.

keith said...

When are you all going to see that they're ALL bought and paid for by the investment banks especially - it's just a matter of degree.

Congress - the best that money can buy.

Solution? Get rid of all campaign financing from all companies, interest groups, PACs etc.

The only money that any candidate can accept is $2000 per US citizen maximum, raised every year based on inflation, given over the internet and clearly exposed.

Mark said...

Listen to McCain talk today vs 8 years ago. His memory is getting worse little by little. By the time his term is over, if elected, he will be a blathering idiot as was Reagan at the start of his dementia. I've been working with this type of patient for a few decades. Trust me. From the time of being a POW to now campaigning has stress cummulative effects. I really believe I'm seeing the start of some senile dementia here. You saw him being prompted by Leiberman in Iraq. Remember how Nancy Reagan used to whisper to RR when he couldn't remember something during his last year in office? Think about it. Who will be pulling the strings when McCains mind starts to fade? The MSM likely won't be to anxious to explore his mental capacity. Wouldn't be PC.

Anonymous said...

"It is not the duty of government to bail out and reward those who act irresponsibly, whether they are big banks or small borrowers"


come on, read between the lines. That says nothing about actually bailing them out. he says it is not the duty of government, not that he won't do it.

Anonymous said...

Vote for McCain- If you would like to see the illustrious Bush legacy continue to hammer our country into oblivion.......

Trust me, it will be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the Wall St. contributions to Obama and Clinton - far greater than McCain. Hello, wake up!"

Because Keith is bought and paid for himself by the DNC.

Next question.

Refuse to buy overpriced said...

You underestimate the courage and integrity of John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, I thought everyone here was against a bailout? So why are you criticizing the guy who says he's against a bailout? Hillary and Obama are far more likely to be in favor of a bailout and I would think that they would draw more of your ire.

Anonymous said...

Look at Ron Paul's contributors:
op Contributors

US Army $75,197
US Navy $55,092
Google Inc $52,451
US Air Force $50,815
Microsoft Corp $48,073
US Postal Service $24,218
Lockheed Martin $22,912
Boeing Co $22,834
Cisco Systems $19,276
AT&T Inc $19,130
Verizon Communications $18,821
Northrop Grumman $18,107
General Dynamics $17,610
Apple Inc $17,503
US Dept of Defense $17,350
Hewlett-Packard $17,217
Wachovia Corp $16,329
IBM Corp $15,844
Raytheon Co $15,029
Intel Corp $14,646

And, while every other Presidential candidate's campaign has substantial amount of debts (Hillary 8 mil, McCain 4 mil, Obama 625K), Ron Paul has $0 debt.

zapparulez said...

Can I get Obama's top contributer list? I'm interested in seeing what corporations give money to a socialist commie.

Screw all 3 candidates, none of them will do what is needed to be done.

Bring on the economic collapse! said...

This is the same guy whose house in north-central Phoenix has been listed for 2+ years for more than DOUBLE the real value because he thinks he can get that much just because he lived there.