March 21, 2008

Hopefully, it's all spiraling out of control now for China and Wal-Mart. Things fall apart. The center will not hold.

Boycott Wal-Mart

Boycott the China Olympics

Free Tibet

The Chinese are now hunting down the protesters in a desperate house-to-house search. While you drive down to Wal-Mart and buy their crap.

ZHONGDIAN, China - The government stepped up its manhunt Friday for protesters in last week's riots in the capital of Tibet, as thousands of troops converged on foot, trucks and helicopters to Tibetan areas of western China.


Ed said...

"FREE TIBET" The 2008 cause du jour for the Hollywood set.

I wonder what color ribbon this will produce. Red? No, that's taken. Yello? No. Green? Is that available? It'sso hard to keep up with all the causes these days and the color coding for the ribbons.

And I am just breathlessly waiting for Sean Penn or Justin Timberlake to educate me on why they feel so strongly about the issue and why somehow it is all the fault of the US.

Anonymous said...

ZHONGDIAN, China - The government stepped up its manhunt Friday for protesters in last week's riots in the capital of Tibet, as thousands of troops converged on foot, trucks and helicopters to Tibetan areas of western China.

The violence in Lhasa — a stunning show of defiance against 57 years of Chinese rule — has sparked sympathy demonstrations in neighboring provinces, prompting Beijing to blanket a huge area with troops and warn tourists and foreign journalists to stay away.

China's communist leadership, embarrassed by the chaos and international criticism of its response, has blamed the unrest on the Dalai Lama and his supporters and vigorously defended its reputation as a suitable host for the Beijing Olympics.

amigauser said...


Does America listen when Iraqis demonstrate for them to stop killing civilians and for them to leave Iraq right now

How many Iraqis did America kill in the last week, month and year?

How IS America different from China
when everything China does in Tibet, You do in Iraq?

It seems that Americans like to think of themselves as different from the Chinese, but you are not

Keith, when will we have a boycott America headline?

Anonymous said...

I can't boycott wal-mart keith, I need them so I can stock up preparing for the great depression and peak oil. Maybe next time. I'm not gonna die to save one of the 1.3 billion china man.

America Next said...

Remove the half blind yellow face peanut heads and replace with fat stupid Joe & Jane Six Pack.

That is the New America.

Coming to a area near YOU.

SO Sorry, Charlie...

Anonymous said...

i have never bought from walmart and never will, even if it was an item made in america. I will not fund a communist government, especially at the expense of my local economy.

k.w. - southern ca. said...

Well, we set ourselves up for this one by removing our own manufacturing base, and out-sourcing high paying jobs overseas (and let's not forget "onshoring" where Indians get jobs that once belonged to US citizens).

Many people have less money to spend and therfore shop where their dollar goes the farthest.

Anonymous said...

How about we FREE IRAQ and FREE AFGHANISTAN first huh?

How many of you dumbos are still buying this Osama Bin Hiding BS? Seriously, the US has invaded two nations and still hasn't found this little creep who is supposedly so dangerous and has the organisational ability to hijack four airliners but he can't afford a decent camera to film his announcements to the world?

The US has the most powerful military and intelligence organisation in the world and it still couldn't find this little prick that hides in caves after near 7 years?

Yet the US family that is closest to the Bin Laden family just happens to be the Bushies. And of course, the Bushies let the Bin Laden's leave the US when all other air traffic was grounded. Oh, and let's not forget who supported, funded and trained the Mujahideen and Osama - the CIA. Who was director of the CIA - Jorge Senior of course.

And people still buy this bullsh!t scam?

Seriously people, do a little reading on what clandestine organisations like the CIA get up to. Maybe you'll understand that terrorism is a little more complex than some fanatics hiding in a cave in Paki or Afghanistan.

BondsOfSteel said...

Boycott Wal-Mart?? What's Wal-Mart supposted to do?

Boycott the US Goverment. Our goverment, which supposially stands for human rights, freedom, and demorcracy... has said/done zip about it.

Where is Condi? Cheney? Bush?

Why hasn't Congress passed or said anything about it? Reid? Pelosi?

It's because our goverment is one big hypocrite. We're like Spitzer... fighting prostitution publically, but sleeping with them in private.

Parlement of Whores.

Anonymous said...

My family and co-workers are all boycotting Wal-Mart and Target. And we are a large group. We are telling everyone we know to do the same.

No more funding dirty Chinese regime with American dollars and jobs!

Anonymous said...


I come here very frequently to read your good analysis on housing market and finance. But I think you need to learn more about Far East. Your current position of blindly supporting "free Tibet etc" is highly biased and racially discriminating toward the Chinese.

Have you traveled to China in the recent years? Do you know the true history of Tibet? Do you know What Dalai Lama's current position is?...

Even Dalai Lama is not promoting Tibet independence at this time. He is asking for more self-administration of Tibet, but not total independence. The Tibetan Youth League is behind the violent riot this time in Tibet and the surrounding provinces. What do you think the cops will do if there is riot here in the States? I guess using comparable method for riot control.

Do you know that China has 56 ethnicities and Tibetan is just one of them? Most of the Chinese do not necessarily like the so called "communists" (in essence they are not) in power, but they overwhelmingly agree that Tibet is part of China, no matter what kind of party in power.

The economic capitalism is blooming in China and political freedom will follow, albeit slowly. You are fighting 1.3 billion Chinese on their core belief on Tibet and you will fail.

One final story to share: have you seen the video that two Tibetan youths climbed onto the top of the Chinese Consulate in Toronto and lowered the Chinese flag last Friday? Do you know what the Chinese consulate staff did? They only caught the two and turned them over to the Canadian police. Could you imagine what we will do if two Iraqis did the same to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad? They probably would be shot by the U.S. marines...

edd said...

If we don't suffer in defense of Tibet, then we will face the same choice on Taiwan.
Mao never took Formsa, so Taiwan
was never a rebellious state.

Mao took Tibet while Korea was
being destroyed (planned before the Incheon landing).
They pretend it's China, and repeated lies tend to become facts.

Anonymous said...

OMG Keith, you've gone Hollywood on us! I guess separatists of any nation should be allowed to break off and form their own countries.

What do you expect them to do?

Anonymous said...

Red China has not shed Communism. They allow state-controlled monopoly capitalism for now. It allows them to build up their military and infrastructure.

The Bush team would resort to similar tactics if their state power structure in the US was seriously challenged. How many real journalists have been threatened into silence or whacked by covert assassination teams in the US? In Iraq?