March 04, 2008

And then the angry sheeple starting paying "house calls" on Countrywide Toxic Mortgage executives

Oh, yes, the real fun stuff is starting now.

Now the angry mortgage fraudster and failed flipper sheeple mobs, looking for someone to blame, started to go after the REIC execs in a more up-close-and-personal way.

First up - the Countrywide executives who knowingly enabled and promoted mortgage fraud in order to enrich themselves. Check out this story of one of their execs being hounded in Ohio.

Next the sheeple will be going after the realtors and mortgage brokers who did and said anything in order to put the sheeple into houses they couldn't afford, in order to earn a commission.

HP doesn't recommend violence or personal attacks against the REIC. But it's nice to see the failed housing gamblers take their game up a notch.

But it's too bad they're not blaming the people who deserve the blame the most:

In fight against foreclosures, ornery activists tackle Countrywide, nation's biggest lender

CLEVELAND - Folks on Humphrey Hill Drive were still waking up on the icy Saturday morning the shark hunters came to town. They rounded the suburban traffic circle in a pair of rented school buses after a half-hour ride from far more modest neighborhoods, rumbling to a stop at the Garmone family's driveway. Forty-two caffeinated Clevelanders piled out, their leaders carrying bullhorns.

Their quarry, Mike Garmone — a regional vice president at Countrywide Financial Corp., the nation's largest mortgage lender — didn't answer his door.
So they deployed, ringing bells at the big homes with three-car garages, handing out accusatory fliers and lambasting Garmone and his company's loans. Before departing, they left their calling card — thousands of 2 1/2-inch plastic sharks — flung across Garmone's frozen flower beds, up into the gutters, littering the doorstep.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait until these mobs start knocking the doors down removing them by force so they can give them a public flogging.

Anonymous said...

Old Story??????????

On that morning in February 2006, ESOP executive director Mark Seifert had his doubts. For starters, he wasn't sure his group's research on Garmone even had the family's correct address.

blogger said...

read the full story in the linked headline

Anonymous said...

that picture so perfectly captures this. awesome.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope they do get an audience with Mozilo.

And then Tar and feather his tan ass.

Violence is something that type of sociopath (predatory lenders) can understand. But the non-profits will lose their funding if they decide to go that route.

Mortgage Broker Stabbed in Home Invasion by a Disgruntled Client

And we thought the only thing “shady” loan officers and brokers needed to worry about were more regulations and finding a job. Now, it looks like some disgruntled clients may be looking for a pay back and it’s not just money they are looking for, it may mean murder.

Malcolm said...

Hey, there's an idea.

Bring back Hestor Primm, and make them all wear big red "R"'s on their clothes, so everyone knows they're a realtor.

Mammoth said...

Yesterday in Woodinville, WA, some activists burned down a couple of brand-new McMansions. Supposedly, this was the work of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). Try Googling the news articles and read for yourself!

Who really knows who the true culprit was? Can't make the mortgage on your Mcmansion? Just torch it, and plant an ELF sign or two in the vicinity.

Hey - this topic may just deserve its own thread!


Anonymous said...

The executives are saying:


To bad, you lose, and there's NOTHING you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

"I can't wait until these mobs start knocking the doors down removing them by force so they can give them a public flogging."

Anit gonna happen. Deal with it sucker.

AndrewHac said...

The Americano nation and its pitiful occupants's fate has entered a dark age, an ominous age filled with peril and uncertainty. An age of unimaginable stench emanating from the fart of the Housing Bubble. Who do you have to blame but yourself when you bough a $700K house on a $40K annual salary as a low-life telemarketer, a StarBuck cashier, a convenient store sale associate ? Add in a fat-ass, lazy, couch potatoes, hoity-toity wify, a couple of red neck kids and you now have a perfect storm for the crashing of not only the Americano economy but the Americano family value as well.

Thus, with all due respect, I will ask you these $69,000 Americano-going-down-the-toilet-dollar-currency questions:

IS THE AMERICANO roasted yet like a grilled snapper turtle ?

WILL THE AMERICANO ever find a shred of WMD in Iraq, the little Islamic nation that the Americano president DUBYA SHRUB and his side-kick PENIS SHOOTER had decided to invade few years ago ?

WHAT IS INSIDE the tummy of most Americano ? Greedy Worm and Sh*ts mostly, perhaps ?

WILL the famous Snapper Turtle outlive the pompous Americano Homo Erectus ?


Anonymous said...

Countrywide is STILL writing TOXIC mortgage loans as we SPEAK. They have not stopped. Is anyone going to go after these people?

Anonymous said...

I have a dream... Just imagine one of these ending with a lynching and 12 HP'ers end up on the jury. It's OJ all over again. That would be entertaining. I prefer the fantasy of 30 CW execs and mortgage bankers perishing from food poisoning at a posh ski resort after dining at Spagos.

Anonymous said...

"Is anyone going to go after these people?"

No, because the people legally tasked to go after them are on the same team.

Anonymous said...

andrew hac said...

Americano Homo Erectus


Anonymous said...

I don't think this group of activists represents failed speculators. Their constituency is largely black and lower/working class.

They are pretty easy prey for unscrupulous lenders - being barely literate, they don't look past the cash back they get at refinancing and the first month's payment.

I lean somewhat toward the free market, but the scorched earth caused by toxic mortgages is calling out for laws banning anything but traditional fixed payment mortgages.

Perhaps there could be some allowance for nontraditional mortgages if long term rates go back to 20%. I would impose very heavy regulations on those, such as requiring a video record of the borrower reciting what the full features of the loan are, and stating "I understand my payment may go to $100,000 a month in 3 years" or some such, and also stating how much they make. I would also require any nonstandard loans be reviewed by some outside entity.

And of course, I would bring back drawing, eviscerating and quartering abusive mortgage lenders and Alan Greenspan.

Anonymous said...

Time to invest in pitchforks and torches.

Anonymous said...

Andrew the Hac Said:

blah blah blah blah


Frank R said...

"First up - the Countrywide executives who knowingly enabled and promoted mortgage fraud in order to enrich themselves. Check out this story of one of their execs being hounded in Ohio."

I read the story yesterday. You know this country has gone downhill when it's acceptable to mob your creditors because you knowingly "bought" more than you could afford and now cannot (or will not) pay your bills.

Why aren't these people being jailed for disturbing the peace, demonstrating without a permit, etc? Oh I forgot, they're "victims."

What a farce.

Anonymous said...

to add insult to injury, Rich Dad Is Laughging at the poor.

Never once did you explain why "Rich Dads" can't save America during his "America is Going To Hell" speech. But, "if you have silver," you'll be treated specially.

Anonymous said...

Annnd I ordered a container of plastic sharks from China with abusive messages against the REIC imprinted on them.

Call me protesters because I've gotta a Dollar-In-The-Toilette grand sale going on. I also offer those sharks in glow-in-the-dark neon colors. Call me.

What? Gotta make a buck to pay for the organic milk, ya' know. Mo money mo money.

Anonymous said...

I saw that article too, and immediately thought that maybe the developers were behind the torchings.

The article said the houses were model houses, and had been toured by MORE THAN 10,000 people in the last year. Needless to say, none of the 10,000 people had bought them.

Maybe they were white elephants?