March 31, 2008

Alphonso Jackson, Bush's incompetent Secretary of Housing, to resign. Mike Brown probably on the short list to replace him.

incompetent - in·com·pe·tent

1: not legally qualified
2: inadequate to or unsuitable for a particular purpose
3 a: lacking the qualities needed for effective action b: unable to function properly

Embattled HUD chief reportedly set to resign
Jackson, facing allegations of cronyism, will hold press conference Monday

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson, buffeted by allegations of cronyism and favoritism, is expected to announce his resignation Monday, sources close to the matter told the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said...

How does Bush get the authority to go around firing people for incompetence?


blogger said...

Some days I feel sorry for idiots. Not today. Here's Jackson in 2005:

O'BRIEN: When you look at some of the statistics, 25 percent of all home buyers, for example, put no money down when they buy a home. Forty-two percent of first-time buyers, zero down payment when they're buying their first home. Do you have concerns that these are homeowners, but they actually have no financial equity in their own home?

JACKSON: No, that's really not true. They might initially buy the home with no equity, but the prices of homes in this country today are doing extremely well. So, investment in homes is an extremely important thing for this country.

And let me say this to you. Most people do not realize that wealth comes from homeownership. That's how we create wealth in this country.

It's important to note that President Bush is the first president ever to stress the importance of homeownership in this country, because he believes that if we can put people in homes, we will see this country thrive.

Anonymous said...

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

It's nice that Bush found another job that Brownie can suck at.

Anonymous said...

Hells yaw dawg, anutha brutha from Philly.
A shout out to da homies ya'all......

Anonymous said...

That's a pity - I was hoping Paulson would be first to get the chop.

Ed said...

Why do we need a dept of housing to begin with?

Anonymous said...

You're doin a great job Alphy!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Look how George W. has his hand on that guy's head, as if to say "Good little monkey!".

Anonymous said...

my fav Jackson memory was when he went to China to sell them MBSs that even the GSEs wouldn't buy... and they told him to go f*ck himself.

consultant said...

George Bush-worst president and administration in the history of America-exhibit 1,989,679.

We are so screwed!

Anonymous said...

In your definition in the header, you forgot:

4: loyal to Bush!

I don't think he'll pick Brownie though--he's not balled, so Bush won't be able to properly rub his head for luck!

Paige Turner said...

Since when has incompetence disqualified a politician, particularly one in the Bush administration?

Mr. Jackson's concept of making risky investments with borrowed money seems sound.

There must be some other embarrassment that Mr. Jackson would cause if he weren't quickly pushed out of office.

I know! He must be a closet Obama supporter!

That's gotta be it.


Anonymous said...

Cronyism is by definition incompetence.

inCOMPETEnt=no compete=non competitive=cronyism

Anonymous said...

And let me say this to you. Most people do not realize that wealth comes from homeownership. That's how we create wealth in this country.

That's right! A decaying inanimate piece of property, which consumes energy and materials, it will create wealth magically!

4 out of 5 alchemists agree, stainless + granite together with some fung shui and you're gonna get gold----I mean Basel-II approved Tier-1 banking capital!

My god. It's like David Leareah crossed with Warren G. Harding.
And these are running the fucking government.

How bad do you think Paulson will look in 3 years? Unlike the others, he's no moron, but he could be a snake.

Mission "loot the government" Accomplished, asshole.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's cute in a "i helped this corrupt administration meet its minority quota" kind of way.

Anonymous said...

Blap blap blap!! Blap blap blappity blap blap blap!! BLAP!!!

Anonymous said...

He's patting his head like he is saying to himself, "Yes,Alfie my crony pet you did gud for dis her admynistracion."