February 14, 2008

Why can't the realtors just stop lying?

Seriously, I don't get the little critters. If I was a realtor,

(oh, man, I just had a vision of hell)

Anyway, IF I was a realtor

(seriously, hell)

But IF I was a realtor, I wouldn't be running around saying 'HEY, NOW'S A GREAT TIME TO BUY!" as my one and only marketing message. That BS just makes them look stupid at best and like corrupt commission-hungry ramen-eating liars at worst.

The right message for realtors, if they'd pull their heads out of their asses is this:

"Home prices are crashing, and a massive nationwide financial mania and Ponzi Scheme is imploding. If you own a home, sell now, sell at any price and get out. And if you're looking to buy, there's a sea of foreclosures and desperate sellers out there, let us help you find a screaming deal"

Now that would get the houses sellin' and the commissions flowin'. Instead, we get more of the same BS like this (thanks Ty):


Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...


We stopped into an open house this past weekend for fun. It turned out to be a realtor trying to sell her own house.

She gave us the same "it's a great time to buy" crap. Then she gave us the price which was around $800/sq ft.

In a market that has hit $500/sq ft and listings are now coming out in the $400s.


Anonymous said...

They're too dumb to realize telling the truth would make them more money

Anonymous said...

Never. They never will stop. I know one realtor who would under value homes in 2003/2004 and have one of his buddies partner in and buy and flip it. He lied on the way up and now lies on the way down..."interest rates are great, bla, bla..." They are all scum - even the nice ones lie...it's how they screw people out of money!

Anonymous said...

The do not know how to do anything else, i.e. this is what we do regardless of the market conditions. Same for HBs, they only know how to build and hawk houses. The latest radio ad I hear is from an HB that vomits the diarrhea that housing performs better than stocks. That is a complete falsehood if you look at the long term, and the last 5 years have been an anomaly created by loose lending, fraud and speculators.

While it is a "Buyer's Market" in terms of the traditional definition of such, greater than a 6 month supply, that does not mean you should buy as all other market forces indicate that buyer bargaining power will only continue to increase and can/will be translated into lower prices, more incentives etc.

When gov'ts create the housing RTC to absorb the banks' losses caused by their loose lending & fraud to "save the global economy from depression/severe recession" that will be the time to buy, either all cash or 20% down & using a gov't sponsored/backed loan program.

Good luck.

Mammoth said...

Just to show that HP is being fair to realtors and that not all of them are scum, here is a snippet out of an email from one RE agent acquaintence:
"We took in a foster girl about 2.5 weeks ago, she is a premee, she weighs about 4 lbs. mom had overdosed and was flatlining so they pulled baby out 2 months early. She's now about 1.5 months old."
The guy already has 3 kids plus a foster child, yet is decent enough to take in another.

Just sayin', there's a few rare decent ones out there.

But note that I said "acquaintence" and not "friend."

Anonymous said...

If I was a realtor, I'd down a bottle of Wild Turkey every evening.

Joe Boo said...

Yeah like the realtors would stop lying! King realtor (president ha ha of the NAR) is a joke!

Morally Flexible said...

Which is why you could not be a realtor. For that matter, you would probably have a difficult time in any dedicated sales paradigm. If you have never seen Thank You for Smoking, get a copy and watch it. In order to succeed in many fields, you must "buy in" completely. Just to compete you must be able to fake buying in. It also helps to have stashed some money and supplies in a nice little non extradition country. I prefer Belize for its climate, use of English as an official language and male to female ratio.

tangelo mozilo said...

If it's a great time to buy, doen't that mean it's a terrible time to sell?

Anonymous said...

Would it be easier to count truthful or dishonest marketing across the board (not just RE)?

I'm thinking more sales jobs are hype, glitz, shoddy products, etc. My whole life, detergents have been new and improved. Man, a few decades ago how did we ever get clean? MS Vista, anyone? The lying is so commonplace, we become inured to it, like brainwashing. That, in addition to "it's all they know" is why they persist.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Keefer!

I guess what really gets me about realtors is that they actually REFUSE to quit bullshitting people.

I called a realtor about a building lot a few months ago (looking for a place to build my own house), and allz that I got was "things are picking up" and "You better get in while you can".

Well, I didn't swallow the bait, and those lots are still there-with a REDUCED price, holding their part of the earth together. And the real estate agent? Still there living in a freakin' dream-world with her voice recording sales pitch.

I'll just wait until I can get one at 50% off and then I may buy. But, one thing that I will love is that I will cost that real-estate agent THOUSANDS of dollars in lost commissions! And, that's IF I decide to buy there. YEEHAW!!