February 09, 2008

Open thread: Campaign for your guy or propose a new candidate for the "who's the MOST discredited" ongoing HP poll

Mike Norman
26 (11%)
David Lereah
43 (18%)
Greg Swann
6 (2%)
George Bush
76 (32%)
Nicholas Retsinas
5 (2%)
Alan Greenspan
79 (33%)


Anonymous said...

Can we just say "all"?

Anonymous said...

Doublespeak Greenspan has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Mike Norman is my man.

I just hate how he tries to make himself smart on TV, and arguing against Schiff.

Even though I dont agree with many of the things Schiff proposes, he is way to smart for the idiot, Mike Norman. Everytime I see Schiff arguing with this retard on TV I just cant take it.

Another thing about Norman, and most of the retards on MSNBC and Bloomberg is that I somehow think they know what is going on here, but they choose to say whatever is "expected" of them on TV. Or whatever they are paid to say, if you know what I mean.

One good example is Ron Insana, who would speak somewhat the truth on MSNBC. After he started his own company, Insana Partners, now he is another Kudlow.


Anonymous said...

What about that real estate agent nimrod that Schiff always schools on Fox.

Or is he ineligible because he never had any credibility?

Anonymous said...

The same geniuses who vote for Bush/Cheney are now telling us who to vote for:

NYT -- It is not exactly a distinction that he had in mind, but seven years into his presidency, George W. Bush is in line to be the first president since World War II to preside over an economy in which federal government employment rose more rapidly than employment in the private sector.

In 2005, private sector employment rose 2 percent, the best annual growth rate during the Bush administration, but the rate fell to 1.4 percent in 2006 and 0.7 percent in 2007. In contrast, in six of the eight Clinton years growth was above 2 percent.

With the economy clearly slowing as the final year of Mr. Bush’s presidency begins, it is possible that the overall rate of growth in private sector employment for his presidency, now at 0.53 percent per year, could fall below the 0.41 percent rate of his father’s administration, which had been the lowest of any president since World War II.

One of the weakest sectors was manufacturing. The number of such jobs peaked in 1979, when Jimmy Carter was president, and fell in every administration since, with the exception of a small gain in the Clinton years. The decline in the current administration, at a rate of 3.1 percent a year, is the steepest yet seen.

When President Bush took office, nearly 13 percent of American jobs were in manufacturing. In November, that figure fell below 10 percent for the first time ever, and at last measure was 9.95 percent.

"GOP stands for small government". Yeah, right, Republican sheeple who keep destroying the country.

Anonymous said...

I see a connection

Norman cocky jackass
Swann cocky jackass
Lereah cocky jackass
Retsinas stupid jackass
Bush stupid jackass
Greenspan corrupt jackass

All jackasses!

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Where's Bernanke? He'd get my vote.

Anonymous said...

thats easy, alan greensperm, the original mr. greenliquid

Anonymous said...

As bad as the financial gurus are, at least they aren't personally responsible for the death of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Gotta go with Bush on this one.

mr sack said...

It has to be david lereah.What a con artist.Didn't he get a job at move.com.He is so full of shit that he believes the crap that comes out of his mouth.

Anonymous said...

As bad as the financial gurus are, at least they aren't personally responsible for the death of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Gotta go with Bush on this one.

Yeah, but the question is "who is the most discredited". Dubya never had a reputation to discredit. He's always been a loser piece of sh!t.

Anonymous said...

Bush -- and not even close, really.

Batman said...

Can we put Pol Pot or Vlad the Impaler on there just to see how their vote counts compare to Bush XLIII?

Anonymous said...

If I were to say who I disliked the most, it would be Bush. But I had low opinions of him to begin with, so I'm going to have to go with Alan Greenspan as most discredited.

Anonymous said...

Come on... you need to include all the candidates. Please add:

Ben Bernanke
Lawrence Yun

Shakster said...

Norman,big time Huckster.

ohhhnooo said...

you didn't put "the human race" up there! I just talked to a waiter in a restaurant and he was stuck with a house he probably couldn't afford; he fondly noted that his sister rented.

it will be interesting to see if trust returns again.

Anonymous said...

Retsinas most corrupt and Norman is just stupid

michael said...

i think the most discredited would have to be anyone that said there was no housing bubble.

bush is one of the worst presidents ever but i don't see how the housing crash has discredited him.

his response to it is pathetic.

unomyname said...

Barbara Bush

truth teller said...

That frizzy-haired real-estate agent dude on Fox has my vote.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) has written to constituents that the
current economic crisis is the worst since the Great Depression.
Webb's Feb. 8 emailing included a denunciation of President
Bush's budget, which cuts key domestic programs ``at a time we
most need significant investment in our nation's economy.'' He
added, ``The President's proposal is disturbing in that fails to
fund our seriously decaying infrastructure programs, while at the
same time, it hides the true cost of the war from the American
people.... I also believe that we can do more to address our
financial security through increased investment in
infrastructure.'' Webb co-sponsored a $5 billion amendment to
the stimulus package, putting money into highway and transit

Anonymous said...

Well it wouldn't be an HP thread without Bush being blamed. I stubbed my toe this morning, damn Bush!!

Anonymous said...

all the univs. which pumped out
all these white collar crooks

& all those involved in a complete lack of ethics & penalties along the way, which produced even more financial crooks

alba said...

Greenspan: The architect of financial engineering a colossal mess. Its as if his plan, stimulation of the economy by architecting a secondary market to put home equity to work, would have worked hadn't the bankers got greedy; the mortgage brokers got greedy; the real estate agents got greey; the investors got greedy; and the individual homebuyers showed their stupidity. Very unimaginable for such a genious.