February 29, 2008


Because I think Ben does


Anonymous said...

so does every other country.

I'm not feeling so comfortable with Fiat currency these days.

I think that Gold and Silver will look cheap now by comparison within the next 2 years.

The government will send everybody food coupons so we won't have to feel as much of the brunt much like they did in the 70's is my best educated guess.

Gold will be confiscated at $2500/oz by 2009 only because the governments will want it to settle their debts. Spot will be $2,000 but the Government will sweeten the pot by $500/oz to assure that there is no uproar.

Silver will then double from $40 to $80 very quickly and then slowly start settling back down to $50 over a years period.

The governments seem to discourage buying gold and silver being that they tax it at higher rates. I wonder why?

Just my crazy rambling thoughts.

Anonymous said...

What's less than zero?

bank dick said...

What is less than zero? Money stamped with an expiration date. Spend it or else. We could see it in the next few years.

Anonymous said...

Where's my credit!!!

Anonymous said...

OK. What is ZIRP.....I haven't a clue.

Anonymous said...

OK. What is ZIRP.....I haven't a clue.

You know, there's something call the Google on the internets.

Anonymous said...

We have a couple of years of Bernanke implying he would never be swayed by the markets, and is the big inflation fighter. Now we are dropping faster than ever to ZIRP.


Anything to keep consuming, keep spending, keep the insanity going.