January 11, 2008

Open thread to talk about the HP presidential poll

I decided to only list the six candidates in my view have a shot of winning. Yes, I support Ron Paul. And yes, Rudy and Thompson and Edwards and more are still running, but in my view, they have no shot of winning. Most would disagree, but humor me.

So for this exercise, if you only get to chose between these six, who would you support?

After I get the top three (D, I and R), we'll do round two. I think you'll be surprised at the results.


Anonymous said...

From the Democratic side: Hillary and Barack.

From the Republican side: McCain and Huckabee.

Independent: Ron Paul and Bloomberg.

In the end, Hillary wins.

Anonymous said...

Last night on FOX, the "randomly selected" group of voters from S.C. and Hannity both said that Paul was the loser. Then why did he win the text in vote? Unbelievable! Angry, but proud of Paul.

Shakster said...

Dudes......come on.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Benedict Arnold, closely followed by Tokyo Rose (first woman President).

How about a mass-murderer? How does Vote for Ted Bundy sound, or even better, Vote for AL Bundy. We could turn out his wife Peg for daily duty....

Show me the Money. That IS who wins.

smokester said...

my write in is for "ron paul." my second choice would be obama-- I think he'll win if Hillary doesn't manipulate the diebold vote.

RP_Supporter_HP_FormerReader said...

Ron Paul not in the list? Do you provide a write in option? If not, then I guess I won't vote.

Thank you for introducing me to Ron Paul. You have pretty much "pumped and dumped" him just like these loser companies you talk about.

Guess I don't need your web site anymore. I'll probably visit rarely, if ever. But now we got Schiff, Schiller, Roubini, and others who will tell the truth as well.

Your readership will probably drop a lot because like half of your supporters are Ron Paul fans. How bout that truth? Maybe YOU have "jumped the shark!" How's the view on the way down?

Anonymous said...

Hillary all the way.

guy n. cognito said...

my retarded perspective of Ron Paul's run:

the political pendulum is still swinging in the direction of American Empire/intervention abroad/welfare & warfare. young people have heard Paul's message and know there's an alternative. when they get older, they will be more influential... that's when the pendulum swings violently back toward non-intervention and a smaller Govt. of course beteen now and then we'll see the ugly end of an empire and an economy driven be deficits come crashing down, more oil wars. tough times ahead, but these things run in cycles and we'll get through it and realize we need to re-build our great country. unfortunately, i think the good Dr. Paul will not be around to see the fruits of his labor as it won't be until my GenX is old and powerful and calling the shots... and the Greediest Generation (aka Boomers) are soylent green.

Roccman said...

There will be no presidential "s"elections in 08.

Anonymous said...

I will vote for Ron Paul, screw the others.

long termer said...


Let me say this again,

Conservative media outlets (radio, TV and print) obsession with the Clintons,
is the driving force of Hillary success.

Hillary has received free advertisement several hundred times a day for the past decade
from every conservative radio station out there.

At this point in time she’s unstoppable.

Obamas college kids popularity, does not stand a chance against a momentum that has begun with the hypocritical ‘religious perverts’ Monica affair.

I can’t see any other candidate that can possibly outdo what the religious right has created for Hillary.

I predict Hillary R Clinton President of the USA for the next 2 terms.

Also, I’m very curious to see a pic of Newt Ginrichs mistress he was doing at that time.
Imagine Newt being sucked while talking on the radio about Clinton ‘family values’,

tangelo mozilo said...

Keith, I agree with your assessment on who the most viable candidates are. However, that's a pretty sorry field to choose from.

I'm tempted to go with Romney because I think he is the most likely out of the bunch to slow government expansion, but I don't think I can stand looking at his Brylcream porcupine haircut for the next four years.

BTW, did anyone else watch the debate last night? Two best moments:

1.) When Paul asked Howdy Doody if he would be allowed to join the debate with the rest of the candidates.

2.) When Thompson stated that we'd have to count on the Fed to "do the right thing" with interest rates to keep us out of recession. Ha ha!

It's amazing how all these prominent elected officials can be so ignorant of economics.

Everything Paul said was about the recession was right on: we're in one right now and all the Fed can do about it is to delay the inevitable, thereby dragging it out and making it even worse. Too bad it went over the heads of 95% of the people watching. Oh, well.

Also, Frank Luntz is a fat piece of $hit. And it definitely looks like he got dressed in the dark yesterday morning. Nice shirt, fat a$$.

unomyname said...

Anon 3:52 - right you are - one dollar - one vote.

Ed said...

Hitlery will be the president. Doesn't matter who her opponent will be.

If you question that look at ger amazing reversal of fortune in NH. Down by 10% the night before and then wins by 5%.

Yeah no funny business there.


Politics_Suck said...

Republicans - Romney and Thompson as they both have worked in the private sector and realize that results matter

Democrate - Hillary and Edwards mainly because Hillary is so pragmatic that she will forego any principal / ideology to get power. Edwards because the guy is such a hypocrite it is funny to watch him champion the poor.

Independents - Ron Paul and only RP. The guy gets the economics of it all.

Anonymous said...

I was set on voting Republican even if Paul didn't get the nomination but now I'm not sure. They all looked like a bunch of losers up there last night:
Romney - plastic, corp owned flip-floper;
Mccain - "I know everything" life-long politician who's done what exactly? and will keep the troops there forever.
Giuliani - one note cryer
Thompson - he's not really running, is he?
Paul - love him but he's not electible cause then the Dems will win.
Huckabee - he comes off OK but what will he do to the economy? And his evangelical roots scare me...isn't that how Bush got elected?

So fellow GOPers, will we be forced to vote Dem? HELP!

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. This blog is supposedly for Ron Paul and libertarian. But Obama, the most socialist of the bunch and the polar opposite of Ron Paul is also your #1 pick.

keith said...

Sorry to break it to you folks, Ron Paul will not be on the ballot this November. And you know HP was probably the first to support RP, waaaaay before he announced.

But I hope everyone in every state coming up votes for him. If he can get 10% of the delegates, RP picks the next GOP nominee. That's power.

He's not on the HP poll, feel free to do a write-in here, but assuming he won't be on the ballot in November, who will you vote for (from the list)?

My top 3: Obama, Bloomberg and Romney. The other candidates are unacceptable, and those three are bad.

In other words, we're f'd.

keith said...


watch last night's fox news GOP "debate" here

5 against 1

Too bad RP doesn't make a statement and bitch slap someone

Anonymous said...

Let's take a look:
Giuliani - Kinda fascist, only thing missing is a Mussolini hat

Romney - The real fascist, fortunately he's running in a party that hates Mormons

McCain - Insane, particularly since he has no problem with us torturing people even after he himself was tortured, I mean that is just sick.

Thompson - Get real. He's Bush lite.

Huckabee - The Theofascist du jour, all of whom have more in common with Mullahs and Imams than America. These people should move to Iran where their religious fantasies have actually been implemented.

Paul - Used to like him, but they've found all that crazy John Bircher-like sh!t he said back in the day. Aside from his economic views, I think there's a lot of old boy racist crap hiding up in there

Clinton - Like we need round 4 of Clintons vs Bushes. It's pretty clear what she stands for though... herself.

Obama - Lightweight, no real specific ideas or substance. Reminds one of Gary Hart.

Edwards - Wants to be the next FDR. Fascists love attacking him because they've gotten their wetdream of destroying America and getting rich at the same time.

If the economy tanks as much as some people here think, then look for Edward's policies if not the man himself to be VERY popular.

Small Gov't isn't an option, your choice is between the National Welfare State or the National Security State. Fascists or Socialists. Which do you prefer? Oh, so sorry - no third choice because after all you would simply be "throwing your vote away".

Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

Don't count Rudy out - he'll own NY, CA, NJ, and all the other "blue" states where even the Republican voters tend to be socially moderate/liberal. They add up to lotsa delegates.

If either Ron Paul or Bloomberg runs as an independent, it'll be a spoiler and Hillary or B. Hussein Obama wins. Then we're all screwed.

tangelo mozilo said...

Anonypuss 7:11 PM said . . .

"McCain - Insane, particularly since he has no problem with us torturing people even after he himself was tortured, I mean that is just sick."

I hate to defend Open-Borders McLame, but to be fair the guy is firmly opposed to torture or anything that remotely looks like torture (except his speeches).

Anonymous said...

The socialists will win. The baby boomers are about to retire and they want everything "free" for them. Then you have the new generation of up and coming mental midgets (under 25) who think that it's their constitutional right to have a good job and ipods. I'm 30 something and started working when I was 12 years old. I worked my way through college back then and am working my way though grad school. I enjoy life but live like a Spartan. I don't have a bunch of toys, electronics and other material junk. The new generation doesn't know the meaning of hard work and sacrifice. The baby boomers sold out our corporations and are continuing to destroy everything in sight. They are the ones running Merrill, Citi and the rest of our financial institutions into the ground right before they retire. The people who are actually doing to the work will be punished the most.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Anyone but Obama. He makes Bush look experienced and credible.

Seriously folks aside from a nice smile, what the fuck does Obama have to offer? He's an empty suit that would be laughed out of the race if his name were Mike Jones and he was white and spoke the same garbage night after night.

Anonymous said...

i think the best Obama has to offer us is Bill Richardson as VP.

Anonymous said...

With Diebold "voting" machines, if they don't like the outcome, they'll just change them.

How else could Hillary swing a 17% turnaround in 12 hours?

Anonymous said...

From the Democratic side: Hillary and Barack.

From the Republican side: McCain and Huckabee.

Independent: Ron Paul and Bloomberg.

In the end, Hillary wins.

Agree. It will be the independent that allows hillary to win with 38% of the popular vote.

Uncle Jerry said...

RE: Politics_Sucks Said

"Republicans - Romney and Thompson as they both have worked in the private sector and realize that results matter."

That line of thinking is what got us our first MBA president and that has worked out well hasn't it?

Look at the Dow these days. Does it really seem like the private sector has their sh!t together?

Why don't we nominate Orangelo or Bernie Ebbers?

And who is more of a hypocrite? Willard Romney who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple or Edwards who wants to use the power of the presidency to insure that all Americans have the opportunities that he benefitted from in the days when America was a free country for everybody and not just the rich one percent.

corvinus said...

I'm all for Ron Paul, and intend to vote for him.

Thankfully, they don't use Diebold machines around here, so my vote may actually be counted.

In NH, RP got 7% of the vote on Diebold machines and 15% of the hand-counted ballots.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for Edwards, the anti-Bush. Think about which of the candidates would actually be able to (and interested in) helping young troops screwed like this. Only Edwards comes to mind:

January 11th,
2:55 pm

A sidebar to the housing crisis: I teach in a military town. I find it scandalous that many young service members have been induced into giving up their VA housing benefit to “buy’ a house for as little as a $1 “move in fee.” Two years later, when they are transferred out, they cannot possibly sell their ‘pre-owned” home because the new personnel can buy a new house for $1. Then their realtor, who steered them to a lender, steps in with a property management deal so they rent their house while it is shopped. Or they simply abandon the house along with their benefit and their credit rating. Meanwhile new houses are thrown up at a frantic pace as a steady pool of buyers is transferred in and existing homes sit vacant, unsold, unsellable, or depreciating as a rental property. The builders are major contributors to politicians. Guess which party’s? And they love to wave the flag and support the troops.

gk said...

I'm voting for Ron Paul, Ron Paul, and if I really have to, Ron Paul. Sorry, I won't support the further destruction of my country, not even in a hypothetical sense on a blogger's poll.

Anonymous said...

This would be a site I would read and contribute to if the Anonymous posters who spew filth were filtered out. Otherwise this can hardly be considered a serious real estate or financial site.

Some of the stuff here is provactive and thought-provoking on a serious level. This site sinks from that level when the reader comes to some of the idiotic and obscene Anonymous posts allowed on this site.

Stray Wolf said...

As much as I hate to say it...Hitlery is the pre-selected, corporate-sponsored candidate. They will play around with the sheeple's beliefs that its a 'tight race' bouncing from candidate to candidate and much more so on the GOP side...always making sure to ignore Dr Paul.

With the Diebold machines, anything and everything is possible.

At this point, its best to sit back and watch the circus, cause in the end we are ALL screwed. Any path that is chosen will end up in a police state. And those that don't see it coming are the ones that are just not awake.

vegas crash watcher said...

If Hillary or Obama is nominated, the Dems will lose white men forever. Well, white men who are worth a damn.

We may even get a revolution out of it. How legitimate is a government headed by either of those two?

Ola Dunk said...

I don't know much about Bloomberg, being a foreigner and all, but I would love it if he won!

I mean, neither a democrat or republican in the white house! :-)