January 16, 2008

An Open Question for the Ron Paul campaign

How are you spending my money, and the $20,000,000 supporters donated on your behalf in Q4?

HP'ers, you know I call it like I see it, and I think Ron Paul isn't spending the money raised during the money bombs and Q4 in an attempt to win or compete in one of these early states, and instead is squirreling it away for an independent bid.

If this is true, Ron Paul would no longer be worthy of our support. I've sent a few messages to the campaign and they have not been returned, thus this post.

Any information post it here. Regardless of his spending, I'm disappointed in the competence of his campaign. Great ideas, bad campaign. He could have won a small independent-leaning state like New Hampshire, Wyoming or Nevada, especially with his ideas and that massive war chest, if he had went for it and blanketed the airwarves with his message. But for whatever reason, he let Romney, Huckabee and McCain roll him, and he didn't spend the money. And that's not right.

I look forward to a response.


Anonymous said...

Damn Dude, for being on top of the housing bubble, you sure are slow to catch on about Ron.

His very questionable relationship with the white supremacist, the news letter published under his name, etc.

Glad to see the infatuation is starting to lift. Hope you didn't blow too much on his campaign.

Anonymous said...

He's buying a McMansion and starting a sub-prime mortgage company with the $$$.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see a statement of his expenditures too. i believe he's spending it all on tv and radio ad time... trust, but verify. regardless, another $100 on MLK Day.

Anonymous said...

he's probably saving it for when Thompson, Giuliani and Huckabee run out, which might not be long. he just beat "top tier" Thompson and Giuliani in Michigan. you do realize a smear piece came out on the day of the NH primary and he did not get to participate in the NH forum? MSM didn't want him to win. you also realize he said he wasn't going to blow all his money up front?

slow and steady...


Demian L. Neidetcher said...

I gave money to his campaign and I think he should continue to get publicity as a Republican candidate and then switch to Libertarian when the timing is right.

I don't care what his tactics are as long as they're ethical (and I think going Libertarian is).

Anonymous said...

saw at least 10 RP commercials here in LA, no idea what the air time costs, but got to imagine it's close to 1M (i'm sure i didn't see them all)

Anonymous said...

He's the only one runnign ads in Nevada right now and he is spending a ton of money there. Also there was a midea blitz in NH. I'm just over the border in MA and I heard a bunch of them on the radio and even saw a few on TV.

He's spending his money; but I think he is save a chunk for jsut before Super Tuesday for all those states. I don't think that anyone other than Romney can do that right now.

Anonymous said...

in case the LA Times link didn't make it:

Ron Paul...beat Giuliani in Michigan. And beat him good. Not only that ...

he doubled Giuliani's totals of 24,000 votes, or 2.8%, getting more than 52,000 votes, or 6.3%, of the total Republican ballots.

Paul even beat Thompson this time, the real consistent conservative who was supposed to be the next Ronald Reagan until he actually announced his campaign in September. Thompson got about 31,000 votes, or 3.7%, which is more than Rudy but still less than the nobody congressman with the libertarian views whom few people but his passionate partisans took seriously months ago. He's often called Dr. No for his consistent congressional votes against spending.

Paul was so written off that Fox News banned him from its recent debate in New Hampshire.

He got skunked in Wyoming, where Romney won, but imagine if Paul scored big one day in the wild West, where many people believe government got too big about 100 years ago.

Paul's website and new campaign blog claim to have quietly organized more than 7,800 precinct captains around the country. Meantime, Giuliani's top staff is going unpaid this month to save dwindling funds. Is there a pattern here?

So, while the "front-running" Republicans each win one state and no one builds up a head of steam, Paul just keeps hanging around, like a bad cold. Some of the other Republican candidates should be careful, lest they get the sniffles one of these days.

Anonymous said...


Hell, if you Paulistas are gonna waste your money anyway....why not?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, he has never seemed to really want to win. seems he is content to just get his ideas out there. However, I have been hearing radio commercials on talk radio here in San Diego this week. I do wish he had more fight from within.

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton is the first candidate to actually even attempt to answer the economic collapse facing this nation. Make note that Hillary was honest enough to admit that Americans were survinging on "debt". What she failed to mention- so are the bankers.
We're sliding into recession," Senator Clinton told the televised debate audience in Nevada, and viewers of CNBC. "The President is going hat-in-hand to the Saudis." She added, "The American consumer is surviving on debt. We have so much debt... Interest rates people are paying are going up in the critical areas, while the Fed is trying to lower them." And Clinton reiterated that she had told Wall Street bankers on Dec. 5, "You are part of the problem" because these banks sold mortgages deceptively and bundled them into securities and "SIVs" which have gone bad.

Frank R said...

He really should have taken NH. That would've forced the MSM to cover him and at least given him a shot at getting his message heard and making a difference.

Although the McCain victory in NH really raises questions about the so-called freedom lovers who live there. Here's a guy who is a gun grabber, supports illegal amnesty, and is pro-tax. So maybe Paul never really had a chance there.

Anonymous said...

i have sattelite tv and have not seen a single comercial

Anonymous said...

With Fox cutting parts of his debate form the air, just how much money do you think he needs to make a good show? He could have 20 Billion and the PTB won't let him reach the masses. All you can do is try.

You Tube: Ron Paul Debate Response Cut from Faux News Re-air

Anonymous said...

hey suckers, i told you so many times ...ronnie took the $20M and went bye bye


Anonymous said...

I heard one ad on the radio here in California. RP isn't taking matching funds for his $20 million as it goes against his principles of using public funds. I doubt he's doing anything but spending that money as wisely as possible and I don't believe all of this "running as an independent" nonsense. It should be obvious that running as an independent is pointless and he's been there done that before.

As for the racism charges, give me a freakin break! There's nothing racist about the guy if you have payed any attention at all. Go watch his interviews, speeches and read his books and show me where there is any hint of bigotry or racism. As he's said many times before collectivism goes completely against his ideals of individual liberty. The very idea that this nation was founded upon.

It's amazing hypocrisy that the media only runs this alleged racism BS instead of actually discussing his views of limited pro-Constitutional government. Meanwhile, those other Republicans clown about and laugh about pre-emptive war with Iran, dropping bombs on Muslims, torture (doubling Guantanamo!) and labeling all Muslims as terrorists. McCain wouldn't mind committing US taxpayers and US soldiers to another 100 years in Iraq even though there was never a link to terrorism or threat to national security from Iraq!

And you dumbasses sit there and laugh at Ron Paul because he stands for the Constitution and advocates peace instead of aggressive pre-emptive war (invasion). These wars and foreign intervention that undermine the US economy, destroy US soldiers lives, kill countless innocent Muslims and drastically increase the hatred toward America.

Wake up and see what the Neoconservatives have planned for America. This is not a response to 9/11. The plans for Iraq and Afghanistan were well under way before 9/11. Read about the "Project for a New American Century". The words coming straight from the horses mouth (Neocons like Cheney, Kristol, Wolfowitz) talking about race specific bioweapons as a political tool and American hegemony:


It's all there if you take the time to read it.

Anonymous said...

The Ron Paul controversy -- a postmortem.


Anonymous said...

Independent is the only way I see for him to win the election, since the incumbent party is generally replaced during slow economies. This may finally be the third party year, since an independent Paul would probably fare better than a black, a woman or a republican.

Anonymous said...

I think Ron Paul's voting record is one for the ages -- one based on founding father principles and which is to be respected. Too bad almost no one else in Washington has an admirable record like this. Everyone else has sold out.

I gave a little money to his campaign after I researched his voting record, bio, and read his writings (Google "Ron Paul on paper").

Sadly, the problems with him becoming President are many.

He is not telegenic.

He talks too fast, and does so in a voice that sometimes rises to a shrill squeak.

Large, powerful, dark forces are against him. The mainstream media and many big-money concerns would go to nearly any lengths to block his becoming President.

His positions, though solidly based on the US Constitution, seem frightening and radical to many Americans, even though other Americans DO understand and appreciate his positions.

Those who don't appreciate his sterling character, brains and solid thinking behind his policies write him off as a kook. He's NOT a kook, but ignorant people tend to think so.

All of this is a real shame.

If the day comes when Americans learn to think for themselves and vote for substance over image, we have hope that someone like Ron Paul could become President.

Instead, things are moving toward the world depicted in the movie "Idiocracy".

RiperDurian said...

Been hearing radio ads every night on the drive home for almost a week in SF Bay area.


Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton is the first candidate to actually even attempt to answer the economic collapse facing this nation. Make note that Hillary was honest enough to admit that Americans were survinging on "debt". What she failed to mention- so are the bankers.


This is the type of ignorance I'm talking about...it's just completely untrue.

Ron Paul has been addressing our nation's economic problems for years, not to mention all he has said during his 2007/08 campaigning.

Hillary understands virtually nothing about economics, and has simply adopted the recent fad of parroting some of the things Ron Paul says.

Anonymous said...

As for the racism charges, give me a freakin break! There's nothing racist about the guy if you have payed any attention at all.


Oh no you are so right, really. Publishing a magazine for 10 years that praises David Duke, talks about jews running the world and celebrates segregation means nothing. Nope, dude deserves a humanitarian award.

Are you Paul nuts naive or just stupid?

Anonymous said...

face it HPers, you were taken by a con man. for all your supposed financial brilliance you were just plain old swindled by an old man

even FBs are laughing at your asses

Anonymous said...

with fans like you guys who needs enemies huh? talk about fair weathered.... we haven't even had Nevada yet. and what is wrong with an independent run? the mainstream media has suppressed his bid as a republican. my advice is to calm down... all the other candidates are CFR scum... Ron Paul is nowhere near being a con artist... that is just ignorant to say.

Anonymous said...

Oh no you are so right, really. Publishing a magazine for 10 years that praises David Duke, talks about jews running the world and celebrates segregation means nothing. Nope, dude deserves a humanitarian award.

Are you Paul nuts naive or just stupid?

I think what is nuts is the current state of affairs in this country. Where 9/11 has been used as an excuse for curtailing civil liberties via the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, pre-emptive war, wiretapping, torture and a bankrupt economy. These are real issues that affect our lives directly and these moronic "presidential" candidates have no answers to, or do not mention at all because they're too busy making vague declarations of "change" and "experience".

A feeble minded twit like yourself harks back to some newsletters which do not relate in any way to the philosophy of Ron Paul. They don't match his writing style at all and I have been paying very close attention to RP since I first heard of him. Have you even bothered to listen to any of his speeches? How much do you really know about Ron Paul apart from these newsletter allegations?

Please, tell me who is your favored candidate? What have they got to say on all of the above issues?

Anonymous said...

All the primaries are rigged...so I hope he's saving it for an independent run..I donated and am not worried..Ron Paul is the only honest one out there.

Anonymous said...

They don't call it early money for nothing. The states mentioned are all very small media markets. Most of the ad inventory dedicated to political advertising would have been bought up long before the money bomb. It's not the highest bidder as stations are required to sell to candidates at their lowest cost. I would be shocked if their was $1 million left of inventory among all three states mentioned by the time he reached critical mass. Whatever Paul was left with would have been set aside by stations for latecomers so they don't get sued for keeping anyone off the airwaves.

Less of an issue as people drop out, campaign coffers are emptied and inventory options increase in larger media markets.

I am not a Paul supporter but it has been fun to watch what he has accomplished. The ideas need a better messenger.


Anonymous said...

Let Ron Paul speak for himself:




Anonymous said...

The field is thick at this point and his opponents are almost out of cash. When the opportune time comes, you will be sick of all the Ron Paul ads you will hear. GO RON PAUL!

Anonymous said...

One word. VOTE FRAUD.

How its all going to end

2009 Skid Row
2015 Peasants with pitchforks
2020 Re-Revolution

Anonymous said...

He is horrible at spending money. What is wrong with that? I am too. I just hoard and invest it.

Anonymous said...

"In my opinion, he has never seemed to really want to win."

That's my opinion and that's why I'm not going to spend any more money on the campaign. John Kerry had A LOT of campaign cash left over after his election and seemed to sit on it; maybe Ron Paul has the same idea?

In his "Onward!" email, he wrote:

But we can never forget that this is a long struggle. Many great men and women have lived and died in this cause. I have been deeply involved in it all my life. It is a matter of educational work, and elections. We may not accomplish all we want, in one or even two elections. But we will accomplish it. Young people now living will see the free society that you and I dream of, as their everyday reality, an America at peace, prosperous and free, with the federal government chained down y the Constitution, as Jefferson said.

thus, to me, he was speaking to defeat. He also wrote:

"All my life, I've been working to make sure that when the Fed had done its work, and the special interests had looted the system to their hearts' content, and there was a crisis, I would be in a position to speak the truth about why, and what to do about it."

so perhaps he sees himself more as a voyeur than a leader? and I think a lot of us on HP have that same sort of personality.

i.e. if Ron Paul was "presidential material," he'd be organizing us like he would the country after his victory!

overall, and regardless, I'm very happy to have read Rosseau-- and other great works on freedom and received, from the campaigning experience, more than I put in!

i.e. deep down, I know that patriotism is about yielding to private will so I have to be happy "not to win!"

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to see him do better in New Hampshire, but for being completely ignored by the mainstream media, he has done well.

I trust Ron Paul, so I am fine with how he spends the money.

He is getting his message out, and that is important. The January 30 debates will be crucial. Ron Paul needs to work on getting his platform out in a clear and calm manner but at the same time he needs to come out swinging - similar to his style at the ABC debates (with less shrill, crazy voice).

This election is about the economy, and no one understands it better than Ron Paul.

I continue to be optimistic but recognize the very strong dark forces that are against him.

Anonymous said...

A feeble minded twit like yourself harks back to some newsletters which do not relate in any way to the philosophy of Ron Paul.

Funny how you Paulists never seem to address the other issue raised here: if these views are NOT his and run COUNTER to his actual beliefs, how and why did he allow them to be printed in a newsletter under his own name? If he's not a racist, he's just stupid.

If he can't even run a newsletter, how can he run the country?

Anonymous said...

What's he spending it on?

Two words: hookers and BLOW!

Anonymous said...

My email to CNN Caferty report. I hope others are e-mailing the media.
Why do you say NO Presidential candidates understand or talk about the financial catastrophe we face?
Understanding the situation is important for politicians. Unfortunately, according many of the brightest investors such as Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff et,al, there is only one presidential candidate that understands how we got here and what it will take to get out. The other candidates will help us into financial collapse. Please people, do your research and don’t follow the top tear candidates that the media keeps putting in front of you.

Please check you tube for these very wealthy and successful investors mentioned above, and what they have said about our situation. These are not just talking heads, but people that have been correct with the predictions for a long time. They all agree who should win the presidency. Please check it out and help us. I certainly hope you will check out the recent you tube interviews of the above. Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul secretly doesnt want to really be president. He want the attention.

setting himself up for failure

Anonymous said...

A feeble minded twit like yourself harks back to some newsletters which do not relate in any way to the philosophy of Ron Paul.


Riiiiight. That's why they were published under the "Ron Paul Newsletter" banner.

Either he agrees with them, or he is so damn lazy/incompetent that he's not watching what's being published in his name.

No matter how you slice that, it does not speak well of your hero.

Anonymous said...

A Giuliani supporter wrote that TNR article that came out on the day of the NH primary. He's probably upset that Ron Paul keeps beating Giuliani. TNR implies RP wrote everything in the newsletters, when TNR itself published fabricated Glass articles.

Anonymous said...

I donated for Ron and I'm gonna put an ad on the back of my car (with sticker-letters from Walmart) "vote for Ron Paul". Fight all the way for this guy. Heck I might even paint my semi-trailer with this "vote for Ron Paul". I trust him ! too bad he's not even close to that image (of a president) the sheeple are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Large amounts of money usually lead to corrupt behavior ... the Ron Paul campaign is no different.

Anonymous said...

I suppose you'll be happy with Hillary or Romney.

Anonymous said...


Bend over, grab your ankles, spread wide and grease it up good...it's gonna hurt at first but then you'll like it...

Man: NY hospital forced rectal exam

Wed Jan 16, 11:26 AM ET AP Yahoo News

A construction worker claimed in a lawsuit that when he went to a hospital after being hit on the forehead by a falling wooden beam, emergency room staffers forcibly gave him a rectal examination.

Brian Persaud, 38, says in court papers that after he denied a request by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital emergency room employees to examine his rectum, he was "assaulted, battered and falsely imprisoned."

His lawyer, Gerrard M. Marrone, said he and Persaud later learned the exam was one way of determining whether he had suffered spinal damage in the accident.

Marrone said his client got eight stitches for a cut over his eyebrow.

Then, Marrone said, emergency room staffers insisted on examining his rectum and held him down while he begged, "Please don't do that." He said Persaud hit a doctor while flailing around and staffers gave him an injection, which knocked him out, and performed the rectal exam.

Persaud woke up handcuffed to a bed and with an oxygen tube down his throat, the lawyer said, and spent three days in a detention center.

A request by the hospital to dismiss Persaud's lawsuit was denied by Justice Alice Schlesinger, who ordered a trial to start March 31.

Hospital spokesman Bryan Dotson said, "While it would be inappropriate for us to comment on specifics of the case, we believe it is completely without merit and intend to contest it vigorously."

Persaud's lawsuit, filed in Manhattan's state Supreme Court, seeks unspecified damages. A judge dismissed a misdemeanor assault charge against him.

Anonymous said...

The Tortoise and the Hare.

Paul is waiting for the stooges to run out...then he can spend it and gain ground.

Paul beat Gouhliani and Thompson in Shitagain.. I mean Michagan

Anonymous said...

Lets face it 95% of the American people are Sheeple. They will vote for the best looking/spoken canidate with great one liners. The reason Ron Paul will never win is that you need a 120 IQ to understand him. People who can't balance their check book are unable to understand Ron's economic arguements. For him to win, he would have to go for the "terrorists bad, america good" sound byte. He won't do that.

Anonymous said...

For all the NWO Traitors, MSM Shills and Trolls in general.. Read it and Weep!


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul had $20 mil...Fred! had $1 mil...lets see who gets more votes in SC.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of his ideas, but RP is just not the man for this election cycle. He is too cerebral for most Americans, Despite all the money he raised, his campaign never bothered to craft his message and delivery to make him into an effective candidate. In last week's GOP debate he came across as a crotchety old man badly in need of a hearing aid.

I think the election in 2008 will see a generational shift. People like McCain, HRC, and RP will not be taking the oath next January.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty I've seen ads but let's be honest unless people switch parties then in the closed primary it might not matter nearly as much.

There's been arguments that if Guilani wins the nomination that religious conservatives would back a 3rd party...maybe that might mean ron paul.

It sounds like bloomberg might enter the race...

If hillary wins and guilani wins AND bloomberg runs that means ALL choices will be from NY. If Ron runs he'll stand out being from TX...

Anonymous said...

I've given about $200 to the Ron Paul campaign because I like his message, more than I think he will win.

Even his war message is healthy to have inside the GOP debate. Especially when so well articulated.

But on the libertarian philosophy, which is also very worthy of deep thought, he expresses it better than anyone since Ayn Rand. The guy's a freakin genius and a damn good man.

Regarding a comment from Anon 10:01 "slow and steady", I like more a phrase from the McCain campaign "steady strain". Like the line, not pushin McCain.

Steady strain. That's a good and powerful thought.

Anonymous said...

Publishing a magazine for 10 years that praises David Duke...

David Duke's opinion's are interesting; You can listen to some of them here: Former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and Civil Rights Activist Joe Hicks Debated Affirmative Action.

I didn't realize how encompassing the scope of this struggle was; i.e. the choice between a "merit based system" and a "quota based system." i.e. "US public schools" (union protected) are being pushed to become "charter schools" (merit based system).

I also enjoyed David Duke's comments at the "Holocaust Denier's Conference" in Iran.

Interestingly enough, a fellow "Ron Paul Supporter" gave me Alex Jone's "End Game" DVD and the "Eugenic's Movement" seems to be a central link to all these things.

Like it or not, I think "David Duke," while a closet intellectual, speaks to what's happening in America now!

patient renter said...

Wow, a lot of haters in here. A lot of parroting of accusations that have been long discredited as well. So, discredited accusations aside, let's see what we have.

Ron Paul defends the Constitution, civil liberties, free markets and freedom in general. I take it the haters are against these things?

Anonymous said...

I donated a lot of money to the Paul campaign, and also to some independent effort in support of the campaign (e.g. the blimp). I consider it money well spent. Sometimes spending money for the right cause is the right choice, even if it doesn't result in an immediate, personal benefit.

I don't care if RP runs as an independent. I don't that that is an issue, and I wouldn't blame the campaign if they were socking away for that eventuality. I think it will be impossible to for him to win the Republican nomination. Sad but true, most Republicans aren't actual conservatives. Concepts like a modest foreign policy and sound economic policy are completely foreign to them. Neo-fascists would be a more accurate description.

I think Perot would have won back in '92 if he hadn't withdrawn from the race "because people finally started talking about his ideas" and then tried to re-enter later. People were fed up, and the argument that BOTH the major political parties were responsible really resonated with a lot of people.

I think that opportunity is here again. This country has gone FUBAR, and it is the fault of both the Republican and Democratic political parties. I would like to see both of them destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I have heard an RP ad twice in the last week on the leading talk radio station here in Orlando.

Keep in mind I only spend about 10-15 minutes listening to the radio each day too...

Anonymous said...

Keith I don't understand why you are upset about this.

Ron Paul isn't craven enough to try to win over the supply-siders in the borrow/spend Republican party. There is no effing way that sound economic policy is going to win a (R) candidacy. You ought to know that!

In my mind, he is better off running 3rd party.

Anonymous said...

Ron is on the right track...sort of. He's got it right by calling it as he see it with regards to economic policies. But to come out and say he would eliminate the FDA and the department of education only accelerates his loss of credibility.

Look how many Americans depend on their drugs. Even with the sad state of the FDA currently, at least they try and keep bad drugs off the market. What would we end up with if there were no FDA?

There's little hope for a candidate like RP to break through the resistance from the media to spend even 15 seconds on anyone other than the top three "rated" candidates.

I wish him the best of luck, but the media is not helping him gain any traction. Most people don't even know who he is.

Good luck RP.

blogger said...

I read that in Nevada they expect only 25,000 or so to even vote in the GOP:


"Romney is the only top Republican contender to pay serious attention to the Western state's caucuses; 31 delegates are at stake compared with 24 in South Carolina. Nevada ranks in the top five of states with the most Mormons and, as a member of that faith, Romney could benefit. Turnout is expected to be low — roughly 25,000 — and that could pave the way for a strong finish, perhaps even first place, by libertarian Ron Paul. The Texas congressman has been on TV and radio in the state for a long stretch."

Mind you, Nevada has 2.5 million people.

So, Ron Paul should be spending nearly ALL his damn money in this state to deliver at least 10,000 votes - should be a piece of cake. And then he wins, the MSM pays attention, and even more money rolls in

But that would be the competent thing to do. We'll see.

I'm glad to hear that many of you are hearing ads now. He should have spent it in NH, Iowa and MI. Rudy found out that you HAVE to win and win early in this business, or you're toast. Ron Paul is toast, but Nevada is a last hope.

I don't think he can win, but I would like to see him be a kingmaker at the GOP convention. There is a chance they won't even let him speak in a prime time slot, but if he has 10% of the delegates, they'll not only let him speak, but he may be able to choose the nominee

Anonymous said...

"I don't think he can win, but I would like to see him be a kingmaker at the GOP convention. "

Newsflash: he has two delegates. The only thing he's going to be a kingmaker of is the janitorial staff at the Republican convention.

Frank R said...

Lets face it 95% of the American people are Sheeple. They will vote for the best looking/spoken canidate with great one liners. The reason Ron Paul will never win is that you need a 120 IQ to understand him. People who can't balance their check book are unable to understand Ron's economic arguements. For him to win, he would have to go for the "terrorists bad, america good" sound byte. He won't do that.

This is exactly correct. People are just too stupid.

Every time I see an Obama bumper sticker I want to throw up.

On Nevada, turnout will be so low because they jacked up their system - they used to have an election, with polling places set up in all the malls for a month in advance so everyone could early vote at their convenience. Now it's a caucus, totally inconvenient for everyone.

Nevada used to be a libertarian stronghold until CA's rejects and undesirables moved there and turned it into a blue state.

Anonymous said...

I always knew that you were a disguised Republican.

What is the difference if he runs as a liberitarian.

This is what troubles me about some Ron Paul supporters. You are not a real supporter, you are a Republican.


blogger said...

He raised $20 million running as a republican, in a weak republican field, where he actually could have won the nomination, then use the GOP $$$ and organization to mount a credible campaign in November

Instead, he didn't spend the money wisely, didn't push hard enough in the early states he could have won, and now he'll wither away.

If he runs as an Independent, it will be unimportant. His shot was as a Republican

Last chance: Nevada. He must win there. Hope he's spending everything he has left there. But I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

In southern california, Ron Paul has tv ads, billboards, and phone banks.

I believe Ron Paul is concentrating his efforts in Florida and California. Two states that are the hardest hit by the realty crash. More of us in Calif and Florida realize that the fed reserve, washington, and wall street created this mess and deserve to get burned for it.

If Ron Paul can win Calif and Florida, he wins the race.

Anonymous said...


You have to be kidding me. In the republican and democratic parties, only one of the chosen ones win. This year I see 3 of them. Romney, Huckabee, and McCain. Any of those 3 can win.

But you have to understand dude, Ron Paul is not a hard core Republican. He will never win in the Republican party. Simple as that. It just doesnt work.

I still say you are a sour republican.

I have been a long time democrat, but will support Ron Paul, regardless of party.


Ed said...

Only sign of life from Ron Paul I have seen around Atlanta is one billboard on I-75. And it's a pretty piss poor ad. Lots of small writing, cluttered up. If I didn't know who Ron Paul was - as I suspect most people driving by it don't - I'd have no idea what he was trying to say.

I never listen to local radio or watch local TV so there could be advertising on those media for all I know.

Anonymous said...

He never had a shot in Wyoming. It was a caucus system with one winner per precinct, and each precinct captain was chosen long ago.

Exit polls showed most people who chose McCain in NH would have chosen Paul but they thought he couldn't win. It's not easy to fight the media.

The truth is he never could win - you said it yourself at the outset - this is all about educating people, getting the ideas out there, and starting a movement.

If the end result of the Paul campaign is a core of delegates that gives him sway at what should be a fun, fractured GOP convention, and a whole set of Paul-like candidates running at the grassroots level.. I believe that's the best we can hope for.

As for this country, we're already screwed. Get dual-citizenship, gold, and an exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

The brainless here think he is squandering or not spending his campaign chest. It would be brilliant for him to use this as an independant. He has no chance for the Repugnican nomination, because the fix is in for one of the other losers, so why not use it for an independant run? He would get far more bang for his buck, and more name recognition once the field clears.

if Ron Paul was who we want for President what difference does it make in which affilation this occurs? If the funds are used to that end, whats the problem?

Anonymous said...

Yeah he's gonna blow 20 mill in Nevada...all at the roulette...but seriously, the racist thing ? I have seen/heard activists that could have made mother theresa into a racist, implying that there are groups out there that could take anything said by any candidate and turn it into a racist slight...really people

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul running as a republican is stupid. He is an anti-war, isolationist. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with him, or whether you agree or disagree with the GOP, Ron Paul is not and never has been a Republican.

Anyone seeking the nomination of a party with whom you disagree on practically everything is ridiculous. It would be like Dick Cheney running for the Dem nomination. Makes no sense from a practical point of view. He was doomed to fail from day one and I can never understand how any of you could have thought otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I have been hearing lots of ads on Jacksonville, Fla radio 690 am and 1320 am.

Anonymous said...

New Hampshire has been overrun by Massachussettes people who bring their defunct left wing politics with them.

Wonder if you can still smoke in bars in the "live free or die" state.

Anonymous said...

I've had my reservations as well about how he has been running his campaign. But to be honest, I think that the old man is playing this close to his vest. He's smart. He knows that the deck is stacked against him and dumping all his money onto states that are obviously rigged would be suicide.
He needs to let the other corporate sponsored politicos burn out. Let the sheeple get bored of the same crap. I find it extremely suspicious that Huckabee wins Iowa...then McCain in NH (the so-called 'live free or die' state) and now Romney in Michigan...
Its like it has all been planned.

Meanwhile, Giuliani is still considered a 'front runner'...wtf?

Anyways, if I were a betting man, I would bet that the good doctor is planning on a Libertarian/Independent run. He has to. If not, we've all been had...

Anonymous said...

"It would be like Dick Cheney running for the Dem nomination."

WTF? Dick Cheney running for either party is like an Enron exec running for president!

To me, Ron Paul is what the Republican Party was-- and can be again, if it comes to its senses!

Anonymous said...

"I think the election in 2008 will see a generational shift. People like McCain, HRC."

People think McCain is "too old" and at least half the country views Hillary negatively.

Only rigged voting machines like these candidates!

Anonymous said...

"Newsflash: he has two delegates. The only thing he's going to be a kingmaker of is the janitorial staff at the Republican convention."

but, if you look at the "popular vote," Ron Paul lined up a "significant percentage" of folks behind him! say what you will, but those folks are bravely telling America that it's OK for republicans not to support the war.

gregoryw said...

RP is a frugal guy.

January 11, 2008: Congressman Paul to Return Thousands to Treasury
“The U.S. House of Representatives reports that Congressman Ron Paul has once again run his Congressional office in a frugal manner, and he will likely return tens of thousands of dollars to the Treasury once again this year. Preliminary estimates forwarded to Paul’s office indicate he has about $75,000 left in his account.”

Anonymous said...

I've given about $1500 to the Paul campaign and my main complaint is that the ads suck. Frankly, I hope he is saving it for an independent bid. By then, he will uses some of the YouTube folks like ELIBERTY to do his spots. The official Paul campaign needs to time to get a clue how to be as slick as Romney and Hillary. The unofficial Paul campaign just needs more time for people to wake to the fact that the MSM is not giving them the full story.

The best thing that could happen in this country would be Paul vs. Bloomberg vs. Republican suck job vs. Democratic suck job in a 4-way race, with 4- way debate. Perhaps, we throw Nader in that mix. (Although, watch the Nader documentary "An Unreasonable Man" and see how the debates are fixed. My favorite part is the old gentleman who worked with Nader who, despite his left-of-center politics, says, "The Democrats are the nastiest bunch of M**** F**** I've ever seen.")

The fact that Ron Paul is getting about 8% in the republican primary means one of twelve people aren't fooled. That's a helluva start. Given that the 8% is overrepresented by young people is great. If 40 years from now, generation Y is known for its love of small government and individual liberty in the same way that the baby boomers are known for hippie love and cradle-to-grave handouts, the Paul campaign and the Bush presidency will be the top two reasons why.

Anonymous said...

from www.whatreallyhappened.com

Digg Caught Red-Handed Censoring Ron Paul Stories

Speculation centered around organized armies of Neo-Con bury brigades that flag each other when new Ron Paul stories emerge and bury them en masse to prevent wider exposure. The fact that hordes of trolls are stomping around Digg acting as electronic thought control police has been widely documented in the past. However, the popularity of Ron Paul is so mammoth that Digg has been forced to employ extra measures of censorship to block hundreds of stories about the Congressman from becoming viral.

It has now emerged that Digg has either directly implemented a policy to expunge Ron Paul stories from the website or that it has empowered "super-users" the influence to eliminate Paul stories with just one bury, even if the story has thousands of diggs from other users.

Posted Jan 17, 2008 07:41 AM PST

Anonymous said...

Would it be legal for Paul to first run as a Republican and then switch to run as an independent or Libertarian or some other party? I've read elsewhere that current campaign laws may forbide this. Also, if he could switch, would he be able to take campaign contributions raised as a Republican to use in this other campaign? I think Paul gets much more bang for the buck running as a Republican. The media that wants to ignore him will do so much more easily if he switches. He should remain a Republican candidate as long as possible. His campaign is, afterall, an educational campaign, and he gets much more publicity as a Republican. He doesn't have the support in the media, nor the money, that Bloomberg would have to run an independent campaign. It would be extremely difficult to get on the ballot in many states as an independent, and I think even the Libertarian Party has lost ballot status in a number of states.

Anonymous said...

"In last week's GOP debate he came across as a crotchety old man badly in need of a hearing aid."

Without a doubt, I agree. That was definitely my impression. Grumpy and deaf old man. I actually felt sorry for the old guy.

Anonymous said...

Without a doubt, I agree. That was definitely my impression. Grumpy and deaf old man. I actually felt sorry for the old guy.

"Grumpy" you're criticizing RP for being "grumpy" about the state of this nation? While those other knuckleheads are laughing about war with Iran after a disastrous war with Iraq that nobody wants and is pooping all over the economy?

If you're not grumpy and fighting mad about the "leadership" in this country and where all your hard earned tax dollars are going you must be sleep walking!

Anonymous said...

Naturally, Dr. Paul has so much time on his hands that he can read every newsletter written by every redneck in the whole country so as to monitor "what is being said in his name". Silly me. There I thought he was in Congress, voting on stuff, and running a Presidential campaign and maybe therefore a little busy.

No Presidential candidate, and especially Dr. Paul, should waste even a moment's thought addressing drivel supposedly written "in their name" by some nutcase(s) making photocopies in their Mommy's basement.

I think its awesome how terrified the "same old s***" crowd are are of Dr. Paul that they need to dredge up ancient bullcrap and shriek about it hysterically as they are.

Want a quote to be concerned about? Here:

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face,” Bush screamed back. “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”


Have a great day, S.O.S.'ers. We HP'ers are smarter than that.