January 05, 2008

More with the freak realtor who might be on coke - says with low offers "you're going to offend the seller and they're not going to like you". Yup.

You just have to laugh. And laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

She says prices aren't coming down and that she's "not seeing any price adjustment at all". Yet just check the listings on her own website - "JUST REDUCED $200,000!", "REDUCED $250,000!", and I'm sure there's more where that came from. Bottom line - as always, realtors are liars. And not smart ones at that.


Realtors - doing more to kill their profession every day than we ever could. (and Connie - might want to switch to decaf before going on live TV... and by "coke" I mean Coca-Cola of course)


Russ DoGG said...

I don't think she is on coke. Looks like meth to me.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a family of illegals hiding in her hair

Anonymous said...

freak realtor who might be on coke

Keith, you've never lived in BH, most of them are like that around here.

Anonymous said...

Just more Blame It On The Press blather

WTF with the hair?

Sleepy said...

She lives in one zip code here hair in another!

Anonymous said...


You're ugly and your Realtor®'s mama dresses her funny?

Ed said...

This woman needs to be locked up in the funny farm.

I love how she says people are confused by making low offers. That one's priceless. I guess thinking $1M for 1 bedroom condo being an obscene price is kind of confusing for a skanky realtor.

I have a friend whose wife is a realtor. Nice woman and all, and I see here every now and then at social events. About a year ago she sounded just like Connie. Then every month or two when I'd talk to her again her attitude would change bit by bit. Maybe housing is falling a little. Then it was yeah renting might not be such a bad idea after all. To finally a couple of months ago, good thing you didn't buy anything and you should wait it out another year.

They all get it eventually. Some are honest about it. Some, like Connie continue to lie.


john said...

This lady is a complete liar. If you use archive.org and look at the only archived listing of her site from June 2007 you will see that 10024 REEVESBURY DR was listed at that time as just sold. However, there is no public record of it ever selling. The only records are of the house selling in 2000 for $695,000 and again in January 2007 for $1,220,000. The same goes for some of her other "Just Sold" properties. I wish someone would publicly just call her out on this BS.

theloknesmonster said...

BH isn't the real world, so in her case she is probably correct to some degree about the area she represents.

And another thing that is correct is that going around making lowball offers without any rhyme or reason is no better than listing a house at a price completely out of line with the fundamentals.

The host makes 30% lowballs for a reason. His offers discount the irrational surge that houses enjoyed since 2000. They have some thought behind them.

If you think the market will decline an average of 5% over the next three years then level off for another three, you should make an offer based on what that house could be listed for in six or seven years. Perhaps subtract another 10% for the lowball you'll accept when you try to sell, if you try to sell.

Everybody should always try to get the best possible deal in business, and offers or list prices should always have some reasoning behind them. When you are making an offer or selling a product or service, you need to also be making a sales pitch about your offer, product, or service. If you don't have one, then there is no basis for your position.

casey serin is alive said...

She is a total fool.Can we put her on the list to send a stripper pole?She believes here own lies like the rest of them.She must need a new vibrator.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Why would I care that the seller "won't like me?" Oh no... some random person won't like me. What to do? What to do? I know, I'll give them an extra 100000 dollars. Then, they'll like me for sure. Yay!

CalisDead said...

The more I see that coked out realtwhore the more I see that even she is struggling with her lies. Maybe underneath that minion of Satan there is a fetus sized shriveled up human being that still has a heart beat.

Malcolm said...

I really wish my cable provider carried fox business channel. I could use the laugh.

Of course now that the Fox machine is controlling the WSJ, I'm sure they will bring the same insight and standards to the business journal of record.

This woman looks like a lounge singer from a holiday inn.

LauraVella said...

If I were in the market to buy right now, I would put the low-ball offers on any house, except for the one I really wanted - because we all know, the sellers won't take this 1/2 price offer anyway-it's just a reality exercise to prepare them for whats going to happen to prices.

Remember, some homeowner can't go half price because they have zero leverage in the property...maybe it's best to find out their leverage position before even wasting time throwing any offer their way...

LauraVella said...

John said:"REEVESBURY DR was listed at that time as just sold. However, there is no public record of it ever selling."

I know here in CA it takes three months in the local paper to find the selling price on a property.

LauraVella said...

This realtor knows the truth about the "numbers" she doesnt want to discuss.

She's desperate and afraid of what's in store for the real estate market...

Its getting harder and harder to believe her own lies.

Anonymous said...


Her hair sticks up like an '80s glam rocker.

Only thing is there's no glam. Only sham.

She looks like a ham with a head of hair on it.

Oh, sh*t she's clueless in Vegas. Oh, it's Beverly Hills.

Home of frills and shills that should have listened to Robert Shiller.

Boy, this talking ham
head says she's got a killer deal.

How about buying me lunch, perhaps
a Happy Meal would be
real neat!

I bet she's got smelly feet as she
hits the street as a part time
pro...stitute looking for another
mark, or a place to
park her rented Caddy.

She's a botoxed-out grandmammy on a mission to defrock you of your hard-borrowed cash.

Looks like she's dipped a few too
many times into the coke
stash, or just smoked some hash.

She's a smash
hit on Sunset Blvd. after

Hark, she is a carnival
barker, or a human Aardvark
with a wig from K-mart.

Wouldn't want to meet her
after dark or even in
the daylight for that matter.

swingbatterbatterswing said...

I think that the video clip misses some points such as "people in California selling their homes and driving up prices someplace else when they buy their next home."

i.e. both of the talking heads want you to forget about economic ecosystems and "think local."

as a home buyer, if I'm thinking local, I would still discount the price 30% or 40% because "good jobs" are moving to India and China and I can rationally expect that local working folks will have less money to spend on a home in the future.

Anonymous said...

It seems very strange how she has so many "just sold" listings. She is raking in the money according to her website. All very hard to believe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems very strange how she has so many "just sold" listings. She is raking in the money according to her website. All very hard to believe.

January 05, 2008 3:57 PM


Just sold....in July 2006

Anonymous said...


She is the most retarded, offensive idiot I have ever seen. My question for FAUX--WHY in the world would you pick a coked-out realtor who only does business in the 90210 zipcode to be representative of Realtor views in this country??!!!

HOW does that make any sense?!!!
She is living in a bubble of a different kind, and please make her stay there!!

Anonymous said...


Please HP'ers--Email Connie, the methed-out, washed up LYING SKANK and tell her just what you think about her lies---

ALSO, feel free to write or email Coldwell Banker North in Beverly Hills to let them know if they value their name and reputation as an ethical Real Estate firm, they will get this train wreck off of television. Seriously.- Americans have had enough of her lies and disengenuous advice.

Coldwell Banker
Beverly Hills North
301 N. Canon Dr., Suite E
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

DIRECT: 310.385.3606

Anonymous said...

Concerning the just sold properties. I suspect she's dragging out old sales and putting them up there to hype prices. If called on this, she will make up some lame excuse like I was too busy to remove them, or blame the people hosting the web site.

Anonymous said...

So the mutually agreed point here is that the housing crash doesn't apply to BH, just the rest of the nation. I can live with that...

Anonymous said...


Hey lady! Pick a hairstyle and stick with it!


Anonymous said...


Shave your head and start over!


Anonymous said...


That's alot of forehead!


Anonymous said...


You know she smells like Doritos and Vagisil!


Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

I'm going to offend the sellers?

Oh, poor babies!!!!

Anonymous said...

90210 is home to celebrties and mega wealthy people who opperate out of the realm of reality.

Do you attend sex parties in estate homes wearing a mask like in Eyes Wide shut on a regular basis?

If the answer is no then HP applies to you. If the answer is yes then why are you reading this blog? You need to be out buying your next mask for the next party.

john said...

LauraVella said "I know here in CA it takes three months in the local paper to find the selling price on a property."

Yes, but as the rest of my post said, I looked at her web page using the waybackmachine (e.g. archive.org) and she had the REEVESBURY DR property listed as sold last June. Three months would be Sept. 2007. The records would have indicated the sale by now, but they haven't. That is why I stated I believe she may be lying about the properties being sold.

eric in vegas said...

"It's the media's fault" will the be the new mantra for the falling housing and stock markets and failed banks.

Anonymous said...

Now that their precious bubble is done, Realtwh*res needs to get back into the call-girl business to adjust the supply-demand ratio in that sector to my favor as well.

takeitorleaveit said...

Oh no! They don't like me. We'll it's off to therapy for a couple of years. I find ultra-lowballing to be quite therapeutic.

Anonymous said...

Doritos and vagisil......classic!

Anonymous said...

"Doritos and Vagisil"??? LMAO

Make that "stale doritos you found between the couch cushions in between the cigarette butts and Vagisil", topped off with a hearty Schilitz Malt Liquor burp.

Yeahhh...that about sums it....

Connie- Seriously, give up the talk shows already...let's get a Realtwhore out there who at least is a better liar than you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... GODDDDD!!
She is the most retarded, offensive idiot I have ever seen...

I am falling out of my chair - too funny!

But you are so right - why the hell would they use that bimbo to argue real estate? She is a joke to even look at and more disgusting to listen to.

She really scared me now - I don't want sellers not like me, I could't live with that.

Paul E. Math said...

I thought it was interesting how connie degroot, aided and abetted by the host, tried to take her limited experience with 3,000 homes in one of america's wealthiest area codes and extrapolate that out across the entire country.

It's bad logic and pathetic journalism. The plural of 'anecdote' is not 'data'.

And yet, in the other segment, connie degroot herself faults the MSM for confusing the homebuying public by publishing stories about such irrelevant factors as supply and demand.

You know, some people will do anything for a buck, won't they? Because some people believe, and perhaps this belief is a problem with human nature in general, some people believe it doesn't matter how you get your money so long as you have lots of it.

TM said...

BH isn't the real world, so in her case she is probably correct to some degree about the area she represents.


On her own site, if you look at the properties for sale, most of them have been reduced. She is a very bold liar.

Nice post on the logic of low-balling!

Anonymous said...

these realwhores are like al qaeda. every time you prove one wrong, down and wounded, you have a new one popping up. pretty soon connie will just fade away like suzanne, retsinas, lereah and kendra. they just don't know when to stop.

Adam said...

Like hinted at above, Connie seems to be operating in the rarefied air of the upper-end real estate market, which is notoriously impervious to conditions effecting the rest of us (e.g. recession). While individual players change (e.g. mortgage CEOs out on their asses), another winner will step up to the plate to move in.

Do you think some Saudi prince who has oil wealth is worried about the effects of a 50% devaluation of his real estate holdings? Believe it or not, there's some incredibly wealthy people in the world who are bored by real estate bubble talk, since it truly doesn't effect them, in the least (and it never will).

Unlike you and I, many people are NOT banking on that 15% annual appreciation in home equity as their retirement plan! Pay $1 or $2 mil over true 'worth', and they could care less.... Money is no concern for them.

Now Connie may be worried (I dare say she drank some of her own REIC KoolAid, and bought many properties as her "sure thing"), but her clients are hardly reliant on getting 'jumbo' loans or sub-prime loans! There's always going to be a high-end market, with or without Connie to sling these properties, and regardless of who the individuals are. Easy come, easy go.

Perhaps the bigger question is, why does Fox News have HER speak to the current situation? She has ZERO credibility speaking to current events effecting the lower- and middle-class buyer, as she doesn't deal with slinging houses anywhere but BH!

Fox News persentations of "experts" reminds me of when kids put a wasp and bee in a jar to stage a "death match", just to see which survives.

Fox News, the network of compelling reality T.V., has no credibility as a source for anything but entertainment and tabloid T.V. news...

Anonymous said...

whoever wrote that ridiculous poem needs to get a f*&%#ing life.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to offend anyone, so I just won't make any offers

LauraVella said...

HA! That's a lot of money we're talking about.

This real troll regards 200k as if it's $2.00.

She's going to find out real soon what deflation is all about.

Mitesh Damania said...

She gets on my nerves. I can't watch the whole video.

LauraVella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LauraVella said...

I'll bet her website doesnt have the dates these properties have "sold".

I wonder how her "sales" have been these last few months?

LauraVella said...

John said:"The records would have indicated the sale by now, but they haven't. That is why I stated I believe she may be lying about the properties being sold."

I see your point now John.

She's lying, and fits the mold perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Bill Gates is still living in a mansion, so that proves the economy is fine.

Anonymous said...

Gawd she is stupid AND annoying! Her website is pure fiction. Someone shut her up PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

Of course she's freaking out. sales have slowed to a crawl. She's working 3X as hard to try and sell a home, and if she gets lucky and does get a signed contract she knows there's a 50% chance the buyer won't qualify for the mortgage. Welcome to the world you created sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

EMAIL CONNIE!!! Tell her all about what a "great" job she is doing guys! Seriously--This goes straight to her blackberry--


Don't forget to call Coldwell Banker North in Beverly Hills either...GET THIS BEEEATCH OFF THE AIR----

Anonymous said...

"theloknesmonster said...
BH isn't the real world, so in her case she is probably correct to some degree about the area she represents."

The point is that what's happening in Beverly Hills in meaningless in general discussion about where home prices are going.

Are you really that impressed with her?

Anonymous said...

LOL, what is this "conventional wisdom" that we have reached bottom? Sounds more like "wishful thinking". They have no idea how historic this crash will be, econ 101 in 100 years will be dealing with it as the greatest financial collapse of the 21st Century.

Anonymous said...


watergate said...

10024 REEVESBURY DR was sold to it current owner in December of 2006 and the same guy took out a second for 150k in September of 2007. So NO it did not "recently sell"

watergate said...

1343 N Beverly Drive sold 11-9-07 not for 2.5 mil but for 1.6 mil

2985 Hutton Drive sold 5-2007 not for
3.5 but for 1.8

1676 Clear View Drive sold 3-2007 ...there was a down but mortgage amount was 1.5

2705 Ellison Drive never sold no sale since 2002 sale did not got through

2044 Benedict Canyon Dr no sale house went into default in September and had liens released in December ..same owner

1955 Benedict Canyon Dr sold in 4-2006
1611 Benedict Canyon Dr sold in 6-2206

Do I need to list anymore? ..she hasn't sold much since the buble burst.....Nice try though

Benji Franklin said...

Hmmm, someone (Watergate?) please make a web archive of her claims of prior sales figures.

Surely posting outright lies like that MUST be a violation of State law (as well as the ethics code of the State and National Association of Realtors: ha! For a minute there, I had you going: clearly ethics and RE agents are mutually exclusive!).

But seriously, it MUST be a violation to post such baldfaced lies regarding market conditions to mislead potential buyers?

How about we organize a grass-roots campaign, complaining to not only her bosses, but more importantly to government regulators in California who are SUPPOSED to monitor the behavior of real estate licensees? Attorney General's Office? Department of Consumer Affairs?

Anyone know for sure?

Anonymous said...


Her response

watergate said...

This woman has less than 5 years in her profession and she is passing herself off as an "expert" Every thing about her is phony from the website to the pictures on the site to her "plastic enhancements" For those who are wondering th reason she is able to get "facetime" on Fox is that she knows how to play the game ...she found a producer who knows her "looks" + plus outrageous statements = attention or in Fox Business case 6003 daily viewers

Ed said...


Sure, super wealthy people don't need jumbo loans. But super wealthy people also hate to lose money. Not so much because they will feel the monetary loss. I mean a billionaire losing $500K on a house is no big deal. But the idea of losing will piss him off. The vast majority of people got rich by making smart business decisions and that holds true even when they get rich.

Also no level of real estate is immune to a donw turn. If a $200K house is reduced to $150K, then the $250K house is reduced to $200K. And the $300K is reduced to $225K. And so on all the way up the ladder where the $10M house is reduced to $9M.


watergate said...

Also someone mentioned that Beverly Hills has nothing to do with the rest of the real world as far as the housing crisis. This is true but only to a degree. The word subprime has misapplied to denote financial circumstance when in fact that not necessarily the case. She is not working the "super rich" her client have been docters, lawyers and a lot of flippers. If you look thru her history you see foreclosures, cash back, and 100% financing, Same shit different Zip code. Also these people have the same problem as the rest of us: they need to sell their home when the buy a new one.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Connie is enthusiastic and very optimistic. It is a shame that Keith and his minions do not like someone who is the exact opposite of them.

Benjamin Franklin said...

Her "response" is no response to the allegations of misrepresentation of sales, as presented on her website advertising the results she CLAIMS exist.

I looked into this issue a bit deeper, and RE agents are supposedly regulated (or not, as the case may be!) by a sub-division of the Department of Consumer Affairs called the Department of Real Estate (DRE).

Connie shows up on their website as a licensee (#01400884).


According to California law, it IS a violation for realtors to materially misrepresent market conditions by presenting falsified sales data (the law book is available for download from the same site); as such, she's at risk for disciplinary action, which can include fines, loss of her license, criminal and civil penalties, etc.

Here's the process to file a complaint with the DRE:


I'd encourage everyone to NOT just shoot off your mouth on some blog, but to put it in writing. The more attention given to this issue, the more the DRE will realize their failure to regulate plays no small role in the current problems!

Supposedly the DRE will investigate ALL submitted complaints, and if they don't look into this and offer a response then we can take this all the way up the chain of command, to the Attorney General or Governator.

If there's anything civil servants and appointed officials fear, it's having their JOB PERFORMANCE (or lack thereof) scrutinized by an angry and pissed-off public!

Anonymous said...

Another reason BH has no relationship to the housing mrkt as a whole is the large (and ever-growing) middle eastern population--around 30-40%. They have TONS of petro-dollars to throw around and are always happy to drop them in places like BH. Though trust me, I'm sure they have no problem low-balling anybody, or doing anything to offend anyone; a more shockingly tacky, obnoxious and offensive group of people you will never run across. Another reason they fit in so well in BH, as most of the freakish, vile residents are similarly repulsive.

Anonymous said...

"I spend a lot of time educating people"... BAhahahahaah i really like this woman... this is better than Seinfeld...

Princess Mononoke said...

Connie is a flat out bleach blonde BIMBO! She sounds like an NAR drone... dribble dribble dribble with nothing to substantiate her claims! other than past performance/appreciation...

But in this current market the past does NOT equal the future holds TRUE!

Anonymous said...

watergate: you obviously don't know how to read tax records. i work in the los angeles area and know that her prices for the properties you refer to are correct. you might not like what she's saying but she isn't lying about prices. a little research would show you that.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Connie--

Good GAWD Gurl! Looks like you fell head first into the cheese dip and then got your head stuck in a whirring blender....YOW!

Who does that Rat's Nest of a hair do? Better get in there for a touch up QUICK!! Better yet, just go GONZO and shave your head.
Seriously, it would be an improvement.

In other news, you live in the teeny tiny bubble of 90210. You are about the LAST person I would have commenting on the state of real estate in the REAL WORLD--it is so clear that you don't know your A$$ from a hole in the ground. Coldwell has lost all respect forever in my book.

Anonymous said...


What kind of Doritos?

Gotta be Cheese of some sort!


Anonymous said...

From her site:

"2007 will be the FIFTH HIGHEST YEAR ON RECORD for existing home sales."

which pretty much makes 2007 a "5 year slump" since every year should set a new record considering the population growth.

nnj said...

I agree that it is everyone's job to go out and offend sellers with realistic purchase offers. Half off list sounds good to me and I would recommend it. Remember, it's your money!

Connie states bad media for current housing problems. No, the fact that recent college grads or middle working class may not be able to afford $500k - $600k first homes has nothing to do with anything.

Ben Franklin said...

watergate: you obviously don't know how to read tax records. i work in the los angeles area and know that her prices for the properties you refer to are correct. you might not like what she's saying but she isn't lying about prices. a little research would show you that.

So either Anon or Watergate is right, as you both can't be correct.

What are your respective sources for your pricing information to verify/refute HER claims of prices?

I know anyone can look into it, (from public records), so please provide a direct link to your source of information (tax records, etc).

I'd dare say we'd ALL like to know if Connie De Groot is telling the truth on this point.

ClevelandScoop said...


We are both probably right. I have access to the mortgage amount not the
amount of the downpayment. So it is possible
that a large down was used on some of the properties. As for the date of the sells my information is 100% correct