January 25, 2008

It's time to (peacefully) overthrow the government of the United States. VOTE EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT OUT OF OFFICE THIS NOVEMBER

The good news is that the election is coming up. If everyone in America pulled together and did the right thing, EVERY incumbent up for re-election would be voted out of office.

EVERY last stinking one of 'em.

The HousingPANIC 2008 endorsement: The New Guy

Pass it on.

Could you picture the headline? "Election Shocker! Every Member of Congress Sacked in Historic DC House Cleaning"


Tyrone said...

Count me in!!!

Anonymous said...

Ain't gonna happen.

Everyone thinks all politicians need to be voted out EXCEPT their representatives.

If only the voters could speak with one voice and tell our politicians to get with it or get voted out. another problem is that most people don't really want change unless the change means more handouts.

Anonymous said...

I've been advocating that since about 1990! Except I think it should happen EVERY election, until they


Or, shut it down, along with their own lifetime pension/health plans.

Anonymous said...

Does this include incumbent Congressman Ron Paul?

Just wondering...

keith said...

Yes, he's been in Congress too long too - EVERY incumbent needs to be thrown out

EVERY one of 'em

amigauser said...

Your dreaming Keith
Those politicians always make sure they bring home enough goodies from Washington, that re-election is just a formality.

They would have been more likely to lose their job if they had not tried to prevent a recession/depression.

Anonymous said...

Good job voting demoCRAP in 2006 everyone.

Let's keep the party going in '08 shall we? Vote for either a communist named Hussein or a socialist named Hitlery. Or Kweefer's fav, a Jewish communist named Bloomberg.

Boy oh boy I can't wait till 2009 starts.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was the 'right time' twenty years ago. Its a little late now. But the housing runup was perfectly timed for me to sell everything and move out in the sticks with plenty of supplies to watch the end of the show.

Vote them all out said...

Only a handfull of the People can see logic like this...the rest either dont care or are glassy eyed sheeple.

Anonymous said...

If we cannot do it peacefully then by any means required.

Give them 24 hours to abdicate/vacate and then let God sort the rest out.

You have to break a few eggs to make an omlette...

Anonymous said...

I tried that once and got my wish, ended up with jessie ventura for gov. BACKFIRE!!

Set said...

I think Ron paul should be promoted to President. Everyone else needs to go. The replacements should think along the same lines as Ron Paul and enable him to do the things he proposes.

Anonymous said...

Careful there, Keith. With all these Presidential directives signed by Der Fuehrer Bush the last 2 years, talk of overthrowing our government amounts to terrorist activity.

Tangelo Mozilo said...

You can bet your sweet a$$ I'm voting against every one of the communist incumbents on my ballot in November.

I live in Prince Ghetto County, Maryland, so the incumbents will definately all be communists.

However, this County represents the shallow end of the gene pool. Half of the voters here are welfare queens and 90% of the rest of them are complete morons, so they will just return the same people to office once again.

Prince George's County has been putting the same Democrat morons in office for the past 40 years. They keep believing time and time again that socialism is going to solve the rampant crime and poverty in the #1 murder county in the nation, but every election cycle, it just gets worse. Yet they keep putting the same people into office time and time again, somehow expecting a different result. How's it working out for you, poverty-stricken ghetto morons?

Anonymous said...

I give up!!! I'm buying a home in NYC and going in debt up to my eyeballs like the rest of the fools. There's no downside, the govt will just borrow money from the communist and give it to me if I get in trouble.

borkafatty said...

Ill bring the Plunger, just to make sure there is no clog during the flush.

Anonymous said...

It's too late for a peaceful resolution. The national backbone is gone as well I'm afraid. We're now a lazy, fat nation happy with bread and circuses. Creeping tyranny will eventually shut down all protests and outlets for dissent.

Glad I'm old enough that I won't be around to see the end.

honica jewinski said...

You're right Keith. I'm getting tired of puppets A, it's time to get rid of them and vote in puppets B. That'll change things for sure!!!!

Anonymous said...

For the person who lives in Prince Georges (Ghetto) County... I used to live there basically for over 20 years in Bowie. Bowie was a nice place, but it the Ghetto moved to it. Grew up there. I finally got out of there when it started to get really bad in 2003. So, I know what your talking about. Just get out! Move to Rural Virginia.... that's what I did and I never looked back.
Life is a lot nicer in the sticks.

I have been following this board for some time. What the heck is D.O.P.E.S.? I must be one, because I never could figure it out!

I know what the Sheeple are! Is that the same thing?

Anonymous said...

No way man. The Democrats are good people and will save all the homeowners. We need a permanent moratorium on foreclosures.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Actually it was the 'right time' twenty years ago. Its a little late now. But the housing runup was perfectly timed for me to sell everything and move out in the sticks with plenty of supplies to watch the end of the show.

January 25, 2008 11:42 AM

Sir you are a great patriot. The love you have for your country is truly astonishing.

Not at all like the "I got mine" people who run the country.

Anonymous said...

I'll I have to say here is "Amen Brotha"!

Ed said...

If I recall you were all Dem all the time leading up to the '06 elections. I thought voting for Democrats in 2006 was supposed to fix everything.

What happened dude?

Weren't Nancy and Harry supposed to cure cancer and aids after they solved world hunger?

Harbinger said...

Every year for atleast the last 10 or 15 years ive voted against everyone one of em that is an incumbent.
People that Ive shared that with ask why etc but lately people just nod their head when its discussed.

Vita said...

I would happily vote out my Reps. (here in California) but would save Porkbuster Tom Coburn (the scourge of Earmarkers) and perhaps Jeff Flake (also great about Earmarks but not on illegal immigration).

tangelo mozilo said...

Anon 3:49,

Believe me, as soon as my wife gets a job somewhere else, I'll be laying rubber out of P.G. County. I live in in Suitland, by the way. (I know. Yikes!) Bowie is still very nice by comparison because you can actually go to the store there without worrying about raped or robbed. Suitland is simply a dump.

As for DOPES, here is a repost of my explaination from last week:

This past summer, when the stock market was hitting new highs, there was an anonymous poster who'd post things like this:



At the end of every post (usually in all caps and off topic), he'd call everyone "dopes". The guy's premise was that the crash wasn't going to happen, and if you thought that it was, you were missing out on the boom and you were a moron. Of course, this was very annoying.

Then, someone quipped that he was signing his name as "DOPES!". After that, it was quite easy to make fun of him, and the stock market started to tank anyway around that time, so he pretty much stopped posting.

Today, people still sometimes pretend to be DOPES! and create a post in his style just to shake things up a bit. However, I don't think he ever really posts here anymore.

If you want to look at some genuine DOPES! posts, you should look in the archives of this site from the middle of June to September, 2007.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the DOPES explanation,
Mr. Orange.

Man, that clears up a lot of posts that I saw.

Wow, Suitland is pretty bad in PG.
I usually stayed clear of that area including any are that had "Heights" in the name!

It seems like Bowie has not really felt the pain of the housing crash in price terms. I check it out every now and then, but I could be

Anonymous said...



johnnyd said...

You can count me in!!!

johnnyd said...

Always remember that John McCain was a member of the Keating Five. (unsubstantiated of course)