January 31, 2008

HousingPANIC Corrupt Stock Pumper Quote of the Day

"We view the third quarter of 2007 as an earnings trough, and anticipate that the company will be profitable in the fourth quarter and in 2008" - Countrywide President and Angelo's chief stock pumper David Sambol, October 2007

and drumroll please... Countrywide's 4th quarter performance, announced this week?

Countrywide Posts $422 Million 4Q Loss

WHOOPSIE! (pssst.. Angelo.. you sold all those shares yet... good... now I'm gonna put the truth out so we don't get arrested, ok? good.)

Sarbanes-Oxley anyone? SEC anyone?



Anonymous said...


Now wait a freakin minute. That orange guy said after Q2 that they would return to profitability in Q3.

As absurd as that sounded at the time the sheeple bought it and the stock rallied (for a while), and Mozillo laughed his ass off and dumped more shares.

Now my ears are decieving me or I just heard it's Q3 that's the one time slump.

Anonymous said...

Messages to Countrywide shareholders:

Thanks SUCKERS !

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust anyone named Sambo. Throw the two of them in prison and melt down the keys.

Anonymous said...


when is angelo going to spontaneously combust?