January 23, 2008

Great youtube video from The McLaughlin Group on the housing crash, Iraq and Bush bailout stupidity

Nice to see the true Republicans in the room stand up for Ron Paul too. I feel sorry for the GOP - if they would just get back to their roots (low taxes, low spending, limited government) they'd win elections. This new stupid GOP - big government, religious craziness, fiscal irresponsibility - is a big-time loser and will be the downfall of the party.

Ron Paul is showing them the way. If they don't want to follow him, I hope to see a candidate pick up his message in the future and run with it.

Watch this video - it's a hot one.


Frank@Scottsdale-Sucks.com said...

I like Ron Paul until he starts into his "let's do nothing and wait for the next 9/11 attack" and then his nonsense on legalizing coke, heroin, etc.

tom said...

they interrupt each other too much. I wouldn't invite them to dinner.

Anonymous said...

Frank: Prohibition worked just as well for alcohol as it is working for marijuana and cocaine.

Also it's funny how people like you think getting drunk is totally normal but getting stoned is morally reprehensible.

Not to mention we can no longer afford to spend 40-50 billion each year on failed drug interdiction.

Finally, it's clear that you don't understand the concept of blowback in foreign policy. If China's secret service started and funded a revolution that replaced our government with a military dictatorship (see: Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, just in the Islamic world) we'd have our share of anti-Chinese "terrorists" too.

DaveO said...

Here's a good article about Americans failing to learn from previous bubbles:

America as Beavis

Here's an excerpt:

"And yet the rational mind seemed all too often to just fly out the window, as people tapped home equity for expensive vacations and more SUVs than there were drivers in the house, and that's on top of the additional 2000 square foot add-a-levels and the gourmet kitchens with Aga cookers that no one ever used, except to dish out the greasy Chinese takeout from the strip mall."

Rom said...

It's nonsense not to legalize coke. Treat addiction and move on. The "wars" are just excuses to get rich and jail the undesirables.

The USA isn't attacted because it's free. Asterdam would be gutted if that was true. The US needs to get out of the empire business. The UK figured it out, it's about time we did.

shtove said...

I love the Maclaughlin group - as entertainment.

During the August 07 plunge he asked them, How long will it take for the markets to recover? Six months, apparently.

Iraq war my arse! Buchanan is half way there, but doesn't get the culpability of the banks. Zuckerman paints a full picture, but he's been a complete shill on the markets for ages. And then he turns around and trashes Ron Paul for the sake of a minor point about war expenditure! Not hard to guess what part of Jerusalem he's coming from.

Politics and finance are inbred cousins trapped in a dark basement ... with chainsaws.

3rd generation said...

The new mid winter PBS lineup includes an New Show (taped from lock-up at Federal Prison)called the "Mozilo Group" Starring Angi Orange Mozilo (the one in the striped jumpsuit)

It features a seance format. The first guests will be Jack-the-Ripper, followed by Adolph Hitler and the renowned Dr. Josef Mengele discussion various topics of financial interest. If time remains, a guest interview with vacationing Osama Bin Laden Live from a compound in Kennebunkport, ME.

Angie will give his viewers personal hygiene tips on how to look orange and deal with the heartbreak of psoraisis and sleep while standing with his back facing the wall after the boys-in-the-yard have their way with him.

Closing each show will be a segment with dead Ken Lay, taped from the crypt explaining the fine points of American business.

Tune in. It should be almost as entertaining as watching the Fix put in place in the US stock markets.

Next Week, Benedict Arnold and Dick Cheney in a panel discussion about high crimes, misdemeanors and treason against their countries, board game style.

AND Don't Forget to vote in the HP worst President ever poll. So Far, George W. Bush has taken a commanding, some say insurmountble lead in the 'louse-of-history' category for killing the America in only 8 short years! Heck of a Job, George!

America is DOOMED