January 24, 2008

Enjoy the schadenfreude, and be glad your job isn't "day trader" (I hope)

Warning - lots of swearing as you'd expect, like "Thank you mister m_____ f_____ stock market - this is how I spend my Sunday night, losing my life's savings". Turn the volume up on the player, and the video starts slow, give him a minute or so for the fun to start.

With stocks, you can see it all go away right there on your computer screen. With houses that's tougher, unless you keep hitting "refresh" at zillow.com I guess.

Also be sure to check out this hilarious video - had me rolling on the floor this morning

Thanks HP'ers for the links


Anonymous said...

Another happy Mike Norman client evidently

Anonymous said...

It is fun watching day traders getting wiped out. They are so much smarter than FBs.

Malcolm said...


You had to go and mention day trading. You KNOW how I feel about this topic.

There are several problems with day trading, aside from the fact that people lose their a*s when they find out that they’re not as smart as they think.

Day trading requires movement in the share price. When there isn’t real movement, they have to create it. That’s why when you look at the yahoo message boards, you get dozens of posts ranging from “the company is going to go broke” to “CFC will be at 20 tomorrow, just watch”

I think that ½ the time they’re just feeding off each other; but to the long who buys the stock as an investment, the volatility harms the company.

As far as this guy goes, I have two questions:

1. Why would he trade DOW futures the day before a holiday?

2. Why would he post this video?

And keith…. Please don’t raise the subject of “selling short”; or I’ll have to ramble on about borrowing a car and returning it with an empty gas tank.

Roccman said...

Another useless eater...

I hope he jumps.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Cheech and Chong, where Tommy Chong goes:

Hey, I've done that, Man.

Or, Been there, Done that.


Anonymous said...


blogger said...

be patient - audio kicks in after a minute or so

just skip ahead

Anonymous said...

The dude needs to take a creative swearing class.

Anonymous said...

How do daytraders harm the company? If you are a long term investor, daily and weekly swings shouldn't matter. Even monthly moves should not bother you. I've invested in stocks that have dropped 50% before I made 100% gains. The market can be irrational in the short term, but is always right in the end.

AndrewHac said...

So, is the Americano toasted yet ? And if not, when do you people, Joe and Jane think the Americano will be toasted ? Will they be toasted lightly as a marshmellow or juicely as a snapper turtle skewered on a stick from head to ass all sizzling nicely, fat popping, juices dripping over a bed of red hot charcoal fire ?

Please vote:
Is the Americano now = roasted snapper turtle ?

Is the Americano = "Little Boy" + "Fat Man" Arse-Kisser ?

Is the Americano "has been entered the dragon" up in the kazook by the very government that they ignorantly, stupidly, dumb-assly voted for in the last 8 years ? And last but not least, is the Americano's kazook painfully hurt by the "entered the dragon" action or is he/she like it due to FAGGOT's lover dream ?

Anonymous said...

anon 4:24 - yearly swings don't even bother me!

Keith - how about COP @ $680 for a few minutes yesterday?

I must admit I get a bit annoyed when I read the daytraders spouting off about their brilliant trades. One phony even claims she averages 5% per month. I guess that means if I give her $100,000, then I'll own the solar system in 15 years? Someone please do the math and don't forget to compound it...okay maybe only Planet Earth.

Anonymous said...

His loss was my gain. I bought all the shit he sold me at rock bottom prices Tuesday and Wednesday. Another day or two of gains like we're seeing, and I'll sell it right back to him or some other fool like him and start the cycle again.

Anonymous said...

That dude's a WUSSS.When i started loosing my ass in futures options,I could be heard cursing,and breaking things 2 blocks away.Lesson learned twice.
Ok lemme have it.LOL.

Anonymous said...

Damn - holding that kind of leverage over a 3 day weekend in a secular bear market with no stops!??!

What an idiot.

Dino said...

Bulls make money

Bears make money

Pigs get slaughtered

Thanks for the video of the pig Kweefer

Anonymous said...

Is that DOPES?

But seriously, getting emotional = amateur

edd browne said...

Gambling is a substitute
for productive skills.

They have 12-step programs
for those who lost the
farm with market bets.

Anonymous said...

" Andrew Hac said... Joe and Jane think the Americano will be toasted ? Will they be toasted lightly as a marshmellow or juicely as a snapper turtle skewered on a stick from head to ass"


delsquared said...

To think that he could have spent his Sunday playing in big poker tournaments and lost so much less.

Anonymous said...

keysor soze,

100000*(1.05^(12*15)) = 651739184

nowhere near planet Earth. A nice retirement though :)