December 05, 2007

Sage advice from a REALTOR(R) - Top 5 Reasons Why It's a Great Time to Buy Real Estate!!!!

Seems like a nice guy.

But what is it with REALTORS that they never talk about the fundamentals, the historical housing P/E ratios, the credit crunch, microeconomic and macroeconomic trends, the rampant fraud, historical manias and crashes, etc?

Their idea of financial advice is "it's a great time to buy because there's tons of inventory".

Was it a great time to buy buggy whips and 8-track tapes too?


Anonymous said...

Hey Joe, you did such a convincing and "professional" (I really enjoyed all that crap from China in the background) presentation that I'm rushing out of the door to buy a couple of McMansions before we run out of land.

Anonymous said...

Reason number 6.
Get financing while you still can before the lending stops.

Agent #777 said...

Aren't #1 and #3 the same thing?

Too funny! I know an agent in Land 'O Lakes, and she is much more professional then this guy. No wonder she is eating people's lunch over there if this is her competition.

Anonymous said...

Why does he rub his face when he says "I know you guys like to buy, you know, new homes, ah you know, bein' in the business long enough'n stuff"? Is he lying?

Anonymous said...

So basically, you can sum it all up
with there's too many damn overpriced houses out there so please!please!PLEASE! buy a house from me so I don't have to sell all this tacky shit behind me to eat.

rom said...

He does seem like a nice guy. But there will be much more inventory and much better prices next year.

devestment said...

Tip #1 Don't get caught looking at your notes.

Tip #2 Change your name; Ignat screams "ignorant insect" to me.

Tip #3 Dump your distressed assets and get a job. There will be no check from your real estate career the next few years.

Anonymous said...

I have been in professional sales for 28 years (health care, not real estate)and have run into quite a few as*holes in my time, but I nominate this masturbator for the Sales Hall of Shame.

Uneducated, low life scum scumbags are everwhere. This bum running loose could do a lot of damage to other brain dead people of his type.

Round them up and place them in a FEMA camp. They can hold prayer meetings and positive mental attitude revivals, clearly the only growth industry in US left. Shameful, just shameful.

Thanks for the video.

detachablecletus said...

"Reason number 6.
Get financing while you still can before the lending stops."

On Swann's site they make that exact argument you know.

Anonymous said...



5 reasons why,

Reason 1 selection due to supply

Reason 3 selection due to supply

Reason 4 selection due to supply

Genius I tell ya!



Anonymous said...

Hew-dang! Lota invenTORY! YEW HARW!

Coo coo cew...

Anonymous said...

Most Realtors don't understand economic trends, P/E ratios, etc. Those that do aren't inclined to talk about them because it might convince their paycheck that it's not time to buy.

Anonymous said...

We can tell two things from this guy as soon as he starts talking.

1. He is a bullshitter.

2. He is a bullshitter.

brokersleaveyoubroke said...

Give the guy a break. Those were good reasons. He just failed to mention the 97 better reasons NOT to buy a house now.

Anonymous said...

He does seem like a nice guy.

Nice guy was my father...even so, he was banging my mother.

Anonymous said...

Sure, "I'll give hime a break"

I'll recommend:

BREAK his jaw - no talking
BREAK his lega - no driving
BREAK - both hands - no writing
BREAK both arms - no signaling

Dispose ALL the idiot real estate hacks. Start with this idiot first.

A PERFECT BAD example.

Anonymous said...

Does he also believe now is a great time to buy souvenir plates? Check out the collection behind him.

Anonymous said...

Wow that guy is eloquent and stuff. With his errr ahh logic I suddenly feel like like going out and making an offer ummm because of location err and stuff. I wonder how many takes he did till he got his one?

Burn Baby Burn

Swamprat said...

Typical realtor. Very little education. Very poor word skills. He said "stuff" 9 times. A real jerkoff that thinks he can con the sheep. What a loser.

Anonymous said...

It's a GREAT TIME to Impeach the sitting President and Vice President and try them for acts of sedition.


Anonymous said...

Joe Ignat looks like Chief Wiggum and talks like W. when he gets sandbagged by Helen Thomas.

DaveO said...

Regarding the low interest rates reason that I keep hearing from the pro-real estate crowd, wouldn't the fact that interest rates are close to historic lows now mean that there's a very good chance that the rates will go up in the future. When they do go up, wouldn't that mean that house prices will have to decrease to compensate, making your "investment" worth even less?

Senior Citizen said...

We just bought a new home and as with buying a used car:
Buyer Beware. Sometimes, the public has to be protected from the "free market"
A Senior Citizen

Porkchop Sandwiches said...

Just like a realathores. That realator is not going to allow you to post a comment that encourages debate on the subject.