November 30, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

What's more infuriating -

The NAR's lies, deception and spin when they put out their horrific numbers showing record drops in home sales alongside happy headlines,


The lazy and corrupt mainstream media copy and pasting the NAR's lies, deception and spin and spoon-feeding that to the American people ("homes sales stable", "home sales rise in October", "new home sales rise")


Having these Commerce Department and NAR home sales reports drastically adjusted downward every month, and then the new month is reported as better than the prior drastically adjusted downward month in order to generate the happy headline

A) NAR lies

B) MSM laziness

C) Bullsh*t reports

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Anonymous said...

The NAR is annoying, but so what. By a certain age, you learn to tune out interested groups.

By a certain age, you expect journalists to get some things wrong and be a bit behind in the reporting. You learn to read between the lines.

But, government deliberately misreporting facts and messing with objective data to create positive spin, THAT is a trip down a sick rabbit hole, my friends.


Anonymous said...

C by a long shot -- I think we all want to trust the government (different from the Administration) to do an honest and credible job reporting the data and making projections. Granted they are projections and preliminary figures, but when the methodology is so clearly flawed, something has to give.

I know how long I'd keep my job if my own work only met the current apparent government data standard.

The NAR is obviously a biased source and the MSM is both lazy and conflicted (add money must count for something).

BUT -- I smell opportunity here. Why not release a regular press release from HBP (Housing Panic Blog OR Home Purchase Bureau (or whatever)) presenting an alternative scenario?? It would be VERY interesting to see if anyone out there would pick up on it.

Coke Out

Paul E. Math said...

I'm going with B, the MSM. Only because we know that private interests like the NAR will conspire to deceive the American people. A free press is supposed to act as a check and counter-balance against such deception.

Also, this country was founded as a reaction against a corrupt and oppressive government - we know that it is in the nature of governments to act against the interests of the people. A free press is supposed to act as a check and counter-balance against the natural creeping deception and oppression of governments.

So it's really the MSM who are not holding up their end of the bargain.

Thank God for the blogs and the few rare courageous and independent journalists like Diana Olick who will ultimately expose the deceipt and corruption that is threatening our freedom and independence.

Anonymous said...

"But, government deliberately misreporting facts and messing with objective data to create positive spin, THAT is a trip down a sick rabbit hole, my friends."

Amen, Anonypuss, Amen.

Anonymous said...

NAR lies do not bother me cause i know you never ask a barber if you need a haircut.

the MSM laziness is something i got used too years ago.

its the fracking bogus reports that intentionally cover up the facts that really piss me off.

Anonymous said...

They ARE ALL infuriating. Most should be immediately thrown in jail and charged with sedition. Others should simply be shot dead so as not to poison the world any more.

America SUCKs and most Americans are fat, lazy, greedy dimwits. Most of us deserve what we get...

tick, tick, tick, crash.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the reporters. Most of the business writer I know are well aware of the meltdown. Newspapers need to make money and they rely on homebuilder and REALTOR adds heavily. Just look at your local paper during the week or a non-holiday season.

The stock market is well aware of the government's and NAR's statistical lies. Nobody is putting their money behind NAR-speak. Just look at the Case-Shiller index contracts to see where the smart money is.

Anonymous said...

"...most Americans are fat, lazy, greedy dimwits."

americans lazy?

you've never managed a group of italians.

roll in at 9:30 or 10, 2 hour lunches and leave at 5.

my wife tried to get 8 hours out of them and they called her a slave driver.

americans may be fat but lazy?


Anonymous said...

I'd still have to say B. As much as A and C piss me off, I've already expected such deception from the scum that is the NAR and their ilk. What bothers me the most is the fact that the mainstream media just regurgitates the NAR's figures and assumes that they are correct and unbiased, when it is clearly obvious to normal people that the NAR is equivalent to car salesman who will lie and deceive to no end in order to get a sale done.

Furthermore, I blame anyone in the general public who accepts the MSM's reporting about housing (as it quotes the NAR's BS) as the truth for being just as lazy and sheepish. Try thinking for yourselves, idiots! Think about the fact that the NAR has a motivation to lie (for $$$), the same way other unscrupulous salesman do.