November 18, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Anyone getting the feeling 2008 is gonna be quite the ride?

Give us some predictions here...


Anonymous said...

I predict that the rule of law is going to be thrown out the window... WAIT, it already has been!


Link to FBI Seizure Warrant used against LIBERTY DOLLAR to steal GOLD and SILVER

The FBI warrant claims on page 4 that the use of LIBERTY DOLLAR violates 18 USC Sec. 486 by "uttering coins of gold, silver, or other metal."

CITE: § 472. Uttering counterfeit obligations or securities

Whoever, with intent to defraud, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or with like intent brings into the United States or keeps in possession or conceals any falsely made, forged, counterfeited, or altered obligation or other security of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

Either the FBI is brain dead or they just decided to disreguard the letter of the law. Since when are "coins of gold, silver or other metal" an obligation or other security of the United States?

THEY STOLE 2 TONS OF RON PAUL coins before they could be mailed out!!! Was this siezure warrant obtained and used for political reasons? Perhaps to hurt RON PAUL?

Well If so, we think it backfired on the fools big time!!! The net is full of fury over this issue and RON PAULS support continues to skyrocket. :)

Anonymous said...

Gold and the Dow at parity at about $3-4,000. Oil will hit $150 and only the massive world-wide economic crash will stop it from going to $300.

Got liquidity?

Anonymous said...

Those who gave great customer service at a reasonable price over these past few years will do fine. Those that rode the wave, blew off sales and marketing, didn't return phone calls, and produced a crappy product are TOAST.
I know this sounds so obvious now, but I am self employed in a business that is directly tied to land development. I have already seen other consultants fall off the face of the earth for the reasons above. It was so easy to get work up to 2007. I am looking forward to my yearly marketing efforts, they always bear fruit. Everyone else just waits for the work to waltz in the door.

Anonymous said...

The most repugnant filthy creatures to ever defile the face of the planet will take over the US gubbermint. Oh wait, that's already happened. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Dollar drops to parity with the Mexican peso.

A recession on the scale of the Great Depression ensues.

Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination.

Bush nukes Iran in a pre-emptive strike against global terrorism.

Bush has a mysterious accident with a pretzel and dies.

Dick Cheney assumes the role of President of the United States and immediately declares martial law.

Ron Paul supporters are arrested and thrown into FEMA camps.

World War III ensues.

Anonymous said...

Quite the Ride? To say the least. Mass Pain,Grief and Suffering is more like it.

1. Massive Bank failures.
1a. Huge Job Losses.
1b. Industry in US stops.
1c. 35-60% Unemployment.
1d. Stock Market trading ceases.
1e. Capital unavailable at any rate of interest.
2. Staggering Individual financial reversals.
3. George W.Bush, like Mussolini the dictator, is eliminated - permanently.
3a. Dick Cheney indicted and jailed for War Crimes.
4. A West Coast terrorist attack bringing the California economy to its kness.
4b Successive terrorist attacks througout nation. Government loses control cannot police the people.
4c. FEMA Camps resemble German concentration camps of WWII.
5. Death Penalty appeals limited by law to 1 per customer not to exceed 6 months. Then summary execution. No exceptions, No pardons, nothing.
6. Politicians are removed from office in wholesale numbers as the economy worsens and the country is plunged into mass Depression.
7. Food and Water become currency as dollar becomes worthless.
7a Dollar ceases to trade on the World Market.
8. Health Care is denied and drastically reduced.
9. Violent Crime escalates. Millions Die.
10. Black market flourishes.
11. Small Arms ammunition is serialized and not generally available to the public.
12. Millions more Die.
13. China declares War on USA.
13a Iran declares War on USA.
14. Limited nuclear engagemnt in Middle East.
15. Mexico claims Southern California as soverign territory.

Happy Holidays! (They may be the last ones you get).

Anonymous said...

2008's fate will be determined by the ability of financial pirates to repackage their RE dog turds into "Tootsie Rolls" and convince people to consume them...

Anonymous said...

This is what comes after the housing bubbule.

they will probably start with debtors and bk boys.

Anonymous said...

I think it depends on the consumer. If the consumer is forced to pull back, we are headed for a nasty recession, with worldwide stock markets crashing 30-40%. The European housing bubble is just beginning to burst, and it is bigger than our own. If banks tighten up on lending, then the recession will start sooner. If they choose to throw good money after bad and keep lending to people who can't repay (credit cards this time) then we may get a few more quarters of sluggish growth, then the recession.

Oh, and if you guys think we had fun on this blog this year, wait until 2008. The party's just beginning. Kick it up a notch!!

Anonymous said...

Prime owners and investors will abandon several million homes during the next 18 months because values are going to fall far below the original prices. The owners and investors with just 5% or 10% cash equity will realize that abandonment is the economically wise decision. You can recover from a credit score setback, but it's not easy to recover from a $50,000 or $100,000 mistake. And in many markets the mistakes will be more like $200,000+.

No doubt many are hanging by a thread now, awaiting the 2008 spring selling season. But most buyers will still be waiting for the bottom, and there will be no spring selling season recovery. Underwater owners and investors will submit by June 2008, and inventories will reach unfathomable levels. Then prices will really start to fall.

And the theoretical losses on SIVs, CDOs, and MBSs will become actual losses. Remember very little real money has been lost thus far. The losses will arrive in 2008. Then we'll have financial panic in earnest.


FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

1. Chavez will donate natural gas to the poor people in the USA.
2. Trump will keep building Towers.
3. Nano solar paint will become the norm for all photo voltaic renewable applications.
4. Polar Bears will be fine.
5. I know I will have a job.
6. Gas will be just under $5.00 a gallon and life will on.
7. America will not be destroyed by fear.
8. A revolt will happen inside Iran and save Israel thee trouble of nuking it.
9. Greenspan will not retire.
10. China will behave until the Olympics are over then the SWHTF.
11. When the US Dollar is no longer the petro-dollar, oil will be $200.00 a barrel, over night in Euros.
12. Alex Jones, HP'ers and Ron Paul will still be called kooks by 90% of Americans.
my 2 cents

Anonymous said...

Making predictions is dangerous whenever you include the future.

Recession - all year..

Unemployment - A real surge but the reports will hide it by taking people off of unemployment report because when you don't find work after a few months you are not unemployed anymore

More foreclosures at record pace - and not just sub prime

10-15% drop in home prices

30-40% correction in the major global stock indexes

2+ large cap homebuilders bankrupt

Several regional bank failures around the country

2+ investment bank failures

H&R block, E*Trade, Countrywide, Indymac - 0.00 stock price and no longer in business

Cramer's show will be canceled. CNBC ratings will drop by 50% since no one wants to hear cheerleaders or be reminded how bad the stock market is..

Ben Stein found in his study dead with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head - realizing buying Merril and Citi back in Aug 07 was a bad idea.

Crime will double in Philadelphia and it will be officially renamed Killadelphia.

Hillary will lose the election despite the economy.

2008 Olympics - more irrelevant and bigger joke than ever before. TV ratings worst in history.

Anonymous said...

Did I mention we will be living in a police state?

Devestment said...

The economy will hold up in 08. Election years are full of last minute pump.

Malcolm said...

I think it will.

It will seem like Atlas Shrugged all over, with one side claming that their twisted world view can work, if only we "give them more time."

On the other side, you will have the HP'ers, stocking up their financial bomb shelters.

In the middle, you will have the faceless masses, bemoaning the state of the world while wondering what new trouble Britney Spears is getting into now

Anonymous said...

This Former Defense Department analyst thinks we will attack Iran:
Daniel Ellsberg, the former Defense Department analyst who leaked the secret Pentagon Papers history of the Vietnam War, offered insights into the looming attack on Iran and the loss of liberty in the United States at a recent American University symposium. What follow are his comments from that speech. They have been edited only for space.


What I’m talking about in the way of a police state, in the way of an attack on Iran, is not certain. Nothing is certain, actually. However, I think it is probable, more likely than not, that in the next 15, 16 months of this administration we will see an attack on Iran. Probably. Whatever we do.


Anonymous said...

Prediction-I will go to work in gold exploration,and manage my money wisely,act broke,and enjoy life.
New Years resolution-Live,and Let Die.

Anonymous said...

Yet in 2007, market starts to crash.

A massive counterfeit currency pyramid scheme fails and is exposed as a result of the credit crunch. It involved Caribbean financial institutions with ties to Asia who were hiding huge financial liabilities via an inflated purchase of treasuries. Some players meet don't live to testify.

Larry Craig’s visibility angers a whistle-blower and this ends up taking out several other politicians, a very high level person is sacrificed.

Foreclosed vacant houses create a meth lab and property tax nightmare for rural communities. Citizen militias start to form outside of the cities. They further proceed to take into their own hand problems with truckers entering the US directly from south America and drug trafficking.

Gold goes down temporarily as banks/corps are required to sell anything they have of value, when market is flooded, gold skyrockets.

More banks fail as does Citibank hits a huge tail spin.

2008, the year of 40% decline, house prices, the dollar, consumer demand, employment … and the 40% incline of energy and food prices. Some US citizens emigrating.

Shortages begin, textiles, rubber, food, water, gas/diesel, base metals in short supply for microchips also following Taiwan instability, reclamation of discarded PC parts begins in earnest. (Americans continue to watch American idol)

Bush’s Paraguay property is overrun by locals who are now squatting. News of it only occurs on the internet. Comcast and ATT further attempt to censor web content.

Flu vaccine linked to Alzheimer’s, but does not hit mainstream media this year.

Anonymous said...


HI KEITH (<<< should be on cover of Time, 'Man of the Year'

Since the inception of this site, I've been an ardent reader/follower. From the start I asked the question, 'Who's holding the paper' and no one seemed to know for sure and mostly non-readers of this blog couldn't have given 2 shinolas.
As predicted here on this site,by many readers, writers,bloggers and especially Keith, the end would be disastrous, a credit implosion, rendering all assets available for re-sale at extremely low prices. (Prior to re issuing new currency as a way to avoid foreign ownership of US Assets).
As the homebuilders are going, the banks will be going,( the manufacturers and true job creators have all gone awhile ago)
Whoever ultimately owns these 'assets' (single fam homes/condos) will have to fix up, maintain etc until they can find suitable re-owners. The major banks and holders of subprime paper will find another 50% haircut in the value of this paper as buyers again stay away from these albatrosses in droves.
Using newly established lending criteria, true buyers will be difficult to find. Will the banks lend money to purchasers who have a 50% ability to repay? Or will the banks/paper holders be contented to let the properties lie fallow as the banks have to maintain, upgrade, pay taxes/insurance on variegated properties spread throughout the country? I see that as the key question for 08. And this is true world-wide, Spain, Ireland, GB etc.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be managed to dumb down a majority of the public through a substandard unionized public school system along with MTV and other idiot box programs. Even the top colleges have been watered down by ethnic studies and women's studies programs. Stanford University, once the top college in California, has a graduate program for Hip-Hop studies. UC Berkley, once the top PhD program on the West Coast, accepts students with a 600 SAT score. Meanwhile the costs of living have risen so much that both parents are forced to work long hours in order to make ends meet. Those who do care have no time to spend with their children and keep up with current events. All the while, the nations wealth has been stolen by the Manhattan and DC elite for the past 30 years. Their stooges on Madison Avenue and in Hollywood have kept the masses distracted with idiocy.

But it is necessary to know well how to disguise this characteristic, and to be a great pretender and dissembler; and men are so simple, and so subject to present necessities, that he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.

Nicolo Machiavelli

Anonymous said...

Bush refuses to leave office and the sheeple are screwed.

Anonymous said...


AWESOME photo!


Anonymous said...

"It is increasingly clear by now that a severe U.S. recession is inevitable in next few months"
Nouriel Roubin 11/16/07

"Severe" A way of saying Depression without creating Panic..

Few: More than one less than many..

Anonymous said...

Complete dollar collapse. War with Iran...leading to serious conflict with China.
Unrest in the States, as well as around the globe.
Martial elections...let's see...complete clusterf%ck

Anonymous said...

The stock market will boom, esp after July - remember its a presidential election year - the elite will rig the markets to make it look like Bush ended his term successfully.

The housing market will stabilize, it will look like the worse is over - the Alt A mess will not really have a major effect until 2010/2011, and so people will feel relived - this is very good, since home owners vote and its an election year

The dollar will stabilize, then begin to rise against the major currencies - Its in their interests to support it - Who are the Japanese going to sell their Toyota's too if America will not buy them

Gold will fall back - people will realize that it has no practical use and so it will begin to fall back to utility value.

Ron Pauls campaign will end in failure, will announce that he is retiring from congress

Keith gives up and buys a house in Phoenix :-)

Anonymous said...

Jesus comes back.

It is the rapture.

All you HP readers and bitter renters get dragged down to the bowels of hell.

Us happy homedebtors ascend into heaven to spend eternity bathed in Jesus' love!

It's definitely happening this next year, for sure!

Anonymous said...

2008. All is quiet and calm. I rent!

Anonymous said...

"Predictions are difficult to make, especially about the future", Yogi Berra
I'll try anyway.
- massive bail out of the finance sector...after substantial campaign donations to both parties of course.
- some ass clown will be elected president and it won't be Ron Paul or Richardson, the only 2 competent candidates out there.
- $$ continues to slide, status as world reserve currency in jeopardy.
- influx of illegals slows to a trickle since construction jobs become scarce.
- Full scale recession hits home.
- home prices continue to slide throughout the year, down another 10-20% in the bubble markets. REIC will call the bottom every chance they have.
- Commodities continue to rise in $$ terms.
- China will get some taste of recession and inflation...they won't like it.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I want a pprediction from Butch.

Anonymous said...

More Bad news in 2008 to continue:

The Bush/Cheney regime still have one more year left to destroy whatever good is left in the USA,(which is not much) while the rest of the corrupt american elected officials (and appointed agency employees, CEO's and news media crime figures) turn their backs to the mass crimes and destruction of America from our own government, who LIE to the people.

Bad, bad, bad, bad to worse.

The United States of America
1776 - 2001

Anonymous said...

Unrelated...but gorgeous picture of tornado and lightening. Any photo credit?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what my half acre of asparagus, fish ponds and 35 apple trees will be worth in a few years?

Anonymous said...

Even the top colleges have been watered down by ethnic studies and women's studies programs. Stanford University, once the top college in California, has a graduate program for Hip-Hop studies. UC Berkley, once the top PhD program on the West Coast, accepts students with a 600 SAT score.

have you been in University recently? (I was a science researcher at a major university, until my funding ran out completely for two years)

Stop believing whatever Rush Limbaugh or the right wing noise machine spews out.

In reality, the performance of students at the top schools is extremely high. About 2 people or so major in 'hip hop studies' or some such (and these are probably football scholarships) and hundreds in engineering and microbiology.

In Stanford and UC Berkeley, the students today are much harder working tools than ever before. Why? Because it's stupendously expensive and their parents put massive pressure on them.

Even most of the other UC's (except Riverside and Merced) now have quite high standards and hardworking (but otherwise apathetic) students.

The idea that we have any kind of scientist or engineer shortage is 100% bunk. There are plenty of people, Americans, who have the capability to do the jobs. The problem is that there aren't that many good jobs and well paid ones commensurate with the level of work and intelligence necessary. If you can make 3x-10x as much being a banker or lawyer, certainly with no greater IQ necessary, what's the point?

Now, on the otherhand, there is a vast class of students with mediocre educations and worse attitudes.

But not at all at the good schools.

Over and over exchange students from Europe are astonished at the high workload in US universities (and the low workload & standards in most typical high schools).

Anonymous said...

To those out there that thinks the whole world is going to melt down.


Thats all I got to say. I mean wow.

Its more likely we will have a slight boost in unemployment, gas prices will go up a bit, food will go up a bit, we will withdraw from Iraq slowly, interest rates will go up and house prices will go down.

I dont think the world is going to end because of California, Florida and Neveda. These are the states that are due for a huge correction. But Even where I live the houses would only lose half their total value to fall back in line with incomes.

Anonymous said...

- Britney will go back to rehab.

- Lindsay Lohan will get another DUI.

- Angelina Jolie will get pregnant.

- Justin Timberlake will create another POS CD with crappy music for brainless fans.

- Republican hicks in red states will run out of water.

- Republican crooks will continue to rape the planet.

Anonymous said...

Predictions for Next Year?

1. 50% property gains year over year

2. Soccer becomes the king of all sports in America

3. All illegals go back to Mexico

4. Oprah show cancelled for Good!

5. MTV cancelled for Good

6. Los Angeles starts importing hot chicks from Sweden instead of settling for multitdudes of Gorditas

7. World Peace!

Hey, even if none of these come to pass, I can dream can't I?

Anonymous said...

won't be Ron Paul or Richardson, the only 2 competent candidates out there.

Richardson was the clown who was Secretary of Energy during the whole Los Alamos fiascos of the 1990's. China stole all of our nuclear secrets and we lost several hard drives full of national security data. He also wants amnesty for the 30 million illegal immigrant invaders and believes in affirmative racism

ApleAnee said...

So many of you think that what is coming up in the next few months is going to happen to all the bad people. The chosen ones of HP who rent and eat gold for breakfast) believe that this somehow is going to happen to everyone else, and that the special, smart people are going to sit on the sidelines (with popcorn) and watch the crash happen to everyone else and take great glee in how right you all were about everything. You are fools.

Peter Schiff is the man. Not because Keith likes him, but because he is ALWAYS ahead of the game. He was an HP'er before there was HP. Schiff says we are a nation of Subprimes. All of us. LOL

You know, opinions are like a**holes, everyone here has one. You really want to know what is coming go and read:

Pay attention to the part about the Italians coming here to buy Italian shoes hahaha.

Anonymous said...

6% unemployment
6% reported inflation
2 more rate cuts
$4.50 gas (Mid-August)
Gold breaks 4 digits, oil deep into 3 digits
12 month inventory on homes
7 digit Wall Street bonuses

Anonymous said...

Iran gets attacked.

Congress gets burnt down just like the richstag was in the early Hitler years.

Team bush seizes power, eliminating congress because he can.

All people protesting will be put in already built secret jails that line the countryside.

The neocons get exactly what they wanted all along.

Welcome to the bush built scheitt sandwich. We have earned it.

Anonymous said...

California sinks into the sea making Arizona/Nevada the most valuable real estate in the country. An astraoid wipes out Holland and causes a flood of herion addicts to flee to England. Mexican drug lords pump super coke out for 20 dollars a gram and .. Oh wait they are already doing this.. Um.. Hillary Wins and once a month she unleashed hell on a differnt state.. lol

AndrewHac said...

Nothing is gonna change in the land of the Americano.

# SHRUB + SHOOTER still rule
# Americano is still a FAT-ASS nation

There you have it...

Anonymous said...


That picture looks like double penatration...

Anonymous said...

Predictions .

Lender bad loans passed to government backed loans .

Government gives huge loans to failing banks and investments .

Homes still go down another 10 to 20% .Some foreclosures can be had for 60% less than peak .

18% unemployment rate and stock market crashes 30 %

Feds will lower rates to 2% by the first quarter in 2009 .Prices on all good start to decrease .

No wars declared in near future .

Fall out from the housing ponzi scheme takes 10 years to correct with banks and investment houses making marginal profits .

Anonymous said...

Housing values drop even more, massive foreclosures.
Stock market crashes.
Gold goes ballistic
Government tries to confiscate but nobody turns it in. (fool me once...uhmm..ya can't git fooled again)
Militia wear becomes very fashionable.

Anonymous said...

I don't recall Congress giving American Express the right to print money ie. Traveler's Cheques.

Anonymous said...

I predict after the 2008 Olympics China will move more reserves out of U.S. dollars in response to a slowing U.S. economy. This will drive long term interest rates higher which will continue to slow U.S. housing and the economy.

Anonymous said...

Tribulation begins!!
US attacks Iran causing WWIII
Russia, China, Germany, U.K., Iran,
Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey
lead an assault against US on middle east soil.

We are all sinners and must ask the Lord for forgiveness!

Jesus Returns 2031!!!