November 30, 2007

And then the housing gamblers in the UK got the memo that the real estate casino was closing. Color up mates!

The London papers are ablaze today with the headlines of the housing crash now underway in the UK.

My only question - what the heck took 'em so long to come to their senses?

Blimey! Bollocks! Bugger!

Well, at least "Ponzi Scheme" is understood on both sides of the Atlantic.

House prices falling £65 a day

Fewer buyers and falling prices halt house boom

Is the roof falling in on the housing market?


Anonymous said...

only difference is they probably pronounce it ponzi sheem.

Anonymous said...

My wife held a Ginger bread house making class last night and few showed up, seems like the housing bubble is affecting Gingerbread houses also.

Anonymous said...

And should we have at some point, this one would come with a greasy flavor of cheap oil.

Anonymous said...

I thought the Europeans were too smart to do these kinds of things? I was told only Americans were dumb and greedy.

Alice Cook said...

the changing mood amongst the media has been dramatic. It has happened literally within the last month or so. One day, the papers are talking the usual crap about "up and coming areas"; a few weeks later, the papers are predicting a housing collapse.

So, when are you going to start your ukhousingpanic blog? I would also like to see someone set up a London housing crash housing blog. Go on, there must be someone out there ready to take the task on.


Anonymous said...

A ginger bread house is about the only kind of house I'd considering buying at this point.

Anonymous said...

Hey Keith,

Do you think the UK press will sport the headline:

'Wanker Yank Blogger predicts global housing crash years in advance?'

-Big Cheese