September 29, 2007

HP 2.0

I made a few sidebar improvements to HP that I thought some of the long-time readers would enjoy:

* HP Flash Poll - I'll be doing these polls every now to see what the word on the street is amongst the HP community. You can only vote once, and if you have an idea for a poll, put it in BUBBLETALK

* HP Newsreel - updated daily stories from google news on the housing crash, mortgage meltdown and dollar collapse

* HP Hot Links - Text link advertisers for the pub account. If you want to be an advertiser, send me an email for consideration.

* HP Blog Roll - now alphabetical (I know, I moved your cheese) but it was getting unwieldy. But great list I think from the bubblesphere, especially when you compare it to the lame-ass list at Paranoid Ben's Boring Blog. If you have a blog you want considered post to BUBBLETALK or send me a note

* HP Recommended - a few books from I think you should check out. Got any good new reads let me know

* Free Gold - Seriously, you all should go to, register, and they give you a gram of free gold. Take it, even if you never do any business with them. Go here, click register, and the offer code is "welcome"

* HP Funny Titles
- still having fun changing the name of the blog every day. Send me your ideas or post to BUBBLETALK. One day we'll go back to The Housing Bubble and Crash Blog with an Attitude Problem, but for now I think it's funny to mix it up

* HP Monthly Archive - want a blast from the past just click one of the months and take it for a spin. When you find a stupid realtor quote ("bubbles are for bathtubs") denying the bubble, post it to BUBBLETALK

Got any more suggestions send me a note, and hope you like the changes


DB said...

Don't you DARE make this blog any more addictive! (shaking finger)

Anonymous said...

Good changes especially the poll

Clicked some ads for ya

Guns, gold, ammo, dawgs said...

If you think having electronic possession of gold in some fantasy vault is owning gold then I have an electronic fantasy bridge I would like to sell you - cheap.

Owning PMs means having physical possession of the stuff. FOr those who cannoy quite grasp the concept the difference is akin to having cash in your wallet vs "money in the bank". As long as you buy with cash at local cash dealers or even through the mails you actually OWN the stuff and can do as you please later. Barter, sell (for cash), give to heirs.

This electronic stuff is as silly as a ammo vault that stores your electronic bullets.

Paul E. Math said...

I like the HP newsreel and the international content. I have a brother in Vancouver who is thinking of buying and I need the Canada-specific info to persuade him against it. Since I come to HP (and Prudent Bear) first, I usually don't have time to get to Canadian sites. There used to be a great Vancouver blog but the guy just up and shut it down with no explanation.

Anyway, I like the changes.

Anonymous said...

I like this blog very much a visit it a few times a day. Really like it.
BUT this poll "Will the stock market crash this October?" is too much.
Please be realistic. Yes the U.S.A. economy has serious problems but it's not gonna crash in the next 30days.

ocrealestate said...

Love the website. If you're looking to link to two very good regional blogs (orange county in southern california), I'd suggest the Irvine Housing BLog ( and South OC Real Estate tracker ( HousingPANIC is the best. Nice changes.

W.C. Varones said...

HP Recommended: Bubble Boy Greenspan and Shill Lereah.


W.C. Varones said...

Oops. Schiff, not Lereah.

Still, Greenspan?