August 11, 2007

You will remember these days of the Great Housing Crash and Mortgage Meltdown for the rest of your life


Anonymous said...


For the time is drawing near!

Anonymous said...


For the time is drawing near!

Watchout below said...

There's no bubble - ps wanna buy some tulips?

Uncle Ben will save us all we gotta do is start lowering the rate again....easy...oh yea cash falling from the sky helps too, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swan is a dangerous arragoant man, imo.

June 15, 2007: Questions answer why real estate license laws should be repealed

Is there any consumer interest that would not be better served by repealing the real estate licensing laws? Even if you wish to assert that the laws offer some benefits to consumers, can you argue that those benefits outweigh the damage done to consumers by those very same laws?

By Greg Swan

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ratman said...

Hillary Clinton and Barrack Osama want your tax dollars to bail out the flippers and lenders who caused this mess.

Ignorant Bystander said...

Keith, get a hold on yourself. It's alarming when our provocateur becomes sentimental.

Anonymous said...

In 1987 I was younger, but I remember the stock market crash.

From that they learned to slow things down maybe reducing the end of the range a little, trading curbs etc. Now the Fed is injecting to maintain orderly markets. That would mean the direction of movement will be the same, just take a little more time. Yes this does change the winners and the losers which is a shame because some won't get quite all that they really should have coming. If the Fed is not truthful and pumps to maintain nominal home values, the dollar will decline (unless most other CBs also inflate). The value of housing compared to the value of other "stuff" is too high so that will correct one way or another.

Since there are different ways for this to happen investing is a little complex. The second half of 2007 will be memorable, maybe not a crash day. Since it may not wait until Sept 21 it may be before the fall, but it looks to be the Fall of 2007.

The Fall of Housing Prices?
The Fall of Builders?
The Fall of Mortgage Companies?
The Fall of the USD?
The Fall of .....?

Stuck in So Pa said...

GOD! That "repo police" caught me off guard until I rewound to see that "repo" was only added in! This looks like the second eviction notice after some poor sheriff’s deputy winds up shot dead on a porch while just trying to do his job (and with the guns, hot headed emotion, and 'I deserve everything' mentality in this country, I see this coming.)

Think that's what the eviction squad will look like in the future? The assessors office and sheriff’s department will overreact in the extreme, word will get out that if they come to evict you they are coming in "armed, hot and heavy", equally armed FB's will cop an attitude as well, and the sh#t hits the fan! Just a worst case scenario, but not too unrealistic
here in the good ole U.S.A.

Mark in San Diego said...

That "for rent" loan office is right here in downtown SD - and the "historic photo" of the previous housing crashes (too many to post) is at the History Museum of San Diego. . .don't people ever learn?? oh. . .forgot, the schools are all "teaching to the test" for Bush's No Child Left Behind.

Anonymous said...


Back in my day, i wore an onion on my belt, cause that was the fashion at the time.......

Anonymous said...

Can anyone else hardly wait for the moment when distress and panic sink in and everyone turns their eyes to Washington for a primetime presidential address and Bush says "Let the markets work it out".

The following day Wall St. investment banks fire half their staff to rightsize. Consumer spending crashes. Businesses close left and right. Asset prices collapse. Homelessness and starvation explode. Yup, the market works itself out.

buyerwillepb said...


True Story.

Check out the pic at 00:48 in the video. A couple months ago, we went downtown in San Diego. Well, I drove around several blocks looking for a d@mn parking spot, and when I finally found one, it was right in front of that window saying, "For Rent" and "Now Hiring Loan Officers" "Inquire within."

I stood there laughing at it for a minute, and I told my wife, "Damn! I wish I brought the camera with me so I could take a picture of that window." :)

So I'm glad somebody got a snapshot of it. That one's just too good to not share with the world on internet.

:) Glorious.

Anonymous said...

I'd be safe and warm....if I was in L.A.!




area 51 said...

Man I love those Housing Crash videos!

Anonymous said...

was geo bush ever really 'there'?

burn baby burn said...

A guy I work with told me he as an adjustable rate loan ouch. He received the fore closer notice the other day. In Maryland you only have 14 days until the bank can take your house. His idea to get out of his mess; send in a bad check and in the time it takes to bounce he will be able make the money somehow. I think we have hit desperation folks. He is SOL because I will be out of town by the time he gets kicked out of his house so I will not be able to help him move out.

impeach all bush-co neo-cons said...

The slime bag years of G. Dumbya Bush, the greedy criminal a*s-wipe republican regime and GOP hitler-burg mass-media netwok of 9/11 BS, lies and civer-ups.

"And we all went down together"...

The USA 1776 - 2007

Thanks to all the stupid republican idiots and their "bush is jesus" christian sheep herders.

What a bunch of loosers. So sad.

HereWeGo said...

Here's a clip that just about sums it all up

also part 2 is very good, don't think I've heard it put quite so clearly.