August 20, 2007

Discredited REIC hack Nicholas Retsinas of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies gets slapped with cold hard housing reality

I guess now that the checks (and cash?) he was receiving from his failing REIC masters (homebuilders, lenders, etc) are bouncing, he feels like he should try to gain back some credibility and admit to the crash underway. Nick - nice try. Too late.

But still good progress since just a few months ago, when this discredited hack was calling HP'ers "Chicken Littles" and "Cassandras", and telling anyone who'd listen that the housing market would be A-OK.

Here's the hack a few months ago, perhaps at REIC gunpoint:

The headline hints of catastrophe: a dot-com repeat, a bubble bursting, an economic apocalypse. Cassandra, though, can stop wailing: the expected price corrections mark a slowing in the rate of increase - not a precipitous decline. This will not spark a chain reaction that will devastate homeowners, builders and communities. Contradicting another gloomy seer, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling.

Idiot. Guess Econ 101 wasn't part of his education.

Now here's Retsinas and his new post-crash spin:

"The housing market faced a series of body blows over the past year: overbuilding, overappreciation, investors, tightening credit and the subprime-loan implosion," said Nicholas Retsinas, director of the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. "No question, the last shoe to drop is going to be foreclosures."

Welcome to HP Retsinas. And oh, we're still waiting for an apology...


Anonymous said...

he'll apologize when Greg Swann apologizes


Anonymous said...

now that those checks are bouncing he can't afford to pay for s*x. poor douchebag, poor poor douchebag.

dagg said...

he got bitch slapped!!


The NAR check must have bounced so he turned on them.

Even Robert Kiyosaki (joke!) came out and said housing would go down (duh!) before this guy did and RK is an ex amway dropout!!!!

Damn when RK gets it right before you then you are the last retard off the short bus 4sure. Who hired this guy?!?

Anonymous said...


Abrey said...

Dear Keith: One issue that must eventually be raised is the MSM's abrogation of responsibility in this whole matter, in failing to hold all these rascals to accountability. Why was it only you that even bothered to ask the question about CFC CEO Mozarella's dumping of company stock this year? I haven't seen this yet anywhere in the MSM. Only mainstream reference I saw to date, was a link last week on implode-o-meter about some legal entity opening up an investigation with CFC. If it wasn't for the Internet the coming unwinding would be much worse.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas Retsinas, Greg Swann, Fox News. What's the difference?

They are all part of the propaganda arm of the right-wing noise machine.

Anonymous said...

poster boy for abolishing tenure.

Anonymous said...

If He had checked,He would have known cassandra was always right

just subprime???????? said...

It's because of Subprime!



I'm soooooo tired of hearing it's because of the Subprime market!!!


Ever heard of a FAILED economy under the leadership of G. dumbya bozo and the GOPee clowns?


Massive job losses. (hello??)

Reduced job wages.

Reduced sales commissions.

Maxed-out credit cards.

Higher transportation costs.

Higher energy bills.

Higher telephone bills.

Higher auto-repair bills.

No more home-equity loans.

Higher home payments.

Higher medical bills.

Higher education costs.

Higher insurance rates.

Businesses closing their doors.

Bush regime's dry-drunk war costs now passing 2 trillion dollars.

etc, etc, etc...

But hey, those damn subprime loans are causing Bush's growing economy to the brink of depression!

LMAO as always.

lets take to task said...

Lets put this asswipe to some shame. Post his email and an email of one reputable MSM editor and probably email of Harward dean or someone who cares for the reputation of Harward. Lets all as a group individually send emails of your post to the three and get ppl to realized what kind of scum hides under the cover of Names like Harward

Sixpercenter said...

Why is it that universities have "The blah-blah Center for Real Estate" as if it's some sort of scholarly enterprise. When it's just an extention of the REIC.

Why doesn't Harvard have a "Center for Asphalt" or "Center for Catnip Studies".

Anonymous said...

"Post his email and probably email of Harvard dean or someone who cares for the reputation of Harvard."

Kennedy School of Gov't, Harvard University

John Haigh, Executive Dean
Mary Jo Bane, Academic Dean

Nicolas P. Retsinas [or this], The Discredited REIC Hack Director of Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies

GreedKills said...

you memory serves you well Keith!

I think that when the MSM finally finds religion...or should I say honesty...they should hire you to run the show.

Anonymous said...


The Harvard 'Joint' Center?

They hiring?

Anonymous said...

What a Dork!

Anonymous said...

Is that a photo of dopes???

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann and Nick Retsinas are on Bush's payroll.