July 20, 2007

Olbermann on the idiocy and corruptness of staying the course, and the Worst President in the History of the United States

By the way, simple question, where are the war protesters?

Where are the encampments outside the White House? Where are the musicians? Where is the free press? Where is a single American who gives a damn?

The Great Housing Crash and the Great Iraq Debacle will be linked in time. And the Incompetent George Bush and Evil Dick Cheney will be seen as the engineers.


Nostradamus jr said...

First comes the bust

Then comes a Democratic landslide in '08 (the presidency, both houses of Congress) Eliot Spitzer named U.S. Attorney General; Freddy Krueger and Jason run like hell out of Wall St.

The U.S. then begins the long slog to emmulation of the stable European lifestyle. But paying off the creditors is going to be a b*tch. No more superpower status.

The Republican party becomes defunct and seeks to regroup under a new name.

postman said...

It's going to be hilarious when the Dems in Congress ram the Fairness Doctrine through. Olberman will be squealing like a stuck pig when karma bites him on the ass.

Anonymous said...


Andy Taylor said...

The protesters will arive shortly after conscription begins.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann, Sportscastin Hack!

truthsquad said...

they're out shopping for Chinese crap,watching mindless/endless TV,
stuck in numbing traffic, while driving ridiculous long distances to & from shit jobs, in gas guzzling Detroit junk to remote cookie-cutter subdivisions.
The rest are playing with themselves while porn-surfing the Net or stuffing themselves with cheap huge portions of corporate engineered "food".

Meanwhile the elite are enjoying the best period of Amerikan prosperity ever and accumulating riches and power beyond anything experienced before in human history.
The whole system has devolved into one massive circle-jerk.
Is this a great country or what?

Anonymous said...

Iraq and the Housing Bubble? That's quite a stretch. I'm sure some kooks will find a way to link them.

nimby said...

My oldest is 15 -- see ya in a couple of years if this drags out that long. Love to stay and chat, but I gotta go fill up my tank. Gotta go to the mall , ya know.

Anonymous said...

Our system of government is completely and totally broken.

Corruption and incompetence at levels never before seen in the White House down to the local city councils. Unbelievable arrogance from a person with the intelligence of a 2 year old.
The war, Katrina, Walter Reed, amnesty, gitmo, spying on US citizens, 0 accountability to anyone, cooking the economic books. I could continue this list for days. The Dixie Chicks had it right a long time ago.

I'm embarrassed to be American. I know that the world is laughing at you and me because we allow this to continue.

I doubt the damage that has been done the past 6 years can be repaired in my lifetime.

We must flush these turds!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry they'll be another black flag event b/f the next election.

Anonymous said...

"As heroes are idealized versions of our virtues, Dubya is the perfect personification of our every national failing. Our callowness and stupidity. Our smothering fear. Our sense of absolute entitlement to...everything...regardless of the cost to our planet and our children's future. Our CEO-culture’s desire to slide past doing as little as possible while being praised and paid as much as possible. Our hatred of and terror of the sick, the weak and the poor because they remind us of where a little bad luck could land us. Our lust to be the ass-kicking bully and not the faggy peacemaker. Our contempt not just for our own government, but for the history and sacrifice that gave us our democracy, and the true genius involved in balancing out the terrible forces and temptations inherent in the exercise of any coercive power so that we might avoid falling into one of tyranny’s many traps."



Louisville Real Estate said...

Interesting prediction nostradamus. I'm suprised you would even use the words "Attorney General" when attempting to make a statement about the left.

bankerbuster said...

You're looking straight down the barrel of a party re-alignment... on both sides.

Oh, and you ask where are the protesters, the musicians, etc? Well, how would you know where they are... since the corporate-controlled media won't tell you about them?

Try Austin TX, the front of the state capitol building, every saturday... for starters.

Or try http://actindependent.org/

Or maybe http://www.threeshoesposse.com

Or the Ron Paul events happening all over the place now - I got to talk to him, he's for real.

How about the Kennebunkport protest?

Also, search for "Ed and Elaine Brown."

Remember - controlled media = event blackout.

Anonymous said...

...'where are the war protesters?'...

Ha! You're kidding, right???

When there is NO DRAFT you have the populace perfectly content to remain stupid, distracted and at home fixated on their Playstations.

Letting someone ELSE bleed and die for their lethargy and ignorance.

There will never be any protests of substantial enough proportion to make any difference in this (U.S.) country.

Because no one has any sense of responsibility for ANYTHING.

Because nobody asks or makes them be part of society's great good.

Just go to Walmart and buy buy buy.

What a disgusting shadow of it's former self this country has become.

Anonymous said...

There are no protest because there isn't a draft. How do you think the streets would look like right now if we had conscription. There is a weird undercurrent going on right now in the USA. Once a national mood shifts all politicians can do is chase it.

deepcgi said...

Blame the common man this time. Greed and ignorance drove every single buyer.

The robin hood party would have done nothing to stop the credit bubble. It was evident immediately after the NASDAQ crash and before Bush took office.

Take from the rich, give to the government and make the poor subservient to the government is nothing noble. It is socialism. Socialism is strongly dependent on the ingenuity of other more capitalistic societies, generating new ideas and industries, to prevent the inherent laziness of the human race from driving it back down to totalitarianism.

For example, there is no human right to health care. It can cost up to 200,000 dollars a year to keep an AIDS victim alive. I'm sorry so many of the people with AIDS in Africa are poor, but that simply means they are out of luck. The richest on earth can afford to help with preventive medicine but not AIDS treatment for infected Africans. The poor are going to vote for for Robin Hood everytime. But Robin Hood can't afford to deliver it, so he will start by hiding the fact that there is such a thing as an AIDS treatment at all. And the deterioration of the common man's lifestyle begins.

This was the buyer's fault. The Reps may get the blame on election day, but the Dems will have no solution. Look at France, back under conservative control - right on schedule.

Anonymous said...

They are ALL a bunch of Jerks, not just GW!!! All our pols are selling us out and they have been doing it for years! Republicans and Dems alike are out to destroy the middle class for thier own intrests! F em all not just the Bushes!

Anonymous said...

There are no crowds of protesters because there is no draft. Remember, Americans are, above all else, self-absorbed. Those who are not in danger of being shot don't much care if someone else is.

As for the Republicans dying out, I think this country will need to undergo a derepublicanization process, much like the denazification of Germany after WWII.

decaffeinated said...

Let's edit a famous quote from (former) Senator Phil Graham for these contemporary times:

"When the Iraq debacle finally unwinds, voters will be hunting Republicans with dogs."

zoiks said...

That's a pretty good verbal rampage on the part of Mr. Olbermann. He's right on. Mr. Bush is a c@cksucker of the highest order. He'd leave this country a wasted wreckage if it benefited him. I wish he'd resign but he's too full of himself to do so. If he had any honor he'd commit sepaku.

sa said...

I used to be a republican, but after seeing how Bush and the last "conservative congress" had acted. I am not a republican anymore.

I believe Bush and his administration are very evil people. Evil, becasue they beleive in absolutisim.

Anonymous said...

Come on Keith, Olberman is a moron, don't lead with that guy.

Also, making claims about any President as the best of or the worst of is BS until at least 20 years post office.

Anonymous said...

There is No war protest because there is No Draft. It is as simple as that. Think about it. All of the noise and protests during the Vietnam war occurred because we had an ongoing war that involved a longstanding involuntary draft. That was the reason for the outrage. So, in essence, people were protesting the draft.
Fast forward to Iraq War 2003-and ongoing- We are in the midst of a Vietnam-like war but there is NO Draft. No Draft-No Protests.
When it comes down to it, most people just really care only about themselves, so if it doesn't concern them, America's attitude is "What night is Dancing with the Stars on?"

Anonymous said...

Absolutely laughable. Comparing Hilary Clinton to the jews in WWII just shows how out of touch with reality this guy is. Iraq is a mess, but it is nothing of the scale of Vietnam, WWII or North Korea. Go look up how many people died in those wars. Keith Olberman doesn't possess the common sense to understand this.

You and Keith Olberman are so shockingly stupid there really isn't much to say. George Bush was responsible for the housing mess? Are you freaking kidding me? Do you have any idea what you are saying? So I guess Bush forced Greenspan to lower rates and then made everyone buy overpriced housing, right?

Get a grip, anyone with an ounce of common sense will see right through this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

"Where are the protests" you ask? Simple - Americans are too self-involved to need to care -- which is the same reason why protests came about originally during Vietnam. But then, there was the draft -- the middle class and affluent protested only because they were looking out for their own self interest.
-Bay Area Blogger

keith said...

BTW, for the Faux News crowd, I do not blame George Bush, The Worst President Ever, for the housing bubble and housing crash

To do so would give him too much credit

But he was a bystander who did nothing as it happened

The one thing that he directly did though that played a role in the bubble was proclaiming his vision of an "ownership society" where the #1 goal was for everyone to own a home

And now we see how that all turned out

No, there are far far more guilty parties than ol' GWB. But he fiddled while Rome burned, that's for sure

Now Iraq, that's a whole 'nother matter

My point on this post regarding GWB is that Iraq and the Housing Crash will be linked in time, and GWB is the one constant.

History will not be kind

TM said...

Also, making claims about any President as the best of or the worst of is BS until at least 20 years post office.


What you say is sensible, but I think Dubya is a special case. History will likely be especially merciless to him.

Anonymous said...

Olbermann is a huge tool. Look at his dismal ratings. Get a clue. No one watches him. He's irrelevant. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Anonymous said...

The protesters will arrive shortly after constipation begins.

james said...

"There is No war protest because there is No Draft. "

Also, this is no longer 1970. To feel like you are being heard, you no longer have to go stand down in front of the capitol. How may people are reading what I'm writing right now? Granted, it would be more effective in the short run to have 50 million people bitching on the front steps of the capitol. Additionally, the point about the media blackout is true to a large degree. They're no going to show much that goes against what their owners don't agree with. Yeah, they'll show the 10 million person march, but the 1000 people down there on the odd day, no coverage.

Colonel Angus said...

The comments are almost as delusional as Olberman.

European lifestyle? Faggy peacemaker? Entitlement? Bully?

What fantasy world do these people live in?

Europe is tired of getting there ass kicked economicaly. Germany and other countries are lowering corporate taxes to compete with USA. Even the lowly French have elected a conservative pro business leader.

Bully? Hardly. Just rhetoric used by our allies that end up come crawling back asking for the USA's help and protection in a dangerous world where talk does nothing when you are dealing with mad men.

Entitlement? The only entitlement I see is the free ride illegal immigrants believe they deserve for invading our country.

If you really hate America this much move to Londonstan or Europe and enjoy.

Anonymous said...


Is this the fairness doctrine in action????

Anonymous said...

No the Fairness Doctrine was Dan Akroyd saying "Jane, you ignorant slut".

deepcgi said...

I can't believe all of the bleeding heart nonsense I'm seeing in here. Iraq is a successful walk in the park compared to Vietnam or Korea. And 911 was a sucker punch by drunk college students compared to what could be coming.

The world is far more complex than the media portrays it.

The iraq war was not illegal. Saddam violated the Gulf War Cease-Fire agreement with the US over 300 times. We could have marched in and stomped on his head at any time - even without 1441. France, Germany and Russia were openly violating the Oil-for-Food program and keeping him rolling in cash. Any violation could have lost them their voting rights to oppose action in Iraq.

Six of the top ten largest oil companies in the world are Russian and the other four are Middle Eastern. In fact, Rosneft and Lukoil (both Russian) together control more oil than all of the American Oil Companies combined. Kissing up to the American Oil Companies will get Bush nowhere. If the Democrats don't kiss up to them, they'll find themselves kissing up to Putin instead.

The world's richest man is not Bill Gates. The oil sheiks in the Middle East are so rich that Fortune magazine doesn't even count them. The sheik of Ohman is so wealthy we can't decide if the wealth is truly his or is simply the gross national product of the entire country.

Iraq not only didn't have WMDs when we got there, but was, in fact, wiped sparkling clean. The traditional munitions facilities were trashed and falling apart, but the modern factories had been meticulously emptied and cleaned. The only chemicals we detected in those were Formula 409, Windex and just a hint of Pinesol.

Wake up people. The world is complicated. By the time the DOW hit 10000 for the first time, we were already screwed.

Anonymous said...

very interesting to see the Pentagon and administration counseling "patience" to let the troop surge work....they weren't very big on patience back in March 2003.


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Anonymous said...

Also, making claims about any President as the best of or the worst of is BS until at least 20 years post office.


What you say is sensible, but I think Dubya is a special case. History will likely be especially merciless to him.


I dunno, people seem to view Carter as being a good president. Carter was a good man but a terrible president.

Anonymous said...

"What you say is sensible, but I think Dubya is a special case. History will likely be especially merciless to him."

That'll only happen if there's a huge rebound in the American (plus world's ) economies during the 2015-2025 time frame, that's not entirely another boom/bust asset bubble. If the economies continue on a huge bear market, starting next year, then whoever is in charge of the boat will be considered a mediocre President which'll simply make Dubya a part of a longer continuum of mediocrity across the board.

Anonymous said...

"The sheik of Ohman is so wealthy we can't decide if the wealth is truly his or is simply the gross national product of the entire country."

That's for that clarification. I was getting sick of everyone talking about Bill Gates being the world's richest, as if the shares of MSFT were the end all in one's economic power. If BG were to ever cash in on those shares, within a short time frame, the market will half his wealth within a few trading sessions.

Personally, I like the real power of Crown Prince (now King) Abdullah of Saudi who controls a huge chunk of that nation's GDP as well as its political seat. Oh and BTW, he's a full blown dictator; no one can challenge that power.

McNamara Policy said...

Is this a blog about the housing market or some shill for democrats website.

Make up your mind Keith.

Mr. Ciggie Butt said...

Troll warning !!!
I warned you.

Let's see:

1. Cash out of the housing bubble and convert cash to Euros. Reality check 1.38 Dollar for one Euro (ouch!)


2. Move to Europe with the peace-lovin "fags"


3. Dump the car for public transportation and the bike.


4. Walk everywhere - stay slim


5. Take my dog along with me and my girlfriend to restaurants and stores


6. I can still smoke here Yippee cough, cough, cough, cough - mmm Tobacco goodness mmmm!


7. Laugh at screaming fascist knee-jerk "Bush supporterz" claims that I'm a traitor while they hypocritcally castigate all who disagree with their destruction of our Constitution, illegal war and war profiteering!

Let me know when you all have figured out how to bring Demuacrucy to them Iraqis and peace to the world!

- Oh yeah this was s'posta be a housing post, Sorry!

Gotta get back to my ciggie butts