July 24, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

If you had to vote for any of the announced candidates for President of the United States today, who would get your vote?

Extra Credit: Do you think the housing crash, terrorism or Iraq will be the top concern on Americans' minds in November 2008?


fredw said...

Iraq and the incompetence shown in the lack of planning for the occupation , Katrina and its aftermath , and the housing debacle all have similar core issues of incompetence, cronyism and flat out lies to the American people..... but do folks pay attention , connect the dots and will they respond in kind ? At the end of the day , the family that has lost their home will remember every day that they don't have a home.... so I have to go with the housing debacle as the issue for 2008.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul

Housing Crash

transpolitical confusion said...

What a tough question! The past 6 years has made it VERY difficult to support a republican, but the liberal’s take on the amnesty thing really chaffs my hide. Can I have Al Gore back? I’d happily take the Tin Man over any of the official candidates.

Failing that question, I’ll cast my vote for Iraq as the issue of the decade. No one died (accidentally) because someone took out a stupid loan or because some immoral pigs stole big corporate bucks. Note that suicide is not accidental!

BTW, it seems to me that Iraq has completely overtaken Vietnam as the U.S.’ greatest pseudo-military blunder ever. Thoughts? Can the U.S. screw anything up any worse?

Anonymous said...

You think for a minute George and Dick intend to allow a graceful transfer of power? Welcome to the land of the Unitary Executive "King" where the wars are never ending and the country is a land of men.

Anonymous said...

NO. I dont think Iraq or the Housing Crash will be the big issues. I think the top concern in November 2008 will be "Who is America's next Top Chef?"
And as far as candidates are concerned, whatever happened to Lindon LaRouche?

Guy Laughing at the Flippers

Anonymous said...

I've voted in every election since '76, but this time I really could care less who wins in '08. None of the Rs or Ds are leaders, equal to a FDR or Reagan. I feel disconnected from the charismatic types like Obama (there aren't any charismatic Republican candidates).

My state is being overrun by lefties from Kolyfonia who build gaudy McMansions without any concern for the history of the area or its architecture. They act like our rural governments are there to serve them and demand services out of laziness not true need. Slowly but surely they are destroying the self-reliance ethic and replacing it with taxpayer-funded "solutions" for problems that never existed before they came.

They will elect Hillary, Obama, or hell maybe even both. Screw 'em, I've got about twenty years left on this dust ball and they can have it.

Anonymous said...

Face it, Their all Worthless!!

sniffinator said...

Ron Paul is the only vote

the iraq war should be center stage unless something is done before the elections

TM said...

I think the big issue will be some election year manufactured BS, like a flag-burning amendment or gay marriage or some other "Fiddle-While-Rome-Burns" type of issue. That's just how we roll in the good old U. S. of A.

I really don't want to think about voting for any of the current crop of candidates.

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson.

Housing is a non-issue for 95% of the public.

raynla said...


I would have to honestly say that as an African American and a Democrat, in America with both white and Native American blood. I would love to see Barack Obama as President of the United States. But when it comes to the issues affecting me and my other fellow Americans today, I feel that Ron Paul has what it takes to lead this country and make significant changes that will affect us all in a positive way.

Ron Paul 08


W.C. Varones said...

Fred Thompson.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ron Paul. Already donated twice. Former McCain supporter.

I voted for Bush the second time around because I wanted Iraq to be a success. But I'm coming to the conclusion the problem is Iraqis themselves. No amount of money is going to stop them from murdering each other. I'm disgusted at the Turks too. They're massing their army for invasion when we withdraw -- they were counting on our failure all along. All the neighbors just want the oil...Saudis make me puke and I fart in their general direction.

Then there is the big government spending and the immigration issue. Harriet Meyers for supreme court. Immigration is going to have a more adverse effect on this country than the war.

Throw in housing crash and the fiat money too.

UN bozos.

Goes on and on ... the leadership in this age is simply amazing. ( sarcasm )

Anonymous said...

Hillary gets my vote because I think she is the only candidate that can effectively bridge between the poorest Americans and Wall Street. She is quite respected on both ends of the spectrum. I work in the Wall Street community and it's been a little amazing to see how much respect she is commanding from that crowd.

I think the biggest election issue will be none of the above. Actually, I think it will be a combination of bread-basket economic issues: inflation, health care costs, energy costs and rising unemployment.

I travel around the heartland a lot. I'm just amazed at how many formerly vital small towns in America have come to depend on three main sources of revenue: 1) colleges; 2) government; and 3) retirees. There are as many boarded up factories, stores and homes as are open. I don't think anyone fully grasps how ridiculous the American economy has become, in part because its great past momentum still turns the flywheel. But it's seriously losing steam.

Anonymous said...

There's a election? when?

Anonymous said...

I remember the G H Bush race after the Reagan balloon. All the economy bashing and worry mongering that occurred during debates and TV advertisement changed consumer sentiment.

Then we had four years of cutting back the military and government spending, fixing all that was broken and were flung into a terrible recession.

Does anyone else remember, or are we all blinded by the golden gravy train of easy money?

To me this is much worse as the last economic bubble was not national or global as this on clearly is.

Sure, it may be that we are in store for more inflation, but eventually the bears will win a round, they always do.

Metroplexual said...

Bill Richardson. Hands down!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul

followed by:
Barack Obama
Mike Gravel

followed by:

Anonymous said...

The top concerns of Americans in 11/2008 will be NASCAR, the playoffs, Barry Bonds, air headed celebrities, gay marriage, prayer in school and reality TV. ...you know, like really important stuff.

polizeros said...

1) All of them seem bad choices to me. My prediction, the Dem ticket will be Clinton / Obama.

Guliani will get knocked out because of his business dealings, The Religious Right won't tolerate Romney, and McCain has already knocked himself out.

If Bloomberg run as an independent, everything changes.

2) Subprime and the war

Bobby Cabert said...

Bush won't be running for Pres again so it won't matter. The Republicans who can distance themselves furthest from the BushAdmin will have a chance. The Democrats will run the Hitlery/Osama ticket to get the miscreant vote.

Anonymous said...

Bush is losing the War of Terror. Leave it to intelligent people to fight the Islamofascist cavemen

Anonymous said...

ron paul

and if doesn't win, i think HP should start protesting the war and then we can see if they go over to britain and arrest keith for being a terrorist sympathizer.....and running a anti war blog....

Veronica Lodge said...

If you had to vote for any of the announced candidates for President of the United States today, who would get your vote?

As Paul Simon once said, "Laugh about it, shout about it, when you've got to choose, every way you look at this you lose."

The destruction of the USA is well underway. There is no need for rigging elections anymore, because it no longer matters which candidate wins. The insiders controlling our "elected" officials remain in power election after election.

Extra Credit: Do you think the housing crash, terrorism or Iraq will be the top concern on Americans' minds in November 2008?

The great increase in terrorism will be America's only concern as its citizens beg to be stripped of their constitutional rights in exchange for security.


decaffeinated said...

Al Gore.

$4/gal gas.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul, housing crash

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only sane choice. He is the only person capable of leading us through the coming economic meltdown.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul

Extra Credit: None of the above.

nov 2008 is a long time from now. There will be something else occupying people's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Gotta hope Mary Carey tries for president after failing in her bid for the governorship of California. Bad news coming from a porn star seems more appealing than the drivel of a smug twit on vacation half the time. Or is it all the time?

The Project Manager said...

Ron Paul.

For homedebtors, the crash will be foremost on their minds. For bitter renters, it might be the threat of a draft if the wrong candidate wins.


Anonymous said...

Bill Richardson. He is the most qualified. Was a US Ambassador to UN and Energy Secretary under Clinton. He has experience in international diplomacy and was able to revent most dangerous international conflicts.

Anonymous said...

To the wall street guy:

American industry has become this ridiculous BECAUSE of government.

Hillary will do at least 3 things:
1. hillary-care
2. bail out housing
3. free and open borders (ie. no more USA)

This means less industry and even more reliance on govt. The very thing you're complaining about.

serindippity said...

They act like our rural governments are there to serve them and demand services out of laziness not true need.

exactly. These liberal idjits haven't learned that local governments aren't there to provide services to people, they're there to funnel them Big State's dollars into our local church-goin all-white bisnissmen's pockets. That's what's great 'bout Amerikuh.

David in JAX said...

1) Ron Paul

2) Unfortunately, I believe the MSM will force universal healthcare to be the major issue of the election. Iraq will be #2.

proud2bGringo said...

immigration is one of the top issues right now. i want all illegals deported and the borders secured.
i also want us to pull out of iraq.
then i would like to see fiscal sanity. bonus: no more special interest groups.

borkafatty said...

Personally I hate them all..but I do like Ron Paul's commentary.

And as far as Americans go as to what is on their minds, A few things come to light:

American Idol:
So you think you can Dance:
More Credit Cards:
Paris Hilton:

Remember stupid People love company thats why Americans are so resilient, one stupid person after another...Hmm you think we have already been Cloned?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul? Um yeah, OK. I thought this was a serious question. If Ron Paul is an option then my vote will be for Daffy Duck.

Just say no to Hitlery said...

Fred Thompson.

Hitlery in the whitehouse again is a thought that makes me want to puke.
The only reason wall street gives her any attention is because she's a NYC senator and they have to kiss her butt.

Keyser Soze said...


Iraq War/Terrorism

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter whom you elect. The shadow government runs the government: always has alway may.

Woodrow Wilson spoke of this and said that you must not speak above a wisper about it; HE thought it existed. The public forum is disinformation thinly disguised as the evening news.

Karl said...

Ron Paul. I'm going to campaign for him in the primaries, and have never done that before (let alone vote in primaries). I got my picture with him in SC. There is still a remnant that believes in small government and individual _responsibility_.

I can see Iraq/Iran being made an issue, as well as - unfortunately - socialized health care. The left can spin that to say high health care is making people lose their houses etc. Let's have more govt control yada yada yada. Let's have more "managed trade", higher taxes...

fish said...

It has to be Hillary in 2008!

Remember that the only real purpose of a president is to burnish the reputation of his/her predecessor!

The current occupant of the White House may have been the only man on earth to make Bill Clinton look like a statesman! By that rationale Hillary is the only person who be elected!

Cheetah said...

Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse
Ru Paul

Any of the above would be an improvement.

mrmx said...

ron paul.

issue? oil -> russia, iran, iraq, venezuela.

honica jewinski said...

Well, people do have a choice. On the one hand, you have the very best of what the demoncrats have to offer in Hillary Clinton, Obama Bin Laden, ect. On the other, you can take your pick between a couple of the republisatans. The tough part of the decision making process is this....... Do you want jew puppet A or B? Think carefully, because that is exactly what you'll be getting. Afterall, whatever AIPAC wants, AIPAC gets!


Anonymous said...

1. Al Gore
2. Bloomberg
3. Ron Paul

Issues: War, Depression, Outsourcing, Deficit, Dollar Crash, Healthcare, Global Warming.

Anonymous said...

If I HAD to, in order if what's available:

Al Gore
John Edwards

Anonymous said...

ron paul: as a libertarian who refuses to reward the major parties for fixcing the ballot i normally refuse to vote for republicans or democrats but since paul got into congress against the will of the republican machine i'm happy to support him.

Anonymous said...

don't have an answer on the extra point. here in the uk the crash is what will cook brown's goose.

Paco Bell said...

Like "we" get to pick the "president."


Anonymous said...

RON PAUL gets me vote. Anti War from the start. Understands the dollar crisis. Knows the gestappo evil of the IRS. Ron Paul is a REAL American.

why not them other losers:

NOT Obama- manchurian candidate 60s liberalism.

NOT Hillary- her fake accents and Marxist policies

NOT Edwards - filthy scum trial lawyer

NOT Guiliani - facist egomanic

NOT McCain - Amnesty moron, egomaniac

NOT just yet Romney - good guy, but secret ties to Bushes and could flipflop on amnesty

Maybe Fred Thompson, but he won't say where he stands

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul for President
"The Hidden Tax" (inflation) the issue.

Lindsey said...

Obama, unless there's a lever for NOT HILARY

And I'm a liberal feminist Democrat, so I'm her target audience

I hope Gore runs. He should have been allowed to serve when he won, 9/11 probably never would have happened on his watch. Gore would have read his memos rather than going on vacation. Think of all the people, all the soldiers and civilians, who would still be alive today.

Anonymous said...

9/11 wouldn't have happened with Gore? Honey, please pass whatever it is youre smoking over. Clinton/Gore had 8 years to kill Osama after the 1st WTC attack and did nothing.

My only hope is that like most feminists you are a lesbian and will not reproduce.