July 16, 2007

From "Flip this House" to "Get Me Out!!"

Instead of another fraud-filled A&E "Flip This House" episode, isn't it time for a housing-crash reality TV show? Here's a few titles, feel free to lend a hand:

"Get Me Out!"

"But Suzanne Researched It!"

"The Big Housing Con"

"Money Pit"

"Flip This"

"Failed Flippers"

"Foreclosure or Bust"

"Short Sale"


"Mortgage Fraud Mayhem"

and "Housing Panic!" (of course)


Anonymous said...

my flip flopped.

shtove said...

Depending on your taste, there may be entertainment in it. But would it really get an audience? Too gloomy.

Quark said...

How about "Flip this Burger!" for the morons who bought into the fantasy?

james dean said...

Anyone see room 1408? Remember the lilting song We've only just begun by the Carpenters? It was given an eery tone in Room 1408 and I am reminded of that song every time I read about the housing bust underway.

People in DC say things aren't that bad. ...YET

Rates are still low but every other country is raising core rates to protect their currency. Building supplies (wood down 40%) are falling in price even with the Far East in 08 Olympics, building bubble mode. The U.S. economy is still delaying the inevitable recession and build-down of federal spending and war funding. 99% of mortgages have not reset yet. Lending has not been tightened in any significant way yet, the illegals have not given up the ship and gone home, the physcology shift is so far limited to the smart money folks. Tax codes have not been tightened on capital gains or mortgage deductions; the AMT is only beginning to hit Mr/Miss FBer; and property tax accessments are still phasing in. And DC prices are already down 15% for comparable properties.

In other words, 15% down and the closet full of shoes haven't even started dropping. When all the shoes have dropped, we will know it. Flip this House will have gone the way of Charles in charge. The 600K (once 700K house) house will go the way of the tulip bulb. Priced nice at 350K; still ample room for builders and pre-2002 owners to profit nicely.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen this show?
A sugar coated peak inside the ponzi scheme.
Makes me sooooo glad I didn't buy in '05.

Anonymous said...

Reality show title:
"Eight Isn't Enough"
Subtitle...Mexicans living here to cover the ARM payment.

I've been Suzanned said...

"I've been Suzanned".

Each show they interview couples were the man was pressured by his nagging wife and realtor to buy more house than they could afford.

They will do "Were are they now?" segments on previous couples being interviewd that will show the wife left him high and dry as soon as the house went into forclosure.

Anonymous said...

LauraVella said: I just went to the Realtor.com website. I like to keep up to date what prices are in other areas of CA. After typing in a zip code, a survey pops up of about 10 questions regarding the RE market. One question asked what percentage the market will go down this year-I replied - 20%. It's great. Check it out.

If RE always goes up, why do they want to know what I think?http://www.realtor.com/

Anonymous said...

There was a time when TLC (The LEARNING Channel) wasn't half bad? I don't know if anybody remembers "Ed and Joe" (The Furniture Guys?) It was little 1/2 hour show done on a shoestring budget that was both educational AND entertaining. They used to go "dumpster diving" and do creative things with cast aside items.

Well evidently we don't have TIME for that amy more! Apparently TLC is fastly encroaching on HGTV to become "all real estate... all the time"! No more variety, no more "adventure". For chrissakes, how many episodes of re-doing bathroom tile can we watch!?


Paula said...

I'm sure viewers (especially those badly stung in the housing market) must find the existing shows too painful to watch.

It is odd, isn't it, that there's no new reality shows featuring the many housing moments of high emotional voltage. There's the heartbreak of foreclosure auctions, the family panic when the mortgage broker wage earner faces jail, the repossession of realtor Lexis' and Hummers...well, the list of perfect TV scenarios does go on.

But then...where would Century 21 place their commercials? You know, the ones where "Suzanne researched this" and the gold jacket means "a standard"?

g said...

You forgot the obvious: Drowning in Debt.

Anonymous said...

Anon said:"didn't buy in '05".

Lauravella said: kinda has a nice ring to it

Keyser Soze said...

I think the theme song for this housing crash s/b:
'Bring Me To Life'

It's a cool song...even for us oldies!

kevin said...

Instead of "Property Ladder".. "Property Slide"?

blogsurfer said...

OK, Tori on "Flipping Out" is FABULOUS. It’s about time that I wrote something here instead of just reading, so here goes: does anyone know where to find her? I think she must be in LA? I can’t wait to hear what she says next.