July 17, 2007

Even Australia's talking about the US housing crash now

Video from down under on the US housing crash and subprime meltdown. Love the accents.

Ha-choo! Oh, sorry, was that the US catching a cold?

Only issue I have is that people think that subprime and Alt-A liar's loans went to "dodgy" or poor people. Memo to world: These loans also went to flippers, liars and conmen who gamed the system, stole the money, and have happily walked away, with hedge funds, China and retirees holding the bag.

hat-tip to the always spot-on housingdoom blog for the video


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showmenouns said...

Great ending:

Virginia: That sounds pretty brutal. Thank you Steven.

Steven: You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

The Auzzies refuse to buy U.S. debt, which means they're terraist sympathizers which means they get it next!

Gomer pile said...

I'm strangely attracted to her, don't know why. I think she has a pretty mouth.

Anonymous said...

Did Kylie cut her hair?

Anonymous said...

Whirlpool Effect:

Polite way of saying the credit markets are going into the toilet!

Anonymous said...

Funny the comments are so mocking.

The truth is the United States made credit so cheap...and unlike the rest of the free world...refuse to hike interest rates.

Our dollar, is now weak, when, days past, way stong.

This is but a minor illustration of what may come to fruition.

How is this funny?

The G-8, er, G-7, can finacially dispose of unsound decisions?

I do not know the answers, but I am willing to ask the questions.

From questions, come solutions...

Remember...they want a WORLD market...THEY are in YOUR backyard.

No matter...USA, Japan, Russian, China, Britian, France, South Africa, Dufar, Libya, Turkey, Switzerland...etc...no matter...

A world market. Why did I not see this coming?

Please comment kindly and advise a confused friend.


Anonymous said...

I'm Australian, and that guy's accent sounds funny to me too - I think it's an Adelaide accent?

The presenter's voice sounds "formal" but otherwise normal to me.

Notice that unlike US "newstainment" there were no swooshing sounds, distracting graphics or fluttering flags, and they weren't SHOUTING.

Go to finance.yahoo.com and click on the FOX NEWSTAINMENT media clips and you'll see what I mean. They SHOUT the "news". They must all be deaf? Also, no depth, no analysis - what iTulip calls "The Zombie Media".

The good thing about ABC is that it's free-to-air and broadcast nationally - (there are only a few free-to-air channels), so lots of people are "informed".

Unfortunately, the commercial broadcasters (Channel 7, 9, 10) have very low standards and are not much better than FOX/CNN.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Adelaide and the accents sound pretty normal to me - dont know what the problem is.