June 05, 2007

Ron Paul on the Daily Show

Watch the video here

You know, it would seem the GOP would learn from Ron Paul's popularity with HP, the online community, youth and political independents and centrists.

Low taxes
Low spending
Follow the constitution
Limited government
Non-interventionist foreign policy
Separation of church and state

In other words, nothing like the current Republican or Democratic parties.

I hope some of you catch the GOP debate tonight and vote in all the online polls. You know, spam them like the mindless sheep you are.

At one point, the MSM is really gonna take notice of Ron Paul. Maybe after the Q2 funding numbers come in.
Ron Paul - media darling. Just wait.


RJ said...

With nearly $60 trillion in national debt including unfunded liabilities, RP is the only candidate in the debates willing to take on the issue. What he has to say is simple. Our health care and social security obligations are now completely out of control. If we don't drastically cut those commitments, we are going to bankrupt our government. This message has been trumpeted by David Walker, Comptroller of the U.S. and economists such as Dr. Kotlikoff who published a paper for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis entitled,"Is the United States bankrupt?"
But Congressman Paul does not advocate simply and thoughtlessly slashing government programs or services. He has stated two things:
1. We should phase out government entitlement programs to allow Americans to adjust.
2. We should open up private competition to certain government services.

Those seeking to cling to government largess will strongly oppose this message. Unfortunately, there's no escaping the reality that we will:
a) have to keep borrowing until servicing our debt eats up the major portion of our federal budget. Assuming we can keep borrowing at the current rate of several billion dollars per day.
b) have to increasingly monetize the debt and suffer economically debilitating inflation.
c) have to cut most of our entitlements and live within our means.

BTW, "Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq" and "Blowback" should be read by anyone serious about understanding the costs and consequences of our government's foreign policy.

I am a conservative, an independent and believe we should use overwhelming military force when we are directly threatened. Just want to preempt the charge of being a liberal, commie, appeaser.

shtov said...

Your link made me search around the site for the interview - good laugh - and Stewart is a good interviewer. But Paul, for all his ideas, doesn't punch through.

Get rid of the bloated presidency, and let guys like this have a shot a real authority.

ItsMe said...

Pls contact rp hq and ask to do an 'email interview' with ron. You can ask the usual questions we all want to know. like will he abolish the fed? (separation of economy and the state?)

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe after he is on the Daily show his poll numbers may hit whole numbers. Dare to dream wingnuts.

Face it idiots, someone who is on the side of Al Qaeda and believes in abolishing the military is not going to win.

Anonymous said...

I watched the CNN response meter during the whole debate. Ron Paul dominated. Frequently hitting +10 (the highest)

Giuliani never hit +10
McCain was in the negative most of the time.

The best part was when CNN's Candy Crawling, claimed McCain was doing the best.

They don't even listen to their own results!

Anonymous said...

After watching Dr. Ron on The Daily Show and in the debates, I contributed to his campaign.

He's the only candidate I can stomach.

Anonymous said...

The jewels don't like Ron Paul because he is anti-inflation. That is why the news silences him and the Neo-con-hijacked repubs hate him.

Ron is a gem. Gems are a hedge against inflation

Anonymous said...

Someone just posted a nice compilation of Dr Paul's responses at tonight's N.H. debate on the tube:


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what I really care about is whether Ron Paul will make NASCAR the official sport of the USA.

Anonymous said...

f'n funny, ron paul is leading the cnn web feedback by a large margin.

Anonymous said...

>> NASCAR the official sport...

(Giggling). NASCAR a sport? You mean like baseball & golf?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is the only true traditional conservative republican in the election.

Anonymous said...

This guy would have opposed going into WW2. Thanks but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Another $100 for Ron Paul

Bitter Renter said...

The only things that distinguishes libertarians from conservatives are sex and drugs. In every other way their market-cultist, selfishness-driven worldview is the same.

We live in a SOCIETY. Some of us have progressed to the point of being CIVILIZED enough to approve devoting a small amount of the wealth to be shared so many don't have to suffer. Then there's the savages of the conservative and libertarian world who want a return to the dog-eat-dog, every man for himself attitude.

Well, that is until they need something and then they ALL turn into raving lunatic socialists. Seen it a hundred times. And the "market" often fails which is why this blog exists in the first place. The selfishness and greed that are at the heart of the libertarian and conservative ideologies have infected the housing "market" driving the philosophy of this blog.

Bitter Renter said...

And please, calling someone "Dr." does not make them worthy of any more respect or their give their positions more credence. You sound like the idiots calling into The Savage Nation and calling that homeless ranter host "Dr. Savage".

"Dr. Paul". What a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ron Paul is a doctor. Get over it.

Bitter Renter said...

So was Bill Frist but it didn't make him any more of a credible politician. He thought Terry Schiavo was going to jump out of bed and start performing "Riverdance". And even that bloaed republican windbag wasn't referred to as "Dr." out of pretense.

Anonymous said...

bitter renter is the stupides person on this blog and that includes the trolls

Bitter Renter said...

Coming from an anonymous I'll take that as a compliment.