June 24, 2007

Don't realtors know they're SHOUTING and RUDE when they spell out their name as REALTOR? Are they truly this STUPID?

Just another pet peeve of mine about our REALTOR friends, who are probably the worst marketers I've ever seen. I truly think the NAR is run by MONKEYS.

Note to REALTORS: If you're INCOMPETENT, if you're UNEDUCATED, if you LIE and DISTORT and CON in order to earn BIG FAT COMMISSIONS, you might want to take it down a notch and appear humble and nice, not CONFRONTATIONAL, ARROGANT and OBNOXIOUS. Enough with the SHOUTING. You aren't even a real PROFESSION.

So lose the ALL-CAPS. It just makes people laugh at you EVEN MORE.


Oops, I mean IDIOTS.


The Thinker said...

I don't know that the real estate agents are to blame for the housing bubble. Of course they try to market their product in the best light possible.

Anonymous said...


Paul E. Math said...

I never thought about that one before but now that you've pointed it out I completely agree. Perhaps I never noticed because I avert my eyes in disgust whenever I see their pushy and abrasive logo.

Anonymous said...

Um yes they are thats why we are here laughing at them.


Anonymous said...

Those new Century 21 commercials--where various Suzannes try to explain in vague but warmly fuzzy sentence fragments what the "gold jacket means"--make the point brilliantly. Six percent for THAT?

Anonymous said...

One reason I took myself out of the buyer pool is because Realtors talk rudely to me. They call me names like, "a fence sitter", and they try to scare me into buying by saying things like, "better buy now before prices go up", and a Host of other things. Why do they treat their customers so badly? This is one reason I am no longer a customer.

Frank R said...

Yes they are truly terrible marketers.

As a marketing consultant I had a firm ask me about photos on business cards and I said "HELL NO!" I explained how it's become a stereotype of realtors and that a classic-style card, like lawyers have, is seen as much more professional.

Another consultant told them the exact same thing, and in spite of our advice, they still plastered their dumb big smile fake whitened teeth photos all over their cards.


Anonymous said...

i think they capitalize it so that they can spell it correctly, as that is not their forte.

their keyboards probably have a "REALTOR" button so as not to misspell it in the listing descriptions, contracts, etc.

what is the origin of realtor anyway?

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Anonymous said...

Any Realtor with the ethics(hardworking) probably doesn't have time to blog,or is so busy making a living that they pretty much don't post.I have met a few.Then their are the realtors that sit in their offices,and debate with each other as to why nobody comes thru their doors to buy.I have heard them blaming the buyers.Then there are trolls.They blame Bloggers.Do we deserve the credit for slowing the housing Market?Come on.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ June 24, 2007 5:16 PM

I've been refered to as a "bottom feeder" and have realtors tell me my low offers would insult the sellers. Many of the houses I put offers on a year ago are still on the market, never sold or eventually sold for about what I offered many months later.

The 1st thing I do now before making any offer is to ask the scum bag realtor if the will work with me and negotiate commission. If they're not game they loose.

Anonymous said...

Home Sales Drop, Consumer Spending Gains: U.S. Economy Preview

By Bob Willis

June 24 (Bloomberg) -- Home sales dropped last month to a four-year low and consumer spending picked up, signaling the housing recession isn't rippling through the economy, reports this week may show.

Combined purchases of new and previously owned homes fell to an annual rate of 6.897 million, the fewest since April 2003, according to the median forecasts of economists surveyed by Bloomberg News. Americans spent 0.7 percent more on goods and services last month, a gain not exceeded since January 2006, another report may show.

The spending report may also show that, for the first time in three years, inflation slid within the Federal Reserve's preferred range. Still, policy makers will hold the interest rate target unchanged when they meet this week and will maintain that inflation remains their biggest concern, economists said.

``The U.S. economy, ex-housing, seems to be showing strong signs of recovery, which will prevent the Federal Reserve from lowering interest rates any time soon,'' said Eugenio Aleman, a senior economist at Wells Fargo & Co. in Minneapolis.

A report tomorrow from the National Association of Realtors may show sales of previously owned homes fell to an annual pace of 5.972 million in May from 5.99 million a month earlier, according to the median estimate of economists surveyed.

The following day, the Commerce Department is forecast to report new homes sold at a 925,000 annual rate, down from April's 981,000 pace.

``We haven't seen the bottom yet for home sales,'' said Ellen Zentner, a macroeconomist at Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. in New York. ``Housing will continue to be a drag on growth.''

Builder Losses

Homebuilders also see no relief. Hovnanian Enterprises Inc., New Jersey's largest homebuilder, last month reported its third consecutive quarterly loss as sales plummeted, it cut prices and wrote off land options.

``Without a doubt, things have slowed since about March,'' said Ara Hovnanian, the builder's chief executive officer, in an interview June 18. ``There is not a recovery that is about to happen.''

The projected gain in consumer spending last month would follow a 0.5 percent increase in April, the Commerce Department's June 29 report is forecast to show. Personal income probably rose 0.6 percent, after dropping 0.1 percent in April, according to the survey median.

Job and income gains are keeping consumers spending even as food and fuel prices jump and home values drop.


dc said...

Have you ever noticed that in radio ads, they keep stressing how they're realTORS? It's always, "talk to a realTOR," "a realTOR can help you sell your home," or "consult with a realTOR." What's with that?

Frank R said...

Job and income gains are keeping consumers spending even as food and fuel prices jump and home values drop.

So all the dumb realtors have to do is get a sales job in any other industry and they'll be fine, but unfortunately the daily NAR propaganda has them convinced that things will return to 2005 sales volume any day now....

Anonymous said...

here in calgary alberta
realtors have contributed to a 350% price avg for a sfh
want to see realtors at there best
greg swann cant hold a candle to these guys
bobtruman.com click on my blog for realtor puke

Frank R said...

Have you ever noticed that in radio ads, they keep stressing how they're realTORS? It's always, "talk to a realTOR," "a realTOR can help you sell your home," or "consult with a realTOR." What's with that?

I did notice that when I saw the Pres of one of the big real estate firms speak at an event. He emphasized the TOR so much that he sounded like a moron. I think it's part of the NAR's cult marketing thing. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

Ditech also has some awful adv's lately. One shows a man in a mask pointing to your home shown on a blackboard, similar to a thief making a plan, and the other shows a man in a turban cuting your house in half with a sword/wand.

What is that all about? They were so disconcerting that I watched them many times before I could get past the awfull graphics. The audio is even worse!

Anonymous said...

How many things are wrong with the word REALTOR(r)?

1.) It's always capitalized, so it's aggressive and obnoxious, just like REALTORS themselves.

2.) That stupid (r) that they put at the end of it, just in case you were thinking of ripping off their crappy brand name. The (r) serves to make the word subtly (but unquestionably) more stuffy, forbidding, and cumbersome.

3.) It's hard to pronounce. You're starting a trade organization, and for your name, you can pick any word in the lexicon of the entire history of this planet, or any combination of sounds that you can make from it. Out of all the quntillions of possible permutations, why do you choose one that is so difficult to say?

This is why, as some other posters have alluded, people tend to emphasise the "TOR" at the end of the word: if it is not accented in such a way, "REALTOR(r)" is quite difficult to pronounce.

Why not make up some other equally awkward word, like "wrloth" or "schlevdt"?

For all of the above reasons, as well as for the people to whom it refers, the word "REALTOR(r)" makes my blood boil.

Anonymous said...

I am a Real Estate investor, and I bought most of my properties back in 2000 - 2003, before all of this nonsense. The one thing that I did which kept me out of the hype was that I negotiated all of my purchases myself. I NEVER used a Realtor. When I first started investing I drove around with one of the 6% chauffers and learned quickly that they are just salesmen / women. Nothing more. I figured if I trusted this big haired fakoid I might as well just take my money and throw it out the window. These boneheads would tell me anything about a particlur house. They knew nothing of rent to median income ratios, ROI etc. It was just the usual - Buy now, because if you don't you will be priced out of the market blah blah blah. The other thing I noticed is that they must all use the same photo agency. If you look at the pictures of these people. The guys are always sitting to the side with their heads straight...and the women always have big hair and big chicklet smiles. We have even coined a phrase - Real Estate lady hair....much fun :)

Anonymous said...

Now THAT Is funny. Wow, I never knew that realTORS could be so much fun to make fun of.

Anonymous said...

wow, lots of hatred here? whats up with that....i'm not a realtor and a lot of them haven't impressed me but there are true professional realtors out there and they tend to deal with people buying in the upper end of the market ie ceo's, doctors, lawyers etc.

In my experience where I just sold my 940k home, I feel you get what you pay for. A true professional realtor will pay for themselves. Buyer beware...as usual...you have to do your due dillegence, and not just a google search