May 16, 2007

What would we do without Casey Serin and

I know, I know, you all hate the kid. You're tired of HP mentioning I know, I know.

But DAMN, it's entertaining.

CNET came up with a new name for it - "Irritainment". Yup, that's it. Perfect.

Check out the CNET article on Serin. I'm not sure how the kid pays the bills, he's probably $500k or more in debt, he's lost all his houses, and it's all unraveled, but I hope he keeps blogging. One of my favorite blogs on the 'net. And I'm rooting for the kid. Senate hearings perhaps?

Casey Serin: The world's most hated blogger?

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif.--Casey Serin is on his way to becoming the most hated blogger on the Internet.

With scant income, assets, or business savvy, the would-be real-estate mogul managed to purchase eight homes in hopes of reselling them at a profit. Along the way, he's lost all of them, run up some $170,000 in credit card and credit line debt, and launched to share his woes with the world. (Editor's note: Serin's site was intermittently reachable Monday.)

Financial exhibitionism, coupled with a lack of penitence for stiffing his creditors, has transformed the 24-year-old resident of this sleepy Sacramento suburb into a celebrity among fellow bloggers. But unlike other online celebrities, Serin's stardom comes from a unique source: "haters" who patronize his blog solely to learn what financial missteps he's made today.


Anonymous said...

All right Keith, I will give you this, the kid has that irresistable charisma. I personally think it's because he is literally self-less that people can send anything his way (admiration, hate, therapy) and not feel badly about it. Amazing phenom really - like people can really beat the sh** out of him and he'd say, "oh, you beat me up, oh really." No denial, no acceptance, just kind of a walking thought machine.

Anonymous said...

Keith, you are a little flamebait, just like Casey.

Anonymous said...

Furst, murst!

Wassup with that nonsense, BTW? Silly....

Anyway, I agree that Casey seems shell-shocked: lights on, but no one's home.

Why doesn't he do what all other failed fliptards in America do: just go off somewhere to die in secret, while blaiming everyone else for their failures (while knowing it really WAS their fault, like Casey openly admits)?

I quit 'visiting' his blog, as there's nothing left to see; all his properties are out of his hands now, and a would-be real estate mogul without any property just isn't that interesting...

Anonymous said...

The one that really got me was his thinking that someone would actually go through him to buy a billion dollar casino...


That article had me so incensed that I would have cheerfully beat him to a pulp when I read it.

I don't like being in that frame of mind. So he will never do it again. Not only will I not ever, ever give him one more click, I will avoid articles with him as the subject. Good, bad or indifferent, I no longer care.

Casey who?

Anonymous said...

Come in Casey Sarin.Your 15 minutes of fame is up.

Kenduffelsniffenspotzen said...

What kind of lender(s) would give someone $170,000 in credit card debt?