May 13, 2007


How much longer until this:

"Daddy, I got beat up again at school. All the kids were saying you're a realtor. Is it true daddy? Is it true?"

Realtors of America it's not too late to do the right thing. Repent. Come clean. Strike out at the NAR. Admit to your lies, collusion and corruption. And for the love of god find new work.

Your profession is a joke. You're being disintermediated. And you'll never be trusted again.

You blew it.

And it's over.


Anonymous said...

Ooh that's gotta hurt

Anonymous said...

Realtwhores & mortgage brokers have put themselves in this position. They deserve everything that has and will happened to them as the new most reviled profession in America. They profited from their lies & deceit and now they must pay. They are scum.

Anonymous said...

Keith, seriously, your better than this.

What a dumb post.

Anonymous said...

60 Minutes is doing a story tomorrow 13 May on realtwhore commisions. The end is near.

Anonymous said...

Anything is better then being a kid of a bitter broke loser renter blowing smoke up every bodies ass , pretending to be a savvy investor waiting for the market to bottom
(this is about 90% of you a-holes)

ps I am not a realtor ,mortgage broker,flipper, nor a broke ass.
but 90% maybe more of you are windbag LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh I would MUCH RATHER to be a realtor then a broke ass renter loser windbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now thats Gotta hurt

Anonymous said...

Well it could be worse... Mommy could be a Realtor (TM).

Anonymous said...

I think that's a mortgage broker's kid actually. The other kids are beating him because their parents' ARM just unexpectedly reset and now there's no money for the Disney World trip or bigger clothes.

keith said...

They've gotta see the writing on the wall by now, wouldn't you figure?

burn baby burn said...

Awe there are the anon trolls where have you been? If you are doing so good in Real Essate should'nt you be out showing houses or at an open house on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

very funny
poor kid is probably getting beat up for lunch money cause his daddy(Realtor) made out like a bandit and the other two poor bastards are tired or rice and beans cause their limp daddy was dumb enough to buy a house they cant afford.

Anonymous said...

yes its true son and now I have my series 7 so I can make money from these idiots parents by selling them
some stocks maybe gold maybe something else I don't know, maybe crack ,speed,hookers, or some blog bullshit whatever it takes son, cause they are all just, you know DUMB

Anonymous said...

I love f-ing with you bubble heads
you are so easy and so pissed off
thank you for being you

Anonymous said...

>> I love f-ing with you bubble heads
you are so easy and so pissed off
thank you for being you.

Thank you for showing the love!

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

It is not that far fetched. A Real Estate Clerk I know is on the PTA at he daughter's school, and she keep her job a secret. No one in her child's school knows what she does for a living. She is too embarrassed to tell anyone.

Paul E. Math said...

Wow, just read the 1st 14 posts and most of the them are pretty antagonistic against the HP. Like badgers when they are cornered, the REIC can be extremely vicious. The realtor profession is finally being cornered by the truth and their claws are out.

It's amazing how the truth can really sting when your whole livelihood is based on collusion, trickery and BS and when you really have no skills or talent whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Great logical and very true post by Paul Math.

Anonymous said...

flyingmonkeywarrior: "A Real Estate Clerk I know is on the PTA at he daughter's school, and she keep her job a secret."

I wish other realtwhores would do that. Every one I encounter views any and every social setting as an opportunity to network (read: put on the hard sell). Grocery store? PTA meeting? Church? All of them fertile ground for glad handing and distributing those god-awful business cards with the glamour shots on them. Nothing and nowhere is sacred to these mooks.