May 10, 2007

HP favorite (who has no shot) Ron Paul on CNN


Anonymous said...

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Alex Hammer
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Anonymous said...

I just love this man.

Anonymous said...

HP favorite is a crazy person. Quel surprise...

Anonymous said...

Actually RON PAUL has a huge shot.

Actually Ron Paul is the only man who can beat the Hillary machine and unite the country.

Actually.... Ron Paul would win as easily as Ronald Reagan, if the morons at the gop would support him.

I'm an independent. I support him. My democrat grandma.. supports him.

He has many left, right and center supporters.

He can win if we only get behind him.

I will vote for Ron Paul or I will write someone.

That is it.

He is anti War.
He is worried about inflation and dollar collapse.
He is anti NAU.
He is pro Border enforcement like Ike.
He is a medical doctor.

He says what he means, and he means what he says.

Anonymous said...

"Actually RON PAUL has a huge shot."

The very same people who think house prices will fall 90% also think Ron Paul will win. Tell me senor, in your world what color is the sky?


Rat said...

Ron Paul killed the mainstream elite condidates in the first debate. He won in at least three big polls and to say he has no shot is a disservice. The 2008 election will be the first YouTube/Web 2.0 election we will witness. This is going to be an interesting 18 months.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Actually RON PAUL has a huge shot.

Your right. But the GOP shills like Mark Levine (radio clown) rant and rave against anyone who calls in to support Ron. Complet BS!

They scream, your wasting your vote, BS! YOU are voting for someone who YOU believe will be the best, NOT who Mark Levine or Rush or Sean want to win.

Since when is voting about voting for the media's "winnner" and not voting for the BEST!

Go Ron Paul. He is the first person I have ever donated money to.

Anonymous said...

What is the NAU?

He's also for drug legalization, etc. Also for describing the patriot act as "infringing on our liberties" which is alarmist BS, in my opinion.

Worst case scenario, he gets 10% of the vote, Thompson/Guiliani 44% and Hitlery 46%. Kind of like what Perot did to Bush #1.

Also alot of the on-line polls he's winning are dubious...they can be skewed by a fanatical fan base even if it is small.

Bob Reno said...

Didn't he invent the veg-o-matic?

i am anonymous said...

>> HP favorite is a crazy person. Quel surprise...

I guess following the US Constitution is "crazy".
I guess upholding an oath of office is "crazy".

Anonymous said...

What the newscaster says at the end says it all:

"thank you for letting it out so clearly for us."

Anonymous said...


P.S. no one said housing is going down 90%. It is morons like you that still think Bush is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Actually RON PAUL has a huge shot."

The very same people who think house prices will fall 90% also think Ron Paul will win. Tell me senor, in your world what color is the sky?


May 10, 2007 4:10 PM

YO ANON 410. go phuck your self

Ron Paul destroyed the Republican stooges at the debate, and he would make total mince meat of any Democrat commie in .008 seconds.

Ron Paul is the only one who had the balls and will to try and fix the country and unite the people.

All the other folks, both Dem and Rep are the reason we are in this mess.


The NAU... is the North American Union.. it is what is being formed and pushed behind the scenes.

The US would lose national sovereignty, grant amnesty, and trade in the DOLLAR for the 'Amero"

That would be your currecny.. The phucking AMERO.

This would screw the middle class into the grave, turn the whole US into a turd world waste land, and we'd probably see Venezuala troops looting our cities in 10yrs.

fight it.

fight it, or kiss your liberty and national identity goodbye.

Anonymous said...

all hope is gone:

Anonymous said...

BWA HA HA HA!!! The NAU is now the new black helicopters I see. Jezuz you loons never stop.

As for those polls, are you seriously that stupid? They are online polls. Unscientific polls where you can vote 1000 times if you want. Get 100 of you wackjobs on msnbc to vote all night and presto Ron Paul wins the debate.

garyk said...

Ron Paul does have a shot. His support is growing daily, and there is a chance that enough people will wake up and realize that this election may be our last shot at turning this country around.

Anonymous said...

for anyone who thinks these online polls are rigged, you are wrong! they log IP addresses and do not allow repeat voting.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
What is the NAU?

He's also for drug legalization...

well, do you really think 20 years of the war of drugs is working? we fill our prisons with potheads if they have a few joints. BS! CLOSE THE BORDER - STOP DRUG SMUGGLING. simple.

lets see 130,000 soldiers in iraq, or 130,000 soldiers killin wetbacks or whatevers trying to cross the border with tons of pot and cocaine.

drug imports drop 85% the first year.

Anonymous said...

What is the NAU?

its the end of the America. Destruction of the middle class, loweer wages for everyone, third world slums like mexico city rather than world class cities. shanty towns.

Test to allow Mexican trucks deeper into U.S. starts July
By Lisa J. Adams / Associated Press
Article Launched: 05/09/2007 01:00:00 AM MDT

MEXICO CITY -- Despite widespread resistance from U.S. truckers and numerous safety concerns in Congress, officials are confident a pilot program to allow Mexican trucks into all areas of the United States will be in place by July, a top U.S. trade official said Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
BWA HA HA HA!!! The NAU is now the new black helicopters I see. Jezuz you loons never stop.

May 10, 2007 7:18 PM


THE NAU is a reality. not black choppers your nimrod.

It is real.



If you want to be a peasant... go vote for Hillary, or Obama or Romney or Guiliani.... McCainiac...etc.

If you want to be a 'citizen' as int the meaning it once had, then

vote for .... RON PAUL.

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul gets 2% of the primary vote I'll be shocked. You see freaks, outside of your little clubhouse here, nobody thinks like you. Nobody sees conspiracies around every corner. Ron Paul is a paranoid fool like the rest of you who doesn't stand a chance. I can only imagine the backward hellhole his Texas district must be that elected him to office.

Anonymous said...

I support Ron Paul. About time for another donation!

Anonymous said...

If I weren't so lazy I might actually register to vote for this guy.

Anonymous said...

"first YouTube/Web 2.0 election we will witness"

Big problem, most of the people that like these type of candidates are too lazy to vote. Sad but true. This is why a green party candidate, nader, etc, will never be in office. The devotees of both the right and the left are devoted to the lies they are being sold.

I would love to see a ron paul, a forbes, a perot. Anything different. I am afraid it will never happen though.

chris g said...

Do not be surprised if Lou Dobbs comes out and supports Ron Paul in his run for the presidency. I don't how they align on all of the issues, but they align fairly well on illegal immigration, something that Dobbs hems and haws about all the time. I think the lady on the show implied that she was pleased by clearly laying out his policy platform. You may not like everything Ron Paul says, but at least you know he's not feeding you any BS. I think a lot of people want straight talk from politicans, more than ever.

Anonymous said...

Better than Hillary and Jane Fonda for VP, only Ron Paul for president and Lou Dobbs for VP. That's a perfect duo who would get my vote. See, how I'm not a liberal like many here like to call me?

Ron Paul for President and Lou Dobbs for VP!

Anonymous said...

I miss those black helicopter topics Where's that underground movement that used to post here?

Anonymous said...

There goes another Illuminati's puppet master in search of "better things".

Farewell, Prime Minister Tony Blair. Thanks for all the chaos and enriching the secret society so profusely with your creative crisis that fools even the smarter of the sheeples. The ever poorer humanity, in line with your society's "New Order" agenda, wishes you well. Ta-ta!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, thanks for the heads-up on the video: Ron Paul sounds reasonable and well-informed on monetary policy to me. Unfortunately, to get elected to the Presidency in modern U.S. elections, you need to possess:

1) related to an ex-president, preferably in the Bush family,

2) a photogenic tough-talker, i.e. someone like Arnold Schwarznegger (and fortunately there's that restriction against foreign-born movie stars from running for office.)

But if some loser like anon 410 doesn't like Ron Paul, then Ron Paul must be doing something right. ;)

TM said...

Ron Paul is clear-headed and plain-spoken. His statements about the danger of US spending and debt and dead on.

He does attract the paranoid fringe, though. I really don't mean any disrepect, but the Amero? Come on, listen to yourselves. It's a mighty big leap from a Canadian think tank idea to a vast conspiracy involving the US government.

Anonymous said...

To the anon who's too lazy to vote:

Ha! I was feeling that way too! But Ron Paul running is getting me up off my a$$. I'm even going to register Republican so I can vote for him in the primary - that's a first!

The poster who said Paul appeals to both Dems and Repubs. is absolutely right.

If Carter could come out of nowhere and win in the 70'/80's, Ron Paul can win too. Same stuff is happening now that was happening then. People get fed up ENOUGH and they vote for an outsider.

4 years ago, Paul could not have won. This year, things have deteriorated to the point where he CAN win, he definitely can. So get up and vote!

Anonymous said...

they are going to have a big shin dig in austin coming up next week i think......$100.00 a head.....first off i thought that was a bit high.....but....the cause is good and the man is great......a man who does not bend......a man who says what he thinks no matter what......a man who has strong convictions.......

where has this man been for so long? i think i will come out of political retirement for this man......and let the chips fall where they may.....if they rob him, some way.....they rob us in reality.....we should all consider working for this man........i will give it one more more time for peace....then if they steal the election again or if they screw this man someway.....well for me, there will be no more talking. hopefully this will turn out good. i hope so for this country. i hope so for ron paul. i hope so for each and everyone of you. if we do not get out in the streets and get behind this man, we are doomed, make no mistake about it. all you have to do is look at the other selections....cardboard cutouts of the same damn crap we have had for 50 years......isn't it about time to elect a real man for a change....? isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Prime Minister Tony Blair. Thanks for all the chaos and enriching the secret society so profusely with your creative crisis that fools even the smarter of the sheeples

I watched the house of lords show last weekend and it would appear our fair haired boy from number 10 downing street is coming under fire for what happened in what was called a terrorist attack on 7/7 as they call it...seems there are some questions about the validity of the government claims that this was indeed a terrorist attack. many people are questioning the government version of the events that day. i say good....keep it up boys....

my belief is the government did this attack and blamed it on someone else.....and let us not forget the black ops people chasing that brazilian that day in the subway or whatever they call it over there and shooting him 7 times in the head and then saying , he was a terrorist....sure seems like they wanted to make sure this guy was dead and to send a message to anyone else that works for them to shut up......then they passed that stupid law that entitles them to take extreme actions like this while in the process of fighting terrorism......yeh right.....sure......

Anonymous said...

Keith, please don't fall into the trap of thinking Ron Paul has no shot at winning.

HP gets a lot of hits. I've read this site for quite awhile and seen it grow.

Ron Paul needs more positive exposure to break out to the general public and get his message across. Cause we all know the MSM isn't going to do it. Just look at how they've handled the housing crash.

Ron Paul can save America, but he needs our help to do it.


MozoVote said...

New blog for Ron Paul! Does he have the depth of support to sweep the Iowa straw poll? Anyone goign to Ames this coming August? Drop me a line.

Ron Paul Ames Map