May 17, 2007

Historians may look back and say today was the day America died

If this "amnesty for illegals" congressional corruption passes, today will indeed be a black day in American history.

We will no longer be a nation of laws. We will no longer be a nation of fairness. We will no longer be a nation of due process.

Nope, we'll be a nation of lawlessness. Of anarchy. A nation that rewards criminals and illegal behavior. And nation that screws over honest and ethical people around the world who've followed the rules, applied as instructed to enter America, now only to be pushed to the back of the line behind the lawbreakers.

Today should sicken you. Your leaders are corrupt. Your leaders are incompetent. And your leaders have failed America.

And yet you, and your countrymen, don't care, and do nothing. You're fiddling while America burns.

When's American Idol and America's Top Model on again?

Deal Struck on Immigration Bill

WASHINGTON (AP) - Key senators in both parties announced agreement with the White House Thursday on an immigration overhaul that would grant quick legal status to millions of illegal immigrants already in the U.S. and fortify the border.

The plan would create a temporary worker program to bring new arrivals to the U.S. A separate progam would cover agricultural workers. New high-tech enforcement measures also would be instituted to verify that workers are here legally.

The draft bill "gives a path out of the shadows and toward legal status for those who are currently here" illegally, said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.


keith said...

deluge your corrupt congressmen with faxes here

they bury us with illegals, we bury them with paper

it's a start

Anonymous said...






Cow_tipping said...

Lets see, the jobs are being exported, the flood of immigrants going to do minimum wage jobs will sky rocket, and can you say plummetting wages baby ...
Apartments being rented at an ever increasing pace will cause rents to go up while they will work their asses off for minimum wage. new class of slavery. Legal or not, supply and demand cannot be stopped.

Anonymous said...

US Congress and US SEnate to US Citizens:

FUCK YOU, We take your pay, you take our shit.

Go watch some more American Idol and Basketball.

Anonymous said...

Keith, How do I become an ex-pat?

help us, post the info.

Anonymous said...

What can the average citizen do to stop this??

peter said...

why are all of you racist assholes? If you want the immigrants to leave do the following:

1) stop eating fruit
2) stop eating vegetables
3) stop eating at restaurants
4) stop eating, period
5) stop living in homes constructed by mexicans, you will eventually, give the economy time to collapse time :-p

there are probably more things, but you can start with those. Basically boycott every industry that relies on mexican labor and your 'immigrant' problem is solved. It's just like the trade deficit, stop buying foreign goods and the problem goes away. You people are idiots and that is why this country is FUCKED.

btw, keith you are a immigrant in England, so you'd best think about returning to your own country, too.

David said...

Lest we forget, this continent was taken over by force by Europeans. In North America, we mostly killed the original inhabitants. In South America, we killed a lot, worked a lot to death in gold and silver mines and enslaved the rest. The indians of Mexico and South America lost twice, first being conqured by the Spanish and second by having Utah, Colorado, Nevada,Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas annexed forcefully from Mexico by the Polk admistration after we won the very one-side (and U.S. provoked) Mexican-American War. This war was no different than when Hitler on a pretext invaded Poland to create "lebensraum" for the "master race." The "real Americans" are our few remaining indian tribes and the descendants of indigenous people coming here from Mexico and further south. These people are more American than all the Gringos (people of European descent.) I feel that they should be able to go anywhere in North or South America that they want. We need their positive attitudes toward the family, their willingness to work hours that would be impossible for us to handle, and their ability to get in touch with their emotions, something "WASPS" find hard to do. Can't we erase the border, find the best within BOTH our cultures and go forward. If we don't cooperate, China and Asia in general will continue eating our lunch.

Anonymous said...

Today should sicken you. Your leaders are corrupt. Your leaders are incompetent. And your leaders have failed America.

And yet you, and your countrymen, don't care, and do nothing. You're fiddling while America burns.

I am going to drop the BS flag. These measures died when the house and senate were controlled by the Republicans.

The dems have other ideas. They thank you for your support...(yeah - and KEITH you did support them, root for them and cheered for them)

Marky Mark

keith said...

What can you do?

1) write and call your congressmen. now. today.

2) do not support any business who uses or supports illegal labor in any way (i.e. never shop at walmart again, never buy a house that used illegal construction workers)

3) only support a candidate in 2008 who is against illegal immigration and amnesty

4) organize locally and march on washington

5) write your newspapers, call your radio stations

6) take matters into your own hands (peacefully) - and be creative. put up signs at construction sites that say "Illeal immigrants used here". Protest outside businesses that use illegals. Report illegals to authorities. Join the minutemen for a week on the border. Hold up signs during media broadcasts with anti-illegals messages. Go fight club on this issue

7) the people can stop this. I don't think they will - I think America is falling. I hope I'm surprised. I hope people care.

peter said...

you are lame, censoring my comment

peter said...

Sorry, just a little slow on my end

keith said...

FYI on being a legal immigration to a foreign nation

1) legally apply for a visa
2) get a visa


that's a lot different than breaking and entering. And I feel sad for so many people around the world today who so badly want to legally enter America and become Americans. The US has just told them to F off, that honesty is not our policy. That the only way to do it is to break our laws.

It's sick folks. Absolutely F'ing sick.

Anyone who's had enough and wants out for a bit or forever, I recommend

Anonymous said...

"In North America, we mostly killed the original inhabitants. In South America, we killed a lot, worked a lot to death in gold and silver mines and enslaved the rest."

Are you 500 years old? What vitamins did you take to live this long?

Anonymous said...

"why are all of you racist assholes? If you want the immigrants to leave do the following"

The immigrants can stay, the ILLEGAL ALIENS must go.

GT said...

keith, are you organizing locally and marching on washington? i want to join you when you come here, thanks

GT said...

so is this the final straw, what's the process here? aka, how much longer can i put off caring about this? does it need to go thru 4 more hoops?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links Keith.

I've been thinking of Ireland, any opinion of the emerald isle?

honica jewinski said...

You know anything about the PMR Keith? It's a little Nation that broke away from Moldova in the early 90's and is sandwiched between Romania and Ukraine. I'm seriously considering moving to Europe. The brain washed and brain dead here in the States continue daily to reach new lows. I believe 90% are too jew indoctrinated to be saved.

Anonymous said...

God, all you anti-immigrant losers are such a riot.

First, America is a nation of immigrants. America was harmed not by free immigration, but rather by protectionist bullshit that slammed the borders closed and imposed insane visa law restrictions.

Second, making "illegals" into legal residents will strongly diminish the black market economy and overuse of publicly-funded health clinics and other such stuff.

Thirdly, it's mostly Americans' faults that jobs are being outsourced and lost overseas -- certainly not the fault of illegal immigrants. If American stockholders weren't demanding 25% quarter-over-quarter earnings improvements in a flat revenue environment from their portfolio companies, and weren't so willing to purchase cheap-assed shit made by slave labor in China, the jobs wouldn't have gone. Instead, you had to have your incredible soaring profits in a flat revenue environment, and your $99 Poo-Fling made-in-China LCD TV -- and blame the "brown people" rather than your own incompetence for the fact that you've effectively demanded that the bosses of other companies eliminate your job category while shifting cash from US employers to Chinese ones.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at the deterioration of this country, and at the corruption of public officials. I can't wait for what happens next. This is so entertaining. Munches popcorn.

Anonymous said...

It's over - from the BBC:

They've let them stay!

Anonymous said...

just wrote a stern letter to jon kyl.

please do the same

Jim DeMint of South carolina has just let the charge against amnesty....loook at his sight

Anonymous said...

1) write and call your congressmen. now. today.

LOL. What a waste of time. He/she is not there anyway. He/she is out golfing or shopping. No time to hear this drivel about whining US citizens.

Anonymous said...

anyone know of a site which lists businesses that only hire american citizens and promote themselves as such?

anyone what to get that going ?

Guy Daley said...

Its not too late, they've reached a compromise on a bill they still haven't voted on it yet, but if it gets to Moron Bushes desk, its a done deal.

CALL YOUR SENATOR NOW or go to the website Keith sited at the top of the page!!

Anonymous said...

Oh no Jose the gardner will get a green card!!! Run for the hills everybody the end is near!!

Anonymous said...

3) only support a candidate in 2008 who is against illegal immigration and amnesty

Like Obama? oops no he supports amnesty

Like Rudy? oops no he supports amnesty too

Like Hillary? oops no she supports amnesty

Like McCain? oops no he co-authored the amnesty bill

Hmmm who else do we have left? Ummm well nobody really and no Ron Paul is not a candidate he is a freakshow

Anonymous said...

The crooks want to ban him from Debates!! WHY? I thought they love the constitution!!

HELP Dr. PAUL! And show the crooks!

Markus Arelius said...

I don't know why everyone is so pissed off.

You are all under the mistaken assumption that everything regarding U.S. immigration and border patrol laws have been enforced, legal, fair and above board all these years, except for today.

First of all, wake the hell up!
The whole Customs & Border Patrol and US Customs & Immig. Service is a giant, colossal joke.
I know this because I had to pay thousands of dollars and wait 6 years for my wife to get a lousy green card. Meanwhile, SHE and I declared and paid income taxes for all of those years.

Life is not fair people.

Secondly, the new bill forces these illegals to pay a fine, leave, re-enter legally, and yes, pay income taxes or face certain deportation - like everyone else.

This fine is part of the public record, though it is not part of a criminal record. Fair? No.

Expensive? No.

Cheaper and more effective than deportation? No.

They're "burying us with illegals"? Here's a newsflash: We've already been buried for the last 5 to 10 years. The only difference is that today fat, dumb and happy Americans over the last 2 years have bothered to even take notice what these illegal entrants have been up to (avoiding income taxes, voting, getting illegal licenses, getting illegal work permits, running up credit card debts and signing mortgages - oh and claiming that the continent is theirs, not yours).

Today, I'm more mad at all of you apathetics than I am at some schlepp congressman or some illegal farm hand from Tijuana.

If anything, we Americans should show some gratitude for the fact that we might - we just might, out of all of this unfairness, have earned ourselves 11 to 12 million tax payers for a change.

The one point I will agree on is that all of this is pointless without a secure border, which is needed before amnesty, not after. Sadly, we will live without a secure border for another 10 years.

Meanwhile, as we all continue to bitch and moan about congressional incompetence, over 5,000 individuals just walked across the Mexican border into the US illegally today.

And America did nothing.

Anonymous said...


Who exactly are these leaders you speak of? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid...Democrats that you so openly supported in November, those leaders, those leaders?

Yep it was all worth it to teach the big bad republicans a lesson. So lookig back on it what's worse, Tom Delay in charge and no amnesty or Nancy Pelosi in charge with amnesty?

Anonymous said...

So let's see if I get this straight. Any illegal here before January 2007 will get a green card. So if Juan came here on Feb 1,2007 he will just say oh darn, one day too late and go back home right?

He won't lie about when he came here right? And when the next million come here they won't like about it either right?

What a crock of shit this is. I don't agree with Keith on much but he's dead on today, this is the end of the US.

honica jewinski said...

Folks I hate to say this, but writing your state represenative or any member of the fed gov is a waste of time. The only way this once great nation will be turned around is by violent revolution. Unfortunatly, there are only about 10% of the American males left that have not been castrated. I hate to sound like a defeatist here, but we are likely doomed. The rest of this year will be the telling factor.

Anonymous said...

Whatever dude. I have bigger worries on my mind like will Blake or Jordin win American Idol.

Anonymous said...

Honica the jew,

you are right, all the males in this country have been feminized into dr phil flip-flop wearing fags.

sinis said...

The "real Americans" are our few remaining indian tribes and the descendants of indigenous people coming here from Mexico and further south. These people are more American than all the Gringos (people of European descent.)

Hate to burst your bubble buddy, but the oldest remains on North America are WHITE PEOPLE from the Iberian Pennisula. They predate the Asian/Native Americans by several thousand years.

Guy Daley said...

The compromise came after weeks of closed-door negotiations that brought the most liberal Democrats and the most conservative Republicans on immigration issues together with Bush's Cabinet officers to produce a highly complex measure that carries heavy political consequences. It still faces a long legislative struggle and its passage by the Senate or House is far from assured.


Bill Thompson on illegal immigration:

Tom Tancredo is helping to lead the fight against illegals.

GT said...

wait, i thought they werent making any more land? then where are these 50 million amnestized illegals going to live? you can only stuff so many illegals in a 2 bedroom townhome, right?

sinis said...

GT said...
wait, i thought they werent making any more land? then where are these 50 million amnestized illegals going to live? you can only stuff so many illegals in a 2 bedroom townhome, right?

May 17, 2007 9:27 PM

Its called 5 families per apartment or on average 20 people per unit, divided by 50 million equals 2.5M apartment units - damn I see an apartment bubble in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Critical points about this amnesty which was never discussed:

1. The majority of illegals who were working (and ripping people off) during the housing bubble, will soon be unemployed and eligible to collect welfare, after getting their work permit. At the expense of taxpayers, of course.

2. Illegals who were working for cash and under the table, which is pretty much all of them, will continue to evade taxes. Seriously, why would they volunteer to pay taxes if they can same much more by continuing to get cash under the table and other crook scams here and there.

3. Apparently, politicians are ignorant about the concept of exponential power. Those 20 million illegals will become 40 million within years, as they breed like flies, will bring everybody they know from their countries, will put a huge pressure on our limited infrastructure and natural resources.

4. Illegals, after getting their citizenship, will continue to send most of their money back home, in another country, instead of putting back into our economy and pay for our infrastructure. Therefore, taxpayers will continue to subsidize illegal immigration and corporations that need more depressed wages.

5. There will be a huge cost to taxpayers to set up the infrastructure needed to process so many illegals. We are talking about an additional 20 million applicants in a system that is precarious already with much less applications. Prepare the wallet because it will cost a lot.

Anonymous said...

Neo-Con Republican Elite Seek To Silence Frontrunner
Sign the petition, jam the phone lines (1-202-863-8500), save free speech and the electoral process
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Thursday, May 17, 2007

From Fox News, to GOPAC to factions of the Republican Party, the Neo-Con elite have sworn to crush free speech, kill the electoral process and kick the clear frontrunner - Congressman Ron Paul - out of the debates. Only by taking immediate action can we fight back against these anti-American enemies of freedom.

Ron Paul's message of limited government, personal liberty, abolishing the IRS and bringing U.S. troops home for good resonates with the mass body politic of the American people - which is exactly why the establishment are attacking the Congressman and attempting to smear him from every angle.

Now the Michigan chapter of the Republican party wants to kick Ron Paul out of the debates altogether, despite the fact that he won both debates, crushed his nearest rivals in the polls and is clearly the frontrunner for the candidacy.

This is akin to an analogy where the Mafia owns nine of the ten horses in a race. The only horse that isn't owned by them is the frontrunner and is a full length ahead. Now the mob boss simply wants to rig the race by shooting that horse dead in broad daylight.

Let these enemies of free speech know that there is an army of informed and outraged activists holding their feet to the fire and demanding that Ron Paul be included in all the subsequent GOP debates. If the Congressman is a "second tier" candidate as they claim then why are we witnessing a concerted effort to silence and censor Ron Paul?

Why are these bullies attempting to destroy the electoral process?

This is an action alert - we need everyone to flood the RNC phone lines with their support for Ron Paul and for keeping him in the debates.

ACTION: Call the RNC now at 1-202-863-8500 - jam their phone lines and let them know that we will not tolerate any effort on behalf of any faction within the GOP to silence Ron Paul or kill the electoral process!

Sign the petition at


Anonymous said...

The collapsing housing bubble has done more to stop the flow of illegal immigrants than our corrupt leaders. It looks like even some of the conservative Republicans like Kyl no longer think the law should be enforced. It's no wonder Bush and Congress have low approval ratings. Some people on here obviously don't know what the word "illegal" means. I called my Senators and Congressman and when I said I opposed this new amnesty they knew what I was talking about.

Anonymous said...

Just like the Euro, make way for the Amero, the combined currency of Canada, US, and Mexico.

You can't fight inertia bitter renters, new world order comin' through...

google : "amero"

Guy Daley said...

From numbersusa moments ago:

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Thursday 17MAY07 4:30 p.m. EDT

Senate offices overwhelmed by your calls ... Some more things to do before Monday vote

Whether we kill this bill in the Senate (a remote possibility) or the House (50-50 chance) depends in part on how hard we fight over these next few days. It will be much easier to win in the House, for example, if we can get at least a third of the Senate voting against this -- and especially if the majority of Republicans (25) vote NO.

"We need to let everyone know just how very, very easy it is to call their Senators and Congressmen/women. You don't even have to leave your name unless you really want to. The main thing is to call and state how you feel. They aren't going to bite you or send the FBI after you. I think that most people are just scared to call."
----------Keith McCloud

You can get all the phone numbers for each of your 3 Members of Congress by clicking on:

If your not a hypocrite, care about the future of your children, do not want to see how many people we can cram in the US, then CALL YOUR SENATORS!!

Loading up this country with as many people as we can to help pay social security and continue to "grow the economy" is the biggest Ponzi scheme imaginable which you WILL BE FOISTING upon your children and there descendants. If you give a damn at all about them, then call your senators and tell them NO!!

Anonymous said...

"why are all of you racist assholes?"

Let it go, another illegal (or son of) who came here because his country was a POS, and now is going to tell Americans how to run the entire USA.

Like I said many times before, if you couldn't fix your own POS country, you have no business telling others how to fix theirs? After the Americans built EVERYTHING, then illegals feel that they had done a lot, that suddenly we need 20 million illiterate crooks, who breed like flies.

Go visit the LA County Jail and count how many of you are in there, sucking taxpayer money. As a matter of fact, count how many immigrants from Latin countries have committed crimes in the last 30 years. Then you calculate the cost to society, including legal service, incarceration, processing, additional security and personnel, etc.

And by the way, one crime committed by an immigrant is one too many already, so save your stupid justifications that Americans committ crimes too. You are the ones who came with imploring for a place to live, so you have no right to commit any crime, not even one. Also, when barbarian crimes are committed, none of those immigrants go to streets to protest against their own kind. Noooo, they keep very quiet, going own with their selfish lives of taking as much as they can while giving nothing back to society. All thsi money remittance to their countries is a big prove of that: they earn in cash, don't pay any taxes, and send most of ther money outside the country. So the infrastructure to support all theirs asses get nothing from them, plus they consume all the natural resources, and still collect welfare on the side. Is that fair to us taxpayers?

Do you know many immigrants we bring into this country per year, through legal means? 2 million every year. If we need more, all we have to do is call anyone in any country other than Mexico only.

I know exactly how it works because I'm an legal immigrant myself, but I despise that ignorant culture who will get a citizenship by giving crap to taxpayers. Many of them were committing car insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, dealing drugs, and now they all get a brand new citizenship. This country is going down fast and Bush is the Anti-Christ, no doubt about it.

Venting is worthless because we all know that the New World Order plan is right on track, with the corporations running the government along side. It's the end of middle-class in America and the USA.

jymkata said...

Don't you understand that our military is absolutely desperate for more troops at the moment. Since virtually no Americans are stupid enough to join the Army right now, why not grant a bunch of Mexicans citizenship and then move a big swath of them into the Army?

It will also be easier to order Mexican troops to fire on pissed off FBs who are rioting in the streets in 2009 becase they can only afford to eat dog food.

Makes perfect sense to me!

Anonymous said...

It's a waste to call your congressman because, like senators, they work for corporations and the Secret Society. BTW, that border will never be secure because corporations need more mouths to eat processed food, need more people to spend oil, more people to depress American wages, more illiterate people to vote crook politicians into office. So good luck calling anyone. They don't work for you anymore. The country is lost, prepare to become an expat. I did.

Anonymous said...

do you think all the original colonists came as "guests?" we are a nation of immigrants. let them come. no one is suffering at a 5% unemployment. keith: obviously you don't live in new york. without illegals (now legals), this city would grind to a halt. thank god they're here to take those jobs no one else will do!!!

jymkata said...

Notice to Republicans who blame this all on the Democrats:

Didn't most of these 20 million illegals come into our country when we were under the iron fist of pure Republican leadership?

The Republicans did nothing to stop the illegal immigration. In fact they encouraged it - they effectively stopped any enforcement against businesses that hire illegals!

I'm not giving anything to the Democrats here, but Republicans need to know what their own party has done!

Anonymous said...

Some features of the proposed amnesty bill:

The proposed agreement would allow illegal immigrants to come forward and obtain a "Z visa" and — after paying fees and a $5,000 fine — ultimately get on track for permanent residency, which could take between eight and 13 years. Heads of households would have to return to their home countries first.

They could come forward right away to claim a probationary card that would let them live and work legally in the U.S., but could not begin the path to permanent residency or citizenship until border security improvements and the high-tech worker identification program were completed.

A new crop of low-skilled guest workers would have to return home after stints of two years. They could renew their visas twice, but would be required to leave for a year in between each time. If they wanted to stay in the U.S. permanently, they would have to apply under the point system for a limited pool of green cards.

To me, it looks like the only right the illegal immigrants are going to be allowed is the right to be taxed!

Shakolph Hitler said...

That sign is funny,Our continent,not yours?Sorry Pablo,but the history you espowse never seems to add up scientificaly,nor with accounts of other Native Americans.Besides that,Pablo is missing the point of America all together.Since these, "Our Continenters" seem to be the only ones who know true history,as if they wrote it themselves,even tweak it 180 degrees from time to time,maybe they can answere a few curiosities about it.
How many Indians were around at the beginning of the 17th century?Who are the Mono Indians?How many Mexicans were living in Los Angeles in 1850?Why did Guadelupe Hildago sign a treaty with The US.Why did Mexico not defend the land that supposedly was theirs.Why didn't they help Guadelupe?When a land belongs to a group of people they usually know it like the back of their hand,so why did the Evil white man,and Indians locate all mineral wealth of California,Arizona,and Nevada?Why was the Gold rush of 1849 set off by a white dude when it was your land that you surely had extensive knowledge of?
Why are you Catholic?Why was water brought to Los Angeles by a white Guy from Scotland?Especially when you needed it so bad. People who are of Mexican Heritage that decided to become wealthy,live by the golden rule,invent technologies(their are many),and assimillate with whites russians,blacks,chinese,japanese,and others that came to America considered bad Mexicans?How come Baja,Sonora,Chiapas etc are considered the most attractive areas on the continent for mineral wealth,growing seasons,coastline,and industrial potential but have languished in third world poverty,and maldevelopment?Why is LA so ugly with graffiti,crime ,gangs, drugs,trash,and the list goes on?
When did the russians ,and chinese arrive on the west coast?Was it really you guys that developed all the transportation routes,and the Chinese are making it up?What brand of car does Mexico lay claim to as their own creation,and production success?You guys been to the Moon Lately?Do you like poverty,and dirt roads,because thats where we are headed with your line of thinking?
Don't worry ,you all are not alone,White People,Black People,Chinese,and Japanese,all think that The US Government has some Magic Power to grant them rights ,and priveleges Too,just like the superstitions in Mexico.So really what your sign should have read was"We make better slaves" right?

Anonymous said...

WHOA!! Sloq down there bitter renters. Just take a deep breath, hold it in and exhale. There you go. Now that you've calmed down a little maybe you can get your head out of your ass and analyze this situation. We have 11 million undocumented citizens here. They are not going back home whether you like it or not. So now instead of working with a fake SSN they will be able to get their own SSN. Instead of driving with no licence and no insurance they will be able to get a licence and insurance. And instead of getting paid $5 an hour they'll get paud at least minimum wage which will bring everyone else's wages up too.


Anonymous said...

It feels impossible to talk about this without sounding racist. Anon 9:43's post is a good start - even if some of the concerned people are racist, it doesn't change the economic imbalance, or the impact of massive numbers of people relocating. Does public policy ever keep up with reality? I suspect that the conservative union-busting Repubs wanted cheap labor. Maybe even wanted to break the back of social programs. Certainly it wasn't out of the kindness of the likes of Reagan and Bush's hearts that immigration took off like it did. A "chance to make it" my ass.
And who's fault is it that the well-heeled stop having kids? I'm childless and will probably never have any. The whole thing is human folly at its finest - all around.
Keith, "because it's illegal" sounds disingenuous. Stick to why it hurts the economy and is bad for everyone.

Pete said...

>>>why are all of you racist assholes? If you want the immigrants to leave do the following:

1) stop eating fruit
2) stop eating vegetables
3) stop eating at restaurants
4) stop eating, period
5) stop living in homes constructed by mexicans, you will eventually, give the economy time to collapse time :-p<<<

We are and were the breadbasket of the world long before the invasion of illegal Mexicans. I'm sick and tired of living in a supposedly free-market system that fails to address labor shortages w/ rising salaries, but instead ships the work out. Even worse is when they put the work in the "Jobs Americans Won't Do Category" and fill the spot w/ illegal aliens. Meanwhile, we don't farm out our executive jobs. The avg CEO makes 400 times what the avg American makes, up from 40x in the 60's. Enough is enough! Workers must be legal. This arrangement is unworkable in the long run.

Anonymous said...

>Lets see, the jobs are being exported, the flood of immigrants going to do minimum wage jobs will sky rocket, and can you say plummetting wages baby ...

No wonder politicians are desperate to keep any kind of bubble going to fuel the economy. And Bernanke says whatever he has to say.

Pete said...

>>>These people are more American than all the Gringos (people of European descent.) I feel that they should be able to go anywhere in North or South America that they want.<<<

Why is it that they want to come to our side of teh border? This is the UNITED STATES! We are a sovereign nation. If everybody fought historical border wars there would no place on Earth that wasn't embroiled in armed combat (well, maybe Antartica) America has obviously done a better job providing opportunity. If we gave back Texas to the Mexicans, they would be in Oklahoma. If we gave the OK back, they would sneak into Louisiana.

Anonymous said...

What's that ridiculous sign? I mean, you do realize that North America is on the same continent as Mexico, yes?
I'd hate to think it was aimed at Europeans, Asians, etc. only !!

Anonymous said...

You do realize that it was Walmart CONTRACTORS who hired illegals, unbeknownst to're being a bit unfair here.

I agree with the poster who said let's remove borders. Let's all become part of the human race instead of races of 'haves and have nots'.

Anonymous said...

"In North America, we mostly killed the original inhabitants. In South America, we killed a lot, worked a lot to death in gold and silver mines and enslaved the rest."

Who's "we"? I wasn't here 600 years ago. Neither were you.

Oh, I remember. 600 years ago one of my ancestors lended one of your ancestors one million pounds of gold. I want it back, now.

Seriously, people, the one poster who said that this problem has been here a long time is right. Anyone who's lived in the LA area knows that illegal immigration has been swallowing this country for decades. Everyone is just now waking up? I guess better late than never.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The ignorance on this site is astounding. You do realize that these people are already here, and already have housing, yes? Y
You do know that many applied to the IRS for a TIN number - which enabled them to legitimately pay taxes, albeit without a social security number.
You do know that many of them do NOT claim welfare and can't because of lack of aforementioned SSN.
Hey, the best of the best came over that border -- ones who cared about their families enough to want to try to feed them in whatever manner possible. That shows amazing strength of character to do that. They have an amazingly strong work ethic and sure as hell are prepared to work jobs neither you nor I would do!

(Not anonymous -- Julie)

Anonymous said...

Thanks again BABY BOOMERS, good job as usual.

Anonymous said...

keith said...
And I feel sad for so many people around the world today who so badly want to legally enter America and become Americans.


Don't feel too sad, once the US has turned into North Mexico, there'll be no reason for people in other countries to want to come here. It'll be another Third World toilet. I doubt too many are clamoring to get into Zimbabwe.

I am not illegal said...

I like a lot of things about you and your blog. I check your blog religiously atleast 15 times a day. The one thing I hate about your blog is your constant whining about illegal/legal immigrants.

be rational on this issue too just the same way you are rational in you observations about housing and lending standards.

1) we are as much responsible for the status of illegal immigranst in the country as the people staying in the country illegaly.

why did we let them in the first place. Why havent we implemented a system like Germany where illegal stay is pretty much not possible.

3) They are here, cus we keep them here. You individually are as much responsible as the so called big corps that like illegals.

4) When was the last time you walked out of resturant, cus the workers are illegal.

5) we exploit imigrants/both legal and illegal - we make them work in conditions and wages other than what we would owrk for. Basically this whole imigration thing is the 21st centuray slave running business.

6) Since we already let them in, lets deal with it, like reasonable human beings.

7) let them come out of the shadows.

8) Let make sure new ones dont show up.

9) Idoits like you and Lou Dobbs need to lighten up.

Anonymous said...

We are making the smae mistake as the Roman Empire. Allow everyone in and destroy what it means to be a U.S. citizen. Beam me up Scotty, there is no inteligent life in the U.S.

Keith are there any jobs in the U.K.? Maybe they'll take me back to the mother country. No hard feelings George III.

AceVentura said...

I will happily surrender the entire continent to the illegals when the US Army is defeated in battle by the Mexican army.

Until then it the Gringos continent.

I am not illegal said...

Read the rest of the posts and try to educate yourself and grow up.

Anonymous said...

Second, making "illegals" into legal residents will strongly diminish the black market economy and overuse of publicly-funded health clinics and other such stuff.


All their jobs will now burst forward with good health coverage? They are dying to pay taxes that they've been successfully avoiding for years?

When now the illegals can now bring over aged parents, and children, permanently, with no means of support? Forget "anchor babies", every illegal is an anchor.

My wife who is a LEGAL immigrant and did everything officially, legally and expensively, can't bring her parents or brother for more than 3 months on a non-working tourist visa.

Can she declare herself to be illegal?

She loathes the idea of amnesty.

Anonymous said...

So I woke up at 2 a.m. last night to go to the bathroom, and as I set my foot on the carpet, next to my bed, it felt like a pool. I freaked out.

The Cuban immigrant next door, who brings a gazillion Cubans every weekend into his condo unit, had a pipe busted in his bathroom that leaked water all night. Since he's a big shot immigrant flipper, he lives in another house and uses the condo only on weekends. The water from his Cuban palace came through the walls and flooded my entire bedroom!

So I immediately call the condo's security, which doesn't speak any English, and he then called the in house maintenance guy who happens to be another Cuban immigrant with a bad attitude. He showed up in my unit without saying a word, pissed off, looked around as I explained and showed the mess. He didn't say one freaking word and walked away as I spoke, slamming the door on the way out. I guess he was pissed because I had to wake him up, to stop the flood next door.(???)

I had to remove all my furniture from the bedroom in order to make easier to clean. In the morning, I went to talk to the condo manager, another major as*hole, who told me that I should use my own insurance to clean the mess because I couldn't prove negligence from the Cuban unit next door, which caused the flood. He said that if the pipe busted, it couldn't necessarily be the neighbor's fault. So I told him: Sure, let's see what Judge Judy has to say about that. The manager also offered to send some maintenance guys to clean my bedroom for $60. Can you believe this s**t? There's nothing but crooks in this country. They still want to cash in on your loss caused by another guilty party.

Since I couldn't wait any longer, my wife and I spent the entire day cleaning the Cuban mess, and I still have to hear anything from them. Not even a courtesy call to apologize. The carpet in my bedroom is still soaking wet.

So America, prepare yourself because, from now on, that's the kind of crap you will live with. They give you crap, cause loss, and never take accountability for it. The immigrant way. Now there'll be 20 million of them in your face, safe with their American citizenship in the pocket. Pressure your congressman, now!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry about ever voting again, USA. The Mexicans will be doing that for you, and electing their Mexican candidates all over the US. It's already happening in Florida, which elects nothing but corrupt immigrants.

You Baby Boomers and warmongers are geniuses! Selling you country cheap to the Chinese and to Mexico. The Mexicans will take over the US, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Ok Peter,

I’ll stop eating at restaurants; I’m tired of getting my food spit on and dirty dishes anyway.

This one is tough...
I clean my own house. I don’t like my stuff broken. I do however like Latin hotties parading around mi casa.

Grow most of my own fruit and veggies. You can bet I wash what I don’t grow real good. I have Mexican friends at work who have told me about all the field workers pissing on food.

I dislike newly constructed homes but would be happy to own an older Mexican built home. Many old world crafts are still very much alive in old Mexico.

If our country is so “F@CKED” what the heck are you doing here? Is Mexico beyond repair? Are you just enjoying being angry?

I love Mexicans. Evil and hate are available and practiced by all races.

Anonymous said...

“why are all of you racist assholes”

Racist: One who believes inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

Hate to break it to you Peter, but you are the Racist.

You see Peter you do not need to be brown to pick fruit or do menial labor, while your kind(racists) enjoy having an inexhaustible supply of an underclass to do this work, it can in fact be done by American citizens of any color. As difficult as it might be for someone close-minded(racist) as yourself to believe these tasks do not require special abilities or the skin tones of African Americans and the Mexicans to complete or excel at these tasks, nor do they get greater enjoyment out of doing these tasks then people (racists) like yourself. The reason these jobs are filled with so many illegal immigrants is they have limited job possibilities and work for a wage that Citizens would find to be excessively underpaid.

Peter those of us not like your kind (racists) believe in immigration laws and American Citizenship as a means to enrich our culture for current Citizen’s and those that wish to embrace our country. We do not see immigration as you (racists) do as a means to force outsiders to do our crap work for slave wages and do not have a problem if Americans where to do those jobs. America currently takes in more LEAGAL immigrants then every country in the world combined times 2 and those immigrants are not under fire or jeopardy only those that circumvented our laws and came here illegally most appropriately know as “Illegal Immigrants”. While people (racists) such as your self do not differentiate between the two and call both groups immigrants in a shameless attempt to change the focus to one of immigration, this is clearly not the case for anyone who does any reasonable analysis.

If we did not have illegal immigrants doing those jobs, the jobs would still get done. The employers would simply have to raise the pay or use automation to do the task. We actually do have machines that can pick grapes or strawberries as well as a human; American farms just don’t use them because they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s not cost effective to get a loan and buy such a machine if you have an abundance of cheap, disposable labor you can tap. If the farm workers where to get a livable wage, benefits, medical coverage, and could sue for injuries sustained from bad backs, carpal tunnels or the scores of other injuries one is exposed to in the field those machines have far better ROI. But then again racists like you Peter are pleased with the arrangement we have with imported underclass and would scoff at the idea of Mexican’s not doing menial labor and working as business professionals and doctors. As a Hispanic American I find your kind the worst kind of racist one tries to keep us as your servants.

Area 51 said...

Hey Anonymous 9:43. I will follow your anonymous ass to hell and back, I will be your soldier Mr. ANonYmOUs and vote for Ron Paul, OK Mr. ANONYMOUS????? I will write my congressman, Mr. Amonymouse. I will "wake the F-up" Mr. Anonnomuss. I will forward your anonymous info to the 4 corners of the globe. You are so smart Mr. Anon-Ym-ASS......

And why the hell would I fight for this country? It's just full of selfish fat white golf-playing a**holes, cranky fat lazy man-hating harpies and illegals.
All I want to know is how to make money off you TV-watching, golf-playing, Nintendo-time-wasting, iPod addicted, flat-screen-buying morons.
I just want to be like the illegals and suck whatever I can out of America, pay as little as possible in taxes, offshore my portfolio, and go expat when it starts to suck real bad......

Bitter Renter said...

They probably said the same thing during the immigrant wave of the early 1900s when most of your ancestors got here.

This is a country of immigrants. And really, isn't it time we shook this stale country up a bit? Seeing the death of this culture is probably a good thing overall. our way of life is soulless, mind-numbing and a detriment to the planet.

Bitter Renter said...

And another thing: Go here and read this article:

Read about how America's trade policies are throwing millions into poverty INCLUDING 4 million Mexican farmers. Thanks to subsidized American corn growers and "free trade", we destroyed the Mexicans ability to make money from growing corn. So then wheredo you think the poor farmers end up looking for work? Yes, even the slowest conservative brainstems out there get that one.

When will you people realize that while America doesn't invade other countries to conquer them (well, until Iraq at least but even then they are resistant to being conquered-good for them) we do invade and conquer through economics. As long as our policies are going to create poverty and misery around the globe then we can expect to suffer the consequences. Just ask the Latin Americans how good "free trade" has been to them. Could be why they keep electing socialists now that they see what jackals you capitalists are.

Anonymous said...

Subject: Your Amnesty Endorsement
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007

Mr O'Reilly, thank you for endorsing Amnesty and the subsequent sacrifice of the MIDDLE CLASS, the GOP, the RULE OF LAW, and the 231 years of American heritage.

Bill, tonight I watched your show for the LAST TIME EVER, and I'm turning it off for good, all because you sold your country down the river by endorsing the amnesty plan that was excrement(ed) from the Senate. After tonight, I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ANYMORE since you have violated the trust of your viewers and the loyalty to your national identity. You have no Spin, but you also have no spine, and in times like these we need tough men, unlike what you have become.

You are nothing more than a PUPPET of your boss, the Aussie Murdoch, and the Saudis who also control a large share of News Corp.

You can go and endorse Hillary for president while your at it, because you just took the side of those who work tirelessly to destroy all of your 'so called' family values.

You can go look in the mirror and talk pithy to yourself, because all of my family and friends will also cease watching your ego-tainment after tonight.

Say 'bye bye' to 30 viewers.

-Former Viewer,
Phoenix, Arizona

Anonymous said...

God all you race-pimping pigs are pathetic. This is about illegal immigration. Nobody has complained about legal law-abiding immigrants who respect America. Go lick Jesse Jackson's ass

deport illegals now said...

The Native Americans fought for their land. Why is it racist for Americans to stand up and fight for theirs? Should we sit back and watch these illegal immigrants trample our flag and raise their shitty flags on our buildings? The fact is they came here illegally and the only ones who want them here are sleazy businessmen who want to pay slave wages and racist brownshirt La Raza twerps who had wet dreams of some brown Assland empire that never existed

Anonymous said...

Dear Congressmen and Senators,

I am writing today to urge your support of comprehensive reform of United States immigration policy. A number of proposals are floating around Washington, the most famous of which is the ridiculous “wall” supported by many Republicans. I must emphasize that you should support reform that addresses all aspects of the issue, and not catchy white elephants.

Of course, when immigration is discussed the focus is primarily on illegal Mexicans. Let me be clear in stating that I do not harbor ill will towards Mexicans, Latinos in general, or any other group, and that any bigotry encountered during this policy debate should be thoroughly denounced. The focus on Mexicans actually distracts from the fact that illegal immigrants come from many countries and arrive in a variety of ways, including overstaying legal visas. However, I must also point out that the relative ease that Mexicans have in emigrating to America reduces pressure on the Mexican government to enact meaningful reforms, and an unreformed, highly unequal, and thus unstable Mexico is not in America's best interest.

Foremost in any bill should be enough funds to staff Immigration and Naturalization Service workplace inspectors at much higher levels. Current levels of INS inspection staffing are not sufficient to create a credible enforcement threat. Crucial to any enforcement process is the belief by lawbreakers that they are likely to be inspected. INS should be able to regularly inspect industries where illegal immigrants are concentrated – food service, janitorial, and construction. The INS should also have sufficient resources to be able to track down those who overstay legal visas because history has shown this class of people can be dangerous to America.

Second in any bill should be much stronger penalties for companies that hire illegal immigrants. Current penalties are so low that a simple cost/benefit analysis makes hiring illegal immigrants a rational move for many companies. Penalties need to be raised to a much more punitive level, and any conspiracies to hire illegal immigrants should be subject to additional levels of punishment.

What should not be included in any immigration reform bill is an amnesty program for illegal immigrants already residing in America. America is a nation of laws and that should apply to everyone who wishes to live in America. Many thousands of people are waiting around the world for the chance to enter America legally, and to allow those who entered illegally to jump ahead of those who respect the legal process is unfair, inappropriate, and a bad moral lesson. However, I am not in favor of mass deportations or anything draconian. Once illegal immigrants realize that their prospects for employment are much poorer than for legal immigrants they will leave on their own, or they will be caught in normal INS sweeps.

In conclusion I hope you support a bill that addresses root causes via law enforcement, while ignoring calls to flag-wave at the border. I am confident you will support good policy.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha you all wanted cheap labor you all wanted good returns on your investments you wanted to not hire americans because they wanted too much money you wanted cheap labor you laughed about hiring illegals in front of home depot you laughed about selling your money pits (homes) to illegal aliens you allowed them to start building mexican towns right in the middle of big cities you started accepting the mexican language as an alternative language you said nothing when you went into the grocery store and now everything you buy has a mexican explaination as well as english even after you passed a law saying english is the offical language you started hiring these people even though you knew they were illegal and you said nothing to stop them from running over here to give birth at some welfare hospital so their spawn would be legal you did nothing about having spanish speaking only schools you did nothing about keeping them out of this country for years you did nothing you just wanted everything cheap because of cheap labor and now nothing is cheap, food, gas, or housing so what did you gain you gained a whole bunch of mexicans who are going to take over your country. for years they said california was owned by mexico as well as texas and they were gonna take it back well the way they breed they will do just that and america is giving it too them the best state at that so what are you complaining for now you should have done something long ago. ha ha ha now they are more populus than white people now that is really funny i guess it's true you get what you pay for and it's a lot of mexicans. they are here to stay legal or not and passing this law means more will be showing up at your house with a phamlet asking can they mow your tax free lawns and trim your under the table paying trees. you can forget mcdonalds because they will start parking taco trucks at the entry to your gated communities and you will learn to eat a whole mexican diet. all you white people with blond haired blue eyed daughters be careful because those are the kind they like to molest they think 12 is a good age to bust that cherry. when it was obvious they were coming here in hords when you couldn't go any where without hearing only spanish and they are fucking mean people to boot you had to know they were taking over don't deny it and all your whinning and complaining came long after the horse left the barn. So what are you complaining about now. I'm a little perplexed. Get ready to learn spanish because they will be in charge because the next biggest goal is to take over politics and then there will be no borders except americans going to mexico.

Lost Cause said...

Good photo, and good point -- brown-skinned Mexicans are part Native American. I am glad that you are doing your part for justice, Keith.

Anonymous said...

I thank God every day that the housing bubble bust has put millions of those illegal aliens out of work, and will keep them out of work for years to come.

Oh, perhaps that is why congress is trying to hurry this bill through, before the word gets out that we don't need all those illegals here anymore.

I just feel sorry for the legal American tradesmen who have to compete against the illegals for the jobs that are still available in the building trades. Perhaps the legal American tradesmen should start a march on Washington. I would stand side by side with them.

Anonymous said...

Pay taxes? Let me tell you what is happening. Illegals decide to file their income tax, so they claim to have made $15,000 for the year. With all their dependents and earned income tax credit, they are claiming to be owed REFUNDS in the thousands of dollars. I know. I own a store that offers fax service and I have been faxing these "tax returns" off to immigration attorneys for the past 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Mexicans were here first! The Gringos aren't really americans and thus have no right to lock anyone out!

You know what? I DON'T CARE. It's OUR country, even if we stole it from worthless mestizos. We have the moral right, as any country does, to control its borders.

Why 10M Mexicans today? They are "lucky" enough to live next door...but if you opened the door every poor person in the world would come here...Haitans, Africans, S. Americans, Chinese, whatever. Are we going to feed, clothe, and house them all? NO THANKS! They had a poll and something like 1 billion people said they wanted to emigrate to the US. Think traffic is bad now? Congestion? High taxes?

To be fair, we should send boats all around the world and pick up every and all comers. All 1 billion of them. After all, why should Mexicans benefit from proximity.

"But they just want to work hard". Let them work hard in their own country. Allowing immigration doesn't mean we have no control on how many come and from where.

But that's racist. GOOD. Racial cohesion is a GOOD THING. Mexico doesn't allow foreign flags to even be flown during parades. Mexico doesn't allow illegal immigrants from outside their country. No country does.

A country without borders is not a country at all. So shove all your "racist" nonsense.

SeattleMoose said...

If I were a "legal alien" I would be pissed off. Why bother trying to "do it right" when nobody in America gives a damn.

Illegal.....what about that word don't our "leaders" understand?

This country is the Titanic.

Glad to be in Sydney! said...

Trolls quick for the Pc rationale--somehow the PC lot always forgets the distinction between immigrants and illegal aliens. Its not smenatics its a real issue. And so a bunch of fruit pickers and gardners and waiters are here and you say so what. Well they tend to have a lot of kids who are underachievers in school and tend toward low expectations. Point--10 million illegal immigrants given amnesty today equals 45 million semi-literate mestizos in 2027. God the nation is doomed. thats why I am an expat! Of course if you are a law abiding u.s. citizen you have to pay income tax no matter where you live. Well, seeing as how little citizenship is now worth think I will renounce it and stop sending tax dollars to those morons in D.C.

Anonymous said...

I've come to the conclusion it does not really matter what congress passes. Bush is not going to enforce the law and the illegals are not going to follow the law. Most of the illegals did not even apply for amnesty in 1984. Who says they'll apply now?

IMO, Its that simple.

By the way, when the bees die off completely they'll be nothing to pick.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul Aligns With Rosie O'Donnell: US Government Will Phony Up New Gulf of Tonkin Incident To Contrive A War With Iran

It's like Archie Bunker lost weight, dropped 20 IQ points, and got himself elected Congressman.

The guy's a crank. End of story.

Whatever. If I wanted a fruitcake candidate, I'd've supported Alan Freakin' Keyes in 2000 (or 1996, or 2002, or 2004, or any of the six thousand other times he's run haplessly for public office).

Hayley said...

The thing that hasn't been brought up here surprisingly is the option for Spanish speaking immigrants never learn English. I live about as far away from the Mexican border as you can get and there's a Spanish/English option everywhere I go. At Walmart, at my credit union, at Lowes, you name it... People IMO are insane if they think they can have a two language system and a unified country.

Congress shouldn't be talking about deals for illegals, congress should be waging a full frontal assault on getting Mexico to answer why it thinks it can export it's poverty problem. The illegals are not coming here because they want to be Americans, they are coming here because they want to earn a living --- period. This is what separates them IMO from past and contemporary immigrants; there isn't an ocean between them and the homeland, there is a car ride and a Western Union wire.

Anonymous said...

Immigration Deal Would Grant Amnesty to Parents, Spouses and Children | Redstate
The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States.

that just great!

Anonymous said...

Secondly, the new bill forces these illegals to pay a fine, leave, re-enter legally, and yes, pay income taxes or face certain deportation - like everyone else.

OR WHAT??!! They aren't going to leave untill they want to. F' your fine! Go find them first. Kick them out? hahahaha

Anonymous said...

this city would grind to a halt. thank god they're here to take those jobs no one else will do!!!

May 17, 2007 10:20 PM

What good are they?? Costs for everything they touch from tacos to condos are up! Normal legal Americans do not see any benefit from them being here. Only less of their tax money going back to the legals!

Ugh said...


Anonymous said...

Both parties want to make sure that this country has a permanent underclass for businesses to abuse with low wages. The only way to do it is to keep an "illegal" class streaming in.

Threfore, they announce amnesty for present illegals BEFORE sealing the borders so everyone back home gets the message: come to the US illegally and , sooner or later (usually a decade or two), you'll be legalized.

We've done this before. The saddest thing about it is that it seems to be the ONLY thing the two parties can agree on: driving down wages for all types of work by keeping a steady stream of "illegals" in our midst.

The ONLY reason they are permitted here is to drive wages down. Perfect pawns.

If the pols had gotten to work securing the borders BEFORE they announced this, it would have been a totally different story with a totally different outcome.

I'm pretty sure this is how the US has operated ever since we outlawed our first "low wage" method: slavery. Allowing illegals in is the next best thing to slavery for profits.

And, what's good for business is good for the pols since that's where their bread gets buttered.

For once, let's get an honest politician who cares about the people. Vote Ron Paul.

Anonymous said...

It is absolute bullsh%t that illegals do jobs that Americans "won't do".

Construction, until about 10- 15 years ago, was a good paying job at which one man could provide a decent living for a whole family. Decent enough to , yes, even buy a house with out a suicide mortgage. Imagine that!

Cleaning homes, maid work, etc. paid as much in the 80's as it does now! Now that's a paycut! 20 years and no wage growth!

Ditto for yard work.

All of the above were decent paying jobs. No need to cram 10 people into a 2 bedroom home.

As to the farming, if farmers really don't want to/can't pay a living wage for those jobs, give foreigners who want to do that work permits to allow them in for the harvest season and then send them back home.

People should be here legally, making a decent living wage, or not here at all.

Secure the border and THEN we can talk. Get the border secure and everyone making a living wage (immigrants and natives alike).

The system we have now just preys on poor people, legal and illegal alike.

Anonymous said...

"Wow. The ignorance on this site is astounding. You do realize that these people are already here, and already have housing, yes? Y
You do know that many applied to the IRS for a TIN number - which enabled them to legitimately pay taxes, albeit without a social security number.
You do know that many of them do NOT claim welfare and can't because of lack of aforementioned SSN.
Hey, the best of the best came over that border -- ones who cared about their families enough to want to try to feed them in whatever manner possible. That shows amazing strength of character to do that. They have an amazingly strong work ethic and sure as hell are prepared to work jobs neither you nor I would do!

(Not anonymous -- Julie) "

Julie, do us all a favor and shut the hell up, you naive little twit!

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of living in a supposedly free-market system that fails to address labor shortages w/ rising salaries, but instead ships the work out.


Our current policies:

1) Import poverty (low skill jobs, lowering wages for people who are already hard up)

2) Export prosperity (high skill/wage jobs, lowering wages for people who studied hard and busted their balls)

What's wrong with this? When did higher wages become a 'cost center' instead of evidence of national prosperity and wise investment?

And then The They say it's all because of the holy fucking "Free Market'.

Well, the invisible hand of the free market is flipping us the bird.

And China has grabbed us by the nuts and we're now in fear of annoying them like we are of OPEC?

angry physicist said...

Ron Paul Aligns With Rosie O'Donnell: US Government Will Phony Up New Gulf of Tonkin Incident To Contrive A War With Iran

It's like Archie Bunker lost weight, dropped 20 IQ points, and got himself elected Congressman.

Guess what? The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident REALLY HAPPENED. It wasn't a conspiracy theory. It wasn't an invention of Michael Moore . It was historical freaking FACT.

The government lied us into a horribly destructive and pointless war that the US lost. Where would the USA have been by now without the Vietnam war? Prosperity and science was exploding in the 1960's. We would be decades ahead of everybody else today. The Iraq war will hurt us for decades as well. Iran would be significantly worse.

And our current Administration is clearly far more deranged and anti-rational and anti-factual than in 1964.

Anonymous said...

Read about how America's trade policies are throwing millions into poverty INCLUDING 4 million Mexican farmers

Ooh, it's America's trade policies.

Doesn't a treaty require TWO sides to sign?

And what about the manufacturing jobs lost (but Mexico isn't as cheap as China so those suppliers just went even further) from USA?

If it's a bad idea, then it's a bad idea.

Maybe Mexico is overpopulated for its resource base? This isn't the fault of the US. Blame the Pope---and people who listen to him.

From Mexico's point of view, illegal immigration into USA is like striking a money mine---money transferred back to Mexico and contributes to their economy without them having to do development or provide services for them.

i'm married to a "latin', college educated LEGAL immigrant. I haven't yet told her about amnesty. She'll blow her top.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with this amnesty BS either but the bill they're trying to pass is not worht getting angry about. I mean c'mon, if you're here illegally and making a decent living (anything here is a better living than in Mexico) while getting paid under the table, why would you VOLUNTARILY come forward to 1)pay a fine 2)pay taxes 3)be taken back to your own country (which by the way will be funded by whom???) Why would any illegal come forward? They already get free health care via the emergency room, soon they'll be given a driver's license (that'll pass next, you watch) and their relatives will be here shortly thanks to our unsecured border.
So, tell me again, why is this even an issue? NONE of these people are going to come forward.

Look, not much we can do about the ones already here, the problem is too deep and I don't have a good plausible solution. If I were a politicain I don't know what I would propose. My worry though is the unsecure border....who knows what's coming across, from Mexico or VIA Mexico from ANYWHERE else....murderers, molesters, terrorists...

Have to say there's some good posts the one about illegals applying for tax refunds and the one about making them legal so they can be drafted as American soldiers....classic!!!

SPECTRE of Deflation said...

Popularism will make a comeback in this next election like we have not seen in our lifetimes, and it will rock the elites.

Many in office today won't know what hit them the day after the election. Party bosses told them they were safe, yet they will be swept from office in a purging of elitists and elitism.

Got popcorn?

Hayley said...

This is nuts. I'll gladly pay 50 cents more for my orange thank you. It a spurious (how the hell do you spell that, where's Stephen when I need him) argument; if they can't find the people to do hard labor at low rates (or any rates) then they'll come up with the technology to solve the problem.

Take a trip over to Montreal, the store clerk will come up and address you in French even though she clearly knows your from the US. She's not being difficult, it's the law. They don't apologize for deciding that they want their province to retain a certain identity and culture. They remind me of that every time I visit.

I return to my original point, be it housing or anything else, you can't insulate yourself from other people's consequences. Thinks a foreign countries poverty problem won't become your problem, think again.

Anonymous said...

Senate Democrats and Republicans are working feverishly with the White House to put the finishing touches on an immigration proposal that could be announced later today or tomorrow. The deal would give illegal aliens living in the United States amnesty, according to confidential sources. It would also allow illegal aliens to bring their parents, spouses and children into the United States.

...and thier cousins and nephews, and ....oh wait don't forget the dog!

I just want to know what does the legal American citizen get for this intrusion? I don't want to use the dreaded "I" word, but if you notice the price of every product they touch has gotten inflated. Oops there I said the "I" word. From tacos to houses prices are going up. I thought the business types were abusing....i mean using this source of cheap labor to keep prices down.

What I think they mean is it keeps COSTS down. Costs for the business types, which predictively, and contrary to Worshipers to the Cult of Regeanomics, did not get passed down to the consumers.

Abusing cheap labor sources NEVER works out good for the country as a whole. Look at the African slavery. The economics benefits of that forced labor experiment were few and directed to a small small group. The negative backlash is still felt from 600 years ago!

I just hope 600 years from now decendants of Wall Jumpers don't start complaining that they didn't ask to be born here and demand reparations for lost wages their fore fathers suppressed.

Anonymous said...

The day Bush conned enough Americans into reelecting him in 2004 was the day America died

Anonymous said...

>> 6) take matters into your own hands (peacefully).

Um, we've tried it peacefully for decades, and look what it's gotten us: screwed.

Time for another approach, I'm afraid...

Guy Daley said...

"In 1986 Senator Kennedy said, 'This amnesty will give citizenship to only 1.1 to 1.3 million illegal aliens. We will secure the borders henceforth. We will never again bring forward another amnesty bill like this.'

If Senator Kennedy lied to us then, how can we trust him now?" said Beck. "Attrition through enforcement is the only fair and feasible way to deal with the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens currently in the United States. This proposal guarantees only that the problem of illegal immigration will only grow exponentially as it did after the 1986 amnesty."

Can ANYBODY tell me what an individuals agenda is to promote/endorse/support unlimited legal/illegal immigration to this country. Are they absolutely unaware of the consequences of packing this country with 4 - 5 - 600 million people and what it will do?

Anonymous said...

keith why you censoring my posts on this? I think amnesty is a good idea, this is a good bill and the only people opposed are racists who wouldn't give two shits if all the illegals were from Sweden.

Come on man have some balls and allow dissenting opinion here.

Anonymous said...

pre-amnesty: 20 million mexicans in the USA and thousands more coming in every day

post-amnesty: 20 million mexicans in the USA and thousands more coming in every day

why is everyone so upset, nothing has changed.

Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass I was coming to the US legally. All the paperwork and money spent..what a chump I was waiting my turn. I should have rolled on over the Rio Grande, marched on the strees demanding amnesty and a green card would have been mailed to me.

vegas crash watcher said...

Welcome to the 21st century and the internet age: borders are gone, the nation-state is dead or dying; get used to it.
It's native born Americans who support the welfare state and countless regulations, so I hope they are replaced by immigrants, legal or not.
It's native Americans who think invading Iraq was a good idea, so to hell with them. (But I think it was a good idea because it will lead to collapse of the fedgov).

Doktaire said...

How does one organize a march on Washington?

Anonymous said...

Fine each and every employer and/or landlord that hires or houses an illegal $10000 for each offense. Of that $10000, give $1000 to whoever reports the offense. Use the remaining $9000 to pay for overhead, building a 20 foot fence along the border and ship them back.

Problem solved- and, I'll bet that every illegal would be found in a matter of weeks.

Anonymous said...

"the only people opposed are racists who wouldn't give two shits if all the illegals were from Sweden."

Not racist, but yes, I would not rally give two shits if they were from Sweden because more likely than not such Swedish immigrants would be educated, highly skilled, contribute positively to this society, and be LEGAL. Additionally, such individuals would not likely pop out a litter of puppies that go on the dole.

Anonymous said...

When did higher wages become a 'cost center' instead of evidence of national prosperity and wise investment?

The moment that investors started demanding that companies who have only 3% revenue growth every quarter had to post profit increases of 25% every quarter -- or have their CEOs fired and their stock prices demolished.

All the stupid right-wing mouth breathers talking about a "Mexican takeover" are stupid asses. It was their 401-K demands that made the entire cycle kick off. Rather than accept market-bearable appreciation and understand that only a few investments yield more than 10% per year, they demanded that every company in their portfolio post MASSIVE profit gains despite being in mature markets.

So what happened?

Well, first you had waves of income and accounting fraud ala Enron. Then, when that was shut down, you got the offshoring boom -- where the most expensive jobs were sent overseas where wages were slashed 90% or more. Ta da! More profits despite stagnant or falling revenues.

Then you got importation of illegal immigration and the establishment of a permanent underclass through government policy that punishes any undocumented immigrant that "steps out of line" but ensures lots of cheap slave labor for everyday stuff.

But hey -- you mouth breathing racists wanted your $6 burgers, your $2 Chinese calculators, and your cheap Mexican laborers from Home Depot to build your deck for you.

You are the ones who sold out your country. Not Congress, not Bush, not Democrats, not "liberals" or "conservatives," but you. Every single one of you.

Anonymous said...

"President Bush described the agreement as "one that will help enforce our borders but, equally importantly, it will treat people with respect."

Respect? Like in the manner the illegals and those that employ them respect our laws?

Anonymous said...

"keith: obviously you don't live in new york. without illegals (now legals), this city would grind to a halt. thank god they're here to take those jobs no one else will do!!!"

Let it go, the selfish Republican elite who needs slave labor has spoken. Middle-class America cannot afford NYC, but the Republican elitist wants 20 million Mexicans to serve, as middle-class gets decimated.

And for the ignorant or selfish idiots here who are justifying that unemployment is low, I ask you to google the words "household income" and "wikipedia". Check all the Census and BLS data to see how salaries and the middle-class are getting hammered by this crazy inflow of immigrants, H1 visas, outsourcing.

Yeah, unemployment is low but the quality of jobs offered sucks. Can't you people realize that most of the jobs offered are low paying jobs, while the dollar is in the toilet (high inflation)?

Do you people even understand the law of supply and demand? So let me explain to you: 20 million illegals and millions more of h1 visas for foreign workers = excess of labor supply = lowers salaries and wages = corporations and politicians laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

My niece who's well off, and has both law and MBA degrees from prestigious universities overseas, was denied a tourist visa to spend money with her family in NYC, for a 15 days vacation.

Meanwhile, the illiterate living below poverty line, no way to check his criminal record, who will breed like flies and bring his entire family to suck welfare from taxpayers, gets a quick AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP just for crossing the Rio Grand before Jan 2007. Great job in destroying the country, America! Keep the good people out and bring poverty & criminals in. That makes a lot of sense!

Anonymous said...

If the government doesn't give a damn about New Orleans residents during and post-katrina, and about the American soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital, do you really think that they are passing this amnesty to help poor immigrants? Please, wise up, would you? The reason politicians are giving amnsty are three folds:

1. More consumers. There's no other way to make Americans eat more processed food and fuel. So they bring in illegals who are huge consumers of junk food and gasoline (they love gas guzzler vans and pick ups).

2. Corporations need to keep churning a profit. One of the easiest ways to do that is to depress American wages by flooding the market with illegal immigrants who work for any amount. Keep in mind that illegals are willing to live with 3 families in a single home to save money in housing costs. While some work, others use welfare benefits for extra food and income.

3. New World Order plan. It's right on track, may I say, in creating two economic classes only: the 5% wealthy who dominate the rest 95% poor, with nothing in between. It's happening right in front of you: huge amnesty for poor immigrants to destroy middle-class jobs, privacy laws violated to spy and control citizens, etc.

Anonymous said...

GREED IS BACK. The CEOs and managers are the ones trying to jack up earnings in order to collect higher bonuses. You people act like CEOs and managers are innocent good guys. Wrong! They are nothing but greedy parasites. They are the ones pressuring gov to give amnesty to 20 million illiterate illegals, not small investors. I hope their daughters get raped by an illegal immigrant who got citizenship without any way to check his criminal record.

I dare any person, institution, gov, or MSM, to make a concise and detailed study of how many crimes have been committed by immigrants for the last 30 years in the US, as well as the cost to taxpayers for legal expenses, incarceration, additional law enforcement and security, business revenues lost, etc. I DARE YOU TO REVEAL YOUR FINDINGS ON TV, NEWSPAPERS, AND WEB SITES! I DARE YOU!

Anonymous said...

Hey illegals, self interest crooks, and naive simpatizers: Don't you worry about Americans running out of labor in case we decide to deport all of the illegals arses back home. If we need more labor, all we have to do is call workers from Estern Europe, South America, Asia, etc. I'm sure those countries have construction workers, janitors, pool cleaners, gardeners, farmers, etc, who are willing to make some money here in America. We can process all of them in advance, then send several of those huge C-130 Hercules planes to bring them over.

We appreciate your concern, Mexicans and Central Americans, but we can do fine without ONLY your labor and your incredulous inputs (which never helped to fix your own POS country, btw). It's all about diversity these days, isn't it? So why bring 20 million Mexicans while hundreds of other countries, with more skilled and educated labor force, gets forgotten? As you know, 95% of people getting this amnesty are Mexicans and Central Americans.

We Americans put a man on the moon and invented the Internet without any help from Mexicans. So I think the US can manage labor shortage without your Mexican help or input either. What have you done for humanity, besides inventing margaritas, tacos, and violent drug cartels? If crook politicians and evil corporations weren't controlling the country, the US could do without you, no doubt. Gracias for offering, though.

Anonymous said...

you guys are all bunch of idiots and ignorants. no wonder we're going down the tubes. we not only can do a simple math, but don't know our american jurisprudence.

first: immigration violation, although an illegal act, is not criminal in nature, unless the alien committed a crime which makes him or her criminal. the violation is administrative in nature.

second: every time there is a penalty involved in a form of a fee, it is not an amnesty - period.

know your freakin law before you cry foul.

Anonymous said...

In case you forgot last year when Bush wanted amnesty the GOP house said no. Now it is a Dem house and senate and amnesty is a go. Yet you socialists still blame Republicans for this....wake the fuck up. Your precious Democrats are in power now, they call the shots. If amnesty passes it's on their watch.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
In case you forgot last year when Bush wanted amnesty the GOP house said no. Now it is a Dem house and senate and amnesty is a go. Yet you socialists still blame Republicans for this....wake the fuck up. Your precious Democrats are in power now, they call the shots. If amnesty passes it's on their watch.


As was the case in the 1980s, with the senile "Gipper" in the White House and the Dumbocraps controlling Congress. There is not much that separates the two parties, other than some fake "moral" (non)issues. Both serve corporate interests first, and have sold middle class America down the river a long time ago. Why the difference between House Repuglicans and Senate Repuglicans on the "amnestia" issue? I guess because it takes a lot more (corporate) money to win a Senate seat vs. a House seat.

Anonymous said...

keith, you lost.
stay in England.

Anonymous said...

Julie, Julie, i thought to write that also, of it being only the best of the best comming across the border, but thought twice as if that logic holds true, i can not see myself being a war lord opium dealer farmer in afganistan, or columbia, as a job promotion??????????, or perhaps politician?

Anonymous said...

I've had enough! I'm leaving the U.S. I got my passport, and $40,00 in travelers checks, and I'm off to Argentina. If I don't like Argentina, I'm going to South East Asia, Tailand or the P.I. I'll come back and get the rest of my money and thingswhen I find nirvana.

This is not America! I don't know what this place is now! I'm fed up paying all these taxes so that illegal aliens can have heart operations and their kids can go to school. Then, because of affirmative action they hire them over our kids.

American government is for and by the corporation. I see this place bankrupt in 5 years, and no one seems to care. So bye bye U.S.A. If only I could get back all that money I paid in taxes, not to mention the 4 years I spent in the U.S. Marine Corp.

Christopher Smith said...

There’s a reason that we’re in this position right now.

The millions of illegal aliens that are currently living and working within our borders are here for one reason: we invited them here and rewarded them for taking the risk to make the trip.

Do our laws state that they can be here? No they don’t. But our actions do. We’ve collectively thrown open the gates to all of those jobs that Americans have been unwilling to do: working in our fields, our hotels, our construction sites, our slaughterhouses, and countless other occupations where we needed cheap unskilled labor.

We could have stopped the flood long ago. It would have been easy; just crack down on employers. But we, as a nation, never did this. Employers looked the other way when Juan Obrador handed the hiring foreman a social security card that was marked “John Smith”, and the local government looked the other way when the hiring foreman handed in his bogus labor statistics. And Betty Jane housewife certainly looked the other way when she was pulling her SUV out of the Safeway parking lot chock full of cheap produce and processed meats.

Our society, through its actions, has cut a deal with these workers: sure, come on over, work, raise families, whatever…we need your cheap labor and we’re happy to bend our own laws to get it.

You can’t invite someone into your house, benefit from their cheap labor, feed ‘em, house ‘em, then suddenly wake up one day amazed because they’re still around.

Anonymous said...

christopher smith,

well said!

Boris Pasternak said...

you are dead wrong on immigration.
The Senate bill is an attempt to clean up the mess. It provides for a future merit point system similar to Canada. Immigrants who have advanced degrees and skills will be given priority. It also attempts to stop "chain migration" by eliminating many family unity categories which created burden on social services.
It also improves Border security and imposes harsher penalties on hiring illegals. Note, it does not give permanent status to anyone untill Border security is completely enforced, which may take years.
People who oppose any kind of compromise and want blood on the streets like Tancredo are not helpful. If last year McCain -Kennedy bill have past we would not be dealing with all the people who arrived here by January 2007.
McCain, despite being wrong on Iraq, is a decent person. He served his country. Not like a brave Congressman Tancredo who was "mentally unfit" to go to Vietnaam. People like that who are just brave enough to hate are going to get here even more illegals.