May 15, 2007

Bloomberg thought ready to spend $1 billion on independent presidental run

Told ya. It's gonna get interesting.

At least we're not stuck with Hillary and McCain (zzzzzzzzz)

Bloomberg. Thompson. Gingrich. Paul. Obama. That's some good new blood.

Anyone else want to try to clean up Bush's mess?


Lost Cause said...

Cool. Nobody is going to vote for a republican this year anyway.

Anonymous said...

now why would he want this job so badly? and is he really going to spend his own money or will it in effect be our money and what is money anyways? the presidency is for sale isn't it? oh well it is a figurehead position anyway....they all do what they are told like good little puppets......

Anonymous said...

Be carefull of what you wish for.

Bloomy has been a sh't mayor for NYC... is also is a cop facist... he claims to be a social liberal, yet he has hurt freedom with his 'bans'

He is a supposed fiscal conservative.

I still only trust Ron Paul.

Find Paul a good runningmate

Anonymous said...

great, that will stimulate the economy a little...all so he can get 2.2% of the vote

Anonymous said...

Hillary is from NY and is pro-illegal alien

Giuliani is from NY ad is pro-illegal alien

Bloomberg is from NY and is pro-illegal alien

In other words, good luck with all that in Georgia or Colorado or Missouri or hell I don't know anywhere outside NY.

Anonymous said...

"now why would he want this job so badly?"

Top Ten Reasons Bloomberg wants to be President

1) Wants more wives than Giuliani

2) smokin-hot daughter needs another social life upgrade

3) Biggest private equity LBO ever: US Treasury.

4) Can't beat the insider trading opportunities

5) Republicans Gone Wild!

6) Marching orders from the International Zionist Conspiracy.

7) NYC finances really going to crash once the HousingPANIC really hits the mortgage-""backed"" securities industry. Running for President is his escape pod.

8) Nader 2008 strategy: secret lover of Hillary, plans to throw election to her.

9) Millionaire hedge-fund moguls running for Senate is just so *ordinary* now.

10) Actually does want to avoid global thermonuclear neocon war.

Anonymous said...

nope won't vote for this smuck

Anonymous said...

Only rich a-holz, or those in the pocket of rich a-holz get into office.

Anonymous said...

Then can we promote Israel as the next state in the USA thereby officially get them off the US taxpayer tit once and for all?

My gawd, talk about entitlements gone wild.

Anonymous said...

Cool, hope he runs as an independent and takes votes from Hitlery.

He's total pro illegal immigrant. He's drowning in tax money from wall street and still wants to raise taxes. To provide more "services"...yeah real conservative.

Good that he's about to lose a billion dollars though.

Anonymous said...

top ten reasons.........

yep , you got it..........

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg. Thompson. Gingrich. Paul. Obama. That's some good new blood."

The four old white male Republicans you listed are not good or new.

keith said...

I didn't say "I'd endorse any of 'em" blood. Just new blood.

After watching the first dem and rep debates, I hope 100 more candidates jump in.

All my years I've never seen a worse field than the Reps threw up there. Horrific. A few even raised their hands that they didn't believe in evolution. You thought we were the laughingstock of the world, man, clips like that fly around on the internet and it shames all Americans.

On the Dem side, Hillary Clinton? The first lady? What kind of bizarroworld have we landed in?

Ron Paul saved the Rep debate, and Obama is the only thing that keeps me awake during the Dems.

The independents could be the most fun. Never before have both parties been this unpopular. An independent may be the favorite out of the gate.

And it's gonna be Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

anon said:
Then can we promote Israel as the next state in the USA thereby officially get them off the US taxpayer tit once and for all?

The Israelis are endorsing Guiliani so he will be the next President if AIPAC gets its way:

Anonymous said...

New blood?

Every single one of those candidates is a long-time national politician who has whored himself out to special interests time and again.

Get back to me when there's REAL new blood.

Anonymous said...

Gingrich has no chance. Obama is an empty suit who has no new or interesting ideas and has done nothing.

Anonymous said...

Like Ross Perot?

Bloomberg is a socialist - and will run to the left of every issue

Marky Mark