April 02, 2007

Today is Iran Hostage Crisis Day #11

From Today's Independent. Couldn't have said it better myself.

The War of Humiliation
The Independent
April 2, 2007

Our Marines are hostages. Two more were shown on Iranian TV. Petrol bombs burst behind the walls of the British embassy in Tehran.

But it's definitely not the war on terror. It's the war of humiliation. The humiliation of Britain, the humiliation of Tony Blair, of the British military, of George Bush and the whole Iraqi shooting match.

And the master of humiliation - even if Tony Blair doesn't realise it - is Iran, a nation which feels itself forever humiliated by the West.


Richard said...


Too bad...

Why are they hostages if someone else takes them and detainees (for torture) if the Brits take them?

Anonymous said...

Iran winning, game over.

Anonymous said...

First the Romans
then the Church
now Islam


Who are the Europeans?

Anonymous said...

IRAN is self Humiliating!

Anonymous said...


Hmmmmm.. The BBC has been saying that Islam is a Peaceful religion.
Why are the teachers concerned?

Anonymous said...

Something about this whole thing smells fishy. Where was their support ship(destroyer) they should have radioed that a Iranian ship was coming towards them and that British ship should have come to the rescue. When the Navy Seals do this type of work they alway race back towards their support ship and IF anyone threatening chases them, the support ship gets to practice their cannon marksmanship. Something does not add up, anyone else out there thinks this thing is a set up?

GameOver said...

Of course this was a setup. Hitler Jr. is trying to bring back the forgotten/hidden/mysterious/dubious/i'm not a religious fanatic (no really) Imam.

This is just his latest attempt to move prophecy along...

Anonymous said...

What about those Iranians America is currently holding?
Seems we so easily forget are own actions here!

Anonymous said...

What good infidels the British are. The muslims will be good masters...

Marky Mark

Bitter Renter said...

"Oh Goody", say the New World Fascist Americans! More enemies! More people to FEAR!

The bloodthirsty savages in the UK and USA are itching for a fight!

Mr. Smith. said...

Of course this is a setup.

The Iranians are not nice guys but we don't necessarily have to have a massive region wide war to deal with them.

Bush/Blair have been doing everything possible to provoke the Iranians into doing something stupid. We have been overflying their airspace for years, sending special forces into their territory to destabilize their society, arresting Iranian officials in Iraq , having war games right off their coast etc.

Bush has screwed up so bad in Iraq that he feels his only way out of being written down in history as the worst US Prez is to launch another long shot- war with Iran.

And don't forget that the Iranians hate Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

What about the ones the US have - and close that stupid base! 5 yr old "Enemy combatants", are not the threat - if they ever were. Bush WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You've made us the most hated people in the world, even within the US. STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Mrs Smith said...

Mr. Smith. said...
‘And don't forget that the Iranians hate Al Qaeda.’

Ummm. I must have forgotten….
Is that really so?
Then how come Al Qaeda doesn’t activate one of their super mega sleeper cells to free the British hostages, just to stick it to the Iranians?

Total nonsense, it is one common basic ideology with many faces.
What makes it even more difficult to distinguish are the Ski Masks, all of them are the same boring color, plain old black ..*Yawn*..

keith said...

Is holding the hostages the only thing stopping the US (and UK and Israel) from bombing the crap out of Iran tonight?

i.e. if Iran releases the hostages, what defense do they have?


Richard said...


2979 american citizens were sacrificed by our government on 9.11.01

u think 15 is something special...

u need to get out more keith...

Anonymous said...

When is the new moon?

That's the usual night-bombing start time.

OK, found a lunar calendar, looks like April 16th to 17th.

DBO is the best oil ETF: doesn't suffer from the contango problems of USO, and OIL.

Anonymous said...

the last war was a distraction to coverup the enron to whitehouse payoffs, lootings of the treasury, whats this one covering up, seems the rip offs are tallyied in multi trillions, not bad for a shaky economy!!!!

Anonymous said...

but personaly, id not pay a trillion bucks for all of iran, even if it included chattel,

moderate infidel said...

Just bomb all the Ayatollahs palaces and other assets, the Iranian people would then cheer in the street (except the toothless old men the Ayatollahs force into the streets for their "demonstrations" against the U.K.)

Anonymous said...

15 hostages. 17 secure nuclear production sites that need human shields. You do the math.

Semi Moderate said...

Are you recommending Israel use ‘disproportionate force’?
Was only yesterday that you whimpered and tied the hands of Israel to defend herself when the arm of Iran kidnapped her brave soldiers fired at her innocent citizens from within civilian neighborhoods disguised as civilians.
BTW as we’re speaking, those innocent Israelis are still held hostage by those bloody barbaric Islamo Fascist.
Think we can expect the Brits to chance and save them.
I wouldn’t keep my hopes high, cause its not only the 15 British troops that are held hostage by them.. It’s the British culture and way of life.
The Brits know very well the new limits of speech, you step over the line and thousands of very angry screaming masked Muslims turn out to the streets and put you right back into shape.

Wish I were a suffering Palestinian said...

Fellow FBers, I’m outraged!
Not sure exactly why at this moment.
Oh wait, just remembered.
It’s Monday!
Oh right, there was something else.
We’ve enjoyed the world stage for so long now, ever since our introfarter began.
And now all we see on the news are those British Hostages.
I feel very humiliated..
Also, want to ask our brothers in Iran to please behead them all at once.
We’re running out of sweets to hand to our little Martyrs, we need to begin grouping these beheadings or we’ll find ourselves one dark morning smuggling a vest load of Egyptian figs.

Anonymous said...

Richard -

You lost!



The world

Anonymous said...

I've heard war starts on the 6th, 16th, or 17th. The question seems to be when not if.

Let's get the pool started my vote is for the 6th. The 6th is a Friday it will reduce the effect on the sheeple's productivity at work that way.

Cartyr the Martyr said...

Wish I were a suffering Palestinian said:
‘we need to begin grouping these beheadings or we’ll find ourselves one dark morning smuggling a vest load of Egyptian figs.’

Dear World Class Sufferers, skip the figs..
I would suggest ‘gun powder stuffed Grape Leaves’,
Dipped in sweet crude.
If it aint sweet enough, then we all know who is behind souring the crude.
Hint == Starts with the letter ‘A’

Yup you guessed it.

AIPAC.. They have such a wide range of influence; you’d think Saudi Arabia
With its stringent import and labeling rules would provide sterile Jew free products, but these darn lobbyist are invincible.

Anonymous said...

nothing will happen on the 6th or 16th or 26th or any day this month or next or the one after.

Both the US and UK have been castrated by liberals whose only solution is to bow down before the islamofascist and grovel.

We are witnessing, in real time, the end of Western Civiliation.

Thanks Bill, Hillary, Nancy, Harry, Barack and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Dick said

"Too bad...

Why are they hostages if someone else takes them and detainees (for torture) if the Brits take them?"

And why don't various human rights (and the liberal MSM) groups denounce Iran when the woman is dressed in local garb, shown on TV and a obviously written by captors "confession" is publicized?

Budvar said...

"What good infidels the British are. The muslims will be good masters..."

The Brits are easy going people until our backs are against the wall. We being a small island race didn't have an empire on which the sun never set just because God didn't trust us in the dark!!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of loons, crackpots, and conspiracy idiots. People who believe the U.S. created 9/ll are too stupid to connected the dots. Islamic fanatics are the enemies, and happily admit it. They also admit to 9/ll, so what more do you want? If their confessions aren't good enough, if tens of thousands of feet of film, thousands of photographs, telephone calls from hijacked passengers, investigations by the best demolitions experts in the world, the testimony of thousands of policemen and firemen, and the collective research of tens of thousands of scientists and engineers mean nothing, and if you honestly believe the entire U.S. military, FBI, CIA, FAA, police and fire departments of New York, New Jersey, and Conneticut, and everybody working at the White House, is part of, and could keep quite about, a conspiracy to kill thousands of Americans--then you might as well believe in the Old Testament version of creation, the Islamic version of reality, or the Walt Disney rendition of Snow White. It is so ridiculous, it defies any logic, and its proponents are among the world's most notorious goofs, including a bible-thumping minister, an alleged physicist in Utah who claims Jesus came to Mexico a thousand years ago, Rosie O'Donald, and Martin Sheen's drug-addicted son. In the meantime, the 20 year old writers/producters of "Loose Change" are getting rich from their hoax, while thousands of fools fall for it.

Bitter Renter said...

"Just bomb all the Ayatollahs palaces and other assets, the Iranian people would then cheer in the street (except the toothless old men the Ayatollahs force into the streets for their "demonstrations" against the U.K.)"

You Americans have this strange idea that other countries should hate their governments. You pretend that the countries that don't want to live like shallow, stupid Americans are oppressed and miserable so removing their government will delight the people.

How'd that work out in Iraq?

I happen to dislike american capitalism. Many here do. How would it make you feel if we celebrated the destruction of the towers as symbols of capitalist excess and greed?

Richard said...


1. The U.S. launces "operation bite", a massive attack on Iran's
nuclear infrastructure on Friday, April 6th.

2. On April 7th Iran announces that the 15 British sailors had been
positioned at the targets the U.S. struck and all are dead.

3. Iran responds by launching sunburn missiles at U.S. forces in
the Persian Gulf, some of which are nuclear tipped.

4. Iran also launches a massive attack on U.S. troops in Iraq using
chemical and biological weapons. The U.S. experiences massive

5. Syria attacks Isreal with chemical and biological weapons.

6. Isreal responds with nuclear weapons.

7. OPEC announces all oil sold to the U.S. will be priced at 200
Euros per barrel.

8. Oil prices skyrocket on Monday, April 9th and the Dow declines
to 9500 in one day.

9. Russia, China and OPEC meet and announce that Russia will try
experimental nuclear technology in space if the U.S. doesn't
withdraw all its forces from occupied lands in the Middle East in 24

10. On Wednesday, April 11th Russia detonates four nuclear devices
in international space outside U.S. territory. The resulting EMP
causes all electronic devices to fail and shuts down the U.S. power
grid. The country is plunged into darkness and back in to living
conditions of more than 100 years ago.

Instant Olduvai Gorge.

Anonymous said...

The US is planning to initiate air attacks on Iran under " Operation Bite", starting on Good friday, April 6th, targeting both military and civilian sites, including Iran's air defense system:.