April 30, 2007

Post-housing-bubble new city catch phrases

Here's five housing crash cities. Come up with your post-bubble mottos. Here's a few for starters:

Phoenix - There never was a there there

Las Vegas - Loser city of losers losing money (hat-tip anon HP'er)

Miami - I guess we'll go back to dealing hookers and cocaine now

San Diego - Mexicans still love us!

Washington D.C. - Anyone want my condo? Anyone? Anyone!


Hayley said...

I have no problem with you sticking it to jerks like Swann. But trolling for slogans like those strike me as pointless and frankly, mean.

Be gracious man, hubris doesn't become you or HP. (It drips off the Bush, Gonzales, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove ....get my point.)

And hookers are human trafficing i.e. a tragedy, not a way to make a point...

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Hopefully Florida taxes will follow prices DOWN.

'Drop like a rock'

quoting Gov. Charlie Crist well-used catchphrase referring to his talks about his way to cut the people's property taxes as much as the people want their property taxes cut.

Anonymous said...

Washington DC - Brothers in ARM's (financial and weapons)

GT said...

DC- all the luxury condos you could ever want..or not want. now renting.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sacramento, Ca: But the silicon valley is only two hours away!

Denver, Co: If you could hold a pen, you could have a house!

Detroit, MI: What America looks like without jobs.

Boston, MA: This house is practically new! It's only 100 years old!

Florida: One thousand people moved here a day! Until they didn't.

Atlanta, GA: Here, buy this house you can't afford, and when you miss a couple of payments, no pesky legal system needed for you to give us our house back!

Washington DC: Peak government--2009?

Insane Liberal said...

Seattle - Come join glorious bolshevik revolution comrade.

Anonymous said...

Friday I heard catch phrase from semi-FBer (has $, bought only townhouse) who is not happy but trying to grin and bear it:

I bought at the top and now it's going (makes hand gesture) doooooowwwwnnnnnn.

Anonymous said...

a) Big Builder Bye Bye

b) Snake Bite in the Garden of Eden

c) We Dont Need No Stinkin Small Biz

Veronica Lodge said...

Here's five housing crash cities. Come up with your post-bubble mottos. Here's a few for starters:

LOS ANGELES: The asshole of the world.


Anonymous said...

sorry OT, but Keith should post a "FLASH":


David Lereah leaving the NAR next month.

Anonymous said...

Home o' da nappy headed ho's!
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

We're not the meth capitol anymore!
Ramona, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Roving black gangs don't threaten anymore.....Mexicans do! L.A.

ducksface said...

Phoenix; To rise from the ashes you must first get burned. Do I smell chicken...? How long do you cook on one side before you flip?

Anonymous said...

We've given you one disaster of a President, we can do it again!


Anonymous said...

Crappy cars are no longer a problem

Gangs are!
Detroit, Mi.

Anonymous said...

Sweatin with the oldies!


Anonymous said...

david learah steps down
bens blog

honica jewinski said...

Washington D.C.? It's long been known as the District of Criminals.

har said...

TCDL is gone


FB's of the World Unite said...

Breaking news... Lereah is leaving the NAR to join Move Inc.

Mr. Smith said...

Wash DC. Anyone want my condo? Anyone? Anyone?

NOT funny.

My brilliant home project Bro-in-law got the idea that the DC housing market was going to go up forever. And that if his early 20s kids did not buy a house really fast that they would be shut out of the market forever.

Sooooo... now his 21yo daughter who has a fresh English degree now owns a DC condo which was bought at the very top month of the DC RE boom in early 2006. Hope she didn't follow her dad's advice to get a 40 year mortgage. Actually, I don't think she has the foggiest idea that she has been royally screwed.


Anonymous said...

NAR's chief economist, David Lereah said the fall in investment buying was expected. "Speculators left the market in 2006, which caused investment sales to fall much faster than the primary market."

Gotta love it! Crack-smoking monkeys getting quoted in the press.

Oh, sorry... I apologize. I didn't mean to insult crack-smokers nor monkeys.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith:

How the hell does a 21 year old fresh out of college get the money for a house? I mean, I have heard that they were giving loans out to anyone, but that is a bit over the line.

Anonymous said...

How the hell does a 21 year old fresh out of college get the money for a house?

first time homebuyer help

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. From May 2-4 the Robert Kiyosaki crew will be coming to Portland, Oregon to put on his seminar on how to "Learn to Be Rich".

The method is to keep buying properties... and their books. Of course, Robert Kiyosaki of the "buy everything in sight" mentality won't be there in person.

Anonymous said...

Seattle resident says-

"We have Microsoft"

San Fernando Valley resident replies-

"So what. We have porn"

Anonymous said...

Collapse of the real estate bubble hits Copenhagen

Copenhagen: Every Hour the Apartments lose $20 in Value
April 30 (EIRNS)—The Danish housing bubble is beginning to seriously deflate. Danish home owners, who have seen continuously rising prices in real estate over the last years are now seeing the opposite: Housing prices are falling by the hour.

The big Copenhagen daily Berlingske Tidende reported on April 28, that the recently released figures for real estate sales for the first quarter of 2007, compared with the prices of just three months earlier, show a fall in the prices of apartments in the Danish capital of between 4.4 and 12.1 percent. Worst hit are new apartments being built in the South East of Copenhagen, which in three months have seen falling prices of 12.1 percent (equivalent to a yearly fall of 40 percent). In the bigger area of Noerrebro, prices have fallen 10.3 percent (equivalent to a yearly fall of 35 percent). A 75 square meter apartment, which 3 months ago cost 2.5 million Danish crowns, can now be had for 2.1 million crowns. The paper notes in its headline, that that means a fall of 112 Danish crowns ($20) an hour.

Berlingske Tidende reports that smaller apartments are falling fastest in price, since the pattern of parents buying apartments in order to rent them out to their kids while they study (the students' only chance of having an apartment they can afford) has stopped. At the same time as the real estate prices are beginning to drop there are several other ominous signs for those planning to leave the bubble and sell real estate in Copenhagen and other parts of Denmark. The amount of housing for sale has more than doubled compared to a year ago, and stands at 60,000. At the same time new apartment are being added to the market, as apartment projects in the Copenhagen area are being finished, which were started in the last couple of years with a steaming hot real estate market.

Kali ExPat said...

Washington, District of Criminals - Plenty of luxury condos and prostitutes for ALL the con-men Amerika can elect!

Scottsdale - Get your house and bimbos for half-off!

Las Wages - We don't need the mafia anymore, we've got RE professionals now!

Kalifornia - Buy now before the next BIG shake! Who nows how long this insane culture can justify mortgage company write-offs...

NYC Tri-State region - We're immune to RE corrections, that is until they start the lay-offs on Wall Street...

Anonymous said...

FMW, if I could I would cut your property taxes, but everyone else in Florida needs a-shearin'. Here is a song I found just for the FBs.
Lloyd - New South Wales Lyrics


Here we are in New South Wales

Shearing sheep as big as whales, with

Leather necks and jaggy tails

And hides as tough as rusty nails.

When shearing comes, lay down your drums

Step to the boards you brand-new chums

With the rattum-rattum-rub-a-dub-dub

We'll send you back on the lime juice tub.

The brand new chums and cappy sons

Fancy they're the greatest guns.

Fancy they can shear the wool

But the beggars can only tear and pull.

Though you live beyond your means

Your daughters wear no crinolines;

Nor are they bothered by boots or shoes

But live wild in the bush with the kangaroos.

Oh it's home I'd like to be

Far from the bush and back country

Sixteen thousand miles I've come

To spend my life as a shearing bum.

Recorded by A.L. Lloyd, Clancys

@Australia @sheep @sheep

Anonymous said...

to anonymous regarding your comment about R K. you have read his books he states that he looks at least 100 properties before making one or no offers. We both are waiting until the market hits the bottom and then look for all of the bargains to purchase

Anonymous said...
Don't worry. From May 2-4 the Robert Kiyosaki crew will be coming to Portland, Oregon to put on his seminar on how to "Learn to Be Rich".

The method is to keep buying properties... and their books. Of course, Robert Kiyosaki of the "buy everything in sight" mentality won't be there in person.

Anonymous said...

Boston- "That's not old and weatherbeaten, that's an antique!"

Anonymous said...

We're now almost 60% honky free!

New Orleans!

Anonymous said...

Gay doesn't mean just Happy anymore!
San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Straight people free since '03

Palm Springs, Ca.

Anonymous said...

We gave you Al Gore what more do want?

AnonyRuss said...

Phoenix, "The Home of Affordable Housing...Again."

Shakster said...

California City-Go ahead n toss anything into this dump,it's legal.
Engineered to fail equals job security.

Anonymous said...

Unabomber free!


Anonymous said...

Still F**ked up!

Berkley, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Too many indians!

New Mexico

Anonymous said...

Miami, Cuba North!

Anonymous said...

Cuba, Miami South!

Anonymous said...

God n Country!

Don't mess with Texas!

Anonymous said...

Home of the Kennedy's.....sorry!


Anonymous said...

F**k it's cold!


Anonymous said...

moonshiners, toothless hillbillies and Al Gore....need I say more?

Anonymous said...

We're just like South Dakota only farther north

Bismarck, North Dakota

Anonymous said...

Phoenix-Housing Bubble Sarcophagus.
San Diego- Housing Bubble'd Sandy Ego
Las Vegas-Los Vagrants

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles- Lost Anglomexis.
Lake Elainore- Lake Hellsnore
Newport Beach-Shoulda Leased
Santa Ana-Slippery Banana
Costa Mesa- Lotsa Placesa
La Jolla- La doya


Anonymous said...

We're now illegal free...... they've been given citizenship!

anywhere Calif.

Anonymous said...

Anywhere USA

Anonymous said...

Losers not welcome!

Las Vegas, Nev.

Anonymous said...

Cum n get blown!

Gulf Coast USA

Anonymous said...

FMW is the best thing we have to offer!


Anonymous said...

We're not just for rich pricks anymore!

la jolla, ca.

Anonymous said...

Gateway to Death Valley!

Baker, Ca.

Anonymous said...

More than just whores and truckers!

Bakersfield, Ca.

Anonymous said...

Dear God NO!

Boron, Ca.

Anonymous said...

plastic, silicon, ego's, attitude, rolex, coach, bmw, The dregs of society!

Cotto, Orange Co., Ca.

Anonymous said...

No NASCAR lovin' rednecks here

Talledaga, Alabama

Anonymous said...

Clean air, no crime, mild winters!

Cleveland, OH.

Frank said...

Scottsdale: Land of the Fake, Home of the Bust-Outs.


Anonymous said...

One Nation under GOD.....can you say that anymore?

anywhere USA

Anonymous said...

Where the Hell is four corners?

Anonymous said...

A mop n bucket, some paper towels and we back in bidnez!


Anonymous said...

No mexicans here!

Buereu de travel Mexico

Anonymous said...

"Land of the Free, Home of the Brave"

Anonymous said...

High prices, traffic congestion,
Gangs, smog, drugs, tree huggers, self-worship, illegals, taxes.....
need I say more?
los Angeles
just about anywhere anymore

Anonymous said...

Golf is the excuse for old people to wear loud clothes!

Sun City

Anonymous said...

Must show proof of tattoo before entering!
Miami, Fla

Anonymous said...

Cape Cod- "The place you used to get away to, now with added traffic, noise, congestion and violence, but with all the snobbery you'll love paying your ass off for!"

Cape Cod-"Come on down and have fun trying to find a nice, quiet beach, you over-paying wannabe losers!"

Anonymous said...

Jesse Jackson

New York, New York

Anonymous said...

Good Beer, Good cheese, too many liberals!


Anonymous said...

Rapist free since judgement of not guilty!

Durham, N.C.

Anonymous said...

Home of Crystal Gail Magnum!

Durham, N.C.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, where da white wimmin at"?


HereWeGo said...

all the racism on this site really sucks. Yes, I know we are all bitter about how the market has been manipulates, how we've been screwed out of the ability to buy a house at a reasonable price, but I don't see how you can blame it on a bunch of poor illegal immigrants, or any other ethnic group. That is just lame scapegoating. It wasn't a Mexican who set the interest rates, who gave out liar's loans like candy. The people I know who were flipping were greedy white people, and they probably hired and profited from cheap illegal labor, like a bunch of other rich white people. There are a bunch of old white people around here in LA who thought they needed to buy up a bunch of houses so they could be the new ruling class, and now they can worry about paying the mortgages when no one can afford to rent the shit boxes. And all the sexism sucks too. No decent man calculates his relationships in terms of money, and no decent woman does either. So if you attract a mate like that you probably deserve to be treated that way, it reflects your own values.

Our society has been all about money, and this is where that kind of thinking has led us. Go ahead and blame it on minorities and women if it makes you better, but it won't fix anything.

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river!