April 28, 2007

HP recommends the brutally honest "Blown Mortgage" blog

Longtime readers know that even though HP is HATED by most REIC (who stupidly blame the messenger), there are actually some real estate clerks and mortgage brokers out there who actually have ethics, morals and open minds (and are hurting big time - thank you housing crash).

Remember this open letter to HP from Danilo, an honest realtor who was fed up with the lies and corruption of his peers?

Remember Boulder realtor Osman, who shockingly called for The Corrupt David Lereah to be fired?

Well, I've found us an honest, ethical and humane mortgage broker to look up to - Morgan Brown who writes "Blown Mortgage".

Here's a guy who owns his own mortgage broker practice, and from what I read, is a guy who wants to do the right thing for his clients, who'll turn down business if it's not ethical to take the deal, and who is disgusted by the absolute scum in his industry.

Check out his blog, especially the "Why I hate my industry sometimes" series. I think professionals like Morgan Brown are going the right direction. The only real estate clerks and mortgage brokers who will survive these next few years will be the ones with honesty, with morals and with ethics, and who understand that truth-tellers like HP aren't going away anytime soon.

Or they can stick to the unprofessionalism, personal attacks, deception and lies like some of their peers, and go the way of the dinosaur.


shtove said...

Maybe that wishful thinking will also apply to the legal profession - so only the ethical will survive the bust? No effin way. So long as fee earners are able to regulate themselves, then it's fees fees fees, and sod the client. The ethical ones just shrivel away.

parrables from Shakster of Nazereth said...

The ones that will survive will likely be well funded,or under the wings of large conglomerates.Honesty has only a small place in the world of funny money,and is only utilized if it fits a necessity.Truth is for yourself,and your family,then your community .Outside of that only important business contacts are allowed any truth.The rest will be scammed.
If society chooses the law of the jungle(which it should) then a mature understanding of the world of dollars,banking,and written laws concerning these is mandatory.
None of us own anything.We use it,and have "things" under our control by implied,or written agreement.These "things" may be taken from any of us,and by now should be well understood.. but unfortunately is not.This understanding has been swapped for a fairytale view of the American dream of not only ownership of things like homes,cars,and money,but that some great power is looking out for us.
Playing the game is not evil,unless you destroy someone or kill them trying to win,which is not the object of this game.Ignorance,is a massive overt/covert act against onesself,and others.For one to complain of the ripoff well after their recognizence of it(other than warning)is also inneffective to a fault.
The vast majority may proceed with caution,and outmaneuver the sharks,and make gains,whilst the newcomer,and dumb make the same mistakes ,and initiate another fleecing whos outcome will result in painfull lessons.
By now I am at the point of counting my blessings,and feel less concern for the mass of Americans that fell for the scams.
If one can take a sense of humor to their foreclosure,and learn from the experience,plus be dilligent,and act to play the game as well as possible,then none of this matters except for the gain of intelligence.
We cant win this game,nor can we truly lose it.Loss,and pain suck,but in the end we have a choice,succumb,complain,and be a great bunch of losers,or say fuck-it..EASY COME EASY GO,and try againg and probably do it better the next time around,and yess in the end you will lose all of it again,or willingly give it up to put the game to rest,and go to bed.
Their was a common theme here at HP to warn people about the trap.Most would rather see for themselves,and ignore any warnings.
We should be glad they did,because all of us learn by our own experience.Cruel but true.
If Ali were to have listened to everyone that warned him he would not have existed.Instead of complaining about a head butt to the guy with the bow tie,he lauphed it off,and played on,and played very well.
We make fun of the FBs,and clerks which some people take as mean spirited,and it is.It is also the only effective way to handle a sleepyhead,or zombie.

Shakster of Kern county said...


Morgan said...

Thanks for the recommendation Keith - I hope my blog protects a few more people more than anything else. There are frauds and theives everywhere in our industry.

I'm not perfect, nor is my company. I'm sure there are some people who worked with my company who feel ripped off or cheated and for that I feel terrible. I hope it doesn't happen but I'd be naive to think that it hasn't at some point.

I am just one man trying to do better and protect as many people as possible from getting in to terrible situations because of some loan that they got in to with out fully understanding the reprecussions of what they were doing.

Kangtong said...

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" T. Jefferson, Declaration of Independence


Anonymous said...

Exactly how much did Goldman Sachs make off CDOs? All of those huge bonus checks for selling the public up the liquidity creek.

Laughing at the voter said...

Kangtong said...

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed" T. Jefferson, Declaration of Independence


April 29, 2007 7:06 AM

Try to vote? WTF ? In the last big election we had a choice of voting for Bush or his cousin Kerry.

You can vote for whomever the Oligarchs running America allow you to. They choose the candidates. Then you can vote one of them into office.

Anonymous said...

housing prices in a service economy that include gene spliced mass reproducing lobsters in fish tanks producing thousands of units of tradable foods and fermenting and distable ethanomethanol fuels in septic tanks averaging in the deserts, 300 gals a day, as units of trade and service, may not be lunacy by todays standard

Brian Brady said...

I love the praise for Morgan as I consider him one of the brightest in our industry but I'm confused.

You differentiate Morgan from those of us whom you characterize as the epitome of "unprofessionalism, personal attacks, deception and lies".

I clicked the link for that description and found...

Morgan...4th from the top.