April 04, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Who hates HousingPANIC and the HP community the most:

  • Desperate Homedebtors
  • The NAR
  • The NAHB
  • David Lereah (and his mother)
  • Appraisers
  • Flippers and Real Estate Investors
  • Ramen-Eating Real Estate Clerks
  • Homebuilders
  • Bankers
  • Republicans (especially John McCain and George Bush)
  • Democrats (especially Hillary Clinton)
  • Illegal Hispanics
  • Iranians
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Alan Greenspan & The Fed
  • The Mainstream Media (Especially Time Magazine and Catherine Reagor)
  • Out of Work Tradesmen
  • Paranoid Ben at thehousingbubbleblog
  • Greg Swann
  • Nobody's ever heard of HousingPANIC
  • Deep Down Everyone Loves HousingPANIC
  • Any Others?


Anonymous said...

David Lereah (and his mother)

christiangustafson said...

Deep down everyone loves Housing Panic.

In a couple of years, Keith will be America's new sweetheart. You'll be doing cameos on sitcoms, everyone will know and love you.

PAxil Man said...

Every time I come to this blog I get dizziness, headache, nausea, changes in mood, how depressing.

Denis said...

This being a real estate blog, I think you or your readers might find www.housemath.us interesting.

The site allows a potential home buyer to do sophisticated financial analysis of the monetary consequences when buying a home.

Or in plain words - how much exactly and for how long do I have to pay for that house.

Anonymous said...

I think that all of the PTB
still either hate or dismiss ALL blogs and bloggers at this point in time.Soon to change!

Unlike the MSM, it’s the only source of information thats not completely controllable. That alone will make ALL blogs a target of regulation in the future.

I don't even bother with the news on TV or radio anymore. I need info, not spin and B.S., left or right. I hit about a dozen blogs a day, cavering various interests.

Anonymous said...


Lots of lifestyle changes.

Anonymous said...

Why pull your hair out in bloddy clumps?

Just call it the REIC, and call it good!


Anonymous said...

Pity that such an educated man keeps equating "HisPANIC" with "illegal." Que sera, sera...

Anonymous said...

Libertarians. The unregulated free market isn't supposed to screw up like it did with housing.

Uncle Al said...

Why would paranoid Ben hate HP? What's the story Keith?

Anonymous said...

#1 has got to be the French. Then again they're probably #1 for who loves HP as well.

Anonymous said...

I would think people like myself who get disturbed at your Iran and Immigrant rants, wishing that you'd show some empathy...

Anonymous said...

And from the list the deck of housing bubble cards can be created...

David in JAX said...

I would say that the MSM hates HP more than anyone else. This blog (and others) is forcing the MSM to do their job instead of reprinting NAR, NAHB and local RE Clerk reports.

raynla said...


I don't have a clue why Ben would hate on you bruh!

After reading your blog I read his every few hours all day everyday!

I love you both! save for a few racist remarks but I have heard it all before being a black man for 35 years!!!

One Love


corvinus said...

Hates HP the most: TCDL's mom
Loves HP the most: Maruchan

Anonymous said...

Why would appraisers hate HP? The truth is the truth.
Market values are only a snapshot in time.
We've been through uptrends and downtrends before.
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I doubt that most/any of the people on that list know of this blog, and if they did, I doubt any of them would care. This blog and the people who read it are not going to force anyone to "do their jobs" - it's just someone providing the most negative spin on the housing info possible. It's a counter-opinion to the positive-spin of the mortgage brokers/realtors. While you've all been hating, they've made millions and homeowners made hundreds of thousands. (shrug) We got our house for effectively 20% below peak-value/price - which is fine by us, as a correction is 10-20%. Maybe some areas that made NO sense for their prices to shoot up (Phoenix, Iowa, etc) will get slammed, but overall most areas will bottom out between a 10-20% drop.

Anonymous said...

Keith, like another anon said in another thread, you ARE getting queenier and more melodramatic every day. I'm starting to get uncomfortable telling folks about this site. You're starting to lose it. Stick with the housing market and economy.
Now that the world is starting to see that you were right all along, you could focus some of your energy on Peak Oil.

Anonymous said...

Nigel Swaby

Casey Serin

Chris Record

Nouveau Riche University

Dolph DeRoos

Donald Trump

Beazer Homes

KB Homes

Byron Goates

DR Horton

Any of the MLM losers

Robert Kiyosaki

Any idiot who refers to himself as a "rich dad"

Anonymous said...

Hp who??

Anonymous said...

The more skin someone has in the game the more they hate us.

pretty simple.

irrationally complacent said...

I would say that the MSM hates HP more than anyone else. This blog (and others) is forcing them to do their job.

Yeah, it really sucks when you actually have to DO your job. Now we can have a discussion about empathy!

devestment said...

find out who they are and get the heck away from them.

Anonymous said...

no one hates this blog.
But I do think a lot of you hate your
selves for missing the boat

Wish I were a suffering Palestinian said...

I hate you for promoting the idea that out of work tradesmen and desperate home debtors
are somehow ‘victims’
Look, we are the juggernaut sufferers of this millennium

Hey got to run,
Some Newspersons are here doing a shoot of my funeral, if it weren’t me playing the dead guy today, I’d snatch the cameraman, and might even give him back as a gift in time for Pentecost.

Frank said...

When I was living in Arizona it was definitely the desperate homedebtors, who also hated *ME* for not falling for the ponzi scheme.

Here in southern California, I have no idea, but at least the desperate homedebtors don't hate me, in fact they admit that I'm smart for renting at this stage in the meltdown.

What's funny is my office is in an executive suites building and down the hall are a bunch of mortgage salesmen, there are 5 of them packed into a small 2-man office pounding the phones all day, trying to telemarket loans. It's disgusting. Just like the movie "Boiler Room." Oh how I would love to see some FBI suits show up one day and put the cuffs on them.

Did I mention they're a bunch of loud obnoxious pricks? Oh but you knew that. They're mortgage salesmen, after all.


jymkata said...

Let's give it a name


I don't suffer from this disease, but I'm betting that most of the people on your list do!

It's kinda catchy, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

Keith, after visiting this site my tickle me Elmo doesn't laugh anymore, he just cries now.

Ben Dover said...

This being a real estate blog, I think you or your readers might find www.housemath.us interesting.

It says I'm saving a $1000 a month by renting. :))

Markus Arelius said...

Keith, the California Association of Realtors probably doesn't like you very much either.

But, I like you.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Deep Down Everyone Loves HousingPANIC, but will never admit it in public.

Anonymous said...

all the people who ignore the for sale, rent, rent to own signs. people moving in the middle of night, all the empty homes that have been empty a while. All the people who know someone who got robbed overnight by the mortgage company. The stick your head in the sand sort of people. What is the name for those people. also all those dummies in NY who paid 750,000 for a 950 square foot room. the price may go up but will your salary in time to make that first balloon payment. Remember that term from the 80's. And this too shall pass, in like 10 years.