March 07, 2007

Wal-Mart puts you in one of three buckets. HP adds a fourth.

Here are the three groups into which the evil Wal-Mart has segmented its customer base:

1) Brand Aspirationals (people with low incomes who are obsessed with names like KitchenAid),

2) Price-Sensitive Affluents (wealthier shoppers who love deals)

3) Value-Price Shoppers (who like low prices and cannot afford much more)

And of course, HP would add a fourth segment:

4) Anti-American Self-Obsessed Over-Consuming Credit-Card & Housing-ATM Addicts (people who don't care that their friends and neighbors are losing their jobs, the trade imbalance is devastating America, or that neighborhoods are being sterilized, as long as they can use their credit line to buy Chinese crap at low prices)


Anonymous said...

the whole article was dumb because "it's about arbitrage stupid," buy low, sell higher!

the f'd homebuyers didn't follow this rule, that you should live below your means, and now they're in trouble!

Anonymous said...


"Hunter" said...

Could we include Target & Kmart because they do the same damn thing. There just not as efficient at giving our money to China as Walmart.

keith said...

Wal-Mart Stores, $163,532,000,000

Kmart $35,925,000,000

Target $33,702,000,000

You focus on Wal-Mart because they're an unchecked monopoly, so far ahead of their competitors that it's a joke

Anonymous said...

Walmart sells me cheap rope for me to hang myself, what more can you ask for?

trashwacker said...

Shopping at Wal-Mart is like putting a gun in your mouth or a needle up you or slow, same result.

cow_tipping said...
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Anonymous said...

``You focus on Wal-Mart because they're an unchecked monopoly, so far ahead of their competitors that it's a joke''

Wal-Mart is not a ``monopoly''. People throw that word around lately all the time. It actually has a meaning: that one company has exclusive control over a market and there are no competitors. The very fact that people can shop at other places indicates that Wal-Mart is not in fact a monopoly.

truthsquad said...

The five buckets of American stupids and other assorted white trash scum:
(Any one or more qualifies you)

1. Shopping at Wal-Mart because you're gettting a "good deal".
2. Eating corporate food at places like Olive Garden thinking it's fine "dining".
3.Buying/driving an American hunk of Detroit junk SUV/truck.
4.Living or planning to live in places like Phoenix or Las Vegas for the "quality" of life.
5. Supporting and believing anything by Bush/Cheney and the right-wing religious wacko redneck Repugs.

Anonymous said...

Faacuckk walmart.

i only got there for toilet paper and ammo. and they just raised the price of 9mm from 11.50 to 14.88. since Xmas 2006 to now.

who says there is no inflation!!!!

oh, and Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil went from 3.97/qt to 5.98/qt.



why do they have 45registers, and only 7 open????

F, F, and F WMT.

not going there anymore.

Anonymous said...

unchecked monopoly my ass keith.

Target, Sears, Best Buy, Kohl's, Ross, Home Depot, Office Depot, Vons, Albertson's, Trader Joe's, just a few of the top of my head competitors.

HPers complain that people spend too much. HPers clip coupons to save ten cents. Well here is a store that allows people to spend less, without clipping coupons and you attack it. Would you rather have everyone spend 30% more by not shopping at Walmart?

As for the China issue; every store sells the same merchandise which is all made in China. Do you think the houseware goods sold by Vons or by Macy's are made in Illinois? Hell no. They're also made in China but cost 30% more than at Walmart. Same goes for pretty much every product sold retail these days. You people need to face the fact that manufacturing for the most part is gone from the US and it is never coming back. For such sophisticated world travelers and financial experts I'm surprised you haven't figured that out yet. I figured it out 20 years ago.

For all you holier than thou non-walmart shoppers do a little experiment. Walk arond your house (err apartment) and pick up the first 20 items you see. Look where they were made. I'd bet 18 of the 20 were made outside of the US. Guess you all hate American workers too.

Anonymous said...


You must be a member of one of these elite groups

1. Pays $50 for a shot of tequilla
because a rapper mentioned it in a video

2. Shops at Whole Foods and pays $4 for a loaf of bread because it's made "organically" (whatever that means)

3. Drives a Toyota Prius because Leonardo DiCaprio bought one.

4. Believes anything Al Gore says (see #3 too)

5. Lives with 3 roommates in a 2 bedroom apartment in SoHo for the quality of life

brianb said...

I'm a bad guy because I buy oreos for $2.50 a package at wal-mart instead of $3.70 at publix.

I buy OJ for $2.98 instead of $3.70 a half gallon.

Lots of little things are cheaper there...

If there were no Wal-mart, manufacturing in the US would be going strong! Making widgets and autos (except GM and F going that Wal-mart's fault too?) and big screen TVs!!

Anonymous said...

So you are saying we should still be spending $9 to make a broom to sell for $15 at some highend mom and pop store rather than buying one made in china from China for 3 dollars? Why don't we spend our resources and time making things we are more efficient at? Try reading international Econ 101 and get back to me (or earth)

DIABETIC & loving it said...

"Anti-American Self-Obsessed Over-Consuming Credit-Card & Housing-ATM Addicts" You forgot FAT, DIABETIC, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE TOO.

Tilolite said...

Well said Anon 4:02pm

Anonymous said...

Walk arond your house (err apartment) and pick up the first 20 items you see. Look where they were made. I'd bet 18 of the 20 were made outside of the US. Guess you all hate American workers too.

Not at my house...I only buy from resale shops.Most of my stuff is made in the U.S.A or Japan. Hate that cheap Chinese made crap. I will buy new again when something is made here. Until then I will just recycle.

Anonymous said...

"For all you holier than thou non-walmart shoppers do a little experiment. Walk arond your house (err apartment)"

DOHHHH!!!! Low blow. But a good one at that. I got the same felling when I read truthsquad's post. Pretentious douche. I consider myseff high income and occasionaly shop at Walmart. Usually for cheap electonics and office supplies. Nothing wrong with that. Oh and Olive Garden is ok too.

Mohameed Dreams of Babies said...

You forgot Americas poor who thanks to walmart have been given a generation of affordable goods that have allowed them to live a life of material wealth not dissimilar to the middle and upper middle class.

By the way anyone who believes americas future jobs and wealth are dependent upon manufacturing jobs is likely the type of person who needs those jobs.

Wet_Chet said...

To anonymous at 3:56, I thought I was the only one who's noticed these price increases in groceries and supplies. We live in Gilbert, AZ (suburb of Phoenix), and have seen price increases from 20% to 35% across the board on all the products we normally buy.

My theory is that it's a triple-whammy: large increases in home prices (they're moving down very slowly, but it's no crash -- yet) plus a doubling of gasoline prices a year ago, plus the new Arizona state minimum wage increase which took effect a few months ago.

In any case, our inflation must localized, because it sure doesn't show up in the CPI.

The big question is: what can you do about it when you know it's happenning -- grocery futures? Please don't say buy gold (or if you do, show me the correlation because it ain't there).


Richard said...

walmart sells the cheapest ammo around...

long live walmart!!

the human species is going down and going down hard with or without walmart.


Anonymous said...

Jeezuz is Walmart to blame for rainy wedding days too? Might as well be. It's responsible for everything else.

Hey you know they sell booze at WM, drinking and driving...all WM's fault.

They sell guns...need I say more?

They sell motor parts and tires. And cars pollute. And that pollution is responsbile for global warming. So WM is responsible for global warming.

They sell food. People eat too much and Americans are fat. Therefore WM is to blame for obesity.

They sell pool supplies. People drown in pools. WM is killing swimmers!!

They sell pet food. Yesterday my nieghbor's dog took a dump on my lawn, I blame WM.

Anonymous said...

yeah this post is stupid. let me go an stop shopping at Walmart because all of a sudden we won't have a trade deficit, and I should feel bad because its my fault.

target shopper said...

Buy Chinese-made crap from Target and Best Buy instead. That will help the trade deficit.

truthsquad retarded said...

You Walmart-hating freaks need to get a life. Why do you care so much where people buy their foreign made goods? Everthing is foreign-made these days no matter where you get it.

For all you morons putting down Phoenix, Vegas, Houston, Kansas and every place in the world - what makes you think your city is so special? Is it because you and your worthless white trash family lives there? What makes the restuarants you dine at so special? Is it because your toothless skank wife likes the food there?

It's easy for these demented twits like liarsquad to come on here and pretend to be a millionaire and put everybody else down. I'd like to know why that moron's city is so great. Maybe the entire population of the world should live there because any place else must suck. I bet that city is special because liarsquad lives there

Anonymous said...

I truely don't see how Walmart is causing any issues to Americans. Lets remenber that Walmart is a Global business in a global market place and they are excellent at it.

I would point the fingers at the American government for the policies which have caused these headaches.

Do we truely think that if we "BUY" american, this will resolve the problem. Sounds like a desperate statement made on MSNBC after the 911 market crash, "Buy stocks for america, just go out there and buy something."

Anonymous said...

keith where are you? 16 hrs plus with nothing new to read, you're killing me

Anonymous said...

Keith, with all respect, when you blame Wall-Mart or any other business model for Anti-Americanism, you have to read Marx (buried in London BTW) and Lenin. They said it more than 100 years ago - "Capitalism doesn't have Nationality" (or close). It's like blaming a short person that he is not tall. Any business which is insisting on serving the nation (or making sush claim) uses it as a tool to boost profit , etc. Recall Fox News and their American Flag pins (this is most obvious case). Wake up. You are trying to preach English poetry in quantum theory class. Looks wierd and naive.

Anonymous said...

damn I don't think I've ever seen Keith slapped down so hard by the readers before

kudos HPers, nice to know not all of you are lunatics

truthsquad said...

As this thread proves:
there's a lot of scum in this country..thank God, for my dual citizenship, overseas second and third homes and tax-free foreign accounts.
My empathy to the tax-paying, wage slave, Wal-Mart junkie Fox News "patriots" trying to make it on 100k or so per year...losing every day you wake up, falling behind and facing a bleak future. Ah..the American Nightmare, not keeping up with the Jones'.

Anonymous said...

"trying to make it on 100k or so per year"
Man, you just proved to be a prentetious, pompous and arrogant asshole. 100k is a good salary in most places in the US (except NYC) You must be over, 50 single and an online predator. See you on Dateline NBC bitch. LOSER.

Anonymous said...


don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Anonymous said...

hey thruthsquad as a member of the $100K making, fox news watching, walmart shopping, keeping up with the jones' patriot club, thank you for your concern. At our mext meeting we will take your concerns under advisement and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who said Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil is $6 at walmart...still cheaper than the $7 you'd pay at Autozone professor

retarded truthfart said...

truthscum member is a filthy piece of trash who pretends to be a millionaire. he claims that he spends all day driving around town to get free $20 store giftcards for transferring his prozac prescription

Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart shoppers are brainless leveraged to the wazoo scumbags.

George Clooney's neighbor said...

to the Dr Phil guest who thinks Walart is NOT a monopoly.

Quit reeking up the air with useless excuses.

You should have a more complex understanding of Walmart to know that much is at stake as a result of these non cupon low prices. You sound like a fat self hateful preteen who makes excuses for her abusive drug dealing boyfriend.

Walmart is a big problem.
They are ten years away from feeding the masses SoylentGreenburgers, and the day will come when their big hand in the sky reaches down for you (whimpering in the corner)and processes you into redneck burger.

wally and the beav said...

Tsk Tsk. Youve wakened the Walmart demons.