March 20, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Who was the worst person in the late great housing bubble world?

Candidates (vote, or add your own - I had to forget someone):

Alan Greenspan
George Bush
Bob Toll
Angelo Mozilo
Casey Serin
Greg Swann
Nicholas Retsinas
Kendra Todd
Catherine Reagor
David Lereah
Leslie Appleton-Young
Donald Trump
The HGTV programmer
Bruce Karatz
Chris Dodd
Jim Cramer


Anonymous said...

The dumbshits who took out crazy loans and pretend they own a home. But are paying only the neg am of tnhe loan.

Anonymous said...

Has to be Alan Greenspan, or should I say, "Saint Alan". This douche has presided over the kind of credit expansion that would have average people calling for his head on a stick if the average person knew anything at all about what central banks do. Fortunately for him, they don't and even with whatever is coming (hyperinflation or deflation) they may only be told he or Bernanke is "bad", but still won't know why.

I would say David Lereah otherwise but he's really just your typical douche lite. A douche to be sure, but his influence ain't nothing compared to what Greenspan did.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Gary "15 percent is in the bag" Watts.

michael said...

it's like the stupid time magazine person of the year cover. it should just be a mirror.

who's worst?

the american consumer.

Anonymous said...

For the moment, I have to go with easy Alan Greenspan for encouraging the public to get an ARM. This seemingly gave the ok for the finance boys to get creative and the rest was off to the races.

Dragasoni said...

Alan Green-Scam

Allowing such easy credit was a stupid idea, and now we're all going to pay the price. What in the world was he thinking, and why did he keep that interest rates that low for that long??

I can't think of any one person that's more responsible for this mess. Sure, there were many cheerleaders along the way, by Alan Greenspan caused this bubble.


Paul E. Math said...

So many to choose from, all deserving. But I'm going to choose Suzanne.

Suzanne is the 'helpful' realtor who 'researched this' and conned a pair of homebuyers into letting someone else do their thinking for them. Suzanne is every FBs lazy excuse for their own gullibility. If homebuyers had thought for themselves, were able to think for themselves, they would have calmly asked Suzanne for her address then driven over there and stuck a knife in her chest.

Suzanne is the voice of weakness and capitulation in all of us, the voice that we give in to when our objective, rational mind tells us not to.

Suzanne, I hope you slide under a gas truck and drown in your own blood.

Geez, was that a little harsh?

Anonymous said...

Bubbles Greenspan, his merry band of lenders, and the govt for looking the other way while mortgages were handed out to anyone with a pulse.

Let's not forget dumbed-down consumers for not understanding basic math. These are the same dolts that will drive 50 miles to save a cent or two on a gallon of gas.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

Alan Greenspan and Fliptards.

Anonymous said...

Greg Swann for being not only wrong but an arrogant asshole

mr big said...

I think it is the bush administration.They have no clue how to grow an economy.Their economic plan is all about robbing peter to pay paul.All the debt is catching up to us.Who is going to pay ?

LauraVella said...

In my book, it would have to be Cramer.

Two years ago, my marker maker in Los Angeles would quote JC and tell me all about his stock trades via "Cramers picks" and he would tell me things like "RE always goes up", or "you can't go wrong with RE". He was very good at what he did for a living, but turned into a ZOMBIE when talking about cramers "picks".

He's probably still under his "spell" today.

Mark in San Diego said...

Big AL gets my vote. . .Mr. Bubbles himself. . .Lerah isn't even in the ballpark - just some Talking Head at discredited NAR.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thought people's most expensive asset could appreciate faster than inflation forever.

Anjon said...

Overall worst person is George Bush, but if we're being specific to the Housing Bubble, i quite frankly don't think his responsibility is that high.

I'd have to say it's either Bob "all your descendents will be priced out forever" Toll might be the worst of the lot, with David "it's always a good time to buy" Lereah a close second

Anonymous said...

honica the anti-semite!

lagwagon said...

George Bush

he is the worst manager at least

insulates himself using nepotism with a bunch of long time friends instead of qualified professionals and then falls into group think with all the neocons. he then fires anyone who speaks out with a voice of reason (colin powell.. oh he quit? probably because he was completely ignored and didn't want to be associated with this incompetant jack ass)

he will be used in future managerial texts as a case study of how not to run an organization.

bubly said...

Combination of REIC and dumb consumers.

Its easy to point fingers at Greenspan,(just like it was easy to fall prey to the REIC)
Just a little reminder.
does anyone remember the 'conundrum'?
this has has got nothing to do with Greenspan. nada, nothing.

Although i do think narrow minded idiots like hatefull Honica, keep the antacid industry booming.
hmmm. is TUMS the next bubble?

Honica, can you please map out the connection between 'gastroesophageal reflux disease' and your feelings of anger?

Anonymous said...

The FB, who despite historical data, bought everything hook, line and sinker...

ty said...

The Public Schools,
and those who ruin them.

People without the wit and wisdom
to fend off predators have 'life'
without real 'liberty' (even tools
of liberty), never mind real
'pursuit of happiness'.

Anonymous said...

Greenspan and who ever was holding his strings (Bush, Gov.). History will look back on this with fascination. That leaders did this and were able to do this, will be studied for decades.

Greenspans attitude will be "you took a gamble in the RE casino and lost, tough luck"

Uncle Al said...

Alan Greenspan played a central role in this debacle. He quarterbacked the whole game. Lowering rates and keeping them there for too long was one thing but telling consumers it was in their best interest to use ARMs at the bottom of the rate cycle was simply evil.

A close runnerup has to be the crack dealing subprime lending industry. After receiving AGs free pass, they never looked back. And, on the way to the end zone, they broke every lending rule known to man.

Last and but not least is the turd polishing David 'butterflies fly out of my arse' Lereah. Although his role was limited to Baghdad Bob like cheerleading, DL's mindless commentary just makes you want to put a friggin bullet in your head.

Anonymous said...


Josh said...

explanation: I would like to quote Robert De Niro from Casino when firing an employee whom he suspected of being crooked. "you're either too stupid to have this job or you're in on it [the scam] either way your out."
Most people on this list were just in the right place at the right time, and didn't know any better. (ie. "too stupid to have their jobs"). Alan Greenspan however was "in on it." He had the economist sense to know exactly what he was doing all along. Instead of taking his licks for allowing a recession in 2001 he chose to create a liquidity driven asset bubble the likes of which history has never seen. The amazing thing about him is that the masses think him to be a hero. Brilliant play by the old man. Brilliant yet sinister.

Lost Cause said...

It's "Sir Greenspan" and don't you forget it.

Jim Cramer said...

Jim Cramer

Anonymous said...

Since the housing bubble happened on the bush watch, or lack thereof, I would kindly suggest team bush will be responsible for the bush built scheitt sandwich coming to a town near you!!!

David said...

1st: Greenspan
2nd: David Lereah

Anonymous said...

You also forgot Bob "School is for dummies and 401ks are risky" Kiyosaki.

Anonymous said...

I would say Alan Greenspan but then I realized he was just following orders. I would blame the bush junta for this one, and I still feel that the impetuous for our current situation was an act of sabotage, not just mere stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Remember that there is no I in team.

keith said...

Looks like Greenspan in a landslide.

Everyone agree?

Conundrum said...

Greenspans conundrum!
HPers look it up!

Anonymous said...

You, keith. it was all you. If you han'd made HP we never would have realized it was a bubble and it would have gone on forever.


Anonymous said...

Alan Greenspan

Anonymous said...

It has to be Greenspan. Once the easy money is flowing, the rest follows. Let's also remember that he was central to the stock market bubble in the 90's.

Anonymous said...

I blame 911 .... All that toxic stuff from ground zero must of gotten in the air and people's brains and they loss their IQ points .

People were begging to overpay for property thinking that someone more dense than themselves were going to come along and buy the property from them .And based on this belief the people were willing to commit loan fraud to get a toxic loan they could not afford .

There must of been something in the air , I'm telling you .

Really I blame a speculation mania but without the faulty sub-prime lending it would not of been possible

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton and Ann Coulter

honica jewinski said...

Greeny the sheeny hands down. He along with the other jews at the federal reserve need to take all the credit for this cluster F%$@.

Frank said...

"You also forgot Bob "School is for dummies and 401ks are risky" Kiyosaki."

Nah. He has correctly pointed out that a house is a liability, and if you're buying a house to live in, never put less than 70% down, otherwise you might as well rent with all the interest you'll be paying. He also called the crash well over a year ago before any of the MSM got a clue.