March 11, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

What sucks about your town?

What's great about it?

Would you recommend it to someone?

Where would you live if you could?


Anonymous said...

Well, you know your presidency sucks when you move daylight savings up just to end it all the quicker.

Anonymous said...

The Treasury is being bled dry. The dollar has lost half it's value. The grand axis of evil pr started a war for false reasons. North Korea built God knows how many nukes before we had to drop the axis talk, give them aid to get a deal. China had to step in because it had gotten that bad... now we're having direct talks with Iran. Nixon goes to China again? So much for the axis of evil tough talk. This is going out with a whimper.

Keith Watcher said...


You've been updating the site more, are you an vacation or something?

Anonymous said...

1. It's Los Angeles

2. See #1

3. Dude...seriously...#1

4. Not sure yet...but it sure won't be here.

Rochester, NY said...

What sucks about your town?

Weather and no jobs (upstate NY), we're northerners so we are rude by default.

What's great about it?

No insects or snakes or gators

Would you recommend it to someone?
Let me think......HELL NO!

Where would you live if you could?
Las Vegas / Hawaii / New Orleans

Anonymous said...

How could anything suck about Los Angeles? It is full of culture and the most coolest people. And the shopping is to die for. Of *course* I'd recommend it. But only to those that have lots of credit cards.

Why on earth would I want to live anywhere else.

Did I mention the shopping?

Flagg707 said...

olumbia, Missouri

What sucks about your town?
- Much of the new construction over the last several years has been McMansions priced in the $200k-$400k range
- New apartments have mainly been large 20-30 building developments, some aimed solely at students (University of Missouri has a main campus here)

What's great about it?
Many cultural events and concerts come to town due to the University. Housing, while pricey in my opinion, has not gotten insane. There is actually a basic mass transit system in town (busses) that do a reasonably good job of covering the area. Range of employment that includes university work, manufacturing, ag and services. Big push to spark entrepreneurs with tech transfer from the University Great location. Weather is usually decent.

Would you recommend it to someone?
Yes. Absolutely.

Where would you live if you could?
Outside of trying out living in a foreign country for a few years, I'm where I want to be.

C---------- said...

In the immortal words of Mike Demone (Fast Times at Ridgemont High). "Hey man, wherever Im at. Thats the place to be!".


+: tons of bars downtown. Broncos/Avalanche/Nuggets
1hr from some of the best skiing in the world.
pretty decent weather despite all the extremes that make the news
Scenic in the Mtns
Outdoorsmans paradise

-: Meth stories, Denver county cant plow snow for shit, white trash stories that make the national news( high school kids who killed mom recently).
traffic sux

Stuck in So Pa said...

What sucks about your town?
Middle of nowhere, boring, nothing happens here, outrageous taxes for the services you get (or not, but thats the standard in Taxsylvania)

What's great about it?
Middle of nowhere, boring, nothing happens here, very low crime, no traffic jams or rush hour, blue sky, fresh air, clean air.

Would you recommend it to someone?
No, unless you like high taxes and boring.

Where would you live if you could?
Delaware, several people from the area have moved there, center state, rave about the low taxes and cost of living (very, VERY important to a retiree on fixed income)

Anonymous said...

Scottsdale, AZ

What sucks: 120 degree summer days, the "Jones" who live way beyond their means to keep up with their neighbors, those same neighbors looking down on you for driving a car that is 5 years old and living in a downsize house, so we can own it out right, they just don't get it. Oh yeah the HOA police state sucks too.

What is great about it: My husband is able to earn a good living here. Great places to eat, lots of kids activities.

Recommend it: NO!

Where would we live if we could: traveling the world, home schooling our children, exposing them to all the world has to offer.

Small Hat

Anonymous said...

I live in a small city in the Upper Midwest. Lets call it Frostbite Falls.

Nice things are.

1. 8 minute commute to work.
2. Only time we see bumper to bumper traffic is if someone had an accident.
3. Really low cost of living.

Disadvantages are.

1. Low pay compared to other areas.
2. Not a whole lot to do.
3. Really, really, really, bad climate.

Anonymous said...

San Diego

The weather is incredible.....most of the time!

Although....traffic is bad and getting worse!

It ain't cheap to live here!

Way to many foreigners and illegals!

Anonymous said...

San Diego

Also, people can't drive here!

lots of big city crime

Car thefts due to proximity of border!

Live in the North county inland, north of the 8 and east of the 5 unless your a La jolla snob, then west of the 5 is o.k.!

Anonymous said...

New Hope, Pennsylvania. Quiet, classy, laid back, during the week. Weekend filled with tourists from New Jersey and New York who are loud, and drive aggressively. They are also moving here in numbers and bringing their ways with them.(Our supermarket now looks like something out of North Jersey, bumper carts.) And Mexicans are here always using Western Union for some strange reason. A place devoid of crowds, like Maine, Vermont, NH. Ideally, the Swiss Alps.

Mark in San Diego said...

San Diego -

Good - nice weather, good waterfront and beaches, much less traffic than LA or San Francisco, pretty friendly people, close in airport with decent service.

Bad - two tier economy - Military is the middle class, then we have $6 an hour jobs, and 200K a year jobs (at Qualcom) and not much in between. Now that the real estate/construction complex has collapsed, there may be more competition for the $6 jobs.

Local government is worse than usual (and I have lived a lot of places), and infstructure is pretty 3rd world (can we say Tijuana Norh?). . .

Where would I live? - probably here, but like our two aircraft carriers, this is my home port, not my home - the world is my home. . .I spend part of the year in Zurich (great city) but wouldn't want to live there all winter.

Anonymous said...

What sucks about your town?

Transplanted Yankees

What's great about it?

Everything, weather, beaches, golf, great resturants and bars, cheap gas, freee public transportation, weather, and the weather

Would you recommend it to someone?

No, stay away.

Where would you live if you could?

Here or live a board in the Bahamas

keith said...

Here's mine (London):

Sucks: Insane cost of living, especially for holders of worthless dollars. Historic housing bubble, gold diggers, drunks, smoking ban doesn't go into effect until July

Great: Villages, easy living, nice weather (believe it or not - thank you global warming), restaurants, theatre, free museums, eastern european girls, easy to travel throughout europe, trains, tube, parks

Recommend: Hell yes

Live anywhere: Don't know yet. Definitely not most cities in the US, leaning toward sweden, france, italy, always looking

Soujorner said...

Berkeley California

Sucks - Some ghetto-ized areas next to ultra rich enclaves. Basically socialist city government (but it works here).

Great - Live as you want. Be who you are inside. Not as pretentious as San Francisco. Incredible weather and views. Rent for a third the price of owning. Great university gives it a "world" feel.
Excellent public schools.

Highly Recommended to all.

Would consider spending a few years in East Asia. The focus of financial and political power is shifting to China now.

Mark in San Diego said...

Sorry for all the typos - I have a new small Vaio, and my fingers are just too big!. . .as for recommending San Diego- yes for retired people with decent income - although rents are now pretty cheap. . .no for a career person - unless you think a great career is a vallet parker at the W Hotel, or a bartender at the Stingaree. . .if you are military, couldn't find a better place.

Anonymous said...

What sucks: NIMBYism, neo-marxist mindset (I'm in Vermont)

What's great: easy going pace of life, beautiful lake, mountains, proximity to Montreal, Boston, NYC.

Would you recommend it: absolutely

Where would you live: any small city next to a large body of water

Anonymous said...

I live just north of Frostbite Falls!. Its cold but were used to it. the cost of living is cheap. nice house in town between 50 and 70k

there is not alot to do...but than agian "what is all this doing" if people were more happy just doin nothing the world would be much better. Doin nothing is an art form and when your frozen its easy to perfect.

if I could live anywhere it would probably be here, because I can live anywhere and I am here if that makes sense.

Be happy where you are and with what you have and youhave got er done!!!

cowboy ain't happy w/o lonesome said...

what sucks? nothing
what's great? not much
recommend? sure
where would I live? here

Escalante, Utah - see if you can find it on the map - rednecks, great canyons, no economy, middle of nowhere, no jobs, cheap housing, closed Mormon town. Come on out!

Anonymous said...

Seattle used to be a great place to live,now its just an over hyped overpriced techie world

Frank said...

Hehe - perfect question to ask one day before I'm moving!!!

I'm in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What sucks: 80% of the people here are fake, rude, and pissed off all the time because they're hounded by bill collectors and repo men thanks to living in a $600k house on $50k salaries. Also, the economy is not diversified at all, the two primary industries are tourism and real estate, and at least one of those two is in big trouble. Rush-hour traffic is beginning to rival LA and there is a poor freeway system making it hard to get around. Crime is on the rise big-time the past couple of years.

What's good: It's still cheaper than most sunny resort towns, there are amazing restaurants that are relatively inexpensive, it's always sunny, and if you're a single male this is the best place to be as it's full of stunningly beautiful women and there is NO competition as far as other men go (they're all geeks and dorks).

Would I recommend it? Depends on who's asking. For a single 20 or 30-something guy, hell yeah, you'll nail a different hottie every night without even trying. For single women? No - most are miserable here. For families? No - poor schools and there are no real neighborhoods or communities.

Where I'd like to live- Newport Beach CA ... and I'm moving there TOMORROW!! Woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

Best spot to live? The seacoast of NH. Pretty country, Atlantic Ocean, 1 hour to Boston or skiing, local night life in Portsmouth and Newburyport, no income or sales tax, great healthcare, low crime, fall colors, etc.

abb said...

Until recently there were only 6 central banks in the world not currently controlled by the Rothschilds. Namely: Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, and Libya

Then we invaded Iraq and there were 5, er.... make that 4 now that Libya is privatizing/modernizing:

So now we're left with: Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Cuba

So here's an interesting coincidence...

Our original "axis of evil" included: Iraq, Iran, & North Korea

Then we expanded it to include Cuba, Libya, and Syria

hmmm.... coincidences, coincidences...

Anonymous said...

So Cal!

What sucks?

The huge influx of middle easterners, pacific rimers and illegals that will not assimilate!

vegas crash watcher said...
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Anonymous said...


What sucks?

It's Rockford, Ill.!

Nothing to do, nowhere to go, rotten weather!

Anonymous said...

blowfly says,

here in Piggot Ark, the rent is cheap, and the sheep a plenty!

I rent a room from honica!

Gay porn is the only way to pay rent!

Dave Barnes said...

What sucks about your town [Denver, CO USA]?
Public school system is a 90% failure. Two magnet high-schools are successful. Three elementary schools are doing their job. Not a single middle school is working.

What's great about it?
Weather. 300+ days of sunshine. No bugs.
Easy to get around.
Great alpine skiing is just 1.5 hours away.
Mexican (well. Tex-Mex) food.
Good city government.
Becoming more ethnically diverse (Vietnamese, Mexicans, Ethiopians, Koreans).
The economy is fairly robust.

Would you recommend it to someone?
Yes. If they have kids then they must be able to afford private schooling.

Where would you live if you could?
7th arrondisement, Paris, France. But, only if I had a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver, BC

Bad: Winter = 6 months of rain; Insane RE prices; Downtown Eastside with safe injection sites

Good: Weather is still better than most of Canada; Mountains, ocean, clean air for a city of it's size; Cute asian chicks

Recommend it: Maybe. Probably the best large city in Canada. Not the best in the world, though.

Where else would I live: Western Mediterranean

HBB said...

San Francisco :

Great things
1. Great Weather, not too cold in the winter, not too hot in the summer.
2. Tolerant
3. Close to the beaches and coastline.
4. Close to skiing, National Parks, lots of things to do.
5. Diverse.

1. Sky High Cost of Home Ownership and also renting.
2. Cities unreasonable programs supporting the homeless. It ends up promoting homelessness, rather than solving it.
3. Leftist on some issues.
4. Traffic is a mess.
5. High taxes.

Anonymous said...

Provo, UT

The mormon cult is quite annoying. The cost of living is fairly reasonable, but salaries are low too. Now we have people making $40k/year buying $300k houses.

I love the mountains and high desert.

I'd live in CA if there wasn't so many damn californians, traffic, taxes, and stupid laws.

Anonymous said...

I predict housing will be so expensive that in 20 years only the richest people in the world will have a roof over their heads. Everyone else will be living in cardboard boxes or in the sewers. Buy now or be priced out forever.

Anonymous said...

San Diego.

Everyone knows the good points of San Diego.

Bad points: Housing! I hope all these people who thought housing doubling in prices in two years is a good thing get to discover why WE think housing LOSING 50% in two years is a good thing. Really, a house is a place to live in, not a place to flip over and over in some financial musical chairs hoping you are the last person to make 50k-100K on the stucco box before the last, greater fool, gets really, really burned. Shameful! Get ready you San Diegans with $3500 mortgages, $300 monthly HOA fees plus $700 monthly tax, when it finally hits you that you are being bled dry paying for a depreciating asset.

All of a sudden shelling out $4500 a month won't seem like such a good investment when you realize all the Ponzi money was sucked out before you signed up for the "stucco box bank" looking to make $100k in two years.

Anonymous said...

San Jose, CA.

Weather is diverse( we have affirmative action requiring that) yet pleasant.
There are still some jobs left here but most are filled by imported foreigners.
Great range of outdoor enviroments.

Lots of wetbacks.
Left wing politics( == high taxes).
A decent house costs $900k.
It's expensive in general but we live a very simple life so that is minimized.

Face it, the economy everywhere is a rigged game. You've got to play it with that in mind.

Anonymous said...

The Politicans--I live in Washington,DC.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What kind of culture are you people talking about in Los Angeles? It has very little history other than Hollywood and is the epitome of surburban sprawl. The smog is so thick you can hardly see anything. The traffic is horrible. The city is owned by street gangs.

Anonymous said...

For those that are unaware of Columbia Missouri...I'll second what flagg707 says as I lived there from 2000-2005.

Very liberal for the midwest.

Lots of good music...I heard the Bluenote closed however...bummer.

truthsquid said...

Anyone who doesn't live in the same city or shop at the same places as I do is an ignorant piece of trash

Anonymous said...

So Cal- Mexicans and Mexicans and more Mexicans and all the BS that comes with them !!!

veritas_faust said...

Miami Beach, FL

What sucks:

Spanish is the local language, several people do not speak English, and they have lived here over 20 years. I do not speak Spanish worth a damn.

The restaurants are the worst of any major city I have lived in. Surprising when you consider the city attracts a lot of tourists. But with the few rare exceptions this is far from a culinary mecca. Ironically it is a couple cheaper local places that have a good menu. The high end stuff always disappoints. But there is always Burger King I guess.

The spring, summer, and early fall are BRUTALLY HOT. The humidity is insane. And the rain comes down in buckets.

South Beach is lame. If you have ever been to a cavernous night club with blaring music, no place to sit down and VIP bottle service that starts at $350 then you can never visit South Beach and you will be just fine. Oh yes and the bouncers will tell you that you are never getting in with that shirt on. That is their way of saying you did not offer to tip.

Local Motto: "Sunny place, shady people."

You already know the condos are priced at 500K and the median income is 49K. The condos are built by illegal immigrants with no training and the quality of the workmanship is reflected in the final product.

The economy is based on tourism. The illegal economy is based on drug trafficking. Drug traffickers are violent and generally ill mannered. Which makes them hard to pick out of a crowd of Miami residents.

Most residents are from the 3rd world where they do not require a driving test, or from New York City where they have never driven a car. Our roads reflect that sober fact.

Many people lease luxury and exotic cars they cannot they are regularly repossessed. Or they are "stolen" after the owner has missed a couple payments. Go figure? At least it gets them off the roads for a week.

I could go on....


Miami has GREAT lighting. Seriously, it is probably the best lit city I have ever seen. It even beats Paris, FR (which is called the City of Lights metaphorically).

The people are very pretty. Sadly the men are better looking then the women. Which is nice if you are gay, I am not. The women have great bodies, often surgically enhanced, but they are very pretty to look at. They seem to think they do not need surgery on their faces...which is odd. So we call them "butter faces." Which means she has a hot body, but, her face....EEECCHHHH!!!!

The late fall and winter the weather is amazing. If only there was something to do.

You are close to the islands of the Caribbean. This is great because when you live on a beach in the tropics the first place you want to go on vacation is another beach in the tropics.

We have GREAT rum. NO NOT BACARDI. Bacardi is shit! We have some fine rums from Jamaica (Appleton - Nice), Haiti (Barbancourt - VERY NICE), Guatemala (Ron Zacapa 23 year old Grand Reserve - LOVE OF GOD ITS GOOD!!!!!!).

Would I suggest you move here:

If you are looking to come here on vacation it is OK, not great, but OK. If you have entirely too much money, don't need to work and therefore do not work, then its as good a place as any to have a vacation condo. As long as you cook at home and don't go out to dinner you should be fine.

Where I want to live:

I would go back to New Orleans if it hadn't flooded...but it did. SO we are moving to Portland, Oregon. It may not be the promised land, but it as good as I have found. They saw a minor housing bubble, have a great food, beer and wine culture. The city is bordered by 2 rivers is an hour from the coast and an hour from the desert. # hours from Seattle and 6 from San Francisco. I think we are going to plant our flag in Oregon.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Portland is starting to suck because, like most of this cesspool nation, it's being taken over by pretense and ostentation. Seems flooded with high-end crap or lowlifes, with not much in between.

I hate the USA.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"my happy renter beat up your bitter owner"

Ayces said...

Santa Rosa, Norcal

What sucks about your town?

The price of homes, way too many non english speaking illegals, and the traffic.

What's great about it?

The close proximity to San Francisco, the ocean, wine country, and the weather.

Would you recommend it to someone?

I would, but not until prices of homes drop another 25-40%(already off 10-15% off 2005 peak).

Where would you live if you could?

Marin county, just south of Santa Rosa. The weather and scenery is awesome. In my opinion the only drawbacks of Marin County are the price of housing and the prevalent snobbery.

Anonymous said...

Did you toothless Target shopping chimps buy your cheap Chinese junk today?

kangtong said...

What sucks about your town?
Honolulu: biggest suck factor is cost of living, followed closely by an incompetent and corrupt legislature.

What's great about it?

Would you recommend it to someone?
NO! NO! NO! My cost of living adjustment is over $17,000 a year and it doesn't even come close to covering the cost of living. My rent alone is $30k a year and thats a hell of alot cheaper than owning.

Where would you live if you could?
Anywhere rural.

center of left said...

Sf is only tolerant if you are a Communist or anarchist.

Anonymous said...

Too many pre and foreclosures ...

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nine in just one condo complex are late ...


Anonymous said...

I'm taking my real estate broker exam tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Anonymous said...

Lake Arrowhead, California. Ski resort town at 6000 feet, 1 hour east of the Los Angeles County line.

What sucks about your town?

Nothing. It's perfect. We live in the tall pines. We have 4 seasons including a bit of snow in the winter and the summers rarely get above 90 while it's 120 at lower elevations.

What's great about it?

Small town feel, privacy up in the woods yet only a half hour to a freeway should we need big city services.

Would you recommend it to someone?

Most certainly. Many people have their vacation homes up here because of the scenic beauty.

Where would you live if you could?

Upstate New York. Mostly because the land prices are 1/10 of the prices here, mostly. I want at least 10 acres of woods with several buildings on the property and enough steady wind to power a wind generator. I love the cold and the snow (as long as I don't have to drive anywhere).

I've lived in the Los Angeles area almost my entire adult life and I'm really sick of the sunshine and lack of variety in the seasons. I know that sounds crazy but there are some of us who like the cold.

SpaceCase said...

Boulder = mecca for space science geeks, and i am a full-time one making not far from the median national income.

Three things i like: friendly to bicyclists, mostly good weather with the occasional blizzard or storm to enjoy, and Planet Porter at Boulder Brewery.

What i don't like: some beer reviewers called Planet Porter "forgetabble", and most apartments have small windows. Commercial and suburban sprawl like anywhere. bad parking situations in the nicer parts of town.

Certainly would recommend it a friend. In fact, did, and she's living here too.

Always had attraction to the American southwest. Hey, maybe *now* is a good time to buy in Phoenix? whaddya guys think??

Anonymous said...

DC Subburbs.

Good: Stable job market, good colleges/ schools, free museums, moderate distance to mountains/ beaches, international college girls.

Bad: Traffic/sprawl, house prices, poor inner-city angry blacks, most population growth is immigrant based, people are rude and one-dimensional - career orientated, cost of services (gyms, theatre,
...), over-regulated, no sense of community, annoying American girls think they are special.

Recommend it: If you have really good, high $$$ job you can do nowhere else, and you can afford stay at home wife to help your kids keep up with the Jr Jones. Otherwise, no.

Where: Mid-sized town near the water with liberal scene. Somewhere cheap enough to live on one income. Somewhere down South.

ty said...
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Anonymous said...

what sucks? the town hooker.


Anonymous said...

"What sucks: 80% of the people here are fake, rude, and pissed off all the time"
Frank you #1 best selling are in for a rude awakening. OC is chock full of pretentious, arrogant, rude assholes! Yes, I know, I know..'but its not li ke the Real House whores of the OC' you say. Guess what it is!!! Only difference is that thes OC people have the $$ to be assholes, like you said Scumdale is the imitation. Enjoy! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

"What kind of culture are you people talking about in Los Angeles?"

Oh no you must be another 'NEW YAWKER' bashing LA. So what do you have for culture doucehbag? Yankee stadium? Howard Stern. yes, SoCal is bad, very bad,. Please dont come here. Beotch.

TM said...

Orange County, CA
Bad: Ridiculous cost of living, bland and unimaginative housing and zoning, and Consumerism as religion. Traffic.

Good: Diverse Community (contrary to OC stereotypes), low crime for a large metro area, well-maintained infrastructure, LA amenities without (quite) LA pretense.

Recommend it? Not really. Live somewhere cheap and save your money. I would rather have leisure in a bad climate, than work all day in "paradise" (and OC is far, far from paradise, but you get what I mean).

And that's my plan. Looking for a nice, liveable Mid-western city.

I Love Broadband over PowerLine said...


March 11, 2007 -- With the spring selling season about to hit, homeowners looking to sell and pocket a huge profit are hoping the real estate funk ends quickly.

But, experts say, don't count on it.

"It'll probably be 2008 before the housing market bottoms," says Mark Grinis, a partner in Ernst & Young's Real Estate, Hospitality & Construction group.

That's because there are a higher number of unsold homes - both new and existing - on the market then we've seen in a while. "And that excess inventory will force sellers to lower their prices," notes Zoltan Pozsar, an economist at

So don't be fooled by the recent news that sales of existing homes unexpectedly rose 5.2 percent in February, according to the National Association of Realtors, breaking a five-month losing streak.

It's not enough.

The good news is that "we're much closer to stabilizing than falling off a cliff," says Michael Darda, chief economist at MKM Partners in Greenwich, Conn.

He notes that existing home sales are sitting on the market for about 6.6 months these days, compared with 7.4 months in October.

One fly in the ointment is the trouble pulsing through the sub-prime market. That's the sector of the mortgage industry that gives loans to folks with little or no credit. So folks with "sub-prime" credit were given cheap loans on properties they couldn't afford.

And though Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson said the "sub-prime market was contained," you can't help but worry about the slacker next door who can't pay his bills.

The bigger problem is that if more people default on their mortgages and are forced into foreclosure, other sectors of the economy will be affected. If people aren't buying homes, then they're not buying washers and dryers, using interior decorators or hiring handymen to fix faucets either.

"The housing market has been a major contributor to the broader economy as home prices have increased. The inverse will also hold true," reminds Grinis.

Bucking the slowing trend nationally and in the Northeast, New York is on fire again. Thank Wall Street bonuses, increasing rents or New Yorkers who just get on with their lives and don't worry about bubbles bursting "Over-bidding is back again," says Barbara Corcoran, the queen of New York real estate brokers. She says "properties that once languished are now confronted with three bidders."

Anonymous said...

Panama Shity Florida

Lots of H2O to see, all kinds of bugs, meth invested, good ol boy network, poor as poor can be. They dont call it the RedNeck Riviera for nothin!!

The best beaches in Fl and its amazing how this town can fuck that up.

Maybe in 20 yrs I would reccomend!

couponcutter said...

"Where would you live if you could?
7th arrondisement, Paris, France."

I lived in the 5th Arrond. (Quartier Latin), while studying at Sorbonne. Man, those French women drunk every night.

couponcutter said...

"The restaurants are the worst of any major city I have lived in."

Hey, Veritas, go to Restaurant Porcao in Downtown. The best Brazilian churrascaria. Start with a "caipirinha" and ask for "rodizio". You won't regret. $$$

You can also have the best Mexican food at "El Rancho Grande", off Lincoln Road. Ask for the Bohemia beer. $

For the best Italian food, check Oggi Caffe. Amazing food! $$

gringo star said...

it seems that many of you guys are pissed off about the illegal immigration situation in the US. Do something about it! call your congressman / Woman, contact local government

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Odessa Ukraine

What sucks about your town?
Frequent rolling blackouts.

What's great about it?
Way of life is amazing, tons of cafes, restaraunts, nightclubs, cheap cost of living and an abbundance of gorgeous model quality women.

Would you recommend it to someone?
Yes, although not for amatuers.

Where would you live if you could?
I am where I want to be.

Anonymous said...

Provo, UT (I'm #2. I need to meet the first poster on "Happy Valley")

CONS: The worst drivers I have ever seen! A stop sign is merely a yield sign at best. They tailgate you while yapping on their cellpones about inane B.S. and the next church activity. They'll make a left turn in front of you with no room to spare.
If you are a pedestrian, watch out. They wont stop for you, even in a crosswalk.

There is a wave of materialism that has taken hold among these humble christians. They are building more and more McMansions of the finest chipboard available.

Recommend? Sure, C'mon! Especially if you're from Scottsdale! You'll fit right in.

Anonymous said...

Rochester, NY...

Am living in DC and would love to be able to move BACK to Rochester, NY.

While the weather is better here (winter is not as long), one can live a much better life in Upstate and there aren't all the illegals and 7-11 clerks/taxi drivres there...

Anonymous said...

What sucks about your town?

DC- too expensive- even as an attorney making the average salary, I cannot get ahead. Too many illegals and taxi-drivers. No sense of community. Too much traffic. People work too much here

What's great about it?

It is ground zero for a nuke.

Would you recommend it to someone?

No, way too expensive.

Where would you live if you could?

NY-If I had tons of cash- Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, 1000 Islands.

C L (Wash DC) said...

1. Crushing traffic, 20 hours a day, hot summers, cold winters

2. Tons to do, beautiful city, good public transit, spring and fall are gorgeous

3. Yes if you're under 35. No if you want to raise a family.

Anonymous said...

Veritas Faust,

Disregard Coupon cutter if you have good taste--the brazillin place is just a bunch of second rate cuts sold in large q's in a hotel in dt Miami. The mexican place off of lincoln is o.k. for Miami but would be shut down in a weekn in Houston or LA. Did Miami Beach for a couple of years--am glad to be back in D.C. Yeah, housing is also high cost in D.C. but the average income in D.C. is twice that of Miami and the percentate of college grads is Three times that in Miami. Yeah, Miami/Miami Beach just O.K. for a short vacation. If you have some education and like an active and interesting lifesytle not a great place. More of a place for 3rd world refuges and a version of paradise for outer borough NYC blue collar types. So, least favortie anywhere in FLA and favorite--D.C./Mont co to live and work. To vacation--outer banks/australia and Maine in Summer.

Anonymous said...

What sucks about your town?

Austin, TX - 25 gallons trying to crowd into a 10 gallon hat. A great place to live, designed for maybe 200,000 people, now "supports" 1 million +. Events are all badly overattended, traffic measurably worse year over year, corrupt cops & politicians, rampant hipsterism, rampant liberalism, get ready to run your A/C from March to November. TTC coming, Texas seems to be the frontline for the NWO globalists. The trees here are shrivelled jokes. The girls are mostly hard-ass attitude punkabilly wannabes. City council is insane. Californicators & "investors" ruining everything in the usual M.O. - housing runup, bad attitudes.

What's great about it?

Tons of live music. Motorcycle riding year-round. Housing, though expensive, is apparently less expensive than everywhere else. Lots of single girls, if you don't mind basketcases. Hill Country is pleasant. If you smoke left-handed cigarettes, it's heaven (I don't though.) Surprisingly smart and "awake" people here. Frontline against the NWO, known nationally for it. Willie Nelson. SXSW.

Would you recommend it to someone?

Please... please... do not move here. We're badly, badly overcapacity.

Where would you live if you could?

Coastal New Hampshire, maybe. LFOD. Mediterranean Spain also seems nice... can I take my guns?

Anonymous said...


What sucks = 250,000 Katrina refugees that the imbecile mayor let in and opened the gates to hell with. Illegals pouring in daily. Yuppies developing areas with lofts and causing artificial inflation in housing market. Traffic, pollution, over population, blistering summer heat, militarized police department, worthless local govt, etc..

What is great = lots of competition in business, easy to get almost any good or service, housing still affordable for most people, and mild winters without snow/ice.

I would not recommend living here to anyone.

I would live in Lake Canyon, TX if I could afford it. They have a low population, clear cool water in their lake and rivers, low pollution, awesome homes, postcard style views everywhere you look, low taxes, etc.

Anonymous said...

San Diego
Plusses; good restaurants, weather, scenery.
Minuses; $500K buys you a small crappy house in a less than perfect neighborhood. It's just not worth it for the price anymore. Even 5 years ago it was overpriced, now it just borders on the absurd.

Anonymous said...

Live in Bangkok, Thailand

Nice things: still cheap to live here, can get great food (local & international) for a fraction of the US, people are very friendly, cheap maids and services, women everywhere (but I'm already settled down), lots of culture, beaches nearby, hub of SE Asia.

Bad things: insane traffic, crushing mind-melting heat (3 seasons here- hot, hotter and fuckng hot), Thai people are really complicated and working here can be a total struggle, finding vegetarian food can be tough, unstable government.

Recommend living here for sure.

I'd like to live in San Francisco or Boulder next.