March 05, 2007

All good things must end


Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Saddam was a bad idea indeed. A world with a mass killer like him around is much better than without him.

Here's some light reading on some of his hobbies. What a swell guy huh? That bastard Bush, how dare he remove such a beloved leader from the people?!?!

in one cell pieces of human flesh — ear lobes — were nailed to the wall, and blood spattered the ceiling. A large metal fan hung from the ceiling, and my guide told me prisoners were attached to the fan and beaten with clubs as they twirled. There were hooks in the ceiling used to suspend victims. A torture victim told me that prisoners were also crucified, nails driven through their hands into the wall. A favorite technique was to hang men from the hooks and attach a heavy weight to their testicles.
— Independent, March 29, 1991

Shaho was nine at the time. Within weeks, he began to suffer back pains and eventually was unable to stand or walk. "Before the chemical attack, I was perfectly healthy....I am certain that poison gas caused my illness. My mother lost her sight at the time, and I've got gradually worse ever since." Shaho spends each day at home lying on his mattress, turned every 30 minutes by his devoted sister to avoid bedsores.
— Gwynne Roberts, "Poisonous Weapons," Crimes of War, eds. Gutman and Rieff, (Singapore, 1999)

One citizen, Mr. Akra, was taken to a hospital in Iran before returning to Halabja to look for his family. "I saw over 200 bodies in just 100 meters. There was a terrible smell from the chemicals and the corpses. I went into the shelter. I first saw my grandmother. She had swollen up. Then I saw the blackened face of my mother and I lost consciousness."
— Guy Dinmore, Financial Times, July 10, 2002

Anonymous said...

Thats all great about Saddam....but the US put him into power. And the US sold him the chemical weapons he used.

The Shiite and Sunnis and Kurds have treated each other brutally for thousands of years.

Saddam ruled exactly like his opponents would have ruled had they been in power.

Yeah, it is wrong....but thats the way they have lived forever! Saddam was a bastard....but so are the other leaders of the other groups!

Why is that concept so hard to understand?

Uncle Al said...

ROTFLMAO. Dude -- you are too funny!

Ex-Anon said...

As someone who lived in the Middle East for a few years, it is easy to understand Saddam. They believe if "You have power and don't use it you are weak, if you have power and don't abuse you are strange"

This is how they think and act daily. People use whatever leverage they have over one, another all day every day. They are not much different than dogs in that respect, they only submit to power.

Anonymous said...

How many people in Iraq were killed during Saddam's rule?

- A dozen tousand, or about that number.

How many people have been killed since US invasion?

No less than hundred thousand. So, what is conclusion???

Anonymous said...

Churchill killed more Iraqis with chemical weapons in the 1920's than Saddumb would ever dream about...

A sure sign of a sheepster is its willingness to chase after bogeymen ;-)


Who could possibly deny that Saddam was a bad man. Thats not really the point. The issue is whether Iraq is more dangerous to Americans now or before. It is clearly the case that the new Iraq represents more of a threat to us than the old Iraq ever did. That is why we are in such a mess right now, we caused a mess for the Iraqis and significantly escalated the threat to us posed by that region of the world. Now we can't leave, but we cant stay either. We are just screwed!

George Bush should be ashamed of himself as should anyone who voted for him.

Anonymous said...

Had you liberal scum existed in 1943 you'd be demanding we cut and run from WW2 as well.

Anonymous said...

The Britney downfall was the saddest of all

If it floats, f***s or flies its always cheaper to rent

Houses too

Anonymous said...


Things are a whole lot better over there now that we have installed a democracy.

Don't you feel safer?

Anonymous said...

Had you liberal scum existed in 1943 you'd be demanding we cut and run from WW2 as well.

Ever heard of Franlkin Delano Roosevelt?

(a) liberal
(b) conservative

I H8T Republicans said...

Most people who support the war are republicans. Are we supposed to believe that they supported invasion to help the poor, mistreated Iraqis? C'mon now, there isn't a republican alive or dead who ever wanted to help another human being with anything except maybe to help themselves to others' money.

You people don't fool anyone. You don't care how many people Saddam killed or tortured. Hard enough to get you to care about people you know or who share your land mass (country).

Yes, the altruistic conservative. Much like the unicorn, often spoke of but never seen.

KFed said...

Brit's still HOT! my sock drawer full of doll heads and cocaine told me so.

Anonymous said...

How many people in Iraq were killed during Saddam's rule?

- A dozen tousand, or about that number.


WTF are you smoking pal?

Kill tally: Approaching two million, including between 150,000 and 340,000 Iraqi and between 450,000 and 730,000 Iranian combatants killed during the Iran-Iraq War. An estimated 1,000 Kuwaiti nationals killed following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. No conclusive figures for the number of Iraqis killed during the Gulf War, with estimates varying from as few as 1,500 to as many as 200,000. Over 100,000 Kurds killed or "disappeared". No reliable figures for the number of Iraqi dissidents and Shia Muslims killed during Hussein's reign, though estimates put the figure between 60,000 and 150,000. (Mass graves discovered following the US occupation of Iraq in 2003 suggest that the total combined figure for Kurds, Shias and dissidents killed could be as high as 300,000).

Between 1987-1988, 180,000 Kurds “disappeared,” and 4,000 villages
were razed, in an effort at “ethnic cleansing.”

In 1983, Hussein killed of 8,000 members of the Barzani clan. Also in 1983, Hussein arrested 90 members of Al Hakim family and executed 16 of them.

Between 1988 and 1999, Hussein killed 7,000 prisoners in what was
called “prison cleansing.”

In the 1990s, Hussein killed 40,000 Shia’s (or Shiite Muslims) for
their religious uprisings; among those who became prisoners,
approximately 2,000 were executed on November 1993 alone. (“Death

Since 1974, at least hundreds of Shia leaders have been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the altruistic conservative. Much like the unicorn, often spoke of but never seen.

The uneducated liberal with no grammar skills. Often spoken of and often seen on socialist blogs too.

Anonymous said...

A liberal in 1943 was not the same as a liberal today. FDR and JFK were both liberals but they were also patriots and didn't blame the US for all the world's ills.

Today's liberal swine write things like the wrong man was hanged in Baghdad. If you can't see the difference you are one stupid person.

Anonymous said...

above is the clip of Hillary this weekend... speaking in KFC drawl.

she is mentally ill.

is there no one better in the DNC???

and not Husain Barrack Obama either.. give me a break

Anonymous said...

are you suggesting that Bush was at one time good?

Anonymous said...

Hey man Hillary is southern, she's from Arkansas right. Wait what? She's a NY Senator? Really with a souther drawl? Oh wait! She's really from Illinois and used to have one of those really annoying Chicago accents? Who the hell is this woman? Does she have anything authentic about her?

She voted for the war but is against the war. She voted against cutting taxes but is opposed to raising taxes. She is against illegal immigration but she's against enforcing immigration laws against illegals.

I swear to god she makes John Kerry look sincere by comparison.

veritas_faust said...

To the "Anonymous" thread jacker who confuses the term Liberal:

First, let's keep it civil, we can throw mud at each other online but it creates a boring flame war. The ability to argue one's point lucidly is a sign of intelligence and will more likely influence others to consider your position.

Second: Saddam was a tyrant and a madman, but he was our tyrant and madman. This is a well documented fact. Until he threatened to upset the balance of power in the region, thus creating potential jeopardy to our oil supply he was allowed to engage in unbridled barbarism and terror of his citizens. The argument that we were displacing a threat to the US is untrue.

IF HOWEVER the argument was he was trying to interrupt our oil supply and cripple our economy, I might still support the occupation of Iraq. But that isn't how it was sold to us. The WMD argument has been proven to be a hoax or just terrible interpretation of the intelligence available at the time.

Third: Liberal is NOT a four letter word. The concept has a long and proud history. You are not using the word in the proper context, or your support for your positions is flawed I am unsure which is correct because the data does not yet support a conclusion.

Fourth and last point: Patriotism is NOT the same as Jingoism. Many people who will vote Democratic in the next election cycle have great love and admiration for this country. And we are no longer willing to sit back silently while people lash out and attack us because we refuse to support a government that is as akin to Fascism as any I have seen in my life.

My suggestion to you is that arm yourself with facts to support your positions. But before you do that, please understand this; we are not your enemy. Your anger is misplaced and misdirected. It is the people of the "Left" that are trying to retain the country as something worth fighting for.

borkafatty said...

I would like to point out a few comments that really made ma LMFAO:

A sure sign of a sheepster is its willingness to chase after bogeymen ;-)
Things are a whole lot better over there now that we have installed a democracy.
Brit's still HOT! my sock drawer full of doll heads and cocaine told me so.
How many people in Iraq were killed during Saddam's rule?

- A dozen tousand, or about that number

" and so the logic continues...thanks for the laugh I needed it....Cash is King ATM.

Hillary Clinton said...

John Edwards is a faggot

Anonymous said...

Saddam was totally contained, running his little country into the ground.

He had no air force, no navy.

What does that harmless moron have to do with WWII??

marxist said...

It's just funny that people still think the U.S. went into Iraq to remove Saddam Hussien.

He's been gone for 4 years now.

The goal was chaos so the U.S. could stay.

Mission Accomplished.

typical liberal said...

Saddam was an innocent man. Bush is the real terrorist. Death to the GOP!! Long live Osama!! Long live Stalin!!

Death to America!!

Anonymous said...

We need to just start pumping the oil into tankers, pull out troops out to protect the oil fields, let them annihilate each other and vaporize the winner.

What's the problem?

Tony Soprano said...

Crazy psycho chics that f%ck up your car are ALWAYS great in bed, lol.....

Anyways...enough with the doom and gloom already. I've got roughly 20,000 rnds of .40, 3K of .38 Super, A freighter of 9mm, 5K of .223, 2k of 6.8, and about 2K of Match Grade .308 PLUS a couple hundred .338 Lapua. Aint no way the world is gonna end before I get a chance to burn all that ammo. Sheesh..relax will ya? When Casey goes to prison, then I'll panic!

Anonymous said...

JFK may have been a Dem, but he was in today's terms concidered a Conservative! He wanted tax cuts after all! Try to find a Dem today that wants tax cuts!

Anonymous said...

Bush is a faggot. Anybody that supports him is f'n chickenhawk scum. You day is com'n scumbags. Bend over. This wont hurt a bit.

Anonymous said...

The tables turn.

The U.S. will become a second rate power with rich foreigners pricing citizens out of resources.

See? Inflating your currency has consequences.

Anonymous said...
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