February 18, 2007

HP'ers - got blog?

Man, it's tough to keep up - blogs are sprouting like stucco homes in the desert. But I think it's important to give you all a good up-to-date list on the sidebar (unlike Paranoid Ben's lame list).

You know what HP's all about. So hit us with some good stuff to check out.


Anonymous said...

The Big Picture is great! Wall St. money manager Barry Ritholtz lays it out for the folks on Main St., free of charge!!!

Anonymous said...

Housing Bubble Blog Roundup

Anonymous said...

buy all the gold and silver you can reasonably afford to

AnonyRuss said...

My "blog" does not qualify for linkage because I have only posted a handful of times. But do check out this house in metro Phoenix now listed for $300,000 that was purchased from the builder in late 2005 for just under $417,000 and refinanced in 2006 for $484,500!


Unknown said...

Also, for THE BEST commentary on the ongoing energy situation ... oil and natural gas..


And yes, it's completely housing related. Cheap oil is how the suburbs became viable in the first place.

Westside Bubble said...

Brand new, for your consideration:


Anonymous said...

Hi Keith,

Thanks for supporting Doom :)
I would suggest you consider these three:




Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Ben support the other bubble bloggers? Did everyone piss him off or something?

Anonymous said...

Re: anonyruss 9:47

Classic! That structure is located in Surprise, Arizona.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happend to Housing Haircuts and Forsaken Craft?

I really miss those two.

Anonymous said...

It's not a blog...but

I like to keep up with the latest news from China in their online newspaper. There is lots of relevant stuff I feel.

like this article from today.


Anonymous said...

Every dollar you overpay for a house is one dollar less you will get when you sell it. Never overpay for an asset, especially when it is declining in price.

Anonymous said...

one with a lot of facts (not updated for a while) www.mbarl.org

Anonymous said...

Sorry...not a computer whiz...just learned about tinyurl tonight.

Here is the story I referred to above


Anonymous said...


You should have the implode-o-mter link. These are the mortgage lenders going down daily.

Anonymous said...

This guy has some interesting ideas on gold.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with John Doe's Blog?

He's got a new site too: