January 27, 2007

Let's party like it's 1999! Casey's Iamfacingforeclosure.com is back up! But damn, looks like he's getting sued by some whacko

I thought a quick follow-up post was deserved. The kid's got a another whole different problem now, something about doing a deal with some girl who suckered Casey out of the rights to his website (odd, eh?) and Casey disclosed it and their NDA, so she goes nutty and tells his ISP to take his website down, blah blah blah...

Anyway, kid's back up. And yes, I love his blog. Anyone who wants to see the mind of a flipper / failed investor / Robert Kiyosaki follower / total sucker just check out iamfacingforeclosure and enjoy the scheudenfreud. Seriously, the kid has one of the most entertaining blogs out there. In a sick way.

Oh, in regards to the whacko who's about to sue Casey - some girl named PRlinkbiz (aka Erin Morgan) - I think we should go to the defense of a fellow blogger here. Sounds like a real wretch, a user, a poser. Oh, wait, she's from Phoenix! Now it makes sense. Plus she's connected to Kiyosaki, so there's that stench too.

Anyway, see the deal she and some yucky "real estate investor" and Casey (under duress) made, it'll make you feel even sorrier for the kid, even though yes, he's a complete fool for signing it. I have no idea why he ever would, it's that disgusting. But just shows you what kind of sharks and evil people are out there. Erin Morgan, aka PRlinkbiz, you're disgusting. But damn, for Casey to publish their deal and NDA, oh, man, that's ballsy. Or dumb. Or both! But hey, when you're $2.2 million in debt, your world is crumbling fast, what's another lawsuit? Oh, man, the scheudenfreud!

Cheers Casey. Glad to see you back up. Best soap opera on the internet. And HP'ers, like him or hate him, Casey is just one of thousands out there who gamed the system and caused this bubble, and crash. I wish more were coming clean.

Now file for bankruptcy kid, do your jail time, and get on with it.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this to demand the removal of the content displayed at the domain http://www.iamfacingforeclosure.com/. Casey Serin or domain author has:

- posted confidential information regarding Erin Morgan, Joy OÂ’Day and TAO Realty, L.L.C. despite having signed an NDA. The signed NDA is posted on the site with repeated admissions to the signature of the NDA.

- posted, and allowed his bloggers to post, untruthful and slanderous information in effort to defame the character of the parties aforementioned

- posted a link to a video created and owned by Robert Kiyosaki and / or Cashflow Technlogies / Rich Dad as well as posted, and allowed his bloggers to post, untruthful and slanderous information in effort to defame the character of Robert Kiyosaki

Casey Serin, iamfaingforeclosure.com and applicable persons or entities will soon be party to litigation for his actions. If your company continues to host Casey Serin's blog, your company, by its inaction, could potentially be a party to this litigation as you have been formally notified.


not buying the bubble said...

This guy Casey's obviously got some kind of compulsive disorder. Not only did he buy like 7 houses without making sure he could sell them, he lied on the applications, he posted all of his mis-deeds to the public, he signed away the rights to pretty much everything without getting any concrete terms of the deal in terms of renumeration.

Bottom line, is, he is just totally out of control and needs some intervention.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good post, but es heisst schadenfreude, mit e ... : )

Anonymous said...

I'm totally against fraudsters like Casey but love his blog

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

I deal with contracts all the time and I CAN NOT believe that Casey signed away the only asset that he "MAY" have, his story and appearances, for no defined compensation! Did Casey even read the agreement, and then knowingly sign it. If he did, he does not belong in business, I reckon. He took the job and after he starts work they tell him what he pay will be. I would do that, not!

If any legitimate Promoter wants to move forward with Casey, he is hand cuffed by these ladies.
Casey just went more into debt, potentially.

He needs to stop digging.

On the other had, if he is charged legally by the Feds, IRS or the state, these ladies could possibly be responsible for his future debt, because they are now in business with him it would seem, but what do I know.

IMO they are all amateurs from what I have read.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney or a RE Clerk.


Anonymous said...

The stupidity shown by this one person is just amazing

Little kids shouldn't play grownup

Anonymous said...

Hmm, when I read the contract (if one can call it that) it has only two parties listed, Casey and Tao realty (Joy ODay). Erin is a party only to the non-disclosure agreement.

Looks like Joy is trying to put the screws to Casey and Erin both.

Anonymous said...

He keeps claiming that he's willing to accept the consequences of his choices, but his actions say the exact opposite. I think he's a true sociopath, just mouthing words he knows other people expect to hear, without understanding the meaning.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:14

I was about to say the same thing. It's also capitalized in German b/c it's a noun. Schadenfreude.

Sounds almost like Schande (shame, skandal). Coincidence?

a.creampuff said...

freude = joy

joy in [another's] shame/sorrow

Applies to Casey mostly because he's been getting away with murder all this time. Primarily it means watching someone who "has it all" see a sudden downfall - celebrity scandals, for instance. Shadenfreude is considered bad Karma, as the word indicates.
Nothing morally wrong with watching to see how it all ends, though. But relish in a system-gamer's self-inflicted pain? Why, you should be ashamed of yourselves! ;-)

a.creampuff said...

Glad to see someone else use the term "sociopath". Casey puts the "Freud" in Schadenfreude.

devestment said...

Casey signed the contract and GAVE his site away for NOTHING! He has already lost but will probably have to go to court to find out. I bet you anything these chicks are HOT.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney or a RE Clerk. I am simply a bone picking vulture with a smug attitude. Hide your valuables and livestock.

Anonymous said...

Unless my non-existent legal training eludes me, they should have a *difficult* time proving actual losses from a 1 week old contract with "no plan". I don't think you can sue for what could've been.

Anonymous said...

Fellows, you guys (esp Keith) are making this Casey bozo into the Jesse James/Bonnie & Clyde of the 21st century.

He's not.

He's just another asshole with the difference being that his loans are in the millions instead of let's say a measely $750K like most other low rent scam artists out there. Let's stop deifying this moron because if you keep up all this attention, he'll get a Hollywood offer and become another "American Idol", "Survivor", "Joe Millionaire" type of star. Forget him and soon, the rest of the country will and he'll fade to black.

Anonymous said...

The girls did not know that Casey has the power of the "Blue Ball of Dumb". I have a feeling that Crazy Casey will take down anyone that ets near him...

Anonymous said...

Not to be a grammar/spelling Nazi, particularly when the spelling in question is German, but the word is spelled schadenfreude.

Love the blog. And that Casey, what a maroon; a moron also, but more a maroon, really.

Anonymous said...

Why you guys got to ruin it for the rest of us? Casey's blog is the BEST entertainment around!! I double dare one of you to name another blog more comical than his. I go there and laugh my @ss off daily - half for what he does, doesn't do and says and the other half for the bloggers that post there.

So what if he gets out of this alive??? I'd rather he make money and pay back "every dirty penny" then just get away with it like so many others who are doing dirty deals and will never pay back a dime.

Anonymous said...

I guess Ms PrlinkBix wanted to be a independly wealthy businesswoman by the time she was 35 or was it 30 ??? and this is how she intends to do it.
BTW I suggested to Casey that he and her can go into business for themsleves by scraping the oil off her face and selling it to the refineries who can then refine it into motor oil and gasoline and diesel. There may have been some way to make a few billion there ... but alas that advice fell on deaf ears as usual.

Anonymous said...

F-gold invest in corn

Davos said...

I saw Robert Kiyosaki on tv here in Phx. He said AZ was still the best place to invest in RE! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Kiyosaki is a greater tool than all the Anthony Robbins in the world.

Never, has a b.s. artist, since "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" is a myth, garnered so much praise and a following. At least Suzie Ormon's major problem is that she's annoying but most of her stuff is basic commonsense about living within your means.

Anonymous said...

the potential for a Hollywood movie now is so much more better. Few more twists, and it'll take a mini series to cover 'em.

Combovers are cool said...

Trust me, they're so not hot.

I like the way not only is their site down now, but their photos have been scrubbed from richwoman.com. I think ol' Casey may have won a battle for once.

Yowza said...

Check out this crazy info on Casey's latest guru, the chancellor of Nouveau Riche University (info from John T. Reed's site):

"James Phillip Piccolo filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Phoenix on 8/27/90 (petition #2:90-bk-09050-RGM). On 6/16/92, a Phoenix grand jury indicted James Phillip Piccolo for “Theft, a class 3 felony and Trafficking in stolen property, first degree, a Class 2 felony,” namely, the theft of a 1981 Mercedes Benz and the sale of its parts (No. CR92-91584). Piccolo pled guilty on 12/7/92 and was found guilty by Judge David L. Grounds of the Superior Court of Arizona, Maricopa County."

Looks like Casey's in good hands.

Dolph, Just Dolph said...

Keith: You have a great site here. Thank goodness for you and a handful of HONEST commentaters.