January 27, 2007

HousingPANIC Stupid Question of the Day

Holy crap things are getting really ugly really fast now.

Oh, wait, I didn't ask that in the form of a question. Let me try again dear reader:


Are things getting really ugly really fast now?

Much better.


Lost Cause said...

For God's sake, maybe if you didn't share so much ideology with the Reich Wing, you would get some more activity on this blog. How does it feel to loose the blog wars to Casey Serin?

Richard said...

The Great Global Depression of 2012 will occur with or without an attack on Iran.

Bush knows this.

Only difference - if we attack Iran before 2012 - at least Bush will have a distraction.

Things are about to get even more ugly even more quickly than anyone has every imagined.

God gold? Bullets, Food, Water, 2 way radio, Batteries, Sutures, etc etc etc.

crucialtaunt said...

Alas, in Irvine, CA, it is still a slow train coming... It ain't gettin' that ugly here...

Mark in San Diego said...

Section 8 comes to the rescue. . .

Here is today's response to the housing crisis by Bush:

WASHINGTON - Up to 180,000 additional low-income families could get housing assistance under a proposal by President Bush to remove caps on the number of housing vouchers distributed by local agencies, Housing Secretary Aphonso Jackson said.

COMMENT: Well, that will go a long way to fill those 42,000 EMPTY houses in Phoenix. . .I am sure this will also help the property values all over the country. . .let's see, if we put 20 Mexicans in one house and pool their section 8 vouchers. . . .hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Richard, how long have you been this scared?

Anonymous said...

like a snowball rolling down the hill now

Metroplexual said...

First of all I loved Trebek on "High Rollers" second I am ashamed to say that Rosie O'Donnell knew that too.

As for Richard and his doom and gloom\, he is a Kunstlerite and believes that we are going to mostly die in the next decade or two. He is such a great guy to be around. I agree that there is a day of reckoning but not like he and Kunstler see it.

As for the depression we will see. There is alot of very bad conditions out there to set us all up for a fall.

Anonymous said...

the world is ending!

Shakster said...

Man this horrible! I ran outta popcorn ,and raisenettes.

Anonymous said...

There is a development of unsold tract houses about a mile away. They have a dozen searchlights criss-crossing the sky tonight. I wonder, do they think there are buyers up in the clouds? Is this a good sign, or a bad one?

Anonymous said...

No keith, things are not getting ugly fast. they are getting excruciatingly BEAUTIFUL!!

Bring. It. On.

Anonymous said...

If Bush tries to put even more people into homes they cannot afford then he trully is an evil SOB.

He's GOT to know what's happening now, that the market is crashing and these homes will get cheaper. He has got to know that now is not the time for anybody, let alone poor people, to be buying homes.

He's got to know that. He can't be that stupid. It's happening in his own back yard for Pete's sake. He doesn't even have to depend on a committee for research.

Richard said...

Metro - may serve you well to visit dieoff.org and read a little before shooting off at the mouth.

Hey ANON - I am not scared...in fact those who are scared and will be scared will be the uninformed Metro's of the world...

Let's just say - once you've been to the other side...there is no going back.

People like Metro and ANON above probably believe the official 9-11 report.

How long have you been ignorant?

bozonian said...

Slightly off topic.

This surprised me. I told some family members that the dollar was not backed by gold. They didn't believe me! I tried to convince them but they just stared at me like I was crazy. Try it yourself, ask a few acquaintances if they could go down to the Federal Reserve bank and get gold for their dollars. Most will say yes.

I just learned that some of our Congressmen don't even know that the dollar is not backed by gold.

What do you think would happen if, during the next "testimony" Ben Bernanke gives before congress, one of the congressmen asks him, "If I take $1000 to the Federal Reserve, will they give me $1000 worth of gold?" and the entire country hears that no, you cannot get gold for the dollar and you haven't been able to since the 1930s.

Anonymous said...

censorship! censorship! censorship!

I would only let you post what I want you to post! ANOTHER COMMUNISTS!

Anonymous said...

Richard, global depression 2012?
Is this based upon Mayan predictions?

Metroplexual said...

For the record Rich, I know alot of the coverup in the 9/11 is due to Bushes association with the Saudi Family. Hell they covered up the murder of his brother's nanny who was mysteriously runover twice by her own suv before it pinned her up against a wall.

As for reading, I have read the hysterics. It does not account for people adapting to changes, and substitutions. Oil is difficult to replace but not impossible. Yields from Solar panels will be up by an order of magnitude due to the discovery of better semiconductors for the job.

Kuntler is a neomalthusian. Look it up Richard! He used to have on his website that the world was going to end because of Y2K. I see him more as a misanthrope than a prophet. Is that what you are Rich? Stick to smelling those chemical vapor trails.

Richard said...

"As for reading, I have read the hysterics. It does not account for people adapting to changes, and substitutions. Oil is difficult to replace but not impossible. Yields from Solar panels will be up by an order of magnitude due to the discovery of better semiconductors for the job. "

Metro you are delusional.

All the solar in the world does not account for 1% of electric consumption and will never exceed 2%.


You keep believing Metro that people will behave well and adjust to a global depression and never ending resource wars...

You keep believing Metro.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

"If I take $1000 to the Federal Reserve, will they give me $1000 worth of gold?" and the entire country hears that no, you cannot get gold for the dollar and you haven't been able to since the 1930s.
Additionally, the gold in Fort Knox is not even there any more, I read.

Anonymous said...

The popping of the bubble is a good thing for most people, all the arguments the NAR makes about people needing a place to live in is true, but we don’t want to be in the Hedge fund business and bet our financial future on our home. we also don’t really need a broker to buy groceries or a car or to hire a contractor to add a large addition to a house, or to buy a house..
there was a NAR commercial here in the north east saying that by having a 'professional' help you sell your house you can average %16 more. (makes you wonder whose interest its to keep prices high)
we all end up hiring a RE lawyer anyways..

bottom line... aside from folks who forgot that there are no free lunches (driving around showing other peoples houses for living ) a serious drop back in housing cost is beneficial to most people.

devestment said...

Why not take your American paper to any country and buy gold? The Fed can do whatever they want, just try to tell them different! Everyone knows you cant turn in FRN's for gold and silver any more.

lost cause said...

Keith needs to move to the left to be more progressive and tolerant like China and North Korea

Metroplexual said...

I'm delusional?

I am not the one with a blog devoted to grand government conspiracies.


Your blog is interesting and I love the alternative viewpoint, but you do verge on delusional yourself buddy boy.

Anonymous said...


What fraction of oil is converted to gas for transportation? Battery power for electric vehicles has made leaps and bounds over the past ~decade, and the physics point to even further gains in the future. Nuclear power can in theory provide all the energy needed, and solar power is much more useful when you move beyond photovoltaics. The transition, i agree, will be a bitch but as surmountable as WWII.

Metroplexual said...


The Ford Edge will be out in a couple of years and will combine electric and hydrogen fuel cell technology.(http://tinyurl.com/33dxq3)

Add to that the possibility that the entire exterior of the car can be painted with lightweight high yield solar panels with the technology from nanosolar and voila. Houses will be retrofitted with these solar panels and the surplus energy will be made into compressed hydrogen gas.


So the major problems of transportation to the suburbs is very nearly solved Rich. Now comes the economic growth because of the new investments in new technologies.

Emerging alternate energy breakthroughs

Despite their allure, alternate energy systems have really not been able to displace conventional, non-sustainable, polluting or hazardous sources like coal, petroleum or nuclear. Reasons are cost and scalability. Take solar energy. It is estimated that several times the planet’s total energy need arrives from the sun but costs of gathering and effectively storing it are prohibitive.

Nanosolar Inc, in California, USA began with a checklist of seven stumbling blocks in the way of solar energy’s success and has in 5 years of work, been ticking them off as overcome. It is now ready for wide commercial sales.

What was the state of solar technology that Nanosolar has improved on? The first generation technology used bulky, brittle and expensive silicon wafers to convert solar radiation to electricity. Costs were so prohibitive that it never amounted to much more than proof of concept. The next generation thin-film cells used much lesser quantity of semi-conductor material but the fabrication method of vacuum deposition resulted in low yields and high costs. Fragility continued to be an issue. Neither approach was amenable to large scale production.

Richard said...

Where to start with people like Metro??

It takes about 80 barrels of oil to make a Prius...

It takes about 80 barrels of oil to make an "electric" car

times 700 million cars - do the math.

Currently we have 250 years of coal left AT CURRENT CONSUMPTION RATES in the US...let's just play this little plug in car game...

It is estimated that to power just 10% of cars with electricity will reguire 500 NEW 1500 megawatt coal powered generation stations.

Ahem...it takes at least 4 years to get just one permitted and another 3 to build..., but let's say we could build 500 plants in under 5 years from today...

That 250 years goes to 30-50 years in a heart beat.

See... you people with the "business as usual" attitude are past delusional...you are down right dangerous to spread this nonsense at the office water cooler.

Give it up folks...chickens are coming home to roost as predicted and you may well be 1 in 8 that goes.

Anonymous said...

Where will all this electric come from to run 100 million cars? Will we burn coal? The envirofreaks have already scared people away from nuclear energy. They're trying to scare people from using flush toilets now.

FlyingMonkeyWarrior said...

It is now ready for wide commercial sales.
Dear Metro,
As far as I could tell, from engineers, they are not ready and were passed over as the supplier for my international solar project. We used BP.
just sayin.
solar is an oil based product.
I love Richard Blog!

Anonymous said...

Nice 'fro Alex!

Lost Cause said...

lost cause said...
Keith needs to move to the left to be more progressive and tolerant like China and North Korea

Oh my -- there are Commies under my bed! You better check yours!

Metroplexual said...

Alex used to sport quite the "do"

Where to start with those like my friend Richard. You have not even acknowledged th progress I put forward. Go ahead and believe in the end of the world.

I did not even bring up the coal option this time. We can do it. you are such a defeatist. we will survive we will prosper. In spite of the likes of you. We always have. What scres me is you don't bring up global warming which should scare Keith. Europe goes into ice ages everytime climate shifts occur.

Anonymous said...

Metro - Please familiarize yourself with a Thermo 101 textbook. Then develop an EROEI study for those developments you interpret as solutions to the suburban transportation problem.

Richard said...

Metro has to believe ANON - he has two kids...a cush job...sweet wife...401k ... a mortgage he can afford...

His world is perfect ...he must believe.

He has no clue what he writes about. Just spewing out MSM bullshit and rhetoric.

No Metro - 90% of the human species HAS TO die off..

Were it not for the 3 trillion barrels of oil discovered in 1859...our population would be less than 1 billion.

We live on borrowed time Metro.

Anonymous said...


Quite simply you need help and I suggest you get it quickly before your hurt yourself or someone close to you.

Metroplexual said...

That Anon. was not me Rich. I refuse to agree with you but I do not think you are a danger to anyone (except yourself).